The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 3 Messages of Love from Dae Mo Nim [Part 2]

This is a collection of Dae Mo Nimís speeches given in the Chung Pyung workshops.

Section 4 Life on Earth and the Spiritual World

1. Life on Earth and Spiritsí Return to Earth

1) Correct Life on Earth

In the earthly life, we can mend mistakes of our physical self and do what we want to do. Moreover, in the earthly life, if we do not like the house we are living in, we can move to another place or fix the house. Once we enter the spiritual world, however, we cannot move to another place; once we are there, we are to live there eternally. Hence, any problems of the spirit self must be resolved on earth. As Jesus says, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven, we should loose on earth whatever is bound on earth. In view of this, earthly life is extremely important, and we should settle all the problems while we are on earth.

This is why True Father said, "Take care of everything while you are on earth, and remove everything satanic while you have the body. Realize a true family through true love, and live in the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and proceed to the God's heavenly world. It is too late to try to do it after you have shed your physical self." We should liquidate all our iniquities while on earth. Especially, in the case of individual sin, nobody else can eradicate it for me. Husband cannot take care of the wife's sin, nor can the wife the husband's sin. Moreover, neither the spiritual world nor God can do it on my behalf. I have to take care of it myself on earth.

But people say, "I canít even see the spiritual world. Why donít I just live well on earth? I just have to earn good money, have good children, and have a happy family." But we do not know when we will go to the spiritual world. Thus, we should live each day in the right order, asking ourselves, "If I am to go to the spiritual world right now, what aspect of my life is not in order?" We should have a habit to reflect deeply about physical things, environment, and spiritual matters and make plans as to how to go to the Heavenly Kingdom. In short, all our life should be geared to the preparation to go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

As for the spirit who has lost the body, the only way it can be cleansed of its sin and reach perfection is to return to earth, hoping that one of its descendants understands the ancestor's sin and precariously establish a condition to remove its sin. But this is very complicated and difficult.

2) The Heavenly Kingdom in Heaven Can Emerge Only after the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

Without the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven absolutely cannot emerge. If you lived a messy life on earth, you cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven. The Heavenly Kingdom in heaven can be attained only upon the foundation of having built the Heavenly Kingdom on earth through true families. We can go to the Heavenly Kingdom if we live a Principle life in oneness with God and True Parents. The most undutiful child is the one who goes to hell. We can go to the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven only when we engrave again and again the word the Heavenly Kingdom in our hearts and live with the determination to go there. If something is considered to be against the Principle, we should discard it right away, and if something is considered to be love and goodness, we should persist with it.

True Father told me, "While your physical self is alive, you should correctly understand God's heart and Principle and live happily in the Heavenly Kingdom on earth so that after you have shed your physical self, you can be bound for the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven." The Heavenly Kingdom in heaven dawns only after the individuals, couples, and families have attained perfection and formed the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. Therefore, the Satan makes all the evil spirits return to earth to thwart the construction of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth by making the individuals and families stumble.

While in the physical self, the blessed families should be rid of all the sins and spiritual blocks, grow their spirit selves to divine spirits as charming as jewels, and live in the Heavenly Kingdom on earth, after which they can proceed to the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven. Since our members have failed to live by the Principle and lived with fallen nature, they have not been able to beautify their spirit selves.

True Parents said, "All the blessed families should strive to extirpate their fallen natures and individual sins, for after they die, they will be unable to do so." In order to build the Heavenly Kingdom on earth, every one of us should liquidate our fallen natures and individual sins and find oneness with God. Daily habit is important. We must form a true family on earth in order that we can have one in the spiritual world. If all people have established true families on earth, there will be no more entrants to the intermediate spiritual world or hell, and thus only the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven will remain.

3) Return to Earth of the Spirits Who Have Failed to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom

1) Return to Earth

In this age, when we are to have a completion-stage resurrection with True Parents, who are the returning Christ, spirits have returned to earth and are inhabiting within people's bodies, families, and natural world. This was very shocking and surprising to me. Inside a human body, countless spirits have come down without leaving a room even as small as a needle's point, intending to resolve their grudges and revenge themselves on all the wrong doings they had suffered on earth before they go back to the spiritual world.

When a blessed family member has Seung Hwa, the spirit sometimes enters one of the family members without being able to ascend to the spiritual world. But if someone dies after committing a grave crime against his spouse or children, he becomes a wondering spirit without being able to come to his spouse or children.

2) Forty Days after Seung Hwa

People with fallen nature, when they go to the spiritual world, find themselves in an inferior place of hell. When a spirit self departs the body upon death, it sees its own color and shape and goes to where spirits of similar form are gathered. After it finds its place in such a quarter, it may still complain, saying, "Why am I in this kind of place?" and wonder around the spiritual world here and there to go to a better place, only to end up returning to the same place.

In other words, although the spirit wonders around in a hope to go to a better place, it realizes that other places are not where it should be on account of different forms of the spirits there. This search for the proper place lasts for forty days. Our members commonly suppose that after Seung Hwa the spirit stays on earth for forty days before going to the spiritual world, but this is not the case. In forty days, the spirit comes to realize that he has found the right place, and there is no other way, and that whatever was bound on earth should have been loosed on earth. After forty days, the spirit is neither able nor willing to wonder any further because it knows everything now. If that place is too unbearable, the spirit does not stay there but returns to earth and enters the body of its family member or descendent with a desire that they take away its sins by making indemnity conditions and help it proceed to the place of perfection.

If the spirit during its wondering realizes its faults and the fact that this must be resolved on earth, it comes down to earth immediately. If it does not realize this right away, it does so after the forty day's wondering. When it returns to earth then, however, since its body has rotten away already, it enters the body of its family member or descendent.

3) Pitiful Ancestors Who Returning to Their Offspring

The intermediate spiritual world and various levels of hell are almost impossible places to live. From these places, the spirits desire to enter through spiritual conditions the Kingdom of Heaven, a place reserved for blessed families.

All the levels of the intermediate spiritual world not to mention hell are too fearful and torturous to live in. Although the spirits run away from there, however, they cannot but return to the same place because they cannot find any other place that accommodates their color and standard. Whatever is bound on earth must be loosed on earth; since they have transgressed with their physical selves on earth, they must resolve everything by coming back to earth and assuming the physical self. But their bodies are already gone, either buried away or cremated. Since they cannot resolve their sins simply by floating around as a spirit, they end up entering their children or descendants.

Once a parent has entered the body of a child of his, he tries to let the child know about his presence by screaming and sending signals. The child, without the spiritual five senses opened, fail to recognize the parent, however. This forces the parent to inflict pain or trouble upon his beloved child such as sickness or accident.

The spirit does so hoping that the child will recognize the signal, while regretting that the pain is necessary. Parents do not want to hurt their children; rather, they even want to take upon themselves any kind of distress laid on their children. Knowing how sinful it is for a parent to hurt his own child, the spirit is still forced to do so because it is too hard to stay in its place in the spiritual world. We should understand how urgent the situation is, that the spirit tries to go to the Heavenly Kingdom even by tormenting its own child. The parent as a spirit and parent with the body on earth are different; this is how fearful the spiritual world is.

Hence, True Father said, "Since you do not know whether it will take a thousand years or ten thousand years before the descendent understands it, you should take care of it all while you are on earth. All the blessed families should settle everything while they are alive with the body, for once the body is gone, you do not know whether it will take a thousand years or ten thousand years."

4) Earthly Life Determines the Life of Eternity in the Spiritual World

Our formation in the womb determines whether we can live healthy or crippled on earth; likewise, our earthly life determines whether our spirit self will be beautiful or handicapped for love. Only if we live gracefully in true love on earth, can we live beautifully in the spiritual world; however, if we fail to live gracefully and joyfully on earth, living in true love for the sake of others and creating true families, we will live the same pathetic life in the spiritual world. Without realizing this, people live however they please.

We should study what we should do and how we should live to be able to live with God eternally in the spiritual world and prepare ourselves. So far, our members have been living recklessly. True Parents have already taught us through the Divine Principle the existence of the Heavenly Kingdom and hell and about the heavenly law governing the life in the Heavenly Kingdom. They have also taught us that perfected people will live in the Heavenly Kingdom, but those who do not qualify will have to return to earth and toil to perfect their spirit selves. And yet our members suppose that these words of the Divine Principle are given just for the purpose of witnessing to the outside people and fail to see that they are also for the blessed families. They do not have strong resolve in heart to grow their spirit selves to maturity.

Since all the iniquities of the six thousand years are hardened and deeply entrenched in the physical self, we can never steer to the direction of goodness unless we make a grave determination to live under God. The first-generation blessed families fulfill their responsibilities as ancestors of faith when they strive to pioneer the ways whereby their descendants can prosper, their ancestors can go to good spiritual world, and they themselves can go to the Kingdom of Heaven and live with God.

Thus, we should cherish the words of the Divine Principle from True Father as we do our own life, reading it day and night, and following them in handling our daily affairs. The word and life must coincide; if our spirit self is to grow in goodness, our knowing of the Principle should be able to transform our life accordingly. Our earthly life right now determines whether we live in the world of corruption or world of virtue. We should grasp that every moment of our life is directly connected to our enduring life in the spiritual world.

Clearly, a virtuous earthly life cultivates a good spirit self, and depraved earthly life deforms it into a wicked spirit self. Just as our bodies grow through nutrition without our noticing it, our spirit selves grow from the content of our earthly life without our noticing it. Whether someone sees it or not, whether someone recognizes it or not, our spirit selves are growing based on our daily lives. Then, when we conclude our earthly life, and the spirit self departs from the physical self, we come to see the spirit self, whose growth we have never noticed, and become surprised or sometimes bitterly grieved.

2. The Reality of the Spiritual World

1) Spiritual World Is a Reality That Everyone Must Enter

We cannot have a detailed understanding of the spiritual world through books or certain revelations; you must go there directly as a spirit self separated from the physical self. Sometimes, I wish that blessed families could go with me to the spiritual world even just for ten minutes. So I always ask God to show our members the spiritual world. They should visit there, clearly realize its existence, and realize its reality in their lives. If we can clearly see the growth of our spirit selves and the multitude of spirits in our bodies, we will never be able to think or act arbitrarily.

So far, there are many people in communication with the spiritual world. Rather than clearly surveying the spiritual world as a whole and in every corner, however, these people talk from partial perceptions through visions, intuitions, or dreams. This is why they have failed to notice that the spirits are today completely entrenched within human bodies. You must go to the spiritual world as a spirit separated from the body and survey it clearly and as a whole in the manner of viewing the natural world to be able to grasp what kind of place the Heavenly Kingdom and hell are, and what kind of levels make up the intermediate spiritual world.

The moment we are born from motherís womb, we bring with us the destiny formed within the womb and live with it on earth. Likewise, upon death and separation of the spirit self from the body, the body returns to dust, and spirit embarks upon new life in the spiritual world on the basis of the results of its earthly life. Some people say, "I will die, and that will be it," but this is not true. After living for ten months in the womb and up to 100 years on earth, we are to live in the spiritual world for eternity. This is the law of heaven and earth from which none is exempt.

Some of our members may think, "I am young, and far away from the day of the departure," but in fact no one knows when he will leave this world. Hence, we must be always prepared for the eternal journey. In all aspects of our family life as well as in our internal and spiritual life, we should live with the attitude that we can go to the spiritual world any time without regret or hesitation; otherwise, we will experience immense difficulty at the time of our departure.

We should visit the spiritual world once during prayer or dream, and hear the strong and vicious spirits shriek horribly inside our bodies so that we can get a real feeling of the spiritual world and start struggling hard to drive away the spirits. The spiritual world is a clear reality, and human beings have the spirit selves, which must reside there for eternity.

2) Telling Lies or Making Excuses Are Impossible in the Spiritual World

On earth, it is possible to hide from othersí eyes, but this is impossible in the spiritual world. On earth, people cannot see their own or othersí vices because their spiritual eyes are closed, but this is not the case in the spiritual world. You can see through someone even without words. As soon as your spirit leaves the body, you can see comprehensively what you have done wrong.

Therefore, whether someone watches us or not, we should live for ideal growth of our spirit selves. God and the Satan are watching our lives. Even if I may sit alone in a dark room, God and the Satan can see me although other humans cannot. So we should always live a life that can bring joy to God.

People commonly think that at the gate of the spiritual world there may be someone, and when he asks why they have done such and such wrong doings, they may be able to explain their situations and reasons. But this can never happen. Explanations and excuses may work on earth, but never in the spiritual world. No method will work there through which we attempt to make excuses and escape.

We should not do what we are told not to do, and should do what we are told to do. In the spiritual world, we cannot say, "That was inevitable. I could not help it. I lived like that because I did not know and because of the circumstances." There will be no one to listen to this. Once God has decreed the heavenly law, it must be followed, and we cannot evade it and live according to human thought. With a realization that that spiritual world is not a place of easy escape, we should live our earthly life in absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God and True Parents.

3. There Are Many Levels in the Spiritual World

1) Many Spiritual Worlds

People are very curious about the place called spiritual world. People commonly talk about the Heavenly Kingdom and hell, but the spiritual world has many intermediate layers between the Heavenly Kingdom and hell. Hell is the place of complete evil. The top is called the Heavenly Kingdom and the bottom the hell, and there are a great number of levels in between. Hence, the Heavenly Kingdom and hell commonly talked about represent respectively the beginning and end of the many levels of goodness. To describe this in colors, the Heavenly Kingdom shines white like a jewel, in a shining white color like the holy robe. The intermediate levels have diverse colors, and hell is dark and black.

In the spiritual world, you find your place based on how you have lived on earth. If you have cultivated your spirit self 100 % good, you will go to the Heavenly Kingdom, and the farther away from this standard you are, the farther away from the Heavenly Kingdom you will go. If your spirit self is 50 percent good and 50 percent evil, then you will go to the intermediate spiritual world. Upon death, the spirit self departs from the body and finds its way to the level of the spiritual world that suits its form.

During your earthly life, you can either build a beautiful house for your life in the spiritual world or build one in hell; this is decided in the earthly life. While we live on earth, a wide spectrum of people including good and evil ones live in the same place, and so they do not know clearly about good and evil. According to the Divine Principle, however, a good spirit self grows in the soil of good life, and evil spirit self in the turf of wicked life.

The content of every moment of life directly influences our spirit self. But we do not know about our eternal destiny until our earthly life ends, and our spirit self rises from the body. People who live carelessly, thinking, "I will go to the Heavenly Kingdom because I am blessed," and after death find themselves unable to find their place in the Heavenly Kingdom are waving their hands after the bus is gone. No amount of bitter wailing and lamenting will help at that time. We may think, "How convenient it would be if I could set up a certain spiritual condition and be rid of my sin at each strata of the spiritual world and move on to the Heavenly Kingdom? Since I am a spirit, how nice it would be if I can make the indemnity condition in the spiritual world?" but this is not possible in the spiritual world. Since this is possible only in the physical world, our members should always evaluate themselves as to where they can go after death, whether they will be destined to the Kingdom of Heaven or hell, and which level of the spiritual world they will land. We should clearly understand that we absolutely cannot indulge in greed or anger or practice falsity during our short stay on earth.

2) The Intermediate Spiritual World

There are many layers in the intermediate spiritual world, ranked by their degrees of goodness. Except for the Kingdom of Heaven, however, there is no place in the spiritual world where we can stay with comfortable heart. These strata are difficult to live in and full of vicious strife. Also, since there are only people of the same character in each level of the intermediate spiritual world, there is no fun there. People who stole a lot when on earth see everything as a theft because there are only people of the same kind there, and people who beat others a lot when on earth get into fight all the time also because there are only people of the same kind. If a blessed family member fails to go to the Kingdom of Heaven and ends up in this intermediate spiritual world, he will be unable to raise his head out of shame. He will be accused by the Satan, his ancestors, and even his descendants. But he cannot make spiritual efforts and establish spiritual conditions there to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The people who have ever lived so far are residing in the intermediate spiritual world or hell. In order to avoid going to these places, we should be changed in the Principle. We should change according to absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and resemble God's character. Since God s character is goodness and love, we should make a hard struggle to embrace God's character.

3) Scenes in the Hell

I cannot fully describe in a word or two what I have observed in hell, but there was not even a bit of love in hell.

It was a place of darkness and dread, full of evil such as strife, rage, beating, and hatred. When a spirit said something, others jumped at him, shouting, "Woo, Waa." Other spirits were yelling and fighting in groups in another corner. In hell, there are spirits who carry foul odor like a rotting smell because of their sins, and they are unable to go to places of good spirits because of their pungent smell. They have to stay where they find spirits with similar odor.

In hell, there is a place like a pit of fire, which is for spirits prone to anger. In places looking like a snake hole, spirits who fornicated on earth are gathered together like swarming serpents. In the bottom of hell, the most terrifying place, there are spirits who committed suicide and spirits of concubines. While being concubines, they had secret love affairs, and they are staying in the bottom of hell because of their sins of adultery.

While looking around hell, I said to myself, If our members saw this sight, they would never engage in vile practices no matter how loud someone yells at them to do so," and determined myself never to let them come to such places. Hell is where you cannot stay even for a minute or second with peace.

In order to avoid going to hell, we should remove our collective, hereditary, and individual sins, fallen natures, and spirits inhabiting us, and abide by the Principle centering on True Parents.

4) Scenes in the Kingdom of Heaven

In the spiritual world, there is a charming place we have been dreaming of. We can live there only after being blessed on earth. It is what we commonly call the Heavenly Kingdom. No matter how good a life someone has lived, he cannot go to the Heavenly Kingdom without having received Blessing. We cannot go there through some mediocre efforts, for you have to be blameless like white jade and clear like crystal, and any kind of stain will absolutely disqualify you. This is why it is most difficult to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Heavenly Kingdom is a place of bright light, immense beauty, joy, and bright smile, and of no worry, trouble, or pain. It is on earth that we should make the preparation to enter there. In the Heavenly Kingdom, people help one another even without hearing their words. There are absolutely no fight or fallen natures such as hatred, jealousy, and arrogance, and there are true love and true families. In the Heavenly Kingdom, you typically think, Aha, he wants this now, and then I will do if for him," whereas in hell, you typically think, ĎHow can I block him from getting what he wants?" If I become thirsty, the water is already with me in the Heavenly Kingdom, whereas water is taken away from me in hell.

In the Heavenly Kingdom, there is a royal palace where God and True Parents live, beside which there is a quarter reserved for the blessed families who have established a true family. There, people live for the sake of one another and exchange love, free from worries, comfortable, joyful and happy. It was so beautiful a place that I exclaimed, "Wow, this is so good. I would like to live here. I want to be here. I wouldnít be missing my earthly life at all." The Heavenly Kingdom is the original world before the fall of Adam and Eve. God is waiting for the blessed families to come there after having lived truthfully on earth. In other words, the Heavenly Kingdom is the homeland where blessed families can go when they have achieved individual perfection, and a place of love where people live for the sake for others. There everything is fulfilled at the moment you think about it; joy, love, and everything else is automated like the automatic system on earth.

We should live cleanly and beautifully in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. People eligible for the Heavenly Kingdom should have a bright face. They should always have smile, overflowing joy, and radiance like jewel. But there is no member who has entered that world; in other words, the Heaven's door is not yet open. It must be opened by True Parents. Our members cannot think, "Because I am a blessed family member, or a member of the Second Generation, I will be able to go to the Heavenly Kingdom if I make some good appeal in the spiritual world." This will never work.

God made advanced preparation in order to send True Parents, who will open the Heaven's door. In other words, He established the culture of the chosen Korean people, which is exactly like that of the spiritual world, before sending True Parents to Korea. And He planned to resolve everything in the spiritual world and on earth through True Parents. When I went to the spiritual world, I did not experience any difficulty or inconvenience because the lifestyle of the Heavenly Kingdom was Korean, and the Korean traditional culture was common in the spiritual world.

Because the family ethic of the Korean people is the same as the law of the Heavenly Kingdom, when Korean people go to the Heavenly Kingdom, they will feel as if they are in their hometown. There were same roof tile houses, bowing to God was done in the Korean manner, and all the codes of human relationship of the Heavenly Kingdom were the same as Korean ethical codes. In view of this, foreign members should learn Korean culture and language rather than holding on to their habit and own cultures. Although you can communicate without words in the Heavenly Kingdom, you should still learn Korean language if you want to communicate details of your heart.

You cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom even with a small spec, and still less in the shape of a dark stone. If you have lived by the Principle before death, your spirit will be good and be guided by angels to the spiritual world. If you die with your spirit self intermingled with all fallen natures and sin, however, your spirit will be dragged by evil spirits to evil spiritual world. Our members should know this and be careful even with one action and one word. We should live with a determination that says, "I will go absolutely nowhere except for the Heavenly Kingdom. I will only go to the Heavenly Kingdom." We should know that God is always watching us, and so is the Satan.

Only the people with beautiful spirit selves can go to the Heavenly Kingdom, and the spirits ignorant of the Principle cannot enter there. So in order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, we should live a principled life. Although we may be in a disadvantaged and painful position, if we live by absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and according to the Principle, our spirit selves will grow to be good and assume the original shape and attain the qualification to enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

We can never enter the Heavenly Kingdom without first becoming the citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. In our daily life, we should check every hour whether we have become such people. We cannot see our spirit self, but by the conscience, which everyone has, we should evaluate whether we are becoming people of the Heavenly Kingdom and work on ourselves towards becoming one.

4. Unification and Liberation of the Earth and Spiritual World

True Father has said to me (Dae Mo Nim), "I am worried about blessed families. People may suppose that when I go to the spiritual world, I will not come back to earth, but the spiritual world is the same as the physical world. Just as you have returned to earth and is living just like ordinary people, I will do the same at that time. But what if our members can neither see me or hear me? So please open their eyes and ears before Dae Mo Nim's providence is over.

If in the future we can live in the world where the spiritual world and earth have become one, then we will be able to live with True Parents just like now even after their ascension to the spiritual world. Originally, when human beings become perfect, they become a microcosm and encapsulation of the cosmos, which is comprised of the physical and spiritual worlds. Then, they will serve as the center of harmony and medium of the two worlds, and the two worlds will achieve unity and harmony centering on the perfected human beings. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, we lost the spiritual sight and became unable to perceive the spiritual world. Hence, the people on earth have been living only with the senses for the things of the earth and not for the spiritual world. After the two worlds became thus separated, they have stayed independent of each other for a long time until now.

Through the Blessing of heaven and earth, and as evil spirits became absolutely good spirits through cleansing of the sins in the workshop and Blessing and returned to earth, the spiritual and physical worlds have become one. After a spirit becomes blessed with an earthly person, and they form a couple of true love, when the earthly spouse departs from the world, the loving couple go to the spiritual world together hand in hand. This sight is truly beautiful.

So far, there was no spiritual world to help the blessed families. With the expansion of the Blessing of the spirits, however, goodness is moving on the upward hill, whereas evil is moving on the downward hill, thereby bringing in an age of prosperity for blessed families. Since the good spiritual world that understands well God's Will and the Satan has completely settled its position centering on God, He has acquired power and confidence.

So God said, "Do not worry. Doní t you see that I am here? From now on, if people go on in wickedness, I will beat them up and drag them along to make them live by the heavenly law. I will directly show them the existence and omnipotence of God." Now is the time when God, rather than waiting until people fulfill their 5% responsibility, will mobilize angels and good spirits to extricate them from unrighteous places, thereby showing them His omnipotence and presence.

This is the age when absolutely good spirits return to earth and separate evil spirits with an aid of the angels. With True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, ancestors have become absolutely good spirits through ancestors liberation ceremony and Blessing and came to live together with their descendants on earth; through the Declaration of the Realm of Cosmic Rest of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (August 9, 1997), God, the parents of the heaven, and True Parents, the parents of the earth, came to rest in the cosmos; and through the Blessing of the heaven and earth (June 14, 1998), spirits including the four saints and earthly people became blessed to form a couple and live together on earth.

Furthermore, in this age, the Celebration and Declaration of the Victory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (June 14, 1999) celebrated and proclaimed to the cosmos True Parentsí cosmic triumph, and Unification and Liberation of the Cosmos by the Parents of Heaven and Earth (September 9, 1999) liberated and unified the cosmos and initiated the first step for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From now on, if we repent our fallen natures and individual sins and change into truthful, good, and beautiful people of true love in light of True Parentsí words and Divine Principle, we will be able to regain our original human form, thereby quickening the realization of the Heavenly Kingdoms on earth and in heaven.

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