The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 3 Messages of Love from Dae Mo Nim [Part 1]

This is a collection of Dae Mo Nim’s speeches given in the Chung Pyung workshops.

Section 1 The Cosmic Value of the True Parents

1. True Parents Are God's Dutiful Son and Daughter

1) True Parents Are the Messiah Sent by God

Our members know in general that True Father received the mission from Jesus at the age of sixteen. In the spiritual world, however, I saw that God prepared the True Parents as the Messiah. In other words, True Father did not become the Messiah after inheriting the mission from Jesus; rather, he was born as the Messiah by God's plan and simply took over the unfinished mission from Jesus.

Although God has been working hard to restore the entire mankind to the original form, none of the central figures of the providence fulfilled their responsibility. God's providence of restoration cannot stop, however, and must be accomplished by all means. God desires to conclude the providence of restoration, realize the world of the original ideal, form happy families with the children, and live in eternal joy. For this purpose, God sent True Father as the Messiah to carry out the final providence.

True Father came to the earth as the king of kings and the true father of the mankind. True Father established True Mother of the mankind, formed a true couple, appeared to the mankind as the True Parents, and blessed them. They are making painful efforts to concretely realize the world of God's ideal through the Divine Principle, which is the heavenly law. They are trying to correct the false lineage and lead us to God.

True Father has come as the Messiah in order to regain the original Garden of Eden, with the mission of Jesus-the Christ, who had promised to return, indeed came back as true parents of mankind. The True Parents have came in the real body and taught us about ideal life through their own life on earth. Through this, they are trying to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven by helping us complete God's ideal of creation.

True Parents have said that they could grasp God s heart and situation just by seeing His eyes. This is why when God gave him a mission, he started out from the position of a servant of servant, paying indemnity and bringing Satan to natural submission and finally attaining the victory. He tried to save even one minute and one second to use it for the sake of fulfillment of God s Will, and loved us without scolding when we were infinitely unworthy. Because of all this, God said, "True Parents are the best of all the dutiful children, and they recognize everything just by looking at my eyes. Therefore, I will conclude the providence of restoration while they are living on earth."

Through the True Parents God is seeking to save the cosmos and restore it to the pristine form before the fall of Adam and Eve. The providence kept being prolonged because most of the central figures such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus failed to accomplish their responsibilities; on the other hand, True Father has become a dutiful son to God and accomplished the Messianic mission by fighting against hundreds of millions of satans in both the spiritual world and earth through incredible indemnity.

2) True Parents Are God's Dutiful Son and Daughter

God said, "In the course of the providence of restoration, I have worked with many central figures and given them detailed instruction such as ‘Make this offering,’ ‘Go to this place,’ ‘Do this,’ ‘Do it this way,’ ‘Make sacrifice this way, and ‘Take this direction.’ For True Father, however, this was not necessary. He took the mission and understood everything. He knows what kind of God I am, and what I desire. He knows how to ward off satanic accusation and makes conditions accordingly. Before I speak, he proceeds to the place free from satanic accusation by making indemnity conditions. True Father knows my heart best. Just by looking at my eyes, he reads my mind thoroughly and accomplishes his task. So he is the cream of all the dutiful sons.

After receiving the mission from Jesus at such a young age, True Father quickly claimed it as his and made many spiritual conditions in order to leave no conditions for Satanic meddling. He worked with deep realization that this was God's Will and it must be realized.

One by one, True Father started finding out in detail what God s unresolved sorrow was after the fall of Adam and Eve, and what must be untangled in order that the humanity put an end to the evil world and proceed to the world of truth and beauty, and walked the path of incredible tribulation in order to bring this understanding into reality. For this reason, God said, "When I see the wayward blessed families, I want to visit them with terrifying punishments, but I hold back because of the great filial piety of the True Parents."

3) True Parents Move Freely between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

One day, True Father asked me, "I heard you have been to the spiritual world. What kind of place is the spiritual world? Can you draw me what kind of world it is?" So I drew everything I had seen in the spiritual world and gave it to him, and he checked some details with me, saying, Isn’t there a workshop center here? Have you seen it there?"

Our members think that True Parents are only staying on the earth and not in the spiritual world because they have bodies. True Parents, however, move freely between the spiritual and physical worlds. When I went to South America in 1996 and told True Father, ‘Father, I was surprised to see you in the spiritual world. True Parents were in the palace of the spiritual world," he replied as follows:

That's right. True Parents exist eternally both on earth and in heaven. Although I am now on earth, I am also in heaven, and after I go to the spiritual world, I will also be moving back and forth to the earth. Because the people became blind and deaf to the spiritual world after the fall of Adam and Eve, although they can now see me in the body, only few will be able to see me when I shed this body and go to the spiritual world. You cannot see me without having your spiritual eyes opened. You should liquidate all the sins inside you including the fallen nature, collective sins, hereditary sins, and individual sins, and open your spiritual eyes with true love. When I shed my body and go to the spiritual world, I will be moving back and forth between the physical and spiritual worlds, and I am worried that at that time there may be children who fail to recognize me.

This way, True Parents can travel to the spiritual world in the spirit although they are on earth in the flesh; likewise, even after they go to the spiritual world, they will not just be there but be on earth as well, exactly in the same form as they have now.

Hence, we must build a palace on earth as a replica of what is in the spiritual world; only this way, can True Father live in both places and implement God's Will. If you are cleared of your sins, your spiritual eyes are bound to be open, whereupon True Father can start visiting you and your family directly and teach you how to live each day.

True Father said, "There will be no more providence of spiritual work after that of Dae Mo Nim, for after I go to the spiritual world, I will absolutely not install a person on earth as my agent. Instead, I will be moving between the spiritual and physical worlds freely and directly guide the individuals, families, tribes, nations, world, and cosmos towards God's Will." So before the end of the Chung Pyung providence, our blessed families should become able to see True Father in the spirit. For this reason, we should take out all the evil spirits and sins from us so that God can live within us, and we can live within God. We should be prepared to accept everything when True Father comes to us from the spiritual world and speaks to us.

2. True Parents’ Love for the Humanity

1) Deep Love of the True Parents

True Parents feel pain in the heart whenever they see our brothers and sisters in agony. In order to separate the spirits from within our bodies, they have been laying the foundation for it, taking bone-cutting pain and shedding blood, sweat, and tears. This is the deep love of the True Parents. Although True Father knows about the wrong doings of the members, he only shows love and gives them everything. But members cannot raise their heads before True Parents in many respects because of their flawed life. From now on, we will have to mature ourselves in the form of goodness and true love.

Having given so many Blessings so far, True Father wishes that blessed families are moving towards perfection. As he knows and sees everything, ‘the sins, fallen natures, and inhabiting spirits he sees in them torment him intensely. Nevertheless, he has been enduring until this day without being able to point them out lest the Satan use it as a condition and perform even more wicked works. This way, True Parents are enduring the anguish out of deep love for us.

Now we should accomplish the timely mission True Parents have given us. In liquidating the iniquities that have persisted for six thousand years, no condition can ever be established, or any work accomplished freely and effortlessly. True Parents are not working hard in order to receive blessing or enjoy everything for themselves but to save our lives. True Father speaks to us on a certain standard, and gives us a mission that matches the need of the time. He assigns missions with serious worry that we may fail, a sign of deep parental love.

As True Parents have pledged to accomplish God's Will by all means, they walk a straight course for the sake of God, blessed families, and humanity even when their family become attacked by troubles. True Parents declared, "Although my family becomes torn apart into pieces, I will still walk the path of loving you.

After coming to the world, True Parents have established a hard standard for themselves and triumphantly walked the course of indemnity for the sake of bringing down the evil world. They have been walking the trails of tears and thorny paths before us and leading the members upon their victorious foundation. We should understand that they want to bless the whole mankind and eagerly desire that the blessed families can stand before God in perfection and with pride.

2) True Parents Are Working Hard

Whenever I see the True Parents, I feel as if my heart is being torn apart. Sometimes True Father speaks loudly for many hours even when he is losing his voice and unable to speak; this is because despite his earnest admonitions he does not see clear changes in the members. Because they act immature without understanding what True Parents desire, True Parents have to teach them everything, down to small details. True Father wants to set down the heavenly law and tell the members to stop their dissolute lifestyle immediately, but he is unable to do so because unless the members keep it 100 percent, they will have to pay even more indemnity conditions.

Brothers and sisters! True Father has already turned a grandfather while just working and working to bring new life to us. In order that he can now take a rest even just a bit, we should offer our mind and body to fulfill his wishes. We should understand that he demands absolute obedience from us not for his own sake but in order to give us blessing.

3) True Parents Have Established the Realm of Cosmic Victory

From the spiritual viewpoint, True Parents have fulfilled their responsibility and established the realm of cosmic victory. The parents of True Father, that is, the family of Chung Mo Nim have confirmed their position as a maker of spiritual conditions in the spiritual world. Some spiritualists claim that Chung Mo Nim’s earthly providence must start, but this is not true. Chung Mo Nim, the mother of True Father, are supposed to set up spiritual conditions in the spiritual world, while Dae Mo Nim, the mother of True Mother, is supposed to work on earth. And the children of the True Parents are in the position to work in both worlds.

Since True Parents have been already elevated to the high position where the Satan cannot bring charges against them, the Satan has no way of pulling them down no matter how much he may struggle. It is just that the members have been unable to fulfill their responsibilities, but True Parents have completed their responsibility and proclaimed God's realm of rest.

Now, come is the time when God can do everything for us, and gone is the time when the Satan can protest, saying, "How can you bless them with this kind of insufficient condition?" We should understand that it is True Father's victory that has shaped the situation up to this point. Now is the time when even the four saints are receiving the Divine Principle education and Blessing and coming to our aid.

Now the time is such that if we just live by the Principle, the spiritual world will provide astonishing help. Now, the numerous spirits who used to inhabit our bodies are going to the spiritual world to receive the Divine Principle education and Blessing and are coming back to assist us. Hence, we should abide by the Principle centering on God and True Parents in all respects so that we receive the heavenly fortune. Unfortunately, however, there are still blessed families who are little different from the people of the world.

Brothers and sisters! Now is time to stay awake. We should follow the Principle while being aware of this time when, through the victory of the True Parents, the spirits can be saved and blessed, and through them we can experience marvelous spiritual phenomena and cooperation.

3. Blessed Families in Service of the True Parents

1) Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience

God desires that human beings perfect their individuality, living lives of true love for the sake of others and forming true families, and grow their spirits beautifully through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. But how about our members? They believe that True Father is the Christ who promised to return, and yet some of them believe when they are happy, and do not when they are unhappy. In other words, they believe it in times of strong faith, an do not believe in times of personal trouble. But we should cherish the concept "absolute".

We should not forget that our heart towards God and True Parents should be that of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. This is the only way we can fulfill filial piety to God and True Parents and the only path through which the evil sovereignty changes into good sovereignty. True Father is teaching, "If our members are to stand on God's side and live in true love, true lineage, and true life, they should practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience," and he is himself putting it into practice. We need the word absolute in order to reach perfection. To this word, there is no objection.

We should understand that our unwavering life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience will lead to forgiveness of the sins of ourselves and our ancestors and open the way for our descendants prosperity.

2) Let Us Become Dutiful Sons and Daughters of the True Parents

We can return the grace of the True Parents by being dutiful children of theirs, and we can become dutiful children by following the Principle and heavenly law. Therefore, we should all live with grateful heart and according to the Will of God and True Parents. We should be grateful to them for creating Chung Pyung as a restored and perfected Garden of Eden for the sake of removing our fallen natures and expunging our individual, collective, and hereditary sins. We can be good children before the True Parents only when we have such an attitude of life.

True Father desires to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven and see us blessed families become dutiful sons and daughters. In order to be such children, we should have our fallen natures removed and form true families and the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. We should know clearly that before God and True Parents, the worst child is the one who goes to hell, and the best child the one who goes to the Heavenly Kingdom. We should understand the desires of God and True Parents as they are bringing to conclusion the overall the providence of restoration. While eradicating all our errors of being dragged to and from by the Satan and while renewing ourselves with new mind and body, we should make a firm determination to become good sons and daughters of the True Parents.

3) Blessed Family's Attitude towards the True Parents

True Father has clearly taught us what the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is, that the tragic history started because of Adam and Eve s error, and that the error was fornication rather than eating the literal fruit. In order to find this content of the Principle, True Father had to struggle all the way up to the place free from satanic accusation. After establishing an indemnity condition to hammer out the Satanic charges, he taught us in detail what the fruit means and how to exterminate the root of sin and become reborn as a new self.

What if we go to the spiritual world without knowing about the evil inside us and thus without separating it and shedding the fallen natures? Our members should think about this seriously at least once; then, their lives will see great changes. And we should always thank the True Parents for their grace and love of blessing us by setting up conditions through hard fights against the Satan in the unknown wilderness.

When you go to the spiritual world, there will be a situation where you cannot but kneel down in deep gratitude for your Blessing. Although Blessing can be given only to perfected individuals, still the True Parents blessed us before our perfection by setting up the necessary indemnity conditions himself. Hence, by taking after every aspect of their life, we will have to develop ourselves on our own strength.

True Parents are making spiritual efforts and paying such a severe indemnity in order to bring us to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is our homeland; before this love we should maintain the position of true children. While walking the path of anguish unimaginable to us, True Parents paid indemnity all the way until Satan could not find fault with him any more and brought us blessing. Since this is what the providence of restoration has been like, we should always be grateful to God and True Parents.

As we are about to enter the new millennium, our members should exert themselves to the utmost in order to become people of pride before history, before the future generations, and before God in the spiritual world. This is how we can bring joy to and fulfill our filial duty for the hard-working True Parents.

Section 2. True Love and Blessing

1. True Love is the Essence of Existence and Life

True love lives for all, not for my own sake but for the sake of others. Love yields to others so they can receive joy. Trying to give everything to the beloved children found after six thousand years, the God of tears has been eagerly waiting for the day when He can run directly to them as soon as they call upon Him, saying "Father."

True Father teaches that the only way to the Heavenly Kingdom is living by true love. But at the moment our fallen nature leaves no room within our mind and body where true love can enter. So we should be cleansed of the fallen nature to be able to usher in true love. True love comes in only after we expunge our fallen nature; conversely, fallen nature absolutely cannot enter in the presence of true love.

For instance, there are members whose neck becomes stiff and do not recognize their old acquaintances when they are elevated to a high position, and this is quite detestable. We are living under the names of true love and as family members. Hence, we should be more loving and kinder to our members who are in plights. The higher position we are in, the more concerned we should be for the people around us as if they are part of our natural family. However, the reality is that as one goes up the ladder, he tries to secure his position by planting his close associates around him and go up even further up.

Since we are in the image of evil on the whole, we must clean our mind and body hardened with the iniquities of long history and reform ourselves with God's true love in order to enter the homeland and original world. If we want to live in a state where God comes to us straight upon our beckoning, we should expunge our sinfulness and practice true love, for God can come only where there is gratitude and serving heart of true love.

What should we do to practice true love in the family? The husband and wife should drop their prides before each other. When they commit minor errors, they should be willing to understand and accept each other right away. This is also a heart of true love. We need true love for building a true family, and true family for entering the Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, we should know clearly that true love is the road to the Heavenly Kingdom.

So far, we have been unable to live gracefully for goodness, practice true love, form true families, or follow absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience; for this reason, our members do not look beautiful and clean.

We need to practice true love to form true families. In our daily conversation, our speeches should be suitable for God s presence rather than for the Satan's invasion. The Satan cracks human relationships through words we use, so we should be careful with our speech, using only words of true love. When all of us keep this and have created true families of true love, wondrous things will happen. About building a true family, True Father said, "Serve them, and practice true love." For this, we will have to be able to yield and endure. We need true love, which lives for the sake of others.

All the blessed families should love and serve one another. We can be called true blessed families when we desire to love one another more and more, with elder families loving younger families, and younger families respecting elder families. If the world of God's Will is to expand, there have to be many members who are beautiful and clean in spiritual sight and who can make me say, "Ah, this person has lived a fairly beautiful life."

True Father said that the spiritual eyes absolutely cannot be opened without true love; we must have true love if we are to open our spiritual eyes and see God. The spiritual world is not a place where we can take it easy and get by. We cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven by making easy excuses, saying, for instance, we had different wavelengths and so did not get along with such and such people. We should live for others and practice absolute love unconditionally. Living a good life makes our spirit selves good, and living an evil life turns our spirit selves evil. So we cannot try to be good when someone watches us and revert to evil when alone.

God will ask us whether we have practiced true love, how our conjugal relationship has been,’ and whether we have become one as a couple, at which time we cannot make excuses or present reasons for our failure to love our spouse.

We should understand that such is the reality of the spiritual world, which is my world. We should keep it in mind clearly that life in the spiritual world will be unbearable if we are without true love.

2. Blessing Is a Gate towards the Kingdom of Heaven

1) Blessing Has Cosmic Value

Our members do not fully comprehend how precious and good Blessing is. The Blessing of True Parents is a precious gift that comes after six thousand years. They blessed us, saying, "I will absolve you of all your sins. I will liquidate your original sin. So you come and live here, this world of goodness. Here, please perfect your individuality and go up. You have been one with evil, but now leave all that behind, and live happily with a perfected personality."

Since Blessing has cosmic value, God originally intended to bless the prepared people first rather than the unprepared people like us. The prepared people are those who have been living a life of faith with earnest desire to meet the Messiah. They are the original candidates for Blessing. The desire of God and True Parents was to bless those who could fathom their heart just by perceiving their eyes and carry out the providence of restoration with them.

After receiving the Blessing, however, rather than diligently practicing faith and striving to perfect our personality, we have been living in defiance of God s Word, maintaining our fallen natures such as jealousy and arrogance. Failing to eradicate our fallen nature and sinfulness to resemble God, we have again brought trouble to God and True Parents.

When you see in the spiritual world, the worth of the blessed family is immense beyond imagination and exchangeable for none. Blessed families must fulfill their responsibilities. With a special mission from True Parents, I went to the spiritual world and looked around the entire place from the Heavenly Kingdom to hell. Angels treated me with great deference because I was blessed. And the place reserved for blessed families was very charming. God prepared the Heavenly Kingdom in order to give it to us.

2) Blessing Means a Transfer from the World of Evil to the World of Goodness

Many of our members think, Because we are blessed, we will be able to go to the Heavenly Kingdom with little trouble," but this is not the case.

Originally, the candidates for Blessing of the Messiah were the chosen people, single-mindedly waiting for God and the Messiah while striving to achieve individual perfection and remove their fallen nature and individual sins. But as these chosen people became unable to receive Blessing, True Parents delivered us from the evil sovereignty and blessed us. When giving Blessing, True Father asked us to weed out everything we had from the evil sovereignty and perfect our personality. Since it was extremely difficult for us, still abiding in the evil sovereignty, to attain the proper qualification for Blessing, he moved us from evil to goodness without condition on our part. In other words, Blessing as we have received it means our being transferred from the sovereignty of evil to that of goodness. Hence, True Father said, "You should be able to perfect your personalities in that position. Please attain the individual perfection and go up to the world of goodness. When you have reached that position of perfection, I will bless you again, as the Blessing of perfection."

Since True Parents had to blessed unqualified people, they had to pile up incredible amount of indemnity conditions in order to bring them up above satanic accusation. Although True Father elevated us to the position of goodness through unconditional Blessing, however, we have virtually fallen off the position because of our failure to keep the position and grow; therefore, we must all plead for True Parents’ pardon.

3) We Have Received the Blessing of Position

Had we been perfect at the time of Blessing, we would have received Blessing of perfection; however, since we were still immature then, what we have is Blessing of position or conditional Blessing, according to True Father's explanation. In other words, our Blessing has moved us from the world of evil to our current position in the world of goodness.

In fact, before True Father gave Blessing, a figure like John the Baptist should have come forth and prepare the members for Blessing by cleansing them of their sins; then, there would not be so many spirits in the members’ bodies as now, and the Chung Pyung providence would not be needed. This figure should have removed the collective sins, hereditary sins, individual sins, and fallen natures and completely expelled the inhabiting spirits from them, thereby preparing them for Blessing in a crystal clear and pure shape.

Then why did True Parents bless people who were imperfect and unprepared? We can think of two reasons.

First, it was because of the providential time of Blessing. When I went to the spiritual world, I saw that the dates for the 3.6 million couples’ Blessing had been already determined. Heung un Nim told me the Blessing date, saying, "The thirty thousand couples is the formation-stage, 360 thousand couples the growth-stage, and 3.6 million couples the completion-stage Blessings." This made me think, "Because every Blessing has its providential time, True Father blessed us despite our lack of preparation. Blessing has its providential time. Because it would take too long to wait until people came to meet the conditions for Blessing, True Father had to bless the unprepared and unqualified people even if that meant making further indemnity conditions on his part.

Second, it was because of the sinful world and fallen nature of the people. People of the evil world are living in oneness with wickedness, far from being perfect. If True Parents had said, "I will bless you, and you drop your corruption and perfect yourself. I will bless only those who are perfect," no one would have been able to receive the Blessing. True Father said, "When I reviewed the members for the purpose of Blessing, they were intermingled with their hereditary sins, collective sins, individual sins, fallen natures, and inhabiting spirits. So it was very difficult to tell them that they could not be blessed until they reached perfection." For this reason, in blessing unprepared people, he first establishes indemnity conditions until the Satan cannot find fault with the Blessing, moves the members conditionally to the position of goodness, and gives them Blessing of position or conditional Blessing.

Instead of blessing us only after beating us clean, True Father blessed us by moving us to the position of Blessing from our wicked life. He then spoke to us to the following effect:

Since you have not been blessed perfect, grow up strong, through the formation, growth, and perfection stages, and become one with God so that God can dwell in you and you in God. Relinquish your wayward lifestyle before the Blessing, for instance, proneness to rage, greed, hatred, arrogance, watching adult videos, and indulging in lascivious thoughts, and follow God as your center.

Because it is very difficult for you to move from corruption to virtue, I have conditionally moved you from the world of evil to the world of goodness by setting up the required conditions, and this is the Blessing you have received. Since I have given you the Blessing of position this way, now it is your turn to walk up to perfection through the Principle. When you have reached the top, I will give you the Blessing of perfection. Since I have moved you from wickedness to goodness, it is your turn to head towards perfection. Mature your characters and find oneness with God. Abide in the world of virtue, with your eyes set only on goodness and true love to create true families, and follow the principle of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Then I will give you the Blessing of perfection. Let us live together in eternal joy in the Kingdom of Heaven where you will enter as blameless people.

4) Blessing is a Key to the Heavenly Kingdom

In the spiritual world there is a place where we can live together with God and True Parents once we have returned to the state before the fall of Adam and Eve. But no matter how virtuously one has lived on earth, and even if one may have fulfilled the duties of a minister, monk, nun, or saint, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without receiving the Blessing. You can go there only when you are blessed by True Parents on earth. The Heavenly Kingdom is for those who have had their original sin removed and established a true family based on true love.

In the Heavenly Kingdom, the entire humanity will form one great family under God and True Parents, who are the Parents of Heaven and Earth, with a true family as the basic unit. Therefore, our members should witness to all their family members and bring them there; otherwise, even if our members may enter the Heavenly Kingdom, they will not be happy if they have to see members of their own families under the torment of hell. Hence, we should witness to our parents and brothers and sisters, the members of our tribes, and our neighbors, bring them to Blessing and eventually to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom together with my beloved family members, I must practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and live for the sake of others with true love. We can all immigrate to the Kingdom of Heaven when we live for the sake of each other and become one in true love. Not just individuals, but the entire family will march into the Heavenly Kingdom together.

Section 3 The Way of Blessed Families

1. The Value of the Blessed Family

1) Blessed Families Are Children of God and True Parents

Blessing has amazing value. It may seem to our physical eyes that True Parents match the couples by looking at the people, but in fact they bless people by focusing on how the couple can become perfect and live in the realm of God. True Father once asked me, "Who do you think is giving the Blessing?" and I answered, "True Parents." Then he said, "True, I give the Blessing, but together with God. God blesses together with me. So when a blessed couple separate, it inflicts immense sorrow upon God’s heart, and this is truly hard for Him. So blessed families absolutely cannot get a divorce."

Since the Blessing is given by God and True Parents together, God said, "Whenever I blessed a couple, I held them and rejoiced, saying, ‘My children found in six thousand years!"

God desires that blessed families live together in His bosom. True Parents also plead with them to achieve individual perfection and oneness with God and establish the Heavenly Kingdoms on earth and in heaven through a life lived for the sake of others and true families based on true love. Hence, our blessed families should be one with God and True Parents and be dutiful sons and daughters who can catch True Parents’ desire and heart just by looking at their eyes.

Then, have we been living as desired by God and True Parents? There are blessed families who act contrary to parents’ wishes although they know that their parents are God and True Parents. For this reason, although God gave birth to blessed families finally after six thousand years, still He cannot touch them, love them, or visit them. This is why God has so much sorrow and so many tears.

God said that what troubles Him most is to see blessed families being indicted by the Satan through their wrong doings. We should know that when we err, God anxiously watches us, and desperately tries to cover us from the Satan's eyes.

2. Life of Blessed Families

When I was in the spiritual world, God showed me the entire life of blessed families. There are few blessed families on earth who are living in oneness with God and True Parents through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Why do we fail to establish the absolute standard? After True Parents taught us 100 percent about good and evil, liquidated our original sin, and blessed us, why do we still fail to live by absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience? It is because we fail to escape from the bondage of sin that has been handed down through lineage ever since the fall of Adam and Eve.

If, however, blessed families live by absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience towards True Parents, their spirit selves will grow to perfection. A perfect spirit self is called divine spirit and emits strong light. The spirit selves of blessed family members should be radiating fragrance and light. Since absolutely good spirits who are blessed shine very brightly, evil spirits cannot come near them. But mediocre good spirits and middle-level spirits can come under the control of evil spirits and the Satan, and can be contaminated by evil spirits because their lights are dim or non-existent. Preventing evil spirits from adhering to us is another reason why we should live by absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

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