The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 2 The Chung Pyung Providence in the Completed Testament Age - Part 3

Section 4 Ancestors Liberation Ceremony

1. The Meaning of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony

In the Han Nam Dong house on January 29, 1999, True Parents said, "All the Unification members throughout the world must offer an ancestors liberation ceremony. In the age of True Parents, you can go over the realm of family only after finding your ancestors up to the seventh generation and performing a liberation ceremony for them. In order to enter the new Completed Testament Age, you must liberate your ancestors, starting with the seven generations and then expanding to 120 generations. Only this way, can you substantially complete the restoration of 160 families on earth as tribal messiahs. Ancestors liberation ceremony should be provided to evil ancestors as well as to good ancestors.

It was decided that the seven generation liberation ceremony would be conducted between February 12, 1999 and August 31, 1999, and those who wanted to save their ancestors and receive blessing had to meet this time. Dae Mo Nim said, "After the conclusion of the seven generation liberation ceremony, we must find and liberate the ancestors between the eighth and 120th generation by the steps of seven generations each, and connect the 180 generations of the false lineage from Adam and Eve to the true lineage."

On January 1, 1991, True Parents said, "If you go to the spiritual world without having offered an ancestors liberation ceremony, you will be accused by your ancestors. Ancestors liberation ceremony has the same significance as saving your ancestors. You should understand clearly that this is the time when True Parents must extend complete salvation to the spiritual world through the liberation of ancestors, and the overall providence of restoration for the spiritual world and earth will bring complete fruit. Ancestors liberation ceremony serves as a ceremony of change of blood lineage that gives in the name of True Parents spiritual and physical rebirth to all the fallen people as original children."

The ancestors liberation ceremony led by Dae Mo Nim started on November 17, 1997 with the three-day Chung Pyung workshop for the members of the Tokyo region, which had reached its goal for the Forty Million Couplesí Blessing, which was attended by 600 members, and has been performed in every Chung Pyung workshop. On November 30, 1977, through the benediction at the Ceremony of Proclamation of Opening of the Spiritual World, the True Parents delegated the authority to bless the spirits to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, thereby opening the way for the full-scale salvation of the spiritual world. In January 1, 1999, the True Parents gave the new year s motto "Cosmic expansion of the True Blessing and Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage," and on January 8, they gave a benediction to initiate the ancestors liberation ceremony for our direct ancestors, first up to the seventh generation and then up to the 120th generation, which we are conducting today.

There have been ancestors liberation ceremonies in our church before, and they were mostly for good ancestors. True Parents said that ancestors liberation ceremonies at those times were for liberating good spirits, and someone had to undertake that mission.

Our members should understand that the liberation ceremony being conducted now in Chung Pyung and those performed in the past are different in value. The past ancestors liberation ceremonies simply extricated ancestors from hell and moved them to where they belonged, and this work in itself had great significance at that time. But such ceremonies fundamentally differ from those being performed in Chung Pyung in the following aspects:

First, the spirits liberated in Chung Pyung go to receive Heung Jin Nimís Divine Principle workshop. This means that it has become possible to educate and take care of the saved spirits toward reforming them into good spirits. The past liberation ceremonies simply moved ancestors of the blessed families away from adverse circumstances without giving them education and training or assigning them missions.

Second, the ancestors liberation ceremony in Chung Pyung brings the ancestors all the way up to Blessing. This is not even written in the Divine Principle, as it has become possible only through the foundation of True Parents triumph over the hundreds of millions of satans. The Blessing of the spiritual world is indeed a special grace granted to the blessed families today and their ancestors, for which they should be truly grateful. Blessing of spirits means their having become absolutely good spirits. Past liberation ceremonies may have saved spirits, but they did not transform them into absolutely good spirits.

Third, the spirits liberated become good ancestors of the members and work to help True Parents together with Heung un Nim when they open the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. Such a spiritual work means their rebirth as noble spirits able to help God's work between spiritual and physical worlds together with angels. In this respect, the ancestors liberation ceremony of Chung Pyung led by Dae Mo Nim has different significance from that of the previous ceremonies.

The most important difference of the ancestors liberation ceremony of Chung Pyung, however, is that this ceremony is being conducted by True Parents themselves. In the previous ceremonies led by some spiritualists, it was not easy for them to find one by one the direct ancestors of seven generations because their spiritual powers were limited, and they were working only by their spiritual senses. At present, ancestors of our members are unable to reveal themselves amid the evil spirits in the spiritual world crowded with satans. They are unable to reveal themselves in actions or words because they are moving under the direction of myriad satans. The spiritual circumstances of our ancestors are like prison, and they cannot easily come out of there even though they are ancestors of blessed families. Ancestors liberation ceremony for blessed families is necessary for this reason.

Since our ancestors are unable to help us despite their wish to look after their earthly descendants, we become vulnerable to the Satan's attack. In such time, ancestors liberation ceremony, workshop in the spiritual world, and Blessing have great significance.

As far as ancestors liberation ceremony is concerned, this ceremony of Chung Pyung is its final stage. Ancestors liberation ceremony cannot be conducted again, and it is a grace of heaven and earth that we are privileged to receive through the merit of the age and on the foundation of True Parentsí victory. Our ancestors transformed into absolutely good spirits through the ancestors liberation ceremony, as well as helping their descendants on earth to be sure, will serve as attendants to the True Parentsí march when they open the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom in the spiritual world and will receive the honor of entering the Heavenly Kingdom first on the heels of the True Parents.

2. Preparations for the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony

The ancestors liberation ceremony is a providence that transforms the spirit selves of the blessed familiesí ancestors into absolutely good spirits. If we fail to transform our ancestors spirits to be absolutely good spirits, the Satan pushes them back to hell through evil spirits; hence, ancestors liberation ceremony is very necessary. When ancestors with original sin are led to repentance, become rid of the original sin, and receive the Blessing, they become good spirits without sin and emit bright lights. Evil spirits absolutely cannot approach a good spirit shining so strongly, just as you cannot look into a strong glaring light. Bright light proves a spirit's having become an absolutely good spirit. As such, the good ancestors of our members come down on earth and assist God's work as well as taking care of the health of the members and their children.

For this ancestors liberation ceremony, however, there are absolute requirements -- our membersí fervent spiritual efforts and indemnity conditions for the sake of offering the ancestors liberation ceremony correctly and peacefully. We should understand that earnest prayer and spiritual efforts of our members for ancestors liberation ceremony are required in order to make it easier to find the ancestors to be liberated. Before True Father talked about the indemnity conditions for the direct ancestors liberation ceremony for the members, Dae Mo Nim had been liberating the ancestors concerned in every workshop during the separation of the spirits. But this was merely separating and liberating or saving the spirits troubling the members most. But True Father explained concretely that all the blessed families must offer liberation ceremonies for their direct ancestors up to the 7th generation and then up to the 120th generation and that they have the responsibilities as descendants to make indemnity conditions for this.

The difficulty of the direct ancestors liberation ceremony, however, lies in having to find exactly the ancestors of the concerned generations. It was not easy for Elder Hyo Nam Kim, wearing the physical self, to go to the spiritual world with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim and find the ancestors. When Elder Kim tried to find the direct ancestors of the members in the immense spiritual world as a spirit self dissociated from the body together with Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim, it was like finding some specific sand grains in the seashore. She shared that in such times she felt the anxiety of a mother of the old times going into a child delivery room. Since in the old times medical facilities were poor, mothers in labor could not guarantee their survival of the delivery process, and they wondered if they could wear the shoes again that were left outside the room. In other words, Elder Kim set out to find the ancestors with a determination to offer her life.

When the ancestor's search starts this way, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, angels and good spirits become totally mobilized to find the ancestors spirits scattered throughout all strata of the spiritual world. Sometimes, they have to find the ancestors among the wondering spirits floating around aimlessly. When an ancestor happens to be an evil spirit, he can be found only after resolving one by one his sorrow he had on earth. Sometimes, ancestors on earth are inside their descendantsí bodies, in which case the searcher must go inside to bring them out.

Because the search is so difficult like this, Dae Mo Nim is emphasizing that we must make spiritual conditions for the sake of finding our direct ancestors. Saying that this requires indemnity conditions, Dae Mo Nim stated as follows:

In the process of finding the direct ancestors, I can see how much spiritual conditions the members have made before coming here. I feel pained in heart when I see members who come to Chung Pyung without having made the spiritual conditions at the level required for the ancestors search.

How much spiritual conditions do our blessed families have to establish for the ancestors liberation ceremony? In the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center on March 11, 1999, True Parents explained the spiritual condition and indemnity condition of the members for offering a seven generation liberation ceremony: they must do morning fasting or fifty bows for twenty-one days and also make indemnity donations.

We may commonly suppose that the ancestors of the blessed families are mostly good spirits, and yet when Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim met them, most of them looked miserable and were spending dreadful and painful days in evil spiritual worlds like hell in unimaginably grotesque shapes.

In the course of the search of the direct ancestors through various corners of the spiritual world, countless spirits are encountered who beg for salvation. These spirits have not been liberated yet, and Dae Mo Nim shared that their screams for help tormented her heart during the search. They were screaming with their bodies submerged in the mud field and only their heads sticking out, and when Dae Mo Nim had to push them off and leave them for the spirits included in the search, her heart was agonized as if it was being crushed. Especially, ancestors of blessed families were pleading with Dae Mo Nim, saying, "Please take me because my descendants are offering an ancestors liberation ceremony on earth at the moment.

The ancestors for whom an ancestors liberation ceremony was performed, and yet whose descendants failed to make the required indemnity conditions could not enter the Heung un Nimís workshop center; they just barely escaped from the evil spiritsí quarters and were staying in the waiting place. Such a sight makes us more frustrated. Like someone just taken out of ice water, they were trembling in fear that they might be sent back to the evil spiritual world. This truly tells us that we must establish sincere spiritual conditions and a certain indemnity conditions for ancestors liberation ceremony.

3. The Ancestors Saved

The long history of six thousand years after the fall of Adam and Eve was a miserable history where everything in the heaven and earth were intermingled with evil. For this reason, the spirits in the spiritual world lived very miserably, and Elder Hyo Nam Kim said, after coming back from the spiritual world, "When I come back from the ancestors search in the spiritual world for the direct ancestors liberation ceremony, I have no desire to go back there again. But I am still going back there because this is necessary. Although the place is so difficult and tragic, she must obey the words of God and True Parents.

Elder Kim describes the predicaments of the ancestors in the spiritual world: "When I found the ancestors in the spiritual world, some of them had faces bruised blue and bleeding like earthly people after fight. Some ancestors managed to struggle out after being crushed under a big rock and breathed a sigh of relief. This was a very pathetic and pitiful sight. When I went to the intermediate level of the spiritual world with a name list for search, I could only find a few ancestors, and most of them were in places of unimaginable affliction. Just as the nature has been rapidly polluted by the advancing civilization, in the 1980s the power of the Satan and evil spirits became stronger and stronger because of the providence of returning resurrection of the spirits. As these strengthened evil spirits dragged good spirits down to the evil spiritual realm, from 1995 it became impossible to find ancestors in the good spiritual world."

True Father also said, "From the 1980s, when evil spirits started invading the good spiritual world, someone should have ordered the evil spirits and resentful spirits, terminating the evil spiritual world by 1995." Dae Mo Nim said that whenever she found ancestors, she shed many tears to see them sticking out their heads from the mud field and begging for help, saying, "Please save me." She continued that if our members can see this sight themselves, they would have serious desire to save their own ancestors and strive to live in goodness and beauty on earth. She also said that for those members who are unable to see the sight, she would like to give them some idea of it by showing them the movie, What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams. In the movie, on his way to find his wife Annie from hell, Chris sees a field-full of spirits buried in the mud with their heads sticking out and screaming for help, and pushes them out. Our members can imagine that the scene of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim looking for ancestors in the spiritual world is similar to this movie scene.

The ancestors saved from such a predicament sit to the right side of the members who saved them during the ancestors liberation ceremony and rejoice, rubbing their cheeks and holding their hands, and say, "I missed you, I am glad to see you, and I thank you. Tell me your wishes, and I will make the spiritual condition for it." Our members should understand that it is because the affection of the blood ties is this intense that God has been working the providence of restoration for the six thousand years, and True Parents have been working so hard for the sake of heavenly victory as an incarnation of true love, carrying the heavy burden of the providence of restoration.

After the two-day workshop for the ancestor's liberation, the members return home, and the ancestors saved go to the Heung Jin Nim's workshop center in the spiritual world. The workshop center in the spiritual world consists of the regular workshop center and special workshop center, and the ancestors saved through the seven-generation liberation ceremony go to the special workshop center and receive a 100-day workshop. As soon as they enter the workshop center, they listen to Heung Jin Nim's words in order to wash away their sins from the earth and become reborn as good spirits, and survey the entire spiritual world from the Heavenly Kingdom to hell. When they go to the level of spiritual world where they are entitled to be in the present form, none of them say that they want to stay there. Through this they clearly recognize that they cannot reside in the Heavenly Kingdom without being purified of their sins and reborn as good spirits.

After looking through the spiritual world together with Heung Jin Nim, the spirits receive a serious workshop in which they wash off their dirt through Divine Principle Hoondok, singing, and prayer, and after a certain amount of workshop has been given, Heung Jin Nim again takes the ancestors around various spots of the spiritual world starting from hell, clearly showing them the places where they can be. Then the ancestors become anxious in heart to achieve more progress and feel still unworthy before Heung Jin Nim, and with this feeling come back to the workshop center and join the tradition with more zeal. Their witnessing their own progress in the spiritual level and the brightening of their own spirit selves add fuel to their zeal for the workshop. During 100 days of such endeavors, they become absolutely good spirits.

During the 100-day workshop, the seven-generation ancestors learn how to help their descendants to live in bliss, how to guide them to live by the Principle, how to find the ancestors between the eighth and 120th generations, and how to witness to their tribes on earth. In the young shapes of thirty-three to forty years of age, the ancestors spirits come down to earth, receive Blessing as a couple, and go back to the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center for forty days of blessed family education, after which they return to and live on earth and support the members to live in bliss.

4. Ancestors Liberation Ceremony up to the 180th Generation

In the True God's Day Celebration in Punta del Este of Uruguay on January 1, 1999, True Father said, "As we near the new millennium, you should make your ancestors young through ancestors liberation ceremony so that they can witness to their tribes throughout the spiritual and physical worlds." And in the Han Nam Dong house on January 29, 1999, he said, "All the Unification members throughout the world should join the seven generation liberation ceremony. In the age of Jesus, blessing reached up to four generations.

In the age of True Parents, however, you can go over the realm of family only after finding your ancestors up to the seventh generation and performing a liberation ceremony for them. In entering the new Completed Testament Age, you can complete the restoration of 160 families on earth as tribal messiahs only when you find and liberate your ancestors all the way up to the 180th generation. This liberation ceremony is performed as a work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung."

We can see that True Parents are concluding the overall providence of restoration through the providence of Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung. In the six thousand years of human history started with the human fall, the Satan has been exercising dominion through wicked people based on the satanic blood lineage, and after coming to earth as the Messiah, True Parents have been striving to re-establish the blood relationship towards goodness. They have been working to graft the original Adam and Eve unto True Parents and to save all the people in the world from the sinful lineage into taking new roots in the lineage of goodness. This work is the ancestors liberation ceremony up to the 180th generation.

True Father said, "This point of the year 1999, only a few months away from the commencement of the new millennium, is the time when we should put an end to the six thousand years of sinful history and complete the providence of restoration being carried out by God and True Parents. Hence, our members should first finish an ancestors liberation ceremony from the first to seventh generations and then gradually go all the way up to the 120th generation by the steps of seven generations each, accomplishing a comprehensive liberation for the ancestors.

Dae Mo Nim said to the members, Following the direction of True Parents, our members should complete the seven generation liberation ceremony and then 120 generation liberation ceremony. Then, under the responsibility of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, the ancestors between the 121st and 180th generations will be liberated, and the corrupted blood relationship handed down from Adam and Eve will be completely restored into the lineage of absolute goodness, thereby restoring the spiritual world to order. Then, the original Garden of Eden that God has been seeking to establish will be built on earth, that is, the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

5. Blessed Life of Blessed Families

The human history has been sinful. The humanity have been creating many religions and showing deep concern for the world after death, though to varying degrees according to the religions. Dae Mo Nim taught, "Babies grow for ten months in the womb before they are born, in which period their bodies are prepared for their life on earth. Our life on earth is like that in the womb. During our earthly life, we must grow and perfect our spirit selves in the form fit for life in the Heavenly Kingdom. Hence, our life on earth is very important. Since the heavenly world and earthly world stand in the relationship of cause and effect, and subject partner and object partner, understanding the heavenly world correctly is crucial for the sake of living a good earthly life." In concluding the providence of restoration with the triumphant authority, True Parents gave ancestors liberation ceremony first of all to the blessed families through the Chung Pyung providence. This ceremony puts an end to the history of sin and changes the blood lineage for the sake of opening the new world. The liberated direct ancestors metamorphose into good spirits of beauty and bright light by liquidating their individual, collective, and hereditary sins through the Heung Jin Nimís 100-day workshop and become absolutely good spirits by removing their original sin through the grace of Blessing of spirits on earth. After receiving a forty-day family education as blessed families and becoming reborn in the original form fit to live in the Heavenly Kingdom, these ancestors help their earthly descendants to live happy and blessed lives.

Dae Mo Nim affirmed that she has infinite gratitude towards God and True Parents for the grace of ancestors liberation ceremony. To the members, she said, "These days, the world is becoming more and more turbid, with rampant individualism and many social ills. Amid this confusion, however, the grace of ancestors liberation ceremony, which is God's blessing and hope, has been brought first to our members so that they can take a deep root in the wondrous Blessing that God has been seeking to give. Moreover, based on such a blessing, the blessed families are now able to restore the entire mankind and create the Garden of Eden."

Section 5 Chung Pyung Workshops

1. Two-Day Workshop

The two-day workshop forms the center of the Chung Pyung workshops. Since the fist workshop on January 19, 1995, a total of 369 workshops have been held until January 16, 2000, and attended by over 400 thousand members. Through these workshops, the members have had amazing spiritual experiences, strengthened their faith, and recently even received the grace of ancestors liberation ceremony. The workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays for the convenience of the members, who must work during the weekdays; however, when there were requests of members or Dae Mo Nimís special overseas tours, workshops have been given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well. The basic framework, however, is that the workshop starts at 7 pm on each Saturday and ends at 12:30 pm the next day. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim said, "Our brothers and sisters should come to Chung Pyung as frequently as possible, at least once a month. This is because the spirits that go into your bodies through your faulty life among the outside people and the spirits that are attached in your coming and going must be separated. If they are not dislodged quickly enough, they settle themselves inside your bodies and drive you into dire straits. It takes one month before the spirits settle themselves and start the vicious spiritual work. So before this happens, you should come to Chung Pyung and become rid of them. If you want to live a blissful life, you must follow this advice." The two-day Chung Pyung workshop will bring more fiery work of the Holy Spirit in the future and develop as a precious instrument of restoring the tribes of our members and bringing new members.

2. Forty-Day Workshop

This workshop started with the forty-day special prayer workshop for the elder blessed couples who had been appointed as national messiahs. The forty-day workshop is for repenting for all our wrong doings committed intentionally or unintentionally and separating the evil spirits engaged in malicious spiritual work. Hence, we should completely divide ourselves between good and evil. For this, we should shed many tears of contrition and receive the workshop with a firm attitude to strike our bodies and expel the Satan. During this period, our members have many spiritual experiences and become reborn in their hearts. Repentance starts with realizing God's heart and shedding tears of regret over our unfaithfulness. We should remove all our sin of fallen natures, and for this, we must make a very hard struggle of repentance.

In order to resolve the sorrows of God and True Parents, all the blessed families should seek forgiveness before God with a contrite heart over all their dissolute lives. We should make spiritual efforts with determinate willingness to risk even death during the forty-day workshop. If we sing and pray after truly giving up ourselves during the forty-day workshop, we become able to see our own spirit selves, and witnessing the spirits studded in our body like ant eggs will shock us intensely. We can see the spirits imbued with iniquities penetrating into our blood, bone, and bone marrow. God desires that the blessed families eliminate these spirits during the forty-day workshop.

True Parents directed the church leaders to receive this workshop first. True Parents said that the elder blessed couples of the same generation as True Parents should receive this workshop first, the church leaders in Korea and Japan and officers and employees of all our companies second, and then eventually all our members. During this workshop period, all our members around the world should make the determination to live by God's Will and follow God s nature in order to change themselves. True Father gave the following admonition:

As I mentioned before, the head of the Second Generation Department should bring the members of the Second Generation to Chung Pyung and connect them to the angelic world and spiritual world. We must connect together what was severed at the time of Adam and Eve. You should know clearly that since the Unification Church has been hitherto terminating the fallen world on the physical basis, from now on we should start a worldwide movement centering on Chung Pyung. This movement will not be waged with human power. You should go to Chung Pyung, expunge all that have been defiled by the satanic blood, and build the foundation of angelic assistance, starting with the Second Generation. Without exception, blessed families should go to Chung Pyung, into the melting pot, and burn away everything from their past. In this, there is no special regard for the president, dean, or anything. Do you understand? Everyone affiliated with any organization belonging to and is blessed by the Unification Church and everyone affiliated with any organization connected to me should go through the Chung Pyung workshop (morning pledge service on True Parentsí birthday, February 2, 1997).

True Parents have declared that all our members should receive the forty-day Chung Pyung workshop. This workshop started with this direction, and as of the end of December 1999, 7,800 people participated in a total of forty sessions of the regular forty-day workshop, and 2,200 people participated in a total of three sessions of the twenty-one-day workshop for the Second Generation. Participants of these workshops, unlike the attendees of the two-day workshops, had wondrous spiritual experiences and developed as true people of faith.

In the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, our members should be experience rebirth and find their good self before they return home. For this, we should give up our self through fervent repentance and sing and pray vigorously during the forty-day workshop. If we have physical pain or trouble, we can give a hitting treatment to the affected parts, and sing and pray hard, during which the pain will be healed and trouble removed.

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