The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 2 The Chung Pyung Providence in the Completed Testament Age - Part 2

Section 3 The Beginning of the Chung Pyung Providence

1. The Providence of Separation of Spirits

After Dae Mo Nim's coming to the body of Elder Hyo Nam Kim, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim commenced a full-scale providence of separation of spirits on January 19,1995.

From the viewpoint of the providence of restoration, by the early 1995, some Unification member with an understanding of the Principle should have by all means unearthed the heavenly secret, returned to the earth, and completed the work of transforming evil spirits into good spirits in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center. In fact, all the work of the separation should have started in 1985 and ended by 1995. Since this did not materialize, however, True Parents regretted this very much and commissioned the living Dae Mo Nim to undertake the Chung Pyung providence.

By then, separation of spirits for the blessed families should have been over; however, since evil spirits were occupying over 80 percent of the earthly people, the sacrifice of Dae Mo Nim was required. Now the Chung Pyung providence has commenced, although late, to fully usher in the Completed Testament Age and bring an end to the last days of human history. And now we are living in the time when, as we have entered the new millenniums and are welcoming True Father s eightieth birthday, restored men and women of virtue can live together with good spirits on earth and can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven by uniting with the spiritual world.

Because of such a providential program, ever since the establishment of Chung Pyung as a restored Garden of Eden in 1969, True Father had waited for twenty years for the one to undertake the providence of separation of spirits. As the ignorance of the Korean Christian leaders impeded the progress of the providence of restoration, however, and nobody came forth among the members to assume the task no matter how much True Father had waited, he had to let Dae Mo Nim have Seung Hwa in 1989. True Father directed her to look through all the places of the spiritual world for three years (1989~1991) so that she could discern the reasons for the fall of Adam and Eve and for the failures of the central figures such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Then he designated the next three years (1992~94) as a period to establish pious spiritual conditions on earth in preparation for the Chung Pyung providence.

After looking through the spiritual world and studying the secrets of providence for three years, Dae Mo Nim chose and came to Elder Hyo Nam Kim in early 1992 in order to initiate the providence of substantial Holy Spirit. After receiving the mission from Dae Mo Nim, Elder Kim had to go through indescribably tough courses and wisely triumphed over the pain and satanic tests. Hence, the heavenly providence of the six years after the Seung Hwa of Dae Mo Nim saw a continuation of intense and breath-taking days. True, all our members around the world worked hard and busied themselves during this period, and yet these providential events unfolding around Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim bred enormous tension and anxiety without even a moment's leisure.

Separating spirits was possible only with the assistance of angels. Dae Mo Nim said that it was because he had separated evil spirits with the help of angels that Jesus had created the marvelous miracles of healing. Hence, Dae Mo Nim attained the authority of separation of spirits through True Parentsí benediction, and started to separate the spirits from workshop participantsí bodies with the help of angels. Although the spirits struggle desperately not to come out of the bodies, the angels pull them out on the condition that the members sing hard and make spiritual conditions. Dae Mo Nim discovered through her wisdom and spiritual efforts that many spirits are hiding in human bodies, and her accomplishment of opening the way of separating them with the help of angels is an event that can change the course of human history.

According to True Parents, Dae Mo Nim's greatness consists in bringing the angels and separating the spirits on earth. When the workshop participants clap hard, sing aloud, and shed tears with prayerful heart, the spirits inside their bodies fall into pandemonium, at which time the angels charge into their bodies and force out the spirits bent on inflicting harm and satisfying their grudges. Employing the angels to purify us and heal the sick is the great accomplishment of Dae Mo Nim.

But this did not just roll into her palms. When Dae Mo Nim asked the angels to go down to earth and join her efforts of separating the spirits from blessed families, who were children of God, angels retorted, saying, "Where are children of God?" This was quite natural because all the blessed families looked black, covered with spirits. After Dae Mo Nim spiritually purified blessed families, however, they turned out to have amazing difference from the outside people; they were emitting enchanting lights. Upon seeing this, the angels joined the work, saying, "Indeed, there are God's children and blessed families on earth."

2. Desperate Screams of Vengeful Spirits

In a nutshell, the Chung Pyung providence can be called the providence of separation of evil spirits. After the human fall, human history has been studded with iniquities. Blessed families are not an exception. Although our original sin has been liquidated by True Parents, still it is our own portion to extirpate all the other sins.

Our environments, under the dominion of the Satan, have more evil than good elements, however, and blessed families are also heavily defiled with sinfulness. Especially, most fearful is the fact that we have all sorts of foul hereditary sins handed down through the generations without our knowing, and evil spirits connected to these sins are inhabiting us. Since this is a spiritual fact, ordinary people are unaware of it. If our members can see the spiritual world, however, they will be able to perceive their sins as if on the TV screen.

What is so pathetic is that people who are destined to have defective children consequent upon their sins have no idea of such tragic fact. This is due to spiritual ignorance. God shows every detail of the spirits through Dae Mo Nim as if on TV.

These evil spirits are behaving maliciously while adhering to every corner of human body and skin. Hence, if we try to take out these spirits by mobilizing the angels without exerting substantial power, they seldom agree to leave their quarters. Some spirit protest strongly, saying, "Look, as a same Korean, why are you trying to stop me from resolving my sorrow? And some spirits cling to Dae Mo Nim, saying, "It will be just a few days before I take my revenge. Please let me go back."

As we can see, it is not easy to remove the pathogenic and fatal spirits that are parasitic on our bodies. Their plea and scream are so vehemently full of grudges and vengeance that they will not be quieted unless the most extreme efforts are exerted. Dae Mo Nim explained that these were spirits of wrath who died as comfort girls or in forced army service in the Japanese colonial period or spirits who died unfairly as a surrogate mother in traditional Korea who had said when alive, "I will surely revenge myself even after death. I will never forgive." These spirits cling to the members so strongly that they cannot be detached even by hard endeavor of special angels unless the people concerned repent and make pious spiritual efforts.

These days, many members are flocking to Chung Pyung from all over the world. This means that Chung Pyung has become a gathering ground of worldwide spirits. Overseas members bring with them a variety of evil spirits, and their strengths are equal to a conjoined force of ten people; hence, in order to subdue these spirits, our side must be able to muster great spiritual power. The immense power of evil spirits are beyond human imagination. Since force is not enough to drive them out from our bodies, we must persuade them, listen to their sorrowful stories and screams, and encourage them before we separate them.

1) The Necessity of Separating Spirits

In removing the inhabiting spirits, absolutely good spirits and angels in Chung Pyung work together. But angels do not remove them unconditionally; angels can operate only when our members shed tears of contrition for the vices of their own and their ancestors. The role of the angels in Chung Pyung is to separate these resentful spirits from our bodies and lead them to salvation, a work of resurrection of life.

One of the reasons why we should dislodge the spirits from inside our bodies is that they subject us to illness and death. Even an innocent member of the Second Generation may be led away by strong spirits unawares into endangering his own life. If blessed families can see such heinous scenes, they will make all sorts of efforts to shed these spirits.

To take an example from the Japanese colonial period, Korean women taken to the Japanese army as comfort girls sometimes ran away when such a life became unbearable to them. Because they were weak women, however, they became recaptured right away and brought back, whereupon Japanese soldiers put them through all kinds of abuses. In front of many other comfort girls, they dragged the escapees by cars by pulling them on the neck as a warning that all future escapees would meet the same fate. They drove fast with the victims, and they died, with their bodies covered with blood and bones smashed. How vehement the vengeance must be, of the spirits of the women who died this way? Imagining the scene of that time will make anyone shudder and help understand these spirits easily. Through Dae Mo Nim's words, we have been able to understand the passion of the comfort girlsí spirits to satisfy their vengeance.

You will be shocked if you can see spirits kick and scream. Really unimaginable things take place. Some evil spirits were recklessly fumbling with the embryo in some member s womb. Some spirits were holding tight a leg of an unborn child, and this would have permanently disabled his leg after birth. If spirits fumble with an unborn child's brain, he will have cerebral palsy, autism, or other symptoms after birth. These phenomena, arising from the failure to separate the spirits, are ineffably miserable. Hence, we should help the people all over the world, not to mention all our members, to understand the Chung Pyung providence as soon as possible. Another important reason why the separation of spirits is necessary is based on the fact that the problem does not just concern our lives on earth. Living in sickness and agony on earth is a secondary problem. Without expelling the spirits from our bodies, we will be unable to enter the spiritual world properly after death. Also, when someone dies, the spirits that used to inhabit his body move over to the body of the dead personís descendants and continue their malicious undertaking, and this is the source of hereditary diseases. Hence, separating the spirits is the foremost task to be taken up on earth. We should realize that failure to separate the spirits not only suppresses the growth of our own spirits but also leaves our offspring exposed to the plight of life.

In Chung Pyung, we use expressions such as "separating the spirits" or "dusting off the spirits." If we have Seung Hwa without separating the malicious spirits, they will come out of the deceased body and sneak into our descendentsí bodies. The spiritual observation reveals that this transfer of the spirits is largely responsible for the transmission of pathogenic genes along the lineage. Hence, our members can live gracefully and happily on earth only when they shake off the spirits and are protected by absolutely good spirits blessed through the Chung Pyung providence, and in this sense, this site of the providence of separation of spirits is a holy place of resurrection for which we should be truly grateful.

2) The Method of Separating Spirits

We use an expression "dust off" to mean separating the spirits, and this word is much more descriptive of what is actually going on. How many spirits there must be, that we say we "dust off" the spirits? The commonly used word exorcism means an exorcist chasing away spirits all by himself. But what does it mean to dust off spirits? It does not mean a unilateral effort of the helper, but a work that at the same time requires the effort and condition on the part of the one from whom the spirit is being separated.

In actuality, separating spirits in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center requires resolute effort, heated singing and clapping, and fervent prayer of the participants themselves. They are to clap, sing, hit the bodies, and pray with voice vigorously in order to separate spirits. In order to ensure the removal of the spirits, the participants should be dressed as light as possible. The target of the hitting is the entire body. They are to lit vigorously from the head to toe as much as possible, following the MC as he leads the singing and calls out the parts to hit. When the MC calls out parts where hands cannot reach such as back or shoulder, then the people in the back are to hit the people in the front in those parts with sincerity.

Why do we have to clap and hit like this? It is because inside our body spirits are piled up to the full hardened up like a rock, and they struggle hard not to be shaken off their places. As we concentrate and clap and sing vigorously, Dae Mo Nim dispatches good spirits and angels into our bodies, where they fight with the evil spirits. At this time, if we sing and clap hard, then this delivers great strength to the angels and helps them subdue and the tear out the spirits. But if we doze off or slack off during the clapping session, the job becomes that much harder. We have to sing and exert ourselves in order that we can dislodge the spirits through a give and take with the good spirits and angels. For this reason, Dae Mo Nim always admonishes us never to doze off and fully join the singing. In fact, we hear many testimonies that the members who have zealously sung and made spiritual efforts have been cured of their illnesses.

3) Heung Jin Nimís Workshop Center in the Spiritual World

Once the spiteful spirits have been displaced from the human bodies, they should not be left alone; otherwise they would find other victims and continue their evil work.

Even before the Chung Pyung providence, there had been spiritualists doing the work of separating spirits, but they only expelled them on a temporary basis to cure illnesses or nurture faith in people's hearts. As these displaced spirits fell short of becoming absolutely good spirits, however, they slipped back into the evil spiritual realm. The same fate would apply to the spirits taken out in Chung Pyung, if it were not for the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center, where they can be reformed into absolutely good spirits. We can put an end to the history of evil only after we separate them from our members bodies and raise them up to be absolutely good spirits.

Heung Jin Nim, following the direction of True Parents, is educating the spirits displaced through Chung Pyung in the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center, towards transforming them in the Divine Principle from wickedness to absolute goodness.

Although these spirits may not have heard the Principle while on earth, they come to comprehend God's providence of restoration through Heung Jin Nimís Divine Principle teaching and education and join and work for God's providence of restoring the entire spiritual and physical worlds.

Heung Jin Nim had Seung Hwa on January 2, 1984. As our members know, his Seung Hwa at such a young age was due to the blessed familiesí negligence in carrying out their responsibilities for God. Rather than grieving over the death of their most loved and cherished son, however, True Parents first gave a mission to him in the spiritual world.

Upon declaring the Day of Victory of Love on January 3, 1984, True Parents appointed Heung Jin Nim as the general commander of the spiritual world to fulfill God's Will. This also expressed True Parentsí desire that as an elder brother in the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim continue to love and care for all the blessed families as his younger brothers and sisters.

Even at the death of Heung Jin , I did not shed tears. After completing the funeral and thoroughly fishing up all the registration for the spiritual world that could be done by the parents, I came in alone and talked with God: "Thank you for granting me a day when I can come to experience the sad stories deep inside Your heart. This son is Your son, so please do with him whatever You please. This son will seek to serve me and You with the same heart as I have toward You, so please decide his path for him." With this, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. (January 1, 1989)

In the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim fathoms True Parentsí desires when he works. He has developed the wisdom and power to dominate the whole environment. In order to carry out True Parentsí direction, he has established a workshop center in the spiritual world in which to teach the Divine Principle and Father's words and is directly running it. This is an amazing event in the heaven and earth that no religion has been able to bring about so far. The blessed families should ask which religious founder in the world has tried to save during his lifetime even the spirits in the spiritual world. The spirits wondering on earth or spirits glued to the human body do not easily return to their proper places in the spiritual world. It has been especially difficult to move the resentful spirits inside blessed families to the spiritual world or to the Heung un Nimís workshop center.

The spirits separated through the guidance of the angels of Chung Pyung proceed to the Heung un Nimís workshop center. Just as the members attending workshops in Chung Pyung sometimes doze off or become distracted, so do the spirits. The spirits are determined to resolve their sorrows by all means, and inhabit the human bodies solely for the sake of the revenge; hence, they do not smoothly follow Heung Jin Nim.

But Heung un Nim has a special solution to this problem -- letting the spirits see their own shapes. Heung Jin Nim leads them to see their own form correctly. Only then, acquiescing to the persuasion of Heung Jin Nim, do the vengeful spirits come to see their own atrocious and miserable forms. Correctly seeing the form of their own self in which they has been holding out inside human bodies with a single passion of revenge strikes them with a deep shock, whereupon they start struggling hard to cleanse themselves of their sins.

After some time in the course of the 100-day workshop, Heung un Nim brings the spirits to check their own shapes again, and they become amazed to see their own spiritual selves and the position of the spiritual world they are entitled to. They see that they have made a certain progress from the initial shape, and yet they still have not emerged as bright spirits. Since Heung Jin Nim clearly shows them the criteria for becoming bright spirits, they find out for themselves how much they have to work in order to brighten up their spiritual selves.

Since Heung Jin Nim educates them by showing their progress at each step, the spirits follow very busy schedule. They struggle very hard to eliminate their iniquities and become good spirits even a day faster and earlier than others, and this sight, according to Dae Mo Nim, is like people on earth engaged in sports competition. This is how fervently they are participating in the 100-day workshop. Through this process, the spirits come to get over their old grudges and vengeance and realize their own trespasses. They repent while seeing their wrong doings committed during their own earthly lives. After they have discovered their own self, the spirits focus on the Divine Principle lecture and become reborn as good spirits. This is the process of the workshop provided by Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world. During the workshop, the spirits realize many things and come to see the levels of the spiritual world where they belong. As the Divine Principle explains that we find the place for our spiritual self based on the results of our earthly life, these spirits come to discern their present position and their destination.

After these spirits realize their own viciousness in the Heung un Nimís workshop center by looking around the Heavenly Kingdom and hell, they become transformed into good spirits by listening to the Divine Principle and become able to aid God's work progressing on earth. After the spirits that have been troubling blessed families have found their true self and realized that they have been hurting blessed families and Second Generation, who are God's children, they never come back to disturb God's children again.

Then, how do the spirits in the spiritual world assist the works of God's kingdom and their descendants on earth? In the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center, they learn and become trained in the method of assistance. It is by no means easy for spirits to help people on earth. It is because the spirits, in a fluid form, can do nothing unless they learn, for instance, how to handle or move objects as in their earthly life. Without knowing this, the spirits cannot aid earthly people no matter how much they desire it. The workshop improves their ability to help earthly people by developing for them the sense and feeling of the spirit and thereby enabling them to see clearly the difference between the spiritual world and earth.

The great significance of the Heung un Nimís workshop center lies in transforming the spirits into absolutely good spirits who can work while moving between the earth and spiritual world. It produces many good spirits to help our members on earth and brings them to join God's providence of restoration. God's desire is to spread God's Will even to the spiritual world and deliver even the spirits residing in hell, and True Parents sent their beloved son Heung Jin Nim as the supreme commander of the spiritual world because they knew this desire of God. Since the human history distorted by the mistake of the human ancestors extended from the earth to the spiritual world, we should renew the spiritual world as well.

In the last phase of the twentieth century, all mankind seriously suffered from pollution. Although they have been afflicted by such man-made atrocities as violence, hunger, religious wars, fornication, fraud, and theft, and by such natural disasters as storm, earthquake, and draught, which have been present throughout history, the pollution of science, which developed in the single direction of fulfilling human greed in separation from God's Will, has been especially lethal and has driven the entire global village into calamities and terror. But there is another enormous pollution yet unknown to the humanity, and this is the spiritual pollution. Few people know that the invisible spiritual pollution is more dangerous than visible pollution. The establishment of the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, however, has opened a way of overcoming the spiritual pollution. The Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center is a place of recycling evil spirits into absolutely good spirits. It creates a miracle of giving rebirth to the spiritual selves degraded like useless garbage and transforming them into God's children with cosmic value.

Saint Paul said, "For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace." (Rom. 8:5-6) As in his word, after the human fall, countless ancestors of ours have lived according to the flesh and finally died and landed in hell. The spirits and people on earth who receive the grace coming to the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, however, become transformed into those who live according to the Spirit and come to praise God and True Parents in eternal life and peace. The evil spirits, who used to be hiding with fatal venom inside every flesh, bone, blood, and cell of the people of this age in the shape of ant eggs, become separated out through the Chung Pyung providence and led by the angels to the workshop center in the spiritual world to follow the course of becoming absolutely good spirits.

Hence, Chung Pyung is in fact the place that provides an exit to the spirits who have still been unable to escape the pain of death. The spirits extricated from hell or brought out from the human bodies went to the workshop center in the spiritual world and became reborn as absolutely good spirits by Heung Jin Nim during the 100-day Principle education, and the spirits prepared this way received the grace of Blessing same time as the Blessing of the forty million couples in the Robert Kennedy Stadium of Washington D.C. on November 29, 1997. After the Blessing, they received a forty-day blessed family workshop and returned to earth to work for the providence of restoration just as blessed families on earth go to their mission places after their Blessing.

True Parents had to make enormous amount of prayers and spiritual conditions before they could grant this marvelous grace. The prophecy of Isaiah 53, which foretells suffering of the Messiah vicariously carrying the sins of the mankind, came true in True Parentsí course that unfolded around Chung Pyung. A training center which transforms the spirits in the spiritual world, not to mention the people on earth living in the Completed Testament Age, has been established in Chung Pyung. The following remark of True Father speaks for his suffering journey until the founding of the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center:

In this place, in order to remove all your hereditary sins, collective sins, and fallen natures, I had to cut my own bones. By making spiritual conditions with blood, sweat, and tears, I have established this place as a restored and perfected Garden of Eden so that you can live in the original homeland in the form of the original people. This is Chung Pyung.

3. Blessing of Spirits and Its Value

1) Blessing of Spirits

In Chung Pyung, spirits have received liberation, after which they have become rid of their sins and become absolutely good spirits through the Divine Principle education at the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center. However, this only meant the elimination of their sins and not their eligibility to enter the Heavenly Kingdom, for the latter required that they receive Blessing from True Parents, who are the medium of the humanity and the Messiah. Hence, in order for them to become absolutely good spirits eligible to enter the Heavenly Kingdom, they needed to join the Blessing ceremony. Dae Mo Nim said, "Although there is no way for spirits to receive the Blessing, it has become possible on the foundation of True Parentsí hard work, spiritual conditions, and special authority of victory."

Originally, according to the Divine Principle, spirits have no way to be blessed, for Blessing is granted only to the people living on earth. But the Blessing of spirits has become possible through the foundation of True Parentsí cosmic victory. In other words, this is True Parents' special authority -- huge grace granted to the spiritual world and earth through their special authority of victory. Now, Blessing has become Blessing of spiritual and physical worlds through which we can feel the two worlds as one.

On November 30, 1997, through True Parentsí benediction at the "Ceremony of Proclamation of Opening of the Spiritual World," they gave the authority to bless the spirits to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Starting with the Blessing of the 3.2 billion spirits concomitant with the Blessing of the 40 million couples in Washing D.C. on November 29, 1997, altogether seventy-seven billion spirits have been blessed and reborn as absolutely good spirits by January 2000. Furthermore, the workshop for single Blessing candidates, where people on earth could meet their spouses in the spirit world, was held from August 18, 1998 and attended by 3,920 members, after which Japanese members on December 8, 1998 in the Port Anna of Chiba and Korean members on December 25, 1998 in the Little Angels Performance Hall received this Blessing of heaven and earth. The ceremony of Blessing of spirits proceed in the same manner as that of the earthly people. First, there is the holy wine ceremony and then holy water ceremony. Such ceremonies signify that the spirits blessed are in a highly noble position, that is, position of absolutely good spirit. After the Blessing, the spirits must receive the forty-day blessed family workshop. Going through all these events means that as they have liquidated all that was sinful, they have become connected to the new blood lineage in which they can go to God through True Parents. Hence, it is natural to have a noble ceremony. The spirits who have become absolutely good spirits through this process help our members on earth and witness to other spirits to go to the workshop in the spiritual world. According to True Parents, when these spirits join the church, they become spiritual children of the earthly members through whom the witnessing spirits had received the Blessing.

The now absolutely good spirits who used to inhabit our body before their transformation come back inside our body and try to persuade, by showing their own changed forms, the evil spirits still remaining in the body to acknowledge their wrongdoing and go to the Heung Jin Nimís workshop center. Since these evil spirits used to be together with the now absolutely good spirits and thus know them, showing the changed shape of the absolutely good spirits to the evil spirits makes a great impact upon the evil spirits and helps them quickly move out of the body. As the harmful spirits go to their proper places in the spiritual world, troubles associated with them become much less, and the lives of blessed families and even those of other earthly people become richer and happier.

2) Blessing of Important Historical Figures

There have been Blessing ceremonies for important historical figures. In the 120 million couplesí Blessing ceremony held in the Madison Square Garden of New York on June 13, 1998, the four saints and thirty-three important historical figures were blessed. In the 360 million couples Blessing ceremony held in the Olympic Main Stadium of Korea on February 7, 1999, 335 important biblical figures and historical figures were blessed.

These were people who gave inspiration to the humanity or left memorable accomplishments while on earth. So their Blessing had an important meaning of having them participate in God and True Parentsí providence of restoration. They included biblical figures, religious martyrs, Catholic figures, famous kings, and the thirty-three Koreans who declared Korean independence.

The four saints were blessed to the persons actually living on earth, and True Parents named this "Blessing of heaven and earth." Blessing of heaven and earth means a Blessing where a spirit in the spiritual world is blessed with a person living on earth as a single. This time, however, Blessing was not given only to the people who had lived a righteous life on earth, but also to some people who had gained reputation for their ferocious deeds on earth. This way, we have received the time of Blessing in which True Parentsí providence of restoration is coming to conclusion.

The four saints thus blessed will undertake the role of giving Divine Principle education to their earthly followers. This means coming of the time for all the religions to unite and quicken the conclusion of the providence of restoration. So far, although the members of these religions who believed in True Parentsí words still could not easily enter the path of salvation; however, after the Blessing of the four saints, the way of Blessing through which the people of their religions can enter the road of salvation has become easily available to them, and thus all the affairs of the providence, not to mention the unification of religions, can progress much more quickly from now on.

3) Blessing of the Spirits of the Second and Third Generations

During the course of the Chung Pyung providence, an incident took place that could not be seen without tears. It was in the 312th workshop when the sorrows of the blessed families who had lost their children were resolved. The parents who had sent their children of Blessing to the spiritual world without having been able to raise them fully had a chance to tearfully meet their children. The children came into their parentsí embrace through the guidance of the angels. Watching this, Dae Mo Nim also could not but shed tears. The parents of the deceased children could meet these children first time after their Seung Hwa.

As Dae Mo Nim saw the parents grieved to leave their children after the meeting, she told the parents to bring the children home and stay there with them until twelve oíclock and then offer a prayer to send them back to the spiritual world. According to the testimonies of the parents with open spiritual eyes, some children were creeping, some stood on the back of their mothers, and some were even nagging their mothers to give them sweets.

What happens to the small children in the spiritual world? For the small children, parents should light the candles they received from Dae Mo Nim and make earnest spiritual conditions for them with a heart of breast feeding them. Then, the children will grow up and receive the Blessing. Without the parents spiritual efforts, however, their children who had Seung Hwa cannot grow up in the spiritual world. Through such events, the way has opened even for the Second and Third Generation children who had Seung Hwa before their Blessing to receive Blessing.

In the future, deceased children of the outside people will receive the same benefit. The Blessing of the children of Seung Hwa is connected to the life of faith of their parents and family members as well. It is said that if the parents fail to become a Principle example and to form a true family, it is difficult to bring their children to spiritual Blessing. Hence, in order for the whole family to be a complete blessed family spiritually and physically, they should lead a sincere life of faith and form a true family.

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