The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 2 The Chung Pyung Providence in the Completed Testament Age [Part 1]

Section 1 The Providence of the Substantial Holy Spirit

The Divine Principle explains in the section of Christology titled, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and Their Mission to Give Rebirth":

However, a father alone cannot give birth. There must be a True Mother, as well as a True Father, for fallen children to be reborn as good children. The Holy Spirit came as the True Mother. This is why Jesus told Nicodemus that no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born anew through the Holy Spirit (John3:5).

There are many who have received the revelation that the Holy Spirit is feminine. This is because the Holy Spirit comes as the True Mother or second Eve. Since the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of divinity, without first receiving her we cannot go before Jesus as his brides. Being feminine, the Holy Spirit consoles and moves the hearts of people. She cleanses people's sin, thereby atoning for the sin which Eve committed.

The miracles of healing Jesus accomplished through angels two thousand years ago in the New Testament Age are taking place in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center in the Completed Testament Age through the work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim representing True Parents. Hence, the miraculous events in Chung Pyung serve as living evidence for the work of the substantial Holy Spirit.

The True Parents remove our original sin through the Blessing, and expunge our collective sins and hereditary sins by separating the spirits from our bodies and liberating our ancestors through the Chung Pyung providence. Hence, we members simply have to take care of our individual sins. As the Divine Principle says that human responsibility is 5 percent, our members simply have to come to the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, repent for their individual sins, and make a firm resolve to embark on a new life as true children. The 95% responsibility will be handled by the True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim. This is why the True Parents rejoiced, saying that this work of the substantial Holy Spirit far surpasses that in the time of Jesus. What a blessing this is! The mere fact that we can experience the marvelous providence of the substantial Holy Spirit in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center is sure to be our pride before the eternal history. The patriots and saints throughout history have longed for this day, and yet in our case, if we simply join, by faith alone and through none of our own merits, the work of the substantial Holy Spirit and experience it, we can become people of eternal pride by inheriting the True Parents' spiritual foundation and live a blessed life of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

In Luke 2, there is a story that when Mary and Joseph finished the circumcision of the child Jesus and went to the temple, Simeon and Anna welcomed them. Simeon appreciated the mere fact of seeing the Messiah so much that he said that he would not have any regrets even if he died at the moment. Anna, who had lived a holy life in the temple through fasting and prayer until the age of eighty-four, also rejoiced having seen the baby and told other people about it. Although Simeon and Anna had not witnessed Jesus' miracles, they took it the highest honor of their life to have seen the child Jesus.

Then how much more honored are our members, who are able to participate in the life of the Messiah at the Second Advent through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, experience the work of the substantial Holy Spirit through Chung Pyung, and even enter the Palace of Heavenly Presence? Let us not commit the mistake of failing to see even with eyes and failing to hear even with ears, eternally accusing ourselves and wailing and beating our chests. We should realize that to those who have eyes to see the miracle of the Completed Testament Age and ears to hear the last word to the human beings, the incredible blessing prepared by the Heaven and glorious life will be granted through Chung Pyung.

Section 2 Preparations for the Chung Pyung Providence

1. Heung Jin Nim

1) Life and Seung Hwa (Ascension to the Spiritual World)

Heung un Nim was born on December 4, 1966 (October 23 by the lunar calendar). When he was going to the Kyung Bok Elementary School after finishing the Kyung Bok Kindergarten, he moved with the family to the United States on December 23, 1973. At that time, the True Parents were leading the providence of restoration in full force centering on America. After graduating from the Hackley Middle School, he went to the Irvington High School, when he had a fatal car accident on December 22, 1983. At that time the True Parents were leading the Kwang Ju rally, which was the final stop of the Victory over Communism campaign through eight cities of Korea for the sake of saving Korea. The campaign rallies sought to arm the entire people of Korea with the theory of V.O.C. based on the Completed Testament in order to protect South Korea against the ambition of North Korea's Kim Ii Sung, and they had been making great success throughout the nation. They were not simple gatherings but fierce fight against the Satan. When the situation had matured in such a way that after the Kwang Ju rally, Korea could escape the danger of the moment, the Satan took away Heung Jin Nim, a child of the True Parents, as a sacrifice.

Even after hearing about Heung Jin Nim's critical condition, the True Parents headed for America only after finishing according to the schedule the general assembly of national chapter leaders sponsored by the International Federation for Victory over Communism on December 26 and 27. Notwithstanding the utmost concern and care of the True Parents, his brothers and sisters, and our members, Heung Jin Nm finally had Seung Hwa on January 2, 1984 in the Saint Francisco Hospital of New York.

True Father did not shed tears over the death of his beloved son. Heung Jin Nim took the full impact of the accident by steering the car in such a way as to protect the friends riding together. For this reason, True Parents declared the Day of Victory of Love on the occasion of his Seung Hwa. True Father could not shed tears because he had to install Heung Jin Nim as the leader of the spiritual world to restore the spiritual world. True Father asked True Mother as well never to shed tears. Instead of the True Parents, the Satan claimed as sacrifice Heung un Nim, who was a part of the True Parents' body. Unfortunately, righteous people have been subject to sacrifice in the course of development of the providence of restoration, and this was enacted again in the family of the True Parents.

The Seung Hwa ceremony was conducted in the Little Angels Performance Hall at nine o' clock on January 8, 1984. The members who gathered from around the world burst into tears and took into their hearts the meaning of the Heung Jin Nim's Seung Hwa. Heung Jin Nim was 190 centimeters tall, and had a big physique. He was good at sports and had a talent of genius in painting. Always with a heart of a dutiful son, he always worried about the True Parents' safety during their fight in the forefront of struggle against communism at that time. Since he had the heart of dutiful son and faithful retainer and even professed willingness to offer his own life in place of the True Parents, they had great expectation and love for Heung Jin Nim.

Now as the supreme commander of the spiritual world and representing the True Parents, Heung Jin Nim is educating the spirits that have been separated in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center in order to purify them of their sins. As the elder brother, he is giving through Chung Pyung boundless love and grace to all the spirits so that they can be reborn into absolutely good spirits.

2) Education of Spirits

The countless spirits who failed to grow on earth because of their ignorance of the Divine Principle and failed to go to the spiritual world after death because of their grudges are adhering to human bodies like ant eggs, and they become separated when we sing holy songs and enter the time of separation of spirits with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center. About this, a participant testified, "There were so many spirits on my body, and so they departed not one by one but like a sea of clouds." This attests that huge number of spirits are living inside our body. Dae Mo Nim gave the following explanation in order to help us understand how many spirits are inhabiting in our body:

You are unable to see your own body, but if your spiritual eyes are opened to see your body, you will be able to see a myriad of spirits in unimaginable numbers piled up like sands. Hence, when you sing the holy song Grace of Holy Garden in the clapping session, I see angels being mobilized to separate the spirits from your bodies just as dredges are scooping out sands from the river bank.

Although we cannot see the spirits because our spiritual eyes are closed, countless spirits become separated in Chung Pyung and sent to the Heung Jin Nm's workshop center in the spiritual world. Evil spirits and vengeful spirits like dark clouds go there and become reborn as bright and pure spirits. Hence, it is impossible to go to the Kingdom of Heaven in the heaven without going through the process of separating spirits in Chung Pyung. If the Blessing of the True Parents is the first gate towards the Kingdom of Heaven, the separation of spirits in Chung Pyung is the second gate towards it. The True Parents are eager to quickly turn all humanity into blessed families and change them into people of the Kingdom of Heaven through the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center.

The spirits thus separated in Chung Pyung through the work of Dae Mo Nim go to Heung Jin Nim' workshop center in the spiritual world for education. Heung un Nim educates them by having them clearly see their changes towards goodness during the education, and they become absolutely good spirits by relentlessly struggling to wash off their iniquities with the hope that they can approach the Kingdom of Heaven as much as they change.

2. Chung Mo Nim

1) Life as a Mother

The mother of True Father! Just as Catholics admire and worship Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the Holy Mother, so will all humanity in the future admire and praise Kyung Kye Kim, the mother of True Father, for having given birth as a woman to the Messiah, the son of God to save all humanity and spirits. She has received the title "Chung (loyalty) Mo (mother)" from True Father.

Chung Mo Nim was born in a place called Dang San in Dae Sung Ri, Deok Un Myeon, Cheong Ju Goon, Pyung An Buk Do, ten kilometers away from Sang Sa Ri, True Father's hometown. Chung Mo Nm came from the family of Yonan Kim, known for great patriotism. In the old time, when the king fell sick, an ancestor of Chung Mo Nim promptly offered him medicine. Through the medicine the king became better and came outside early in the morning, when he saw a minister boiling a medicine, turning white with morning frost. Moved by the sight, saying that this devoted service had healed him, the king took off his gold wristlets and gave them to him.

In conceiving True Father, Chung Mo Nim had an auspicious dream: she dreamed that two giant and white dragons rose up to the heaven from her skirts, after which she conceived True Father and delivered him on January 6, 1920. There is a story that shows that the creation knew in advance and congratulated the birth of the son of God: a sacred ibis, which is a kind of mandarin duck, came to the mountain and chirped joyfully for three years, and a golden rooster came by the tree and cried joyfully every morning. This stopped after the outbreak of the Three-One Independence Demonstration. The creatures knew about the birth of the .Messiah in advance and congratulated it. Having a son in such an atmosphere, Chung Mo Nim had great expectations about True Father and was certain that he would make wondrous accomplishments in the future.

All mothers love their children, but Chung Mo Nim's love for True Father was very special. For instance, a ship called Gonrin Maru, launched on April 12, 1943, departed the port of Shimono Seki for Pusan at 10:05 pm on October 4 of the same year and floundered at the dawn of the next day. At that time True Father had graduated from the Waseda Engineering School, an affiliate of the Waseda University, in the Department of Electric Engineering (April 1, 1941 -- September 30, 1943) and was supposed to return home on that ship. Although he had not actually got on the ship because of some ominous feelings, a telegraph to the effect that he would arrive on that ship had been delivered to his home.

When Chung Mo Nim heard about the ship wreck, she immediately ran five kilometers to the Cheong Ju Eup without even having time to put on proper clothes, and then headed directly for the Susan police station in Pusan. At the news of possible death of his son, she was running barefooted, unaware of thorns stuck into her feet; the single-minded urge to find a clear fact about her son's life made her forget all physical pains. Only when Chung Mo Nim saw his son returning alive two weeks or so after the incident, did she start feeling the pains, by which time the wounds had been already festered and burst.

True Father had a younger brother called Yong Kwan Moon, who died at the age of seven. When he was roaming in the twilight of death, Chung Mo Nim tasted his feces in order to check his condition, with an understanding that a sweet taste meant no hope of recovery, and bitter taste possibility of rejuvenation. Such practices of love serve as a standard of parental love.

When True Father was in the prison, Chung Mo Nim visited him every month with grain powder and clothes, never minding the cold weather, far distance, and inconvenient transportation. Although she protested and felt bitter when True Father shared with other inmates what she had toiled to bring, she always turned around and brought those things to True Father again.

Chung Mo Nim did her utmost to True Father with a firm belief that although he was in prison at the moment, he would some day become a giant figure. She did not complain when True Father sometimes scolded her, who had traveled such a long distance to see him, saying, "I am not a son of an ordinary woman. If you want to shed tears, thinking that I came here for some kind of wrongdoing, please do not come back." How painful in heart Chung Mo Nm must have been to see her beloved son suffer! But listening to such an admonishment of True Father rather strengthened her confidence in him. This constituted the success of the mother-son cooperation, which is crucial in the providence of restoration.

True Father treated Chung Mo Nim cold because he had a mission to restore the cosmos to God, and knew that the Satan tested him through the closest family members in order to thwart the mission. He was to restore the cosmos even if he had to offer his family as a sacrifice; hence, he never prayed for the sake of his own father or mother. True Father's parents were killed by the communists because of their son, and he did not know about their fate until they came to him spiritually to tell him about it. This is not because he did not care about his own parents but because he was under the tough situation where he had to offer his family members as a sacrifice for the sake of restoring the cosmos.

Chung Mo Nim educated True Father from his childhood, saying, "Although you may not have to serve me as a good son, save the country, and serve the world," and "Evil people are bound to perish, whereas persisting in the places of persecution and difficulty will lead you to enduring blessing."

 2) Chung Mo Nim's Role in the Spiritual World

True Father gave a title "Chung Mo to his mother in 1996. After receiving this title and Blessing from True Parents, she is staying in a noble place of the spiritual world as the one who bore and raised True Father.

In this noble position, Chung Mo Nim is studying the Divine Principle in order to help True Parents and learning the code of living in the spiritual world. On the one hand, she makes regrets by saying, "When I was on earth, although I bore and raised the True Father, who is the king of kings and Messiah at the Second Advent, I was unable to serve him with utmost devotion because I did not know his heavenly value" On the other hand, however, she is now piling up intense spiritual conditions for the sake of True Parents' health during their hard work for the restoration of the cosmos just as she used to pray earnestly while on earth.

After True Parents gave her a mission on November 16, 1996 in Uruguay to help connect all the children of the Unification Church and the Christianity, she is making spiritual conditions for the earthly cooperation of the Christian spiritual world and for the progress of the Chung Pyung providence led by Heung un Nim and Dae Mo Nim.

Moreover, she is praying hard that True Parents succeed in realizing the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven in the age of the fourth Adam. Chung Mo Nim will be an eternally shining example in history as a mother who truly loved her children, great educator, and mother of the returning Messiah who brought success to the mother-son cooperation and the providence of restoration.

3. Dae Mo Nim

1) Times Before Meeting True Father

In the history of the Unification Church (Family Federation for World Peace and Unity) Dae Mo Nim lived quietly, and yet is now storming in the atmosphere of the last days as a an outstanding heroine. Her life was devoted wholly to the prayer for the sake of meeting the Messiah, and after the holy wedding of the True Parents, she became more humble and continued a life of prayer for the sake of the family of the True Parents and blessed families. The phrase the True Parents gave her in a calligraphic writing, "Chung Shim Bong Cheon," which means serving the heaven with a loyal heart," very aptly describe her life.

Dae Mo Nim was born in Cheong Ju, Pyung An Buk Do on February 22, 1914 as the eldest daughter of the one son and one daughter born between the father Yu Ii Hong and mother Won Mo Cho. She was named Soon Ae Hong. Although she was born in Cheong Ju, she lived mostly in Anju. Following God's revelation, she married Seung Hun Ha on March 5, 1934, and bore True Mother at 4:30 am on January 6, 1943. When she was about to fall into sleep with True Mother in her arms after eating the first see weed soup, the Satan appeared and attempted to kill True Mother, whereupon Dae Mo Nim thundered him away. Dae Mo Nim thought that it was quite queer. After a month or so, she had a revelation in the dream, which said, "Soon Ae, you must have been worried for the baby, right? But do not worry. She is a daughter of the Messiah, and you are like her nanny. Feed her well with milk and raise her well." For six years after this, she had to fight against the Satan, who were trying to kill True Mother.

The strict providence of God to raise up a sacred lineage from the Satanic lineage brought about three generations of only daughter until the birth of True Mother, that is, True Mother, Dae Mo Nim, and the grandmother Won Mo Cho were all only daughters. Since the grandmother Cho and Dae Mo Nim were both devoted to Christianity and busy serving the church, it must have been challenging for them to take good care of True Mother. About this True Father said that True Mother had been under distress over three generations.

The grandmother Cho bore Dae Mo Nim after she joined the church, and this was why she named her Soon Ae Hong. Until she was nineteen, Dae Mo Nim grew up in Presbyterian faith. Then, in a three-day revival led by the minister Yong Do Lee, who had been touring the country, spreading great fire of revival, she received incredible fire of the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, when Kuk Ju Hwang's great spiritual work fascinated her, she traveled from Anju to Shin Eui Ju. The minister Lee and Kuk Ju Hwang were being persecuted by the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches at that time.

Even amid the persecutions from established churches, she went anywhere she heard the new truth had appeared. This is how her training started for accepting and absolutely obeying the Completed Testament. When they became rejected by established churches, the followers of the minister Lee and Kuk Ju Hwang formed "New Jesus Church" by themselves. The members of this church repented and wailed day and night, and lived in overflowing joy of living with the Messiah. After three years of such a life, however, when they still saw no changes in relation to the coming of the Messiah, they reverted to the ways of the established churches. But Dae Mo Nim did not take that as the end; firmly believing the existence of the new truth, she constantly prayed and pondered about finding it.

One day, she heard the voice of the Lord calling her name. The voice instructed her to continue her life of faith in the Seong Ju Church, which was being led by a grandmother called "New Lord," whereupon she immediately left for Cheol San. This was a switch from the New Jesus Church to the Seong Ju Church in her search for the truth. Dae Mo Nim learned in the Seong Ju Church that human fall occurred through fornication and that the death of Jesus on the cross was an error.

Toward the time of Korean liberation from Japan, Dae Mo Nim was deeply involved with the Inside Belly Church led by Ho Bin Ho, from whom she learned that the returning Christ would come as a man. Dae Mo Nim prepared clothes for the Messiah with great piety. Since he was going to come as a Korean, she made the clothes only out of the silk and cotton produced in Korea. After purchasing a silk fabric, she washed it twelve times and smoothed it by pounding twelve rounds. She cut the cloth according to the sizes instructed by the Heaven. With utmost devotion and spiritual assistance, she prepared clothes for the entire life span of the Messiah, which filled up the chest. Sometimes, she would be instructed to prepare a banquet table. She set up a table with rice cakes made out of the rice washed twelve times and grounded at home and bowed down before the table. Dae Mo Nim joined the three-year preparation of the believers under the leadership of Ho Bin Ho for the sake of receiving the Messiah. This is when she learned how to live a life of faith in absolute obedience to the returning Messiah.

While she continued to make such spiritual endeavors, the Messiah appeared often in her dreams and gave her revelation, and only later did she realize that this was the True Parents. After making such toilsome efforts, members of the Inside Belly Church had a chance to meet the True Parents in the prison, and yet this chance was blown away because of their ignorance. This became a tragic instance in which ignorance of the heavenly providence blinded people s eyes to the Lord even when he was near, nullifying all the spiritual merits hitherto accumulated and precipitating great calamity. All the clothes they had made were confiscated by the communists; the clothes of the Messiah were taken away by the Satan. This teaches us the pain of the indemnity to be paid for failing to fulfill our responsibility. To the Satan, who was trying by all means to prevent the Messiah from being known to the world, they lost the holy objects, which were the fruit of all their pious work.

Wherever she went, she supplicated God to lead her to the Messiah. While making single-minded spiritual efforts to find the Messiah, she finally had a chance to meet him in Seoul. True Father's attitude towards her was cold, however; he treated her with disregard and did not even look at her. For those who are to receive great blessing have to suffer by the corresponding degree. When Dae Mo Nim prayed in frustration and dismay, God consoled her saying, "Go over this hill by all means; otherwise, you will end up being a Judas Iscariot."

After a week of maltreatment, after the end of the Sunday service, True Father finally looked at Dae Mo Nim face to face. He asked, "Who is the child beside you?" and she answered, "She is my daughter." Then, with his eyes closed, True Father repeated three times the remark, "Han Hak Ja is born in Korea," after which he said to her, "Han Hak Ja, you should sacrifice yourself in the future." This was an event in which Dae Mo Nim's daughter (True Mother) was recognized by True Father as a woman to play the role of True Mother.

Eager to make her daughter the best member of the Unification Church, Dae Mo Nim lived a diligent life of faith. She raised True Mother with a wish that she could grow up without turning her eyes to the worldly things and only as a pure daughter of Heaven. Dae Mo Nim never thought that her daughter would be the True Mother because she thought that thinking such a thing would not be tolerated by the Heaven. She only wished her daughter to be a precious and pure daughter living only for the sake of God's Will and an ardent follower of the returning Christ. With such a heart, Dae Mo Nim raised True Mother.

2) After the True Parents' Holy Wedding

When her daughter became the spouse of True Father, that is, True Mother, Dae Mo Nim became even more humble and maintained the attitude of absolute faith. True Father treated her cold for the sake of the completion of the providence of restoration although she was his own mother-in-law. For instance, he ordered her to use the backdoor when entering or leaving the church and sternly forbade her to use the front door for three years. Moreover, she could come in only with True Father's approval. True Mother and Dae Mo Nim lived in other people' .s house for three years. From the humanistic standpoint, they were mistreated beyond reason, but even amid such a distress Dae Mo Nim persisted in absolute faith and prayer, maintaining the attitude of obedience and gratitude towards True Father. The cold gaze and disregard of True Father, which began from their first encounter in Seoul, continued even after the holy wedding of True Parents. No members could understand her painful situation at that time.

True Father put Dae Mo Nim to narrow straits because the Principle decreed that she start from the lowest position and it was the period for her to develop the attitude of absolute obedience to True Father. Both True Mother and Dae Mo Nim walked such course of adversity even after the holy wedding. This ended on October 4, 1976 upon the declaration of the Day of Victory of Heaven; only seventeen years after the wedding, did True Father's attitude change towards True Mother and Dae Mo Nim. Until then, True Father had been only austere, but after the declaration of the Day of Victory of Heaven, True Mother and Dae Mo Nim became liberated. This meant that since True Father was liberated now, and the Satan could not accuse him any more, he could begin treating Dae Mo Nim and True Mother warmly.

Until True Father went over the year 1976 with worldwide victory, a time when the persecution reached its peak, even True Mother could not treat Dae Mo Nim as her mother. She was very cold because the Principle required that family members or relatives not be treated warmly. After the declaration of the Day of Victory of Heaven, however, True Father's attitude toward True Mother and Dae Mo Nim turned soft.

After she went to America on December 23, 1973 until she returned to Korea on September 17, 1979, she only stayed in East Garden and led a life of prayer that was serious like a bloody battle just for the safety and well-being of the True Parents and True Family and for the victory of God's Will. Upon such a spiritual foundation, Dae Mo Nim received the Blessing of the tribe on December 21, 1976 after entering the Day of Victory of Heaven.

3) Heavenly Father, Please Take Me

From ten years before her Seung Hwa, Dae Mo Nim continued a serious life of prayer With tears she asked God why the blessed families, who were standing on the foundation of the True Parents'suffering and thus must be living as blessed examples before the world, were failing to do so. After ten years of such prayer, God answered her that the reason for their failure was the interference of the spirits living inside their bodies like ant eggs and that in order to separate these spirits one needed to be a spirit without the body. After this understanding, Dae Mo Nim begged God, saying, "Heavenly Father, please take me. If you take me to your bosom and teach me the method, I will diligently carry out whatever it may be." Her position as the mother of True Mother, whose mission is to save the humanity and spirits, further motivated Dae Mo Nim to search for the method of separating spirits. She was willing to offer her own life in order to accomplish this.

Dae Mo Nim's zealous prayer for the sake of building the Kingdom of Heaven was matched by True Father's prayer for a member to appear who could handle the task of separation of spirits. Finally True Father said to her, "You will have to go to the spiritual world quickly and undertake this work," and Dae Mo Nim accepted this plea of True Father without hesitation. On November 3, 1989, she had Seung Hwa at the age of seventy-five. Without living through the heavenly-destined age, and giving up the desire to love the grandchildren longer, Dae Mo Nim willingly took the path of sacrificing herself for the sake of the providence of restoration.

About Dae Mo Nim, True Father said, "Her accomplishment can never be forgotten among the works of all mothers. Since she is a representative mother, who took care of the True Children with utmost sincerity and supported the family of the True Parents with single-minded devotion until the moment of Seung Hwa, I endow her with the name, "Dae (great) Mo (mother)."

This providential meaning behind Dae Mo Nim' Seung Hwa came to be known when True Father explained it at the memorial ceremony for the Day of Victory of Love on January 4, 1996. On November 7, 1994, the fifth anniversary of her Seung Hwa, the True Parents gave a direction for the establishment of the Dae Mo Nim's memorial hall. On August 24, 1995, while giving a direction to bring the families of Chung Mo Nim and Dae Hyung Nim in the memorial halt, and while giving a spiritual Blessing to Dae Mo Nim and her husband Seung Hun Han, True Father named the hall as the Hall of Loyalty and Love.

4) Prayer of the True Parents

True Parents said, "I have given this name because this grandmother fulfilled her responsibility in this transition period and acquired the qualification of the great mother whom everyone should serve with loyal heart," and gave a calligraphic phrase stating, "Chung Shim Bong Shin," meaning "offering the body with loyal heart".

Today, in this place, you should inherit her heart of unchanging dedication and establish the tradition of serving God before your descendants and families in the same way. This grandmother lived for the sake of serving God. Now there is no more opposition. In receiving God into your families, you should even more intensely follow the way of unwavering loyalty. Today s calligraphic phrase is "Chung Shim (loyal heart)" and what else? "Bong Shin (offering the body)." Offering the body. If you live like this grandmother, becoming a living sacrifice with unwavering loyalty, you will receive God's blessing without any persecution.

The prayer True Father offered in the Ceremony of Return at 9:40 am on November 6, 1989 alluded to the role to be played by Dae Mo Nim in the future:

As the True Parents appoint her as the medium positioned between the earth and heaven to connect the humanity to the Heaven, ...please grant her the responsibility to work as a medium in paving the path from the bottom of hell in the heaven invaded by the Satan to the heavenly world. ...please guide her to strengthen the order in the spiritual world.

True Father's prayer in the Won Jeon ceremony at the Paju Won Jeon on November 6, 1989 also mentioned the role of Dae Mo Nim:

I understand that she is departing the earth in order to undertake a task for fulfilling Your Will as a proud daughter of Yours. ... She earned our praise and became our pride by her hard work for all people and by walking the path of sacrifice until the end of her life with Your loving heart and in order to save the miserable humanity; hence, now please have regard for her in her journey. ... All the spirits who followed the Unification Church on earth, Jesus united with Heung Jin, and a myriad of people of faith centered on the four saints! Welcome this day and welcome her, and lead her to the place of hope; Heavenly Father, please bless us to inherit her loyal and filial heart in serving the Heaven. I eagerly implore you for this.

In 1994, in the memorial service for the fifth anniversary, True Parents gave the calligraphic phrase, "offering the body with loyal heart," which shows clearly that until the moment of Seung Hwa, Dae Mo Nim had lived as a representative woman and mother by serving the family of the True Parents with unwavering dedication. In this occasion, the True Parents explained the direction in which the Unification Church would develop under the guidance of Dae Mo Nim.

5) Spiritual Conditions in the Spiritual World and Return to Earth

People commonly think that in the spiritual world everything is over and one can only rest. Dae Mo Nim, however, could not rest a bit in the spiritual world. As in the time on earth, for three years after her Seung Hwa she exerted herself unceasingly in order to investigate into all the important matters such as the world of Satan and evil spirits and reasons for the failures of Adam s family, Noah's family, Abraham, Moses, and disciples of Jesus and to discover the secrets of the heavenly law.

Although Dae Mo Nim ascended to the spiritual world with a mission from the True Parents to initiate the Chung Pyung providence of today, he did not teach her everything needed for the task. Hence, she had to find all the secrets through relentless endeavors; otherwise, the Satan could have found out about it before and accuse her. We heard that only when she toiled to the extent of surpassing the Satan's level, did God reveal the secrets of the spiritual world one by one.

Although Dae Mo Nim may do a spiritual work on earth, we cannot comprehend it as our spiritual senses are paralyzed through the fall; hence, someone had to be installed among the earthly people who could channel her, and this is why Elder Hyo Nam Kim was chosen. It is by no means easy, however, for a spirit and an earthly person to work together as one, for no matter how much Dae Mo Nim wants to work, her zeal cannot be carried through unless there is a heartistic unity between them. In other words, Elder Kim as her earthly agent had to find all the secrets that Dae Mo Nim had unearthed through her toil of three years.

For this reason, for three years from 1992 to 1994 Dae Mo Nim and Elder Kim became one and exerted themselves to the utmost. They worked together through forty-day vigils and cold showers and in establishing the conditions for the restoration of the Lucifer and Adam's family and conditions for finding the five trees and the Water of Life, during which time not a single day went by without their shedding tears. On the foundation of their victorious endeavor, Dae Mo Nim's providence of the Holy Spirit could be launched in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center on Jaunary 19, 1995. 

4. The Providence of the Substantial Holy Spirit and Testimony of Elder Hyo Nam Kim

A testimony of Elder Hyo Nam Kim is introduced here in order to aid the readers understanding of the Chung Pyung providence. (Elder Kim gave this testimony at the request of Dae Mo Nim in the 300th workshop on November 27, 1998.)

Today, before I speak, I (Dae Mo Nim) would like to ask Elder Hyo Nam Kim to share her testimony, who is working hard without complaining having to loan her body to me.

Brothers and sisters, when I came to serve Dae Mo Nim for the first time, I was very much conscious of my surroundings and worried that others might despise me as a strange woman or woman serving a spirit. On the other hand, as I was so honored and dismayed that Dae Mo Nim gave me the great mission when I was so unqualified and ignorant, I strove to make all the conditions that I could with a human body.

As the physical mother of True Mother, Dae Mo Nim desires to forgive any of our sins and love us. I know fully well that in her heart she wants to establish any conditions and extricate all of us from the bondage of sin.

When she was on earth, Dae Mo Nim lived a life of prayer for the family of the True Parents and blessed families. She agonized over the tribulations of blessed families, and offered tearful prayer and spiritual conditions. Even after going to the spiritual world, for three years from 1989 to 1991 she made conditions without resting even a day because she had to see God, look around the whole of the spiritual world, and order the countless spirits inside our members' bodies and all the evil consequences of Adam and Eve's fall. After completing this procedure, she returned to the earth and found me in 1992.

When Dae Mo Nim first came to me, I declined her request several times because I hated being a spiritual woman and furthermore I was not qualified. As I think about this time now, I would like to apologize deeply to Dae Mo Nim here.

When I was resisting like this, Heung Jin Nim called me to the spiritual world, and I went there with Dae Mo Nim. When I was going to the spiritual world, I realized that this was the death- I did not go there in some kind of unconscious state, but my spirit was totally separated from my body and went up to the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world, with Heung Jin Nim's guidance I looked around the entire spiritual world including the Kingdom of Heaven where blessed families could stay, many other levels of the spiritual world, and even the hell. I think this experience has been a great help for me to carry out the Chung Pyung providence, for without having looked around the entire spiritual world including heaven and hell, I would have been unable to invest a full 100 percent to the Dae Mo Nim's work. Although I had declined Dae Mo Nim's request on earth, my close experience of the hell convinced me that Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim's work was an important and indispensable providence.

Through the Divine Principle we have learned that God is suffering in grief. As a grandfather and father, God was crying so bitterly, saying, Do you know how much I suffer in the heart to see the spirits entrenched in the bodies of the families I blessed? I want to touch them, love them, live with them, and give them everything they ask for, and yet I cannot go to them. Can you understand my agony and my heart? Do you know how good it is to have a physical body?" This made me feel intensely sorry for having refused to work with Dae Mo Nim.

So I exclaimed, "Heavenly Father, I will do it." Excited with joy, Dae Mo Nim hugged me tight, rubbed me cheek to cheek in tears, and tumbled over; she was being driven by the joy of being able to take care of our blessed families' problems. Then, God said, "OK, you two, please do this as one body."

After this, I met Noah, and he said, "In doing the work, don'T ever think that you are the one who is doing it. From today, think that Hyo Nam Kim is dead. Think that everything is done by God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim, and your name does not exist. He said that after he had completed the ark in 120 years, he forgot that he had built it through God s guidance coming through sound and light, whereupon the Satan came. Since I learned this, I have been working while thinking of myself as dead, and I will do the same in the future.

When I first stood at the podium to speak, Dae Mo Nim stood on the right of the podium, and I stood on the left. So when she spoke, I followed her and transmitted her like a simultaneous interpreter. At some point, however, Dae Mo Nim came into my body and spoke. It was very difficult for me first time she came into me, but now I feel very free to the extent of not even being aware of her presence.

God said to me, "I have seen many people who failed, and yet I trust you. But I will have to test you to see whether you are up to the task," and told me to do a forty-day vigil. This did not mean a normal vigil, in which you stay awake from midnight till four in the morning, but staying up for the whole day for forty days, not sleeping even for a minute or second.

When I finished the forty-day prayer vigil as God had directed me, this time the Satan came along to test me, and told me to do a cold shower. His challenge was for me to get into a big water container filled with ice naked and completely melt the ice with my body heat. I punched a hole in the ice for the body to enter and entered the container, and Dae Mo Nim entered it together with me. Inside the container, I felt as if I was being cut by razor blades. I was so painful that I wanted to jump out. but how could I do so after having witnessed God's tears and spirits inside the blessed families' bodies? I endured with grave determination until the end. When I saw my skin later after I had come out of the icy water, my skin was red and swollen up, and then it turned gray. Now, my skin is not normal. So even in the hot summer, I cannot turn on the air conditioner.

One day, after the test was over, Dae Mo Nim asked me to go up to Cheon Seung Dae. It was a dark and stormy night, and I was so scared. On the way to Cheon Seung Dae, she opened my spiritual eyes, and I could see many spirits; it was very terrifying. I think my fear was more intense because at that time I had been with Dae Mo Nim only for a short time.

And Dae Mo Nim directed me to visit many mountains and pray. She even took me to a shaman s exorcism ritual at night in order to show me what happens to the spirits after such a ritual-where they go and what they do before they come back-and to teach me about the spiritual world and spiritual work in more detail.

I also bowed ten thousand times. I think this was especially tough because I was fasting at the same time. I was OK at the beginning, but after a while I lost strength, became wet with sweat, and had pain in the arms and knees. But since I absolutely had to find the five trees and the Water of Life, I made that ten-thousand-bow condition a few times.

Brothers and sisters! We should elegantly build the Palace of Heavenly Presence so that it becomes True Parents pride before all people. So we do not misuse even a penny of your donations carelessly. Since I have been to the spiritual world with Dae Mo Nim, I know how fearful it is to misuse public money. I have to go to the Heavenly Kingdom myself, right? Do you think just because I am working with Dae Mo Nim, my heavenly ticket is reserved? No. I will go to the Heavenly Kingdom only when I fulfil 100 percent of my responsibility. So I manage your donations strictly in the public manner.

I am training and cultivating myself incessantly in Chung Pyung. Of course, sometimes I want to take a rest, but I refuse to rest because I know that our members can be reborn only when the spirits are separated from their bodies.

I saw a magnificent palace in the spiritual world and met True Parents there in real person. True Parents are eternal beings who move between the spiritual world and physical world. True Parents came to earth in person, conveying us God's Will and love through numerous words and imparting eternal life through Blessing. So we cannot always remain immature children; rather, we should be mature and dutiful Sons and daughters to serve the parents.

While being with Dae Mo Nim, I always try to keep myself clean. For instance, after leading the songs, I get wet with sweat, and then I think about how unpleasant Dae Mo Nim would feel inside me if I keep wearing the wet clothes. This way, I live with great care.

Likewise, we should all serve True Parents piously. We should keep our mind and body clean so that they can come to us any time. Only then, would God and True Parents want to stay with us all the time. We should be proud for having received true love, true life, and true lineage, and live with gratitude.

The Chung Pyung providence will open an amazing time. Brothers and sisters, how great this is! How great it is to have such a place! In order to create such a place, True Parents have prepared this place as a gate to the spiritual world by making blood-shedding and bone-cutting spiritual efforts. On this basis, as a result of Heung un Nim, Chung Mo Nim, and Dae Mo Nim's leading this providence with utmost devotion, we have now had the 300th workshop.

There have been many challenges before having the 300th workshop, of course, including the Satan's meddling. Now that we have had the 300th workshop, and as good spirits and angels have increased greatly in number, the Chung Pyung providence will develop more rapidly. We owe all this to True Parents grace, who have consecrated the land of Chung Pyung, which had been a desolate land, and transformed it into a restored and perfected Garden of Eden. Hence, with deep gratitude to God and True Parents, we should create an environment that can induce the eternal prosperity for our descendent. I sincerely implore you to be reborn as dutiful sons and daughters and be representatives of True Parents. Thank you.

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