The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

 Chapter 1 The Historic Holy Ground of Chung Pyung

Section 1. The Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, Birthplace of New History

1. The Location and Geographic Conditions of the Land of Chung Pyung

The place most remembered among those that are associated with the memories of Jesus Christ, who opened the New Testament Age, is the Sea of Galilee. Although it is called a sea, it is actually a lake in a long curved shape like a harp. The sea is famous for having great scenery and fertile land around it, and provides ample fish for rich human living. Perhaps for this reason, Jesus spent most of his public life near the Sea of Galilee, and the famous speeches of the gospels such as the Sermon on the Mount, Lordís Prayer, and Golden Rule (Matt. 5~7) were all given on a hill by the Sea of Galilee. Whereas Jerusalem reminds us of the cross of Jesus, the Sea of Galilee is reminiscent of his miracles and signs, Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus as a peaceful shepherd.

True Parents are concluding Godís providence of restoration and is leading the work of realizing the Kingdom of Heaven in the new millennium, while opening the Age of the Fourth Adam of the Completed Testament Age on the foundation of the spiritual conditions established in the holy mountain of Chung Pyung, the completion-stage holy ground.

The spiritual works hitherto conducted in Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center on the foundation of True Parentsí spiritual conditions have been highly successful in transforming people from all nations in the form of the original human beings, and the awakening and grace experienced in the recent providence centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have made Chung Pyung even more familiar to the world Unificationists; as a result, Chung Pyung has risen to be a holy place to uphold the last torch of the Completed Testament Age. Whereas the Mount Sinai was the holy ground of the Old Testament Age, and the Sea of Galilee that of the New Testament Age, we can say that their counterpart of the Completed Testament Age is the Chung Pyung Lake, where the Palace of Heavenly Presence has been completed and dedicated as a dwelling and resting place of God and True Parents.

The Chung Pyung Lake is calm, and yet in windy days it creates rough waves and a grand scene like a sea. When white cranes sometimes come and fly around the Seon In Hill, it seems to show us the original peace and beauty of the Garden of Eden. When seen from Cheon Seung Dae, the top of the Seon In Hill is magnificently surrounded with peaceful sea of clouds. Hence, when we arrive at the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, the flowers blossoming according to the season and beauty of the hills and water cleanse us of the dirt of the world and arouse the original heart in us.

The Chung Pyung Lake is located at 37.5í north latitude and in the middle between the east and west coasts of South Korea. The river from Hwa Chon, Kang Won Do converges at Chun Chon with the river from the So Yang Lake, forming the Pukan River, which is the upper stream of the Han River, and the Chung Pyung Lake is located in the middle of the Pukan River where it merges with the Hong Chon River. When you look at the Chung Pyung Lake from Cheon Seung Dae, the stream coming from the right makes a quite circle in front of the training center and flows on to the left, forming a lake with a diameter of about six kilometers.

When you view the area from Cheon Seung Dae, the peaceful lake opens up your heart fresh, the Cheon Seong Mountain in the back stands like a firm support, and the Seon In Hill in the left of the training center across the lake rises like a reliable guide, forming a warm atmosphere as if in True Parentsí bosom.

Hence, when you pray and separate evil spirits in the Palace of Heavenly Presence, and with a purified spirit go up to the Cheon Seung Dae and look around, you will find yourself in True Parentsí embrace, where you can fully understand the True Parentsí words, "From now on, we will establish a unification culture village where all our brothers and sisters from the world can come and live together." The peaceful Chung Pyung Lake and Cheon Seong Mountain as a giant support seem to have been keeping the mystery deep inside for the sake of todayís glory of the Completed Testament Age. This natural beauty together with the palace will shine light to the whole world.

Chung Pyung! A pure and clean land, and a wide open land of the heart yearned for by all people! This is truly a land with Godís blessing. A land where God and True Parents will dwell in peace, and Godís foundation where He will impart blessing to the lives of all, Chung Pyung will be remembered as the homeland of the heart by all the visitors. 

2. The Chung Pyung Holy Ground

The created world returns symbolic beauty to the Creator God, and thus there is no place in the created world where the divine nature is not manifested. Because of the fall of the human ancestors, the world came into the grip of the Satan, and its original splendor has become concealed. However, after the appearance of the True Parents on earth, the ownership of the world is being transferred to God, the true owner. In 1965, the True Parents toured through forty nations and established holy grounds in 120 places, putting soil from Korea in each place. This signaled the beginning of the process of bringing back the lost heaven and earth to God.

The land of Chung Pyung is the cream of all the lands purchased by the True Parents; in view of its superb natural conditions and the True Parentsí s hard work and spiritual condition invested therein, it is by far the best place for us to live a life of Kingdom of Heaven. Whereas the old headquarter church in Chungpa Dong, Seoul is the formation-stage holy ground, and the Chung Ang Training Center in the Kuri City the growth-stage holy ground, the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center is the completion stage holy ground, representing a restored Garden of Eden. Here, the True Parents made many prayers and opened the gates of the providence.

After Chung Pyung was found through the spiritual efforts of the True Parents, church leaders from Korea sometimes gathered here for a few daysí workshops, which proceeded like a training. On September 30, 1969, there was a gathering to mark the end of the 120-day prayer condition.

The Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center commenced with the construction on July 12, 1971 of the original service hall. The place had served as a holy ground where people came for various workshops or individual prayers until January 19, 1995, when the spiritual workshops as the work of Heung un Nim and Dae Mo Nim made a full start. At the beginning, the workshops were conducted as three-day workshops and once or twice a week; after the forty-day workshops for the national messiahs to be dispatched throughout the world and forty-day workshops for Korean church leaders in 1996, forty-day workshops and two-day workshops have been proceeding at the same time for the Unificationists from all over the world.

Chung Pyung is a place where the True Parents have been making spiritual conditions from the 1960s. After claiming this land from the Satan by taking a torturing pain, the True Parents affirmed that this was a holy place where the final phase of the providence at the close of the history the Unification Church and human history would be carried out.

If the Chungpa Dong is the formation-stage place, the Sutek Ri (Chung Ang Training Center) is the growth-stage place, and the Chung Pyung the completion-stage land. This is why I started preparing this place and making spiritual conditions here since 1969. Although you may not know this, I have been coming here every day, just as I visit Sutek Ri whenever I have time. It takes almost four hours to make a trip to Chung Pyung, but still I came here every day to make a spiritual condition. Here, I prepared a strategy for the battle in the United States, and made a desperate show-down prayer to the Heaven. For this reason, you must understand that this is the most important place. Spiritual people know this clearly even without my explanation. In the future, Chung Pyung will become the headquarter of the world. You should know that this is a clear fact because this is the foundation of my last spiritual condition. (August 5, 1973)

We did not buy the large Chung Pyung land casually; rather, it was purchased through my desperate spiritual conditions. Looking at the dawn stars and evening stars, I prayed and maintained the focus on the one prepared time, and this hit the target right on. (November 8, 1971)

In Chung Pyung, the True Parents fished carps (They have caught one as long as 110 centimeters) and went into a meditation to save the mankind. They made a plan to establish an international training center with a temple to hold ten thousand people, an ideal global city (world culture village), and several educational institutions. He also spoke of the plan to operate motor boats from the Chung Pyung Dam to the training center to invite Christian ministers to the beautiful land of Chung Pyung and inspire them with beautiful memories of being with the second-coming Messiah. According to the plan, when the ideal global city was constructed, a land of 144 hundred pyungs (475,200 m2) would be allotted to each of the 120 nations, and even an airport would be constructed in order that the members could directly arrive from the world. These plans are being realized one by one now in Chung Pyung.

The grandeur of the Palace of Heavenly Presence beheld from the Cheon Seong Mountain, the beauty of the Chung Pyung Lake, flowing serenely like a long patch of silk, the majesty of the Seon In Hill on the left side of the lake, the great mountain range extending in the back of the Cheon Seung Dae, myriad mountains extending far away beyond our sight... When we become totally immersed in these fascinating scenes, we come to have a realistic sense of why the True Parents have been praising this training center so much and why they have a plan to build an international culture village, and will come to thank God for having brought us here. This makes us certain that the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center is really a place of blessing and where we can taste the joy of living in the Garden of Eden.

I had to endure bone-cutting pain in order to find the Divine Principle, and yet again I had to shed blood and tears again in order to find this place, Chung Pyung. After consecrating it this way, I have been eagerly waiting for the one who can undertake the work of separating spirits, a seriousness no one else has understood. I have been unable to express this lest the Satan take over this place and create big obstacles, and no one can fathom how anxious I have been. 

Section 2. Five Trees, Water of Life, and Water of Heaven

1. The Meanings of the Five Trees, Water of Life, and Water of Heaven

The Chung Pyung Holy Ground has five trees, Water of Life, and Water of Heaven, which instill in us true life and hope. The five trees have special meanings and stand out from the other trees of Chung Pyung. They are Tree of Love, Tree of Heart, Tree of All Things, Tree of Loyalty, and Tree of Blessing. These trees surely used to be one of those ordinary trees growing around the training center, and yet have been established as special trees and imbued with meaning for special reason of the Principle.

The establishment of these trees has an important meaning of regaining the important things lost through the fall of Adam and Eve. Through their fall, the humanity have lost true love, Godís heart, dominion over all things, and loyalty to God, and through they lost the Blessing, which is the most important of Godís grace to them, and true life. As a result, they have become unable to return to the Garden of Eden.

The Chung Pyung Holy Ground is a restored Garden of Eden; hence, there we needed to have a means of regaining these precious things, and Godís special grace granted the five trees to help us to regain them.

Between the Palace of Heavenly Presence and the prayer hall, the Tree of Love is standing tall with friendly air. As a willow tree, the Tree of Love embraces the hearts of the people beholding it. With five main branches, this tree is a place where many angels stay when they come to separate evil spirits, and many members see visions while praying by it. Since this tree is standing in the middle of the palace yard, many people come by to the tree and pray with a pledge to be transformed into an embodiment of true love, during which many of them see visions and gain great strength.

When you pass the service hail on the right of the prayer hail and go up the S-shape hill trail for a little while, you are welcomed by the Tree of Heart. As a mulberry tree, the Tree of Heart becomes thick with leaves in the summer, up to six meters in width and height, and impresses you with warmth and friendliness. This tree is a place where you can have many spiritual experiences when you forgive with Godís heart all the people who committed sins and repent for your own sin of violating other peopleís hearts. In 1971, the True Parents said, "Chung Pyung should become a tree of heart that can more than embrace all the nations," and todayís Tree of Heart seems to be echoing this guidance.

When you walk up the stairs on the right of the Tree of Heart, you will come to the Tree of All Things, which is a chestnut tree. A blessing to human beings that is indispensable is material blessing. We cannot live without materials, and they are basic elements of our happiness. Whereas all things were lost through the human fall, the establishment of the Tree of All Things has made it possible that we be guaranteed with affluent living as an ideal of creation. Now is the time when material blessing that is as ample as the nine-meter tall Tree of All Things and happiness that is as delicious as chestnuts are granted to the blessed families. In short, the Tree of All Things is symbolizing the material blessing coming from the Heaven.

To the left of the Tree of All Things, there is the Tree of Loyalty, which is a pine tree. This is a place where we pledge to have unchanging loyalty towards the Heaven as people of faith in the spirit of the pine tree, which does not change its colors throughout the whole year. Before this tree, most of our brothers and sisters pledge with tears to fulfill their duty of loyalty and filial piety towards God and True Parents, and make a firm determination to overcome any temptations of Satan and proceed with an attitude of a martyr for the sake of bringing conclusion to the providence of restoration.

After the Tree of Loyalty, a fairly long walk up the trail starting from the left of the tree takes you to the Cheon Seung Dae, where you can be thoroughly refreshed with a wide open view. The steps and ropes prepared along the path make the climbing easier. At the top of the Cheon Seung Dae, there is the Tree of Blessing, which is a big-cone pine tree. This tree serves as a channel through which God can bring to the blessed families the blessing that He desired to give them. There we can experience the excitement of being embraced in Godís bosom as true children restored to the original image.

Hence, when praying by the five trees, we should reflect on the meaning of each tree, express deep gratitude to God and True Parents, and offer prayer of repentance and progress. Then, the angels and absolutely good spirits at the trees will come and separate the vengeful spirits, after which our problems will be resolved. The Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center has two mysterious streams of water spouting forth as the Water of Life and the Water of Heaven.

The Water of Life flows out through the rocks to the left of the Tree of Heart. Since the beginning of the Chung Pyung spiritual work, the workshop participants have been drinking the Water of Life with a sincere prayer for health on the way down from the prayer at the Tree of Blessing, having many astonishing experiences of grace of healing. Even one cup of the Water of Life have been able to restore health to the body and resurrect spirits.

The Water of Heaven plays a crucial role in separating spirits immersed in sin. Since it comes out in great quantity, members are bringing it home after the workshop for their family members and acquaintances. With the power to heal and cleanse our body, contaminated with the fallen elements for six thousand years, this is a water from the Heaven that can quench the thirsts of the body and thirst for the truth at the same time.

This water was found on the foundation of declaration of the Realm of Cosmic Rest for the Parents of the Heaven and Earth on the 7.8. Day in 1997, and named Cheon Shin Su (Water of Heaven) by the True Parents. The significance of this water is that it has been prepared by God for the purpose of cleansing our body and spirit. The True Parents said that it was a great feat to have found this deeply hidden water and that our members should understand the preciousness of this water.

The Water of Heaven is different from an ordinary water from mineral springs that are supposed to contain minerals. From time immemorial, this water had been mysteriously hidden inside a rock floor 940 meters under the ground, and is now coming up through the entire rock floor.

The Water of Heaven has heavenly significance because it was found on the foundation of the True Parentsí victory over the Satanic world. For this reason, when we drink this water, we should think about its cosmic value and its difference from the ordinary water we drink for health. Also, we should have the determination and faith that through the two fountain waters we will thoroughly purify ourselves of the sinful inclinations that have been inherited from the fallen Adam and Eve and smeared into the depth of our bones.

2. Visitors of Chung Pyung

The Chung Pyung providence had a full start with the commencement of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nimís spiritual work on January 19, 1995 on the foundation of True Fatherís cosmic victory and continuous concern and love. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, who are conducting the Chung Pyung providence, explained:

There are many spirits inside the body of our brothers and sisters. These spirits are connected to their ancestors and carry many grudges, so they try to harm the members whenever there is a chance. These spirits are piled up inside the bodies like ant eggs or sands, and I am eager to separate them out as if with a dredge. Otherwise, our brothers and sisters will continue to live contrary to their original nature and fail to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, not to mention living in suffering on earth. We see around us many young people die from sickness or get into accidents of various sorts, and most of these incidents are caused by spiteful spirits. Hence, all the people, not to mention our members, should come to Chung Pyung and become reshaped into Godí desired heavenly people through workshops and separation of spirits.

Thanks to the spiritual work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, the number of the Unification members from around the globe coming to the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center is on the rapid increase. Upon the opening of their spiritual eyes, many of them are having spiritual experiences such as seeing angels, vengeful spirits staring at them as if to kill them, and ancestors greeting them with gratitude. On the other hand, there are spirits that suddenly yell out; spirits that kick and scream, asking to be allowed back into their descendantsí bodies; spirits that wail in a loud voice with frustration, protesting that they were only an inch away from avenging themselves when they were disturbed in ignorance of their need for the revenge; and spirits that express their wishes or yell out whenever they are passed by Dae Mo Nim. These scenes help us see the complicated stories and all sorts of people that are commonly present in the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center.

The participants have worked fiercely to chase out the evil spirits, with a firm belief that the evil spirits had entered and were working in their bodies through the connection of the hereditary original sin and their own individual sins. In consequence, many spirits were separated, leading to the liquidation of their hereditary sins and collective sins and to great spiritual phenomena of healing. Hence, although the members entered the training center with tears of pain and sorrow, after being healed through the workshops and work of the Holy Spirit, they smiled and thanked for the True Parentsí hard work and grace of true love.

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