The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family


The Providence of the Substantial Holy Spirit

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Historic Holy Ground of Chung Pyung

Section 1. The Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, Birthplace of New History

1. The Location and Geographic Conditions of the Land of Chung Pyung
2. The Chung Pyung Holy Ground

Section 2. Five Trees, Water of Life, and Water of Heaven

1. The Meanings of the Five Trees, Water of Heaven
2. Visitors of Chung Pyung

 Chapter 2 The Chung Pyung Providence m the Completed Testament Age

Section 1. The Providence of the Substantial Holy Spirit
Section 2. Preparations for the Chung Pyung Providence

1. Heung Jin Nim

1) Life and Seung Hwa (Ascension to the Spiritual World)
2) Education of Spirits

2. Chung Mo Nim

1. Life as a Mother
2. Chung Mo Nimís Role in the Spiritual World
3. Dae Mo Nim
4. Times Before Meeting True Father
5. After the True Parentsí Holy Wedding
6. Heavenly Father, Please Take Me
7. Prayer of the True Parents
8. Spiritual Conditions in the Spiritual World and Return to Earth
9. The Providence of the Substantial

3. Holy Spirit and Testimony of Elder Hyo Nam Kim

Section 3. The Beginning of the Chung Pyung Providence

1. The Providence of Separation of Spirits
2. Desperate Screams of Vengeful Spirits

1) The Necessity of Separating Spirits
2) The Method of Separating Spirits
3) Heung Jin Nimís Workshop Center in the Spiritual World

3. Blessing of Spirits and Its Value

1) Blessing of Spirits
2) Blessing of Important Historical Figures
3) Blessing of the Spirits of the Second and Third Generations

Section 4. Ancestorsí Liberation Ceremony

1. The Meaning of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony
2. Preparations for the Ancestorsí Liberation Ceremony
3. The Ancestors Saved
4. Ancestorsí Liberation Ceremony up to the 180th Generation
5. Blessed Life of Blessed Families

Section 5. Chung Pyung Workshops

1. Two-Day Workshop
2. Forty-Day Workshop

 Chapter 3 Messages of Love from Dae Mo Nim

Section 1. The Cosmic Value of the True Parents

1. True Parents Are Godís Dutiful Son and Daughter

1. True Parents Are the Messiah Sent by God.
2. True Parents Are Godís Dutiful Son and Daughter
3. True Parents Move Freely between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

2. True Parentsí Love for the Humanity

1. Deep Love of the True Parents
2. True Parents Are Working Hard
3. True Parents Have Established the Realm of Cosmic Victory

3. Blessed Families in Service of the True Parents

1. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience
2. Let Us Become Dutiful Sons and Daughters of the True Parents
3. Blessed Familyís Attitude towards the True Parents

Section 2. True Love and Blessing

1. True Love is the Essence of Existence and Life
2. Blessing Is a Gate towards the Kingdom of Heaven

1. Blessing Has Cosmic Value
2. Blessing Means a Transfer from the World of Evil to the World of Goodness
3. We Have Received the Blessing of Position
4. Blessing is a Key to the Heavenly Kingdom

Section 3. The Way of Blessed Families

1. The Value of the Blessed Family

1. Blessed Families Are Children of God and True Parents
2. Life of Blessed Families

Section 4. Life on Earth and the Spiritual World

1. Life on Earth and Spiritsí Return to Earth

1. Correct Life on Earth
2. The Heavenly Kingdom in Heaven Can Emerge Only after the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth
3. Return to Earth of the Spirits Who Have Failed to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom
1) Return to Earth/ 140
2) Forty Days after Seung Hwa
3)Pitiful Ancestors Who Returning to Their Offspring
4) Earthly Life Determines the Life of Eternity in the Spiritual World

2. The Reality of the Spiritual World

1. Spiritual World Is a Reality That Everyone Must Enter
2. Telling Lies or Making Excuses Are Impossible in the Spiritual World

3. There are Many Levels in the Spiritual World

1. Many Spiritual Worlds
2. The Intermediate Spiritual World
3. Scenes in the Hell
4. Scenes in the Kingdom of Heaven

4. Unification and Liberation of the Earth and Spiritual World
5. The Path to the Heavenly Kingdom

1. Establish a True Family

1) Become a Couple Who Serve Each Other in True Love
2)Form a True Family to Go to the Heavenly Kingdom

2. Remove the Fallen Natures
1) Fall Nature Is Caused by the Satan and Evil Spirits
2)We Cannot Go to the Heavenly Kingdom with Fallen Natures
  1. Do Not Drink or Smoke
1. Do Not Defile the Body, Which Is Godís Temple, with Drinking or Smoking
2. Drinking and Smoking Bring In the Satan and Evil Spirits and Cause Cancer
  1. Do Not Eat of the Fruit
1) Fall Is the Gravest Sin
2) Fall Must Be Resolved on Earth Before We Go to the Spiritual World
3) It Is a Sin Even to See or Touch the Fruit
4) Do Not Create a Situation Conducive to Fall
5) Fall Occurs by the Prompting of Evil Spirits
  1. Do Not Misuse the Public Money

1) The Public Money Cannot Be Used Arbitrarily
2) Making False Receipts Is Also a Misuse of Public Money
3) Problem of Public Money Must Be Settled for Our Ancestors, Ourselves, and Our Descendants

6. Do Not Abuse Othersí Hearts

1) Let Us Understand the Hearts of God and the True Parents, Who Are Our Parents
2) If we Abuse Othersí Hearts through Bad Speech, Our Offspring Will Suffer
3) Let Us Use Good and Fine Words
4) Let Us Not Speak Carelessly about Other People

7. Keep the Pledge

1) Pledge Brings Joy to God and True Parents
2)Pledge Strengthens the Parent-Child Relationship through Gratitude

8. Keep the Duties of Faith
1) Serve Your Pastor
2) On Sundays, Strictly Keep the Pledge, Sunday Service, and Hoon dok Hoe.
3) Do Good Internal Reporting and Make Strict Donations

Section 5 Episodes and Testimonies

1. Chronic Asthma Was Totally Healed
2. Invasion of the Spirit of a Comfort Girl
3. Atopy and a Child
4. A Second Generation Child Could Not Be Cured Even by a Surgery
5. The Spirit of the Father of a Second Generation Child Afflicted My Staff
6. The Spirit of a Surrogate Mother Twisted a Memberí s Body
7. Evil Spirits Attack an Unborn Child
8. Ignorance of Members
9. A Child on the Life Support System

 Chapter 4 Dedication of the Palace of Heavenly Presence

Section 1. The Palace of Heavenly Presence is the Palace of Family, Tribe, People, Nation and World

1. True Fatherís Benediction at the Purification Ceremony
2. Prayer at the Tape-Cutting for the Ceremony of Completion
3. The Forth Adam, the Realization of the Kingdom of Heavens on Earth and in Heaven


Dae Mo Nim (Great Mother) Soon Ae Hong was born in 1914 in Chung Ju, Pyung An Buk Do. Throughout her entire life, she maintained deep piety, serving the Messiah to the utmost of her sincerity. She never wavered even a bit in her entire life of faith, and stands out as the cream of all the women and a shining standard for the whole world.

Her childhood faith was shaped in the Presbyterian Church. While associating with important spiritual groups preparing for the return of the Messiah in Korea, she led a life of strict sacrifice and prayer, building the spiritual foundation to receive the Messiah.

Dae Mo Nim lived her whole life for the sake of Godís Will and made constant spiritual conditions for the family of the True Parents. On the other hand, she was agonized to see that many blessed families were failing to live according to the true meaning of the Blessing. Seeing the blessed families suffering from many illnesses, dying in fear of the Satan and evil spirits, and drowning in the swamp of evil despite their being blessed, she made a firm determination to help them by all means.

After her Seung Hwa (ascension to the spiritual world), she had to fight against hundreds of millions of satans, and offered serious prayer and spiritual conditions without resting even a minute or a second. This was an act of great loyalty towards God and True Parents and was impossible to achieve without a great love for the mankind. Although there had been many hurdles along the path, Dae Mo Nim returned to the earth, became one with Heung Jin Nim, and willingly went through all the sacrifices.

As the Chung Pyung providence has been proceeding with the love of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, our amazement has been the timely occurrence of powerful spiritual phenomena. A revelation of unexpected spiritual information inspired the members, and this led to spiritual experiences and spiritual and physical resurrection, bringing to blessed families such grace as liberation from illness, economic stability, and family harmony.

Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, after receiving great authority from the True Parents, are working on tight schedule with no time to rest in order to transform the evil spirits in the membersí bodies into absolutely good spirits. Without any earthly foundation to connect with, God had been just shedding tears as He beheld our members; now, however, He is carrying out a great work of transformation to establish a new vision and order in the spiritual world through the seventy-seven billion absolutely good spirits, who have been reborn through the victory of the True Parents, Chung Pyung providence, and liberation ceremony for the direct ancestors.

As in the True Fatherís word, had Adam and Eve achieved individual perfection by following Godís Words, they would have become good ancestors of the humanity, true children, and embodiments of goodness. However, since the first human ancestors walked in the opposite direction to God, they became false parents and inherited to the humanity a great curse called original sin, through the True Parents, the humanity today must strive to terminate the wrong lineage that has been continuing through history and receive the true lineage that God intended to establish at the beginning, thereby connecting to the boundless blessing of God.

By taking to the heart Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nimís guidance that says, "Now is time for our brothers and sisters to change. Although God wants to bless them, the amazing blessing will be buried away unless they are changed to be absolute," we will have to become true people of faith qualified to receive 100 percent of the blessing that God and True Parents seek to give us.

This book contains words spoken by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the 369 two-day Chung Pyung workshops over five-year period. As we present this book, we sincerely hope that this book helps our brothers and sisters to understand how precious the providence of restoration being conducted by God and True Parents is, and what kind of life leads to true happiness and what is truth and beauty.

We are deeply grateful for the bottomless love of God and True Parents and for Heung un Nim and Dae Mo Nimís sacrifice in walking the thorny path. And we hope that in the new millennium our brothers and sisters renew themselves as they approach the providence of great turning point

Finally, we extend our deep gratitude to the dean In Choon Kim, professor Young Hwan Gil, and professor Eung Tae Cho, all from the Sun Moon University, who have provided full support for the publication of this book.

December 25, 1999,
Editorial Committee on Dae Mo Nimís Words,
Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center

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