Circles of Angels

By Nora M. Spurgin

Part Three

Stories Of Angel Help Unseen Protectors

"Lord, send your angels to surround me ...Lord, don't let them be transparent today, for the guards must not see me!"
The guards passed by Corrie Ten Boom when the prisoners were searched.
Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place

Shannon was on her way home from a visit to the doctor in which she had been told she would need surgery. Shannon was anxious and when she passed a large open church, she decided to enter and pray.

It was 3:30 on a sunny California afternoon. Shannon entered a pew, and kneeling, she began to pour out her heart to God. She became aware of the presence of another person beside her. Someone had entered the church. "This is odd," she thought, "In a big empty church, why would this man kneel beside me?" Suddenly the large man grabbed her, covered her mouth, and pinned down her arm. Shannon realized his intent as she tried to wrestle with him. "God, I need help," she prayed. Looking up to the right side she saw glitter-like flecks of gold in the air. She felt the presence of angels. Suddenly the attacker looked up, horrified, released Shannon and ran out of the church. Obviously, whatever he saw was powerful enough to frighten him. Shannon believes that those glittering flecks were a battalion of angels protecting her and that her attacker also saw them.

Later that week Shannon received three letters-all dated on that same February, 1980 date. Her friends stated that she had been on their minds that day. One said that he had awakened at exactly 3:30 p.m. from a nap and knew he had to pray for her.

How often have our unseen friends protected us from harm? Certainly there are many similar stories of angels working for our protection.

Waiting In The Wings

After having written most of this manuscript, I shared it with a friend who was visiting from Texas. A heavy thunderstorm delayed her return to where she was staying, requiring her to leave my home quite late.

Several days later, she was back in Texas when I received a call from her. "Nora," she said, "Angel bands are wonderful-they work! What can I do to help you get the book published?" She went on to tell this story: While she was driving back to where she was staying, it was rainy and dark and she came across several accidents. Thinking about the manuscript she had just read, she decided to call a circle of angels for protection. Her thoughts continued to dwell on angel bands and she decided that, since she traveled a lot, she would call a circle of angels to protect her husband and each of her children. Upon her return to Texas the following day, her daughter said "Mommy, while you were gone, I heard you saying my name, but your voice was coming from inside of me. I knew you weren't here, but it made me feel so comfortable."

My friend's husband had been searching for the "right" job for two years. Both of them were frustrated about his not finding something to fit his interests. Two days after she had sent him a circle of angels, he received two job offers in his field of interest.

My Faithful Guard

On a visit to Denver, Colorado to give a seminar on Woman's Spirituality, I spent several nights at a friend's house. We had worked together at the NGO Forum in Beijing, China, and had, after many years, brought each other up to date on our spiritual progress and interests. Marlene knew I was aware of the seemingly cosmic spiritual changes that were taking place. She too had opened her mind and heart to healing energies and spirituality.

When I arrived at her house, Marlene exclaimed, "Nora, the angel Gabriel has been waiting here for you for two days. He's sitting in front of the guest room door." Since I do not "see" angels myself I was a bit surprised and was not quite sure what I should do with this information. I certainly felt protected during my stay.

Marlene, who has a stronger spiritual intuition than I, kept remarking that the house was full of angels during the visit. It is incidents like these that remind me to thank these heavenly companions for their protection and love.

Opening The Floodgates Of Communication

"The farther we go along the path of God, the more angels we shall encounter."
H.C. Moolenburg,
A Handbook on Angels

On another occasion, I was in Madison, Wisconsin, giving a speech on Women's Spirituality and Healing. As I began my presentation there was the usual polite quietness. Some people were paying attention, but others looked preoccupied. It seemed a difficult audience to engage. But there was a point where the audience suddenly became animated.

I felt energized and the words began to flow. I could see that people were connecting to what I was saying. I remember thinking, "What did I say that made them suddenly come alive?"

After the speech was over, a young woman came up to me and said, "I want to tell you what happened during your speech. All of a sudden the room was filled with bright lights, and you became so beautiful." It looks like my angel band decided to give me a hand-especially on the "beautiful" part!

If we can realize how valuable these celestial beings are in our relationships with people, the flow of communication can be enhanced tremendously. After all, they are messengers! Communication is their business.

Angels On The Job

Within the last year, I presented an important proposal for consideration by a certain very distinguished committee. It was a decision which would have a great impact on the organization I represented. I also knew that the result of a negative decision would limit the work of the organization worldwide. Once again I called on not only my own circle of angels, but a whole battalion of them. I wondered how to best engage their assistance. So I made a plan, deciding to send a circle to all members of the committee ahead of time to help them understand the issues and prevent misunderstanding. On the day of the decision-making meeting, I asked tens of thousands of angels to permeate the room, and carry away any confusion or negative emotions.

The decision was made unanimously in favor of our organization. Some of my friends said, "While your organization was being discussed, the whole atmosphere seemed to be charged with spiritual energy."

Did it work? All I can say is, the results speak for themselves.

"At the round earth's imagin'd corners,
blow your trumpets, angels,
and arise, arise from death,
your numberless
infinities of souls."
John Donne

A Message To Be Shared

"When at night I go to sleep,
Fourteen angels watch do keep."

From the opera, Hansel and Grad

After writing this manuscript, I put it aside for a while.

Then the news of Princess Diana's death shocked the world. For some reason, I felt drawn to pull out the manuscript and read it again, perhaps for my own consolation.

I felt a certain amount of vulnerability. No matter how much protection wealth or position can buy, one is never assured of the absolute protection of our physical life. As I pondered this thought, I realized that in the end, we have far greater peace of mind with a shield of protection provided by a circle of angels than with earthly bodyguards. Whenever I travel, whether by car, plane or train, I feel more secure when I call on my angels to encircle the vehicle in which I am traveling. Wherever my husband or children drive, I ask a circle of angels to protect them.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them and they will be his people and God Himself will be with them ...."
Revelation 21:3

Life is so resilient, yet so fragile. No matter how careful we are, there are always those who are not. How quickly life can be snuffed out or hurt by carelessness, either our own or others. There are always potential disasters. Rather than living in fear of the possible danger lurking around every corner, I believe we may live in the glorious confidence and peace that is enhanced by deliberately and consciously surrounding ourselves with celestial friends. As more of us share this view, the more God's energy will be drawn to this earth.

Although one has only to notice medieval art to realize that circles of angels have been known throughout history, today heaven is opening up to us in a more powerful way. As a new era of spirituality, resplendent and warm with God's maternal love, makes itself known to us, our response need not be a mere passive one. From sweet cherubs to a powerful army of spiritual warriors, bands of angels wait at attention ready to serve. During this time when negative forces that cause pain, suffering, and self-absorption are being confronted and given opportunity for transition to original goodness, action is necessary. The separation of heaven's and earth's spiritual forces is narrowing as increasing numbers of us enhance our lives with the beautiful and joyful participation of Circles of Angels. In reading this book, my prayer is that you will consciously increase the angel power around you and share it with others.

As I write these final words, I look out my window to the rainy street below. Someone is walking by with an umbrella featuring an angel in every panel. Looking down on it, I see a circle of angels. I smile. Confirmation comes from the oddest places!

A Closing Prayer

Let this small book open
The doors of heaven for every reader.
Let it bring heaven and earth closer.
Let it enhance our quality of life.
|Let it bring peaceful energy to our planet.
Let bands of angels multiply until
Every soul on earth is surrounded by
And bathed in the brilliant light of heavenly hosts.
Dear Lord,
We send our grateful praise
To heaven and commit
Our service to earth.

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