Circles of Angels

By Nora M. Spurgin

Part Two

Your Personal Circle Of Angels

Some weeks after I first engaged the assistance of angel bands, I was counseling a friend who was struggling with a problem at work. I said, "Why don't you call an angel band to surround you and your co-workers?" I proceeded to tell her what I had done. Suddenly she said, "I see them coming! I see them forming a circle around me." Her response was all I needed to begin sharing the idea of circles of angels with other people.

Summoning The Angels

"But if these beings guard you, they do so because they have been summoned by your prayers."
St. Ambrose

The angels are but a thought or prayer away. We are surrounded by thousands of invisible celestial beings who are ready, upon request, to serve our higher purpose.

A thought-form, or a prayer calling for angelic help brings them immediately to our side. They are always willing to receive our request, stay with us or be sent on a mission.

Since this is a time of cosmic change, the angelic world is becoming more visible in the lives of many people. These beings of light are helping to usher in a new age, and our awareness of their presence will only increase. Calling on a circle of angels to help in the healing of our planet, in the lives of those suffering around us, and in our own personal lives, is neither selfish nor a wasted use of a resource. Commissioning these heavenly hosts brings the energy of heaven's love to earth. As more of us facilitate angelic cooperation, higher energies are activated among us. We are already beginning to see changes happening which will help lead us toward a world of peace.

Why do the angels need to be summoned? It seems that, since they were created as God's messengers and servants, good angels will remain true to their purpose and not intervene in our lives without a request from us, an intercessor or God.

To call a circle of angels, it is wise to find a quiet place where you can meditate or pray. Let your heart be still. Contemplate those areas of your life which need improvement. Then simply ask God to give you a circle of angels to help carry out your work, improve your life, help you to love and serve others, and to grow in God's grace. Then thank God for the gift of an angel band.

A Prayer To Summon Your Circle Of Angels

Oh Lord of Heaven, Father and Mother of all, Thank you for your beautiful and intricate creation.

Please forgive me for not growing into my fullest potential.

Please forgive me when I allow myself to be drawn into darkness.

I humbly ask you today to send me a circle of angels to bring light and goodness into my life.

I pray for their energy to touch everything I do.

Let them bring a flow of harmonious joy into my life and the lives of those around me.

I ask the angels to enliven my mind to greater creativity; to purify my heart to greater compassion; to inspire me to greater generosity; and to fill me with greater love.

I thank you for the circle of angels you have sent to empower me with goodness.

I invite them to make their home with me. I thank my circle of angels for attending to my needs, for protecting and loving me and those around me.

I ask that with their help my life will be enlarged with greater goodness for the sake of all humanity and that the energy of one more circle of angels will add its power to the universe through me.

My heart is filled with gratitude.



"And all the angels stood 'round the throne and 'round the elders and the four living creatures, and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen."
Revelation 7:11-12

None of us likes to work without recognition or reward. Gratitude is essential to the continued interest and engagement of your angel band. Indeed, gratitude is a healthy part of every relationship-whether with earthly or heavenly beings.

Since it is the mission of the angels to help us, they will do so at our request. A joyful angel band will also bring a joyful spirit around you. So thank them for their help, especially when you send them on a mission and when that mission is completed. Share the joy in a celebration of heart, song, prayer, and any other expression of gratitude. In relationship to God, angels as messengers can bring God's love to us and return praise and thanks to God.

Heavenly Guests

As those heavenly bright lights sparkle around you; as they harmonize and love your world and make their home with you, your life will begin to sparkle. To maintain the sparkle and let it penetrate deep within you, it is beneficial for you to understand and address any dark shadows which may be lurking within and around you. Negative thoughts such as resentment, anger, depression, hatred, and fear, bring darkness to our souls.

We need a cleansing process much the same as we use when preparing for earthly guests. We clean the house, prepare food, and seek to make our guests comfortable. So it is with our new heavenly guests.

Both Jesus and John the Baptist spoke of repenting in preparation for the coming of the kingdom of heaven. To welcome our guests-our angels-from heaven it is wise to do a bit of personal soul-searching, general soul-cleansing, and amends-making in anticipation of their living and working among us. The suggestions in the following section will help you in your own cleansing process.

"Angels of light, spread your bright wings and keep near to me at morn: nor in the starry eve, nor midnight deep, leave me forlorn. From all dark spirits of unholy power guide my weak heart. Circle around me in each perilous hour, and take my part. From all foreboding thoughts and dangerous fears, keep me secure; teach me to hope, and through the bitterest tears still to endure."

Some Soul-Cleansing Ideas

At a time when you can be quiet and alone, take out three sheets of paper. Entitle the first, "Things I Have Done Which Have Hurt Others." Entitle the second, "People I Need to Forgive for How They Have Wronged Me." Entitle the third, "Historic Hurts."

Begin with page one. Letting your angels bring inspiration, make a lifetime list of every person you can remember to whom you have caused physical hurt or emotional pain. Beneath the names, list the things you've done. Start with your parents, then your friends, your teachers, your spouse and children, your boss or employees, and people with whom you have had business dealings. Think of times you've spoken badly about someone, times you've cheated people in money matters, times you may have abused anyone in any way-list everything. It is not easy to do, but you will find it enormously liberating. When you've finished the list, review it with a repentant heart. Call your angels and ask them to carry your repentance to God and the courts of heaven, even to those who have died. When possible, seek out the people you have hurt and offer your heartfelt repentance. Use wisdom in doing so, perhaps talking with a trusted counselor or friend, to be sure your amends will not harm you or anyone further. Amends should be made to others for wrong acts. You owe yourself amends for harmful feelings such as resentment. Where amends are necessary, make them, and for those who have passed on without your being able to make amends, ask the angels to carry your repentance to them.

Now let new joy fill your soul. Know that it is cleaner and clearer and that heaven's angelic hosts can make a home with you more easily.

A Prayer For Heart Cleansing

Dear God of unconditional love,
I am gratefully trusting in Your infinite and unconditional love to which I open my life.
When I look at the hurts I have brought others, I feel such sorrow, and emotions so deep I almost fear to let them go.
I think of the times I have brought pain to others-my family, my friends and those I've held as enemies.
Admission of my own faults is so very difficult. My God, I need your help to see my wrongs, repent and make amends.
How often have I taken advantage of someone's kindness or sought only my own interest, doing damage to the fragile heart of another.
Forgive me, I beg, for my wrongs, both large and small. Let my repentance open the doors of communication between You and me.
Let it cleanse me of the negative energies I have carried. I seek forgiveness from those I have hurt.
I will make amends where possible and cleanse myself of wrong actions.
I seek Your help that my future actions may never again be hurtful.
I offer this prayer in gratitude for Your love and forgiveness.

Healing In Forgiveness

Angels of God, My Guardian dear,
To whom God's love entrusts me here;
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.
Traditional prayer

Move to your next sheet of paper: "People I Need to Forgive for What They've Done to Me." Ask the angels to help you with this part, for it may be even harder than repenting for your own wrong deeds. Let your mind search for the hurts in your life-jot down names and incidents as they come to your consciousness. Search your life diligently.

When your list is complete, contemplate each name or incident carefully, searching out the points where your heart has set up barriers and defenses. Begin your cleansing process with a short prayer of forgiveness for each entry.

The forgiveness process is an ongoing one. You continuously meet people and find new opportunities to serve, comfort, love, and forgive those who may have harmed you. You can start with a conscious decision to dismiss your resentments whenever you are aware that they occupy your thoughts. Send them away with one of your strongest angels!

Furthermore-send your angels to those who have passed on to the next world, that both your heart and theirs may be healed of those pains which block forgiveness. If appropriate, repent for the role you played in these hurtful relationships. It is possible that your resentment toward them can keep them from being able to go forward freely in the next life. This is especially true with your parents, grandparents, and relatives.

This exercise, although difficult, will not only prepare you to attract angels of a higher vibration; it will increase your health and radiance. Conversely, harboring negative feelings and thoughts that are burned deep in your soul has a powerful capacity to attract similar energy. This exercise of identifying such feelings and freeing yourself will have great benefits.

A Prayer Of Forgiveness

Oh God of unlimited love and forgiveness; Father and Mother of Mercy.
As I contemplate the times I've been hurt, I see the heavy burden of resentment and pain I've carried.
I want to be free -- free to let my spirit fly to Your pristine love.
I can no longer bear these dark thoughts which bar me from your parental warmth and light.
Now I ask Your assistance in forgiving those who have wronged me.
I have suffered at the hand of others, but I only hurt myself by continuing to carry that suffering with me.
Grant me courage to forgive.
Grant me courage to let others know I've forgiven them directly or in the way I relate to them.
One by one, I forgive each person who has been the source of my suffering.
Thank you, for helping me to do this.
Thank you for the new space that has been created in my heart.
Thank you, for letting me fly! Amen

Healing Historic Hurts

"Angels are powerful thought forms that help to hold the world together.
They are the thoughts of synthesis, connection, and repair.
To call on the angels is to move our attention to a higher, more creative direction, to invoke the structures of a more enlightened world view."
Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

Now move to the third topic: "Historic Hurts." Visualize your life as part of a larger whole, your family, ancestors, descendants, city, nation and the world-present and past. Visualize everything that is in your environment with which you have a connection. Let your mind search for unresolved resentments and pain.

For example, does your family history suggest that there are skeletons in closets which may come back to haunt you? The Bible mentions (Exodus 20:5-6) that the sins of the fathers are passed to the children for several generations. Did your ancestors hold slaves, take advantage of others, fight in wars? While many have fought for noble causes, regardless of the weight of justice in the conflict, everyone involved in wars resulting in deaths might well incur burdens of resentment from those affected by the conflicts. Are there stories of less than noble deeds performed by your ancestors or family? Does your country bear responsibility for hurting other races or nationalities either within or outside its borders? List whatever comes to your mind on this third sheet of paper.

To correct these problems you might seek someone who represents the hurt ones and do a "random act of kindness." In some cultures, giving money to beggars on the street is viewed as a way to make amends for the sins of ancestors.

In offering money or service, you are participating not only in your personal cleansing, but in planetary healing. On a personal level, you are creating a larger and larger sphere of influence for your circle of angels-from deep within your soul to the edges of our planet and into the universe.

A Prayer For The Healing Of Historic Sins

Dear Heavenly Parent,

I have reflected on, and repented for the sins of my father's and my lineage, and those with whom I have a connection.

I repent for:

The pain they may have unwillingly inflicted.
The wars they fought.
The judgement they inflicted on others in a less enlightened time.
The hurt to brothers and sisters of other races and cultures of our global family.
The times others were abused in an effort to gain power and material wealth.
The times women and children suffered abuse.

My Heavenly Parent, in their stead, I repent for the sins of the past, asking You to forgive my ancestors, my nation, and my people. Thank you for the cleansing and liberation of all historic wrongs in my lineage.

Responsibility And Service

It is a universal law that giving produces receiving. In calling on a willing and helpful angel band, you are receiving heavenly help, joy, and inspiration. Their work and constancy with you will be much enhanced by your own heart of compassion and service.

The exercise of good will is contagious. Not only will your angels be pleased and bring you more and more good energy, but the people around you will also respond.

As love, compassion, and service become a way of life, you will find that good energy follows you everywhere you go. Certainly all of us know people who always seem to bring light into the atmosphere.

What is service? What could you do? Let me list a few ideas:

There is service of the heart, which we might call compassion. It is a practice of love-of smiling when someone needs encouragement, of mentioning someone's good points when others see only the bad. It is listening to someone who needs to be heard or understood. It is projecting warmth and positive energy which enables others to have the security and confidence to grow. It is really your own heart reaching out to another heart.

There is service of a helping hand-of giving a hand in time of need. A simple offering to help carry packages, give a lift, or relieve a burdened mother of her child for a period of time may seem so small, but simple acts can make a great impact. Developing a lifestyle which includes such acts on a regular basis will make a loving and serving attitude a natural part of your life, and give you a magnetic energy which will bring back to you love and service in turn. Working as a service project volunteer is another way of reaching out, returning to you great joy and reward. In our era of attention-seeking, self-interest, and self-protectiveness, we need to rediscover the joy of selflessness and service.

There is service from the pocket. It is a universal law that generosity brings its own returns. To learn the joy of giving and the expansion of heart required is an important part of our spiritual growth. Money becomes a vehicle not only for our own enjoyment, but also to bring others joy. When you have it, it is one of the easiest ways to serve or give.


Do angels heal? Recently I heard an interesting story. An elderly man was extremely ill. His kidneys were failing, making him dependent on dialysis. In desperation he visited a psychic healer and was told that his illness was related to the fact that in his youth, he had worked in his country's World War II program testing the effects of chemical warfare on humans. Those who died from such testing carried deep resentment to their grave. This negative energy was surrounding him and affecting his health. The healer prayed for angels to cleanse his bloodstream and carry positive light energy throughout his body. This man's health took a miraculous turn for the better and within weeks he had begun to gain weight and walk again. I found this an interesting revelation on how angels help in the healing process. Angels always bring healing energy. Their presence, not only around our bodies but also within them, can bring about healing and cleansing. Sending the angels on healing missions is of equal help to body and soul. If you are having a health problem, the cleansing of your mind and drawing of angel energies can be a source of your own healing.

"I, John, am he who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me; but he said to me, `you must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God!'"
Revelation 22:8-9

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