Circles of Angels

By Nora M. Spurgin

A Prayer For The Reader

Let this small book open
the doors of heaven for every reader.
Let it bring heaven and earth closer;
Let it enhance our quality of life;
and bring peaceful energy to our planet;
Let bands of angels multiply until
every soul on earth
is surrounded by and bathed in
The brilliant light of heavenly hosts.
Dear Lord,
We send our gratitude heavenward in praise
and earthward in love.

Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, Both when we walk and when we sleep; all these with ceaseless praise His works behold both day and night.
John Milton

Heaven appears to be approaching earth in this century and with such acceleration that is quite different from all other times when a similar thing was happening . . .. What we are now experiencing is something so radical that I cannot point to any historical period during which the same thing happened. It is as if heaven and earth are on a collision course. What is hanging over our heads is a breakthrough of the unperceived world. The return of the angels could be one of the greatest surprises of the twentieth century.
H. C. Moolenburgh,
A Handbook on Angels


Angels are making their presence known in unprecedented ways. At this time in history, spiritual energies, long unknown to most of us, are surfacing in the consciousness of humankind. Massive changes are occurring throughout the world. Like one generation giving birth to another, Mother Earth herself seems to be enduring chaotic labor pains, pushing mightily against old boundaries and limitations until life bursts forth into an age of transcendent spirituality.

There is also a universal acceleration of the healing of humankind. Humanity appears to be moving toward its true and original nature; there to find a home in the heavenly Father-Mother, God. Today we begin to sense as a reality that the global family is being prepared as a place where the spirit of God may truly dwell. So too the world of angels is making its presence known among us. Like midwives, angels are helping to move the process along-comforting, consoling, guiding, protecting, encouraging-usually without thanks or even recognition.

Now is the time for angels to be recognized and understood, even empowered. It is time for humankind to get in touch with the undercurrent of spiritual energy uniting everyone on earth and linking us to heaven.

Yes, the angels are undeniably among us. It is to our benefit to recognize their service in healing and protecting us. Angels are preparing for heaven to exist on earth and for the dwelling of God among us. Their work with us, however, can be much more powerful if we learn to call on them -- invite them into our lives.

This little book about circles of angels is not only to inform and inspire; it is a manual on how to work with angel powers. It is for you, the readers, to know that you can invite your own circle of angels to surround and work with you. It is the angels' announcement that they are waiting to help you. It is for you to know their presence and their anticipation of your calling on them. Invisibly surrounding you, they know that this is the moment for humanity's spiritual birth. They eagerly long for your commission. Like many of us, they await the time when we will no longer "see through a glass darkly, but face to face." (I Corinthians 13:12). In turn, we will help the angels find their own fulfillment and joy in serving God's earthly family.

May this book open the angels' gift to you. It is a gift that will never end. Your circle of angels can be your enduring companion-bringing joy and goodness throughout your life. Call those who seek only goodness to surround you.

"In the last days ...I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh."
Acts 2:17

Here is their love to you.

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