Circles of Angels

By Nora M. Spurgin


A Prayer for the Reader


Part One

Angel Bands
Organizing the Angels
My Own Band of Angels
Who Are the Angels?
What Do the Angels Do?

Part Two

Your Personal Circle of Angels
Summoning the Angels
A Prayer to Summon Your Circle of Angels
Heavenly Guests
Some Soul-Cleansing Ideas
A Prayer for Heart Cleansing
Healing in Forgiveness
A Prayer of Forgiveness
Healing Historic Hurts
A Prayer for the Healing of Historic Sins
Responsibility and Service

Part Three

Stories of Angel Help-Unseen Protectors
Waiting in the Wings
My Faithful Guard
Opening the Floodgates of Communication
Angels on the Job
A Message to Be Shared
A Closing Prayer

Part Four

Angel Projects

1. A Circle of Angels
2. A Band of Angels Runner
3. Circle of Angels Candles

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