Bodyguard for Christ - Gerhard Peemoeller - May 18, 2010

 Table of Contents

Front Cover, Preface, Table of Contents and Back Cover (pdf)

Chapter 1: Living In East Garden Estate (pdf)

Chapter 2: A Typical Day in My Life (pdf)

Chapter 3: The Campaign in Major Cities (pdf)

Chapter 4: Father's 1975 Tour Across the Country (pdf)

Chapter 5: Life in East Garden with True Parents Absent (pdf)

Chapter 6: The Birth of Kwon-Jin Nim (pdf)

Chapter 7: The Fire (pdf)

Chapter 8: Father's Hobbies (pdf)

Chapter 9: Father's Special Abilities (pdf)

Chapter 10: The First Tuna (pdf)

Chapter 11: Preparation for a Major Event (pdf)

Chapter 12: Dangerous Moments (pdf)

Chapter 13: Different Ways to Do Security (pdf)

Chapter 14: Special Privileges (pdf)

Chapter 15: 1977 (pdf)

Chapter 16: Comments (pdf)

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