New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence

Chapter 5 - General Information on the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony

1. Significance:

The Ceremony, which is made possible on the foundation of the True Parents' victory on earth, is a process for all the blessed families from spiritual and physical worlds to be restored as original human beings and merit of the age in the providence of completion-stage resurrection whereby the blessed families can be saved.

2. Periods

1) Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony: February 12 - August 31, 1999 (Seven months)

2) 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony: For the members who have finished the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony, the 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony will be performed by the stages of seven generations, that is, from the eighth to fourteenth generation, from fifteenth to twenty-first generation, and so forth.

3. Place

Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center

4. Participants

Unification Church members and people from all over the world

5. Method

Performed in the two-day workshops (every Saturdays and Sundays)

6. Spiritual conditions required

1) Twenty-one day condition: Morning fasting or daily fifty bows. It is recommended that the bows be made in a fixed time of day.

2) Donation of gratitude: The amount decided by the True Parents

7. Attitude of the members

Dae Mo Nim explains that since the grace of ancestors' liberation ceremony is granted by the special authority of the True Parents, we should receive the workshop and make spiritual conditions with a deep gratitude towards God and the True Parents. The ancestors' liberation ceremony completely saves our ancestors so that they are ready to enter the Heavenly Kingdom; since they become completely good spirits, there is no need of further salvation. This provides a secure foundation for blessed and prosperous life of their descendents.

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