New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence

Chapter 4 - Testimonies

Testimony 1

In this 313th workshop, I strongly felt the presence of my ancestors. As I was listening to Dae Mo Nim's words, a strong desire to meet my ancestors came to my heart, with warm feeling of closeness and tears. During the ancestors' liberation ceremony, three times I felt that some electricity was going through my palms, and some circles were spreading out from me; with this, I also felt that my ancestors were with me. Then, when Dae Mo Nim said that the spirits who had been blessed on October 1, 1998 returned, I saw a vision of my ancestors. When I prayed at the Tree of Love and spread my arms saying, "Come, my spiritual children," a big and warm lump of orange color came into my chest, and I saw many gold-colored angels coming out of something similar to a long tunnel. I was moved to a great joy. I had been to Chung Pyung many times, but none of my previous visits had been so moving and joyful. Thank you so much.

Sasaki Yoko, Central Tokyo Prefecture

Testimony 2

I had a huge grace and great experience in this workshop for the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony. During the workshop, I felt that I could see my mother, who had had Seung Hwa last June. My expectation came true. During Dae Mo Nim's speech, I felt my mother's presence, with my entire body becoming hot. My mother introduced to me ancestors from seven generations. I saw a tunnel of darkness and tunnel of light, ancestors rushing out of the former into the latter, and Heung Jin Nim calling the spirits to the workshop in a loud voice. My mother was an established couple. She had a deep faith and frequently visited Chung Pyung. I received great blessing in this workshop. Thank you very much.

(Kim Jae Ok, So Bo Church, Kyung Book Region)

Testimony 3

Brothers and sisters around me who believed in spiritual phenomena went to Chung Pyung and told me about their experiences. My wife also went to Chung Pyung and advised me to go there, saying that God is working at Chung Pyung. I trusted my wife's words and thought that her testimony was correct. And yet, many situations prevented me from going to Chung Pyung. One day, I received an information that Dae Mo Nim was coming to the United States to perform an ancestors' liberation ceremony. Then, I told myself that I should understand more deeply about the Chung Pyung providence. My wife suggested that we make the preparatory conditions together for the ancestors' liberation ceremony, and I went along with her, at first without much seriousness. Fortunately, I was able to know the names of my seven-generation direct ancestors because the Bible used by my fifth-generation grandfather had names of my ancestors.

When we finished registering for the ancestors' liberation ceremony, we could not help thanking the True Parents for making this possible through his tough life of indemnity and preparing the place for the ancestral work by establishing Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim and bring good spirits and angels. I still feel that I am not worthy to receive such a blessing. I received the workshop with all my strength, clapping excitedly in the front row and singing at the top of my lungs.

When Dae Mo Nim's speech was over and ancestors' liberation began, Dae Mo Nim said that our ancestors were sitting to our right. Then, I saw my ancestors and greeted them. They were standing in one vertical line. Some of them were in a shabby shape, shier than I. This will be a moment I can never forget in my life. I met my grandfather and grandmother there. Especially, my deceased mother, who had been so confident and stubborn when alive, was there in a wretched shape. I felt, however, that as she was departing for the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center in a bright spirit, she resolved all the questions she had had about our church and was proud of me, whereupon tears came down from my eyes. I asked her to have no worries and receive the workshop well at the Workshop Center.

After this, my wife and I walked out of the hall with light spirit as if we were walking into bright Heavenly Kingdom. We felt different when we met our brothers and sisters, and felt that the gates of the heaven and earth were open. For this, I sincerely thank God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and my wife.

Larry Moffet, Washington Church, USA

Testimony 4

One day, my younger sister and mother, who do not go to church, had dreams. In the dreams, my deceased grandfather frequently appeared with joy, and my father told them that it was good to go to church, according to them. Later on, when I heard that there was an ancestors' liberation ceremony at Chung Pyung, I started making a spiritual condition because I thought that I could not go to Chung Pyung without a preparation. On the tenth day of the condition, my father appeared to me in dream. He showed me a wound from surgery and said, "it went well". Since he had died of stomach cancer, I figured that he had received a surgery on the stomach, and it turned out well. Every time I made spiritual condition, I had a dream of my ancestors rejoicing. At the time of ancestors' liberation ceremony, I felt I had so many conversations with my ancestors.

When I came back home from the workshop, I had another dream. This time, my ancestors gathered together, cleaning up a place that looked like an ocean or big lake. They said that it was a bathroom for the family. Thank you.

Yang Nim Um, Kwang Myung Church, South Kyunggi Region

Testimony 5

I participated in the workshop for the parents of the Second Generation who had Seung Hwa. I wanted to participate this time by all means because I wanted to receive a holy candle for the Second Generation and I regretted not having participated in it the previous time. When I received spiritual inspiration at the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony, tears came down endlessly, and gratitude was bursting out in my heart. At the same time, my heart was aching because I had been always feeling that I was unfaithful to my father.

Listening to Dae Mo Nim's guidance helped me realize that this Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony is a great grace of God and the True Parents, and this moved me to deep gratitude. I had been suffering from guilt of being unfaithful to my father, but this time I was totally liberated from that guilt. I never thought that it is possible to raise up and bless the children who had Seung Hwa. After learning about the possibility, I did not know how to express my gratitude.

From now on, I will be careful and try to 1 ive by the Principle each day. I am truly grateful to Dae Mo Nim's guidance. I felt the passionate heart of the True Parents who desire to remove our sins. I will live earnestly in order to repay them for such grace.

Nebashi Kiyoko, Nagano Prefecture

Testimony 6

On the second day of the three-day workshop at Chung Pyung my grandparents appeared in my dream and asked me to lend them money urgently. Afterwards. on the third day of the workshop, I carne to realize the meaning of the dream by listening to Dae Mo Nim's guidance at the closing ceremony. Dae Mo Nim explained: "You need to make donations in order to join the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony. The ancestors can have their sins removed only with the donation. The spiritual world will tell you the amount of the donation if you make a spiritual condition and pray about it." Strangely, after Dae Mo Nim's speech was over, a sound started to hit my right ear continuously, giving me great pain. As soon as I returned home, I prepared the money requested by my grandparents, made prayer conditions, and came to the 313th workshop.

During the workshop, I had a grateful heart, and offered ardent prayer of repentance. At some point, the sound attacking the ear disappeared. I felt that the grace of ancestors' liberation ceremony is very precious. My heart was filled with the satisfaction of having saved my ancestors and gratitude.

Yang Sook Roh, Kuri Church

Testimony 7

My elder sister offered the liberation ceremony for the ancestors on my father's side. So I participated in the 337th workshop with my husband for the sake of his ancestors. On the last day of the two-day workshop, I saw a vision during the ancestors' liberation ceremony. In the front line, my mother-in-law, and the uncle and his wife in the Shin family (my husband's) were standing, and in the back line many ancestors were coming down in a row. When I was watching it for a while, my parents-in-law came to me and made a big bow to my husband and me. Holding my husband's hand, my mother-in-law shed tears of joy, asked him how he had been, and said that she was grateful and she missed us. But my husband could not see this at all. Only when I explained this to him, he said that he had felt his wrists and hands getting very hot.

I had a dream on the day of coming home from the workshop. In the dream, a great number of people were waiting for something in an endlessly long line by a place looking like a warehouse. Among them, my physical parents' ancestors, dressed in grey, suddenly collapsed and started weeping loudly, saying, "I must go also. Please help me go." Next day I called my elder sister and told her about the dream. She said that the ancestors were crying because she had just made a promise to pay the donation without actually paying it.

Hence, in one week, I came back to the workshop and paid the prepared donation. At night when I returned home, I had another dream, where a person dressed in a white robe with a long beard reaching down to his knees gave me thee big and shining balls, and I received them in the chest. After this, an unexpected person became easily connected to me and witnessed by me, and another person was witnessed through him. So I could offer two young people for matching. Later on, I am glad that I could offer another two people for Blessing. I really feel that good spirits and ancestors are helping me, exactly as Dae Mo Nim said. I feel that everything in the future will go well. I extend deep gratitude to God and the True Parents.

Ji Hyun Cho, Kang Nam Region

Testimony 8

When I heard that we could join the ancestors' liberation ceremony in Brazil, I asked my husband to participate. He held back, however, saying that we should go later because we had a lot of debt. That night, however, our ancestors appeared in my dream and asked me strongly to go and join the ceremony even if we had to get another loan, so I made a strong determination to go. First of all, we needed to prepare indemnity donation and gratitude donation in order to participate in the ceremony. We explained this situation to our neighbor across the street and asked him for a loan, and he joyfully granted it and even asked us if he could participate in the ceremony himself. But I told him next time because I did not know if non-members could participate, and our couple went alone. As I went through the clapping sessions, listened to Dae Mo Nim's speech, and had ancestors' liberation ceremony, my heart was filled with gratitude, and tears came down because of the joy of meeting with my ancestors. I also received much inspiration while listening to testimonies of the brothers and sisters.

After the workshop, I started a selling business in order to repay the debt. No sooner had I started the business, than I sold out everything. I could sell things whenever I wanted to. The business went so well that not only did we pay off the debt for the workshop, but also we paid off all the previous debts through the business. After the ancestors' liberation ceremony, our family is better off financially from the business and better off in faith and family atmosphere. We truly feel that this is God's blessing.

Santa Maru, Elias Church, Brazil

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