New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence

Chapter 3 - Dae Mo Nim's Words at the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremonies

1. Value of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony

You should know that the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony is one of the greatest blessings given by God and the True Parents as they are concluding the six thousand years' providence of restoration. Some members seem to think: "Ancestors' liberation ceremonies have been performed by the Grandmother Back Rim Lee and Deaconess Ha, and the ceremony by Dae Mo Nim will also be one of those spiritual works that come to an end after a while and then become taken up by another person. Because this ceremony is repeated every now and then, we do not have to join it now if we can find a chance later." This Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony and subsequent 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony, however are the last ceremonies. The ceremonies performed by the Grandmother Lee and other spiritualists could simply rescue the ancestors from hell without being able to bless them and thus failed to establish them as absolutely good spirits.

The Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony and 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony bring out the ancestors from the bottom of hell and send them to the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center, where they are removed of their sins through Divine Principle education and other training and receive Blessing, attaining the eligibility to live in the original homeland of Heavenly Kingdom. This is the last ceremony to do this. The True Parents said that these ancestors' liberation ceremonies are a great blessing of grace whereby the descendents on earth will receive Heavenly Fortune and prosper through the assistance of the ancestors who have become good spirits.

The ancestors saved through the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony will help find your direct ancestors from up to 120 generations and help you skillfully in the tribal messiah activities by witnessing to your tribe. As tribal messiahs, when the blessed families have their seven direct ancestors liberated, these blessed families' influence will expand to the spiritual world. The mission of our blessed families is to liberate and restore all their ancestors in the spiritual world as well as the 160 families on earth through the grace of ancestors' liberation and Blessing of spirits given by the True Parents. Hence, it is very precious that through the Chung Pyung providence we can have our direct ancestors of seven generations and 120 generations liberated.

2. Spiritual conditions required for ancestors' liberation ceremony

Liberating your ancestors first from seven generations and then from 120 generations requires a great amount of spiritual conditions and indemnity conditions from you. Before the liberation ceremony for direct ancestors began, we worked with the spirits distressing the participating members most and with the troubling ancestors related to these spirits. If we could not find the most vicious ancestors, however, we just moved on to other ancestors with less degree of damage. The ceremony for direct ancestors, however, is extremely difficult because we have to exactly find the designated and fixed set of spirits - the direct ancestors from seven and 120 generations.

I cannot find your ancestors easily just because my spiritual eyes are open. After making pains-taking spiritual conditions, I have to go to the spiritual world, complicated with many layers, and find them with a help of angels and good spirits. Sometimes, I have to wonder around in order to find wondering spirits. Sometimes, in order to find evil spirits, I have to follow and resolve the sorrows and entangled relationships they had on earth. Sometimes, in order to find the spirits dwelling in your bodies, I have to go into your bodies, too. Hence, if ancestors are to be found this way all the way up to the 120th generation, these efforts must be supported by your strong spiritual conditions. While searching for your ancestors with your name list, I can feel the degree and amount of the spiritual conditions each of you has made. Let's say the spiritual condition required from you is 100. If you have made only eighty, however, I have to make a condition to make up for the remaining twenty, and if you have done only fifty, I have to work for the remaining fifty before finding your ancestors.

Hence, what is demanded is your making utmost spiritual effort and indemnity condition. This is why the True Parents have asked that the participants of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony do morning fasting or fifty bows daily for twenty-one days and make a special donation. Such condition will provide a spiritual foundation upon which Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim can find your ancestors and a good opportunity to make a basis for you and your ancestors to share hearts as people of the same blood.

Furthermore, if the descendents make conditions while the ancestors are receiving an education at the Heung Jin Nim's workshop, it will provide a strong support for the ancestors to remove their sins. When you make conditions for ancestors, they can wash off their sins as if rubbing off body dirt soaked and softened in the bathing pool, and if you do not make them, their efforts will be arduous and painful as if rubbing off body dirt hard and dry. Hence, it is important that even after the liberation ceremony, you continue to support your ancestors by making repentance and spiritual efforts.

3. Predicaments of the members' ancestors

I really wish that you could see the predicaments of your ancestors in the spiritual world. For instance, if they had had a lot of fights on earth, their faces were bruised blue and bleeding in most cases. Some ancestors were rescued through hard struggle from being crushed under a big rock and breathed a sigh of relief, and this was a very pathetic and pitiful sight.

When I first set out to find your direct ancestors, I did not think that it would be so difficult. When I went to the mid and high level of the spiritual world with a name list, I could only find a few ancestors, and most of them were in places of unimaginable affliction. My heart was aching with pain. While continuing the search, I was wondering why these ancestors were in such plights.

In principle, a spirit who lived a good life on earth can live in the good spiritual world as good spirits. Just as the nature has been rapidly polluted by the advancing civilization in the 80s, however, the power of the Satan and evil spirits became stronger because of the providence of returning resurrection of the spirits. As these strengthened evil spirits attacked the good spiritual world and dragged good spirits down to the evil spiritual world, after 1995 it became difficult to find good ancestors in the good spiritual world.

True Father said, "From the 1980s, when evil spirits started attacking the good spiritual world, someone should have brought order to the evil spiritual world by 1995 by taking care of the evil and sorrowful spirits." So when I try to find your ancestors, only few of them are in the mid level, and most of them are staying in fearful and painful places such as hell.

When I find and reach out to your ancestors, other spirits around them desperately beg me to save them together Some spirits are submerged in the mud except their heads, screaming for help. But I have to tell them that I can save them only when there is a request from their descendents to save them, and shake them off and leave them to find other ancestors of yours. This is just like the movie What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams, where we see a field of mud with spirits sticking out their heads and screaming for help on the way Chris travels to find his wife Annie in hell. You do not know how heavy my heart was to have to push away and leave behind those spirits in such plights yelling and crying out for rescue.

So what I am asking you and emphasizing with you is that we must save those seven generation and 120-generation ancestors. You should keep this clearly in mind. You should at least make a minimum condition of fifty bows daily or morning fasting for twenty-one days. Then your ancestors, after being found, will go to Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center and receive a special 100-day workshop to cleanse themselves of their sins with tears and repentance. If some of you just make the spiritual condition without offering the donation, their ancestors will be unable to enter Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center but will have to stay at the waiting station beside the evil spiritual world from which they came. Like someone just picked up from icy water, they will be shivering with fear lest they be sent back to where they came from.

I pass by this waiting station when I go to find your ancestors every week. Then the ancestors come to me and say in trembling voices: "I am an ancestor of so and so. Please ask him to help me go to Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center. Tell him that I will repay him for what he did for me." As they begged me and held my feet this way I shed so much tears of grief.

When I search for the direct ancestors, I go to different corners of the spiritual world with your name lists in my hand. Sometimes, I have to ask your parents who your grandparents are. When things are not certain, I use a lineage checking procedure similar to such earthly methods as blood inspection or genetic evaluation. This way, I thoroughly find and check your direct ancestors from up to seven generations. At that time, ancestors beyond the seventh generation and other relatives who have heard about the ancestors' liberation ceremony ask me to bring them together, sometimes shouting in a loud voice or holding my feet to stop me. So we should reconfirm and strengthen our determination that we will strive to quickly liberate the direct ancestors of seven and 120 generations and establish the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and Heavenly Kingdom in heaven.

4. Members meet with direct ancestor of seven generations

The ancestors' liberation ceremony starts after listening to Dae Mo Nim's speech and thirty minutes of clapping session, when the MC declares in a loud voice, "Ancestors' liberation ceremony will start". As soon as the declaration is made, the waiting ancestors hurry into the hall and sit to the right of their descendents. Some ancestors are overjoyed to meet their children or grandchildren and rub their faces with their descendents' in endless tears, saying, "I missed you, welcome you, and thank you." They feel deep closeness of the blood connection, not to mention joy and gratitude for being saved through their descendents.

Most of the seven-generation direct ancestors shed tears of joy, asking to know what their descendents' wishes are. Since the ancestors want to repay the benefits they received and wish for their descendents to prosper, they make many spiritual conditions in order to resolve troubling situations of their descendents. Although they are busy with a training of repentance and indemnity to cleanse themselves of their sins at the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center, they still make much effort to fulfill the wishes of their descendents. These wishes are bound to come true because these ancestors will actively help their descendents when they come down to earth after finishing the workshop. I sincerely ask you to offer earnest spiritual conditions to liberate the direct ancestors of seven and 120 generations and help build the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and Heavenly Kingdom in heaven, which is the hope of God, the True Parents, and entire humanity.

Dae Mo Nim's Words at the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremonies

5. 100-day workshop in the spiritual world

The seven-generation direct ancestors receive 100-day workshops in a different place from where ordinary spirits receive 100-day workshops. When they enter the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center, they listen to Heung Jin Nim's words to cleanse them of their earthly sins and give them rebirth as good spirits. And they look around the Heavenly Kingdom. They also see the place where they can go as they are at the moment; in other words, they are led to see the place where the spirits of similar sins to theirs are staying. After this, they return to the Workshop Center and work on washing away their sins. At Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center, the ancestors study the Divine Principle and have clapping sessions to wash away their sins. At each stage of progress in the level of goodness, they are led to see the place they can go when they move to the next level, and then again return to the workshop for further progress. Since they diligently receive the training with such a clear goal given stage by stage, they can work off their sins very quickly. This is why they can be transformed into absolutely good spirits within such a short time - 100 days.

At the same time, the seven-generation direct ancestors learn through the 100-day workshop how to help their descendents receive blessing and flourish, and how to guide them to live according to the Principle. They also learn how to find the ancestors from the 8th to 120th generation and how to witness to the members of their tribes. After this, they are reborn as young spirits of thirty-three to forty years of age. Then they come down to the earth, receive Blessing as couples, go back to Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center to receive a forty-day blessed family workshop, and come back to the earth to help the descendents and live there.

When the ancestors come back to earth as absolutely good spirits, lives of our brothers and sisters will change remarkably. You will experience oneness with your ancestors to the extent of being unable to know whether you are in the spiritual world or on earth. You will see many changes in your lives. Just as Sam, the hero of the movie Ghost, trains himself to be able to move a bottle cap, your ancestors receive a training to influence the physical world in Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center.

For this reason, how your live from now is very important. You should keep clearly in mind that if you live according to the Principle with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, you will flourish with Heavenly Fortune, but if you follow the fallen natures (jealousy, anger, hatred, falsehood, greed, and self-centered arrogance) you will end up in a misery worse than before offering the ancestors' liberation ceremony. If you work hard to fulfill God's Will along with amazing help of the absolutely good spirits, the world will soon open where our blessed families can live in blessing and prosperity.

6. Grace given through the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony

The grace of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony is truly magnificent. Before the ancestors' liberation ceremony, the ancestors of our brothers and sisters were in dreadful places in the spiritual world. Many of them were screaming for help with their heads sticking out of the mud field, and I could not bear to see such situations. The Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony saves those spirits and transforms them into absolutely good spirits eligible to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Furthermore, when the True Parents opens the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom, your seven-generation direct ancestors, as owners of the good spiritual world, will receive the glorious privilege of welcoming the True Parents as attendants at the gateway. Then, when the True Parents enter the Heavenly Kingdom, the attending ancestors will receive the great glory to follow the True Parents to enter the beautiful Heavenly Kingdom ahead of everyone else.

The ancestors in the spiritual world already know that such great privilege is available. Hence, your non-direct ancestors such as your grandparents on mother's side, ants, uncles, etc. beg for salvation, saying, "Please save me. I will surely repay you for the favor. Just deliver me from this bondage." They talk about how they helped the blessed families while on earth, for instance taking care of their babies, providing economic aids, etc. For this reason, if the blessed families make the necessary spiritual conditions, we make it possible to save these relatives on the basis of such relationship of help just until the end of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony. They cannot be saved for free, however. In order to save them, blessed families must make the indemnity donation and spiritual conditions. Through this, they receive the same benefit as the seven-generation direct ancestors. This means that for you the good spirit helpers increase in number.

By saving the direct ancestors, we must eliminate the hereditary sins handed down from the ancestors. In order to clear the hereditary sin, you should attend Chung Pyung workshops continuously and liberate the sorrowful spirits dwelling in your bodies because of your ancestors. Especially, Japanese members should liberate their direct ancestors quickly. They can be delivered from such debilitating diseases as metal illness, atopy, and cancer only when the spirits of the Korean comfort girls and forced draftees for Japanese military are liberated from sorrow. For this reason, the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony is a precious grace that cannot be attained even for a ton of gold bullion. Although the process of finding the direct ancestors is very arduous, I become filled with joy and hope once I find them.

In the future, evil spirits will act aggressively, bringing to the earth many diseases such as mental illness, cancer, epilepsy, autism, down syndrome, etc. But you will be protected from these diseases because you will be rid of these evil and sorrowful spirits through the Chung Pyung providence. Although you may suffer a disease or pain from evil spirits, you do not have to worry so much because the domain of good spiritual world has been greatly expanded through the Blessing of the 70 billion spirits on last June 7, and the power of the absolutely good spirits has been strengthened as the three-day workshop passed the 333rd session as of June 12. It is clear that the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony is a precious grace of God and the True Parents to enable you to live a healthy and happy life.

You should understand clearly that the way of blessing is to liberate the seven generation and 120-generation direct ancestors, separate the spirits dwelling in your bodies, and live according to the Divine Principle. Your ancestors saved will be deeply grateful to you for saving them and will extend concern and love to you in order to help you by all means.

7. Ancestors' liberation ceremony up to the 120th generation

After the fall of Adam and Eve, God has been leading the providence of restoration for six thousand years with an uncompromising determination to regain the lost children of love. The ignorant human beings, however, betrayed the Will and love of God and degenerated into dwelling places of Satan and came under ridicules as servants of Satan. In order to bring back such mankind as children, God has been showing us the model course of subjugating Satan at the levels of symbol, image, and substance by sending numerous prophets.

While developing the providence of restoration in each age, and by teaching the mankind how to bring the Satan to voluntary submission, God has been striving to find a body where God can dwell, namely, a holy temple, and has been expanding the realm of holiness through family, nation, country, and world.

As we live in the last age when the providence of restoration must come to a completion, we must correct all the errors in the history after the fall. This is done by liberating the 120-generation ancestors and connecting them to God and the True Parents. You have the mission and responsibility to receive the will of the True Parents and bring conclusion to all the unfinished works of history. Only a few months away from the launch of the new millenium, we must put an end to the entire six-thousand-year history of sin and complete the providence of restoration that God and the True Parents desire to complete. For this purpose, the True Parents said that after the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony, we should perform a total liberation ceremony by continuing the ancestors' liberation ceremony by seven generations at each stage all the way until we reach the 120th generation.

Furthermore, the True Parents even said that we should establish order in the spiritual world by going all the way up to the 180th generation and by liberating even Adam and Eve. The ancestors' liberation ceremony at Chung Pyung, however, reaches up to 120 generations. By using the name list from the liberation ceremonies up to the 120th generation, you yourselves can find and liberate the ancestors between the 121st and 180th generations toward purifying the blood lineage of the entire mankind after the fall of Adam and Eve. Then everything will be accomplished. The original Garden of Eden God desired will be realized on earth. The beautiful Heavenly Kingdom where the True Parents can rejoice, sing, and dance with drum beats will be established on earth. In other words, God's ideal Heavenly Kingdom on earth will be built, and Heavenly Kingdom in heaven will be restored.

For this reason, starting with the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony, you should have all the ancestors from the 120 generations found and liberated, and tell about the Chung Pyung providence to all the people of the world who do not believe in God's providence of restoration and connect them to God and the True Parents.

8. Attitude of members in participating in the ancestors' liberation ceremony

The three-day workshop where the ancestors' liberation ceremony is performed carries a great significance. This is the important time to rescue your ancestors screaming and agonizing in hell and send them to the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center where they are transformed into absolutely good spirits eligible to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It is also the time to separate the evil spirits from your bodies. These things will deepen and enrich your lives.

The True Parents said: "In the Chung Pyung special workshops, our members should separate evil spirits so earnestly that they are reluctant to spare time even for sleeping and eating. They are not in the position to sit comfortably and eat. They should be grateful even when they have to eat only rice balls with salt and sleep while sitting or outside under the tree because of lack of space." In the workshop, deeply repenting for all the sins your ancestors committed on earth and sins you have committed by failing to live by the True Parents' words after receiving the Blessing, you should struggle fiercely to receive the forgiveness of God and the True Parents.

Many evil spirits are occupying your bodies. Without separating them, you will not be able to extirpate the fallen nature, hereditary sins, and individual sins, nor perfect your individuality. Hence, with a firm determination to expel the evil spirits from the body by all means, and by deeply repenting for your past life of sin, you should strive to give up yourself and separate the evil spirits through such activities as clapping, five-tree prayer, and service activities, for instance dining area and bathroom cleaning. You should never do this only in form or out of obligation. Your attitude should be thanking God and the True Parents for offering the grace of salvation through such a splendid holy place and making efforts to change and renew yourself.

Also, you should remove all the fallen nature you have had, and make spiritual conditions with ardent desire to become one with God and the True Parents. This is why I am asking you to make much spiritual effort before coming to the workshop. You can't just come to the workshop with no preparation. Please receive the workshop earnestly with a determination that through this workshop you will help rescue your ancestors from such dreadful hell by all means, transform them into absolutely good spirits, and send them to the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven.

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