New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence

Chapter 2 - History of Chung Pyung Providence and Liberation Ceremonies for Direct Ancestors

According to the direction of God and True Parents, the Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of Seven Generations (hereinafter referred to as "Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony") must be performed between February 12 and August 31, 1999. After the conclusion of the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony, the same ceremony must be performed for the direct ancestors from the eighth to 120th generation by the stages of seven generations each. Now is the time of grace when the spiritual world is being completely saved through the liberation of direct ancestors, and the time of harvest when the entire providence of restoration for the spiritual and physical worlds is coming to completion. Especially, those ancestors being saved and blessed through the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony will be cleansed of the original sin, collective sins, hereditary sins, and individual sins they themselves committed on earth and become absolutely good spirits through the special privilege granted by the True Parents.

Ancestors' liberation ceremony is a precious and beautiful ceremony of restoration whereby all the fallen people can be reborn as complete and original children in the name of the True Parents. Jesus, who two thousand years ago promised to come back, did return as the True Parents. Since the prepared people failed to fulfill their responsibilities just as in the time of Jesus, however, True Parents had to cover their areas of responsibility by making indemnity conditions. In order to expand the foundation of goodness all the way to the cosmos, the True Parents have paid a great amount of indemnity and blessed us as blessed families. Furthermore, they have graciously opened the path for us to be accepted as children of the True Family.

During the course of restoration through indemnity covered with suffering, True Parents stayed focused on God, completed the entire providence, and established the cosmic realm of victory. Before the ancestors' liberation ceremony became possible, they had endured arduous course of pain and spiritual conditions and won victory over the Satan and hundreds of millions of evil spirits. It is upon this foundation of overall victory that the ancestors' liberation ceremony started centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim.

Heung Jin Nim had a Seung Hwa on January 2, 1984. Most of the blessed families must know about the cause of his Seung Hwa. When the True Parents were in dire straits because of the blessed families' failure to carry out their responsibilities, Heung Jin Nim went to the spiritual world before the True Parents as an offering of indemnity for their sake. We should know that after the Seung Hwa, Heung Jin Nim has been showing deep concerns and love for the blessed families.

On the occasion of Heung Jin Nim's Seung Hwa, the True Parents declared the Day of Victory of Love on January 3, 1984, appointing Heung Jin Nim as the supreme commander of the spiritual world and expecting him, in the position of elder brother, to love and take care of the blessed families, in the position of younger brother. Upholding such a desire of the True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, after developing the ability to control the overall environment of the spiritual world, established a Workshop Center there, opening a path whereby even spirits from hell can be rescued, educated, and become absolutely good spirits. Furthermore, he is struggling fiercely to fulfill the responsibility of the elder brother to resolve spiritual complications of the blessed families on earth and guide them to be devoted and filial to the True Parents.

On the other hand, behind the grace of ancestors' liberation ceremony, there was Dae Mo Nim's earnest spiritual effort. When she was on the earth, she made serious spiritual conditions for the True Family and always worried about the blessed families. She zealously offered spiritual conditions as she was deeply concerned that the blessed families, instead of living according to the Principle and forming ideal families, were suffering under evil spirits and from sickness and pain while living in violation of the Principle. While making spiritual conditions for blessed families, Dae Mo Nim's spiritual eyes opened and saw a myriad of evil spirits in the bodies of blessed families. Then, Dae Mo Nim prayed to God to give her the mission to separate the evil spirits from the blessed families, whereupon God replied that she could not do it while in the physical body and that it could be done only through the returning resurrection of the spirits. For this reason, Dae Mo Nim volunteered her life to be shortened and went to the spiritual world, where she discovered many spiritual secrets through ardent spiritual efforts and started a preparation to initiate the Chung Pyung providence instructed by the True Parents.

On January 19, 1995, Dae Mo Nim could embark upon the Chung Pyung providence, through which she has been bringing love of God and the True Parents to our brothers and sisters by means of many miracles. So far, Dae Mo Nim's work at Chung Pyung has been developing continuously, establishing the realm of victory in the spiritual world through the Blessing of the spirits. Dae Mo Nim resolved troubles of many sorrow-stricken spirits that had been inflicting pain upon our brothers and sisters. At the same time, she found and performed liberation ceremonies for the ancestors of our members agonizing in the spiritual world.

Having started on November 17, 1997 with the 600 members from East Tokyo who had completed their portions for the Forty Million Couples' Blessing and attended the three-day workshop at Chung Pyung, the ancestors' liberation ceremony has been performed in every Chung Pyung workshop. These ancestors' liberation ceremonies, unlike the liberation ceremony for direct ancestors, called in and liberated the ancestors directly related to the sorrowful spirits clinging to our bodies. Furthermore, on November 29, 1997, the True Parents blessed 3.2 billion spirits in the venue of the Forty Million Couples International Holy Wedding Ceremony. December 1 of the same year, through the prayer of the Ceremony of Proclamation of Opening of the Spiritual World, the True Parents delegated the authority to bless the spirits to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, making it possible to liberate and bless the spirits in full scale.

In January 1, 1999, the True Parents gave the new year's motto "Cosmic expansion of the True Blessing and Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage". Then, in Uruguay on August 1, they offered a great prayer of grace to the effect that after we remove our fallen natures and unify the mind and body through love and spiritual efforts, we should perform an ancestors' liberation ceremony for our direct ancestors, first up to the seventh generation and then up to the 120th generation. In concrete, the True Parents gave a direction to start the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony at Chung Pyung from February 12, 1999 and after it, the 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony

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