New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence

Chapter 1 - True Father's Words Concerning the Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors

1. True Father's words concerning the Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of Seven Generations and Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of 120 Generations

Now, as we enter the new millenium, you should make the spirits of your ancestors young through ancestors' liberation ceremony and use them to witness to members of your tribes, searching for them in the spiritual and physical worlds.

True God's Day, January 1, 1999, Punta Del Este, Uruguay

All the Unification members throughout the world should join the Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of Seven Generations. In the he age of Jesus, blessing reached up to four generations. In the age of True Parents, however, you can go over the realm of family only after finding your ancestors up to the seventh generation and performing a liberation ceremony for them. In entering the new Completed Testament Age, you can complete the restoration of 160 families on earth as tribal messiahs only when you find and liberate your ancestors, starting with the first seven generations and then expanding to 120 generations. The liberation ceremony is performed as a work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung.

January 29, 1999, Han Nam Dong House

2. True Father's words concerning ancestors' liberation

Even the ancestors connected to the Unification Church are divided into good and evil ones. Here, a good ancestor is an Abel and evil one is a Cain. Ancestors' liberation cannot be done just for the good ancestors because evil ancestors must be liberated in order for good ancestors to play their roles as good ancestors. I am asking you to do this because I can see everything spiritually and know everything.

Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, 75-256 January 5, 1975

Since I have granted you the authority of tribal messiah and placed you in the position to restore your homeland and revive your parents, I also must go back to my hometown and liberate my parents and ancestors. This is fitting for me as a public figure, whether considered from the heaven and earth, four directions, or high and low grounds.

Speeches, 197-100; January 7, 90

You should go back to your hometowns, liberate your parents, re-assert the dignity of the country towards the world, and resolve the sorrow of your nation and ancestors, thereby establishing an endless realm of liberation under the heaven and entering into eternal age of joy and prosperity. This is God's Will. Will you be worriers in this battle or not? "We will." You should work harder than any missionaries of Christianity. You must invest your heart and passion more intensely than those who are striving to become elected to the National Assembly.

Speeches, 166-271; June 7, 1987

As I see the country after coming back from the global victory, it is divided in two, and we must unify it. In creating a unified country, you must establish your own countries, people, tribes, and families. The knell of death will ring for North Korea when the people come to hang better pictures of mine than Kim Il Sung's in their homes and serve me more ardently than North Koreans do Kim Il Sung. When the people serve the True Parents in every corner of Korea, whether hills or plains, God and Heavenly Fortune will visit your families.

When you gracefully receive the True Parents when they visit you through the original connection and along the path of destiny, and hang their pictures at home, your ancestors and spiritual world will look at the picture and help you. Your ancestors will be liberated only after the entire ancestors bow down to the picture. After the ancestors, the entire family must come together and bow down to the picture. Only then, will your relationship with the invading evil spirits be severed, and will the gate open through which you can join the True Parents' victorious realm of liberation. Hence, you should understand that you are children of the king who will subjugate the Satan and representatives of the people of the world.

Speeches, 212-52; January 1, 1991

Wait and see. If you go to the spiritual world without offering the ancestors' liberation ceremony, your ancestors will grab you by the neck and accuse you, saying, "You dumb, why didn't you bring me in to the Unification Church even when you knew and received help from the Rev. Moon?" You do not know that now, but just wait until you die and see if I am right or wrong. When you go to your ancestors, your ancestors will wring your neck. They will say, "You idiot. What have you done on earth? What is the worth of having been a professor, or VOC leader? You ass hole. When you knew the Rev. Moon on earth, shouldn't you have served him as your parents and wished him long life on our behalf, and built an altar of liberation for us? You should have liberated your ancestors and made preparation to purify your descendents. But what have you done?" Your ancestors from seventy generations will persecute and accuse you.

Speeches, 210-368: December 27, 1990

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