New World - The Ancestor Liberation Providence


True Parents at Holy Blessing

Dae Mo Nim (Hak Ja Han's mother, not Hyo Nam Kim) with True Parents

True Parents giving the benediction prayer announcing the opening of the spiritual world [with Hyo Nam Kim]

The ancestors' liberation ceremony is a precious grace of blessing that is granted on the foundation of the victory achieved by the True Parents on earth. The Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of Seven Generations (hereinafter referred to as "Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony") and the Liberation Ceremony for Direct Ancestors of 120 Generations (hereinafter referred to as " 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony") started with Korean and Japanese members in Chung Pyung on February 12, 1999. And now, these ceremonies are quickly spreading throughout the World of Unification Church including the United States, Brazil, Russia, and other European countries, creating remarkable spiritual experiences.

In this volume, we have collected and topically organized True Father's speeches on the ancestors' liberation ceremony and Dae Mo Nim's words of guidance shared over the thirty-nine sessions from the 312th session of Chung Pyung workshop on February 12, 1999, when the first Seven Generation Liberation took place, to its 350th session on August 29. The purpose of publishing this concise thematic collection of Dae Mo Nim's guidance is that the Unification members accurately understand the history of ancestors' liberation through Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim up to the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony and 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony and participate in these ceremonies by spiritually preparing themselves at a level harmonious with Dae Mo Nim's.

One day, late evening of July 3, 1999, Deaconess Hyo Nam Kim, who is channeling Dae Mo Nim, had to rush down from her prayer room to the office for some reason. Her face was then completely yellow as if she had jaundice. We were totally surprised and asked her if she was OK. She just answered that her face was yellow because she had not put on makeup, and left the office again in a hurry. Later on, we came to understand that when Deaconess Kim goes to the spiritual world in search for ancestors along with Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and angels, her spirit leaves her body like a long balloon. On the aforementioned day when she came to the office, her face was yellow because her spirit had hurried down from ancestors' search and had not been able to settle properly in the body yet.

When the workshop participants go to bed at night, Deaconess Kim goes to the spiritual world along with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in search for ancestors. She shares that at such times she feels the anxiety of a mother of the old times going into a child delivery room. Since in the old times medical facilities were poor, mothers in labor could not guarantee their survival, and they wondered if they could wear the shoes again that they had taken off to enter the room. Deaconess Kim risks her life in entering the spiritual world and looking for ancestors all night. If some participants fall short in making spiritual conditions, she says that she has to make additional spiritual efforts to make up for the shortage. It is because finding ancestors takes this much effort that Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are requesting the brothers and sisters to make serious spiritual conditions and scold those who make conditions habitually without real substance. We believe that when members accurately understand Dae Mo Nim's guidance on the background and significance of ancestors' liberation ceremony and spiritual conditions required, they can considerably improve their attitude in receiving the workshops. Hence, we feel fortunate to be able to publish her words of guidance now, although the booklet should have come out much earlier. On the other hand, we are regretfully aware that this booklet cannot fully convey the fire and spiritual power with which she spoke. Also, we regret that although there have been so many fascinating spiritual experiences, in selecting their testimonies for the booklet, we have simply relied on the testimonies left behind by the participants instead of actively collecting accounts of these experiences. We would like to ask the readers to understand these difficulties generously.

Especially, Heung Jin Nim said, "Brothers and sisters should know that the ancestors' liberation ceremonies up to the 120th generation is a means of removing the hereditary sins from Adam and Eve and is based on the True Parents' hope and will of true love to open the age of new beginning of heaven and earth." Asking us again to make sincere efforts to build the heavenly kingdom on earth and heaven, he gave the title for the present booklet: "New World".

In conclusion, we sincerely hope that this booklet can serve as a guideline for our brothers and sisters to deepen the understanding of ancestors' liberation ceremony so that they can help save many ancestors suffering in darkness and pain and have clear spiritual experience and spiritual support of ancestors through the Seven Generation Liberation Ceremony and 120 Generation Liberation Ceremony.

Editorial Committee for Dae Mo Nim's Words Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center, August 15, 1999

Translator's note: "Direct ancestors" means the ancestors on the fathers' ancestral line who are connected as the direct parents of the father at each generation. Hence, one's direct ancestors include his parents, his father's parents, the parents of the grandfather on his father's side, and so forth.

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