Insights Into The Afterlife 30 Questions And Answers On What To Expect

By Nora M. Spurgin


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Questions and Answers

1. Is there life after death? How do we know?

2. If life continues after physical death, where is such life lived?

3. What is a near-death experience ?

4. Is going to the spirit world automatic?

5. What is the spirit world like?

6. Can spiritual growth take place on the other side ?

7. Are people on the spiritual side aware of our passing?

8. Will we know and be with our relatives and friends who have passed on before us?

9. What will we look like in the spiritual world?

10. What will we do in the spiritual world?

11. Do we have to be religious?

12. If we are not religious, what happens?

13. Does what we believe and practice in different religious traditions make a difference in terms of quality of life in the spiritual world?

14. Will we meet God and other religious figures?

15. Of what significance are repentance and making amends before we die?

16. What about heaven and hell?

17. What could we do while still living in the physical body to make a better transition at death?

18. After entering the spirit world, can we return to loved ones on earth?

19. Why can't people on earth see or hear the spirit if it is still alive and trying to make contact?

20. Do our prayers for the deceased help?

21. Is there time and space in the spiritual world?

22. Can we still enjoy physical and sensual pleasure in the spirit world; for example, food, drink, and sex?

23. What happens to one who commits suicide?

24. Does suffering on earth have spiritual value?

25. What about reincarnation?

26. Are angels different from spirits of people who have lived on earth?

27. Are there demonic spirits and angels?

28. Do we pass through some kind of judgment on our earthly life?

29. Are there marriages in the next life? If I'm married now, will our family be together?

30. What are some guidelines for disposing of one's estate?


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