Universal Peace Federation - Asian Leadership Conference - April 20 – 23, 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand

 Table of Contents

Program (pdf)

1. Session I: Dual Purpose and Pair System Principle - Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

2. Session II: Attributes of True Love - Ursula McLackland (pdf)

3. Session III: The Importance of Marriage and Family for Society - Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

3a. Session III: Give & Take Action and the Purpose of Life - Ursula McLackland (pdf)

4. Session IV: Human Responsibility and Existence of the Spirit World - Ursula McLackland (pdf)

5. Session V: The Root Cause of Human Conflict and Suffering - Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

6. Session VI: The Significance of the Blessing - Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

7. Session VII: The UPF Founders' Life and Vision - Ursula McLackland (pdf)

8. Session VIII: The UPF Founders' Peace Initiatives - Ek Nath Dhakal and Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

9. Report on the Asian Leadership Conference and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Bangkok - Robert Kittel - April 23, 2018 (pdf)

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