Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden on Christmas Eve

Sun Myung Moon
December 24, 2005
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Mrs. Standard
Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn)

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

True Parents entered and cut the victory cake. Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards joined with Dr. Neil Salonen to offer a 120 Nations victory Trophy on behalf of IIFWP, FFWPU, Ambassador for Peace and ACLC. Dr. Yang and I joined in. Mr. Furuta and Rev. Kamiyama presented a very beautiful crystal commemorating the global victory of our True Parents.


Everything went very well in Canada last night. The three primary nations must be unified as one. The language must be unified as one. Speaking Korean is very important. Therefore I have assigned Korean leadership to every culture. Because of the change of one word, things can become totally confusing. You must understand how important it is to understand one language and concept. English has been used, and Spanish, too. However, Korean is the language for unifying all cultures.

We must have one mainstream that can bring everyone together. For three to seven years Koreans and all leaders should be trained in other nations. From now on centering on Korea, Korean language and culture must be united together, and all cultures united together. You have to follow the right tradition. Some people think that we shouldn't use Chinese characters. However, we should use them because they mean so much. We have to come together in common understanding. The Chinese even have a 10,000 year calendar.

The way we can unify all cultures is through language. Here is a flower; it has existed for millions of years. Because of its seed, it can continue on for ages. It has a certain character. The seed doesn't change even after a billion years.

We cannot transcend God, and we cannot get away from God. We need to reach the highest realm in the spirit and the heart. Japan's invasion of Korea had certain ramifications. The United States went to war with Japan, and Russia declared war on Japan one week before the end of the war. Then Russia and America confronted each other after World War II. This led to the 38th Parallel.

The main point is that unifying the language is the central point from which culture can be unified. Whether you are Korean, American or Japanese, it doesn't matter. I told you more than 20 years ago that we must not have interpreters. We must overcome this. Many times because of different understandings and different interpretations, people fight.

In China there are books that we must understand. China is going to rise; soon it will have more expert people in every area of human endeavor. The reason why is that the Chinese language is very versatile and unique. You must know Korean.

Now we must reach the top. When we reach the, top we can see everything. When we look at different cultures, we realize that we must unify the world. If you don't have a clear direction, you don't know where to go and what to do. I'm not saying this just because I am Korean. We must establish the Abel UN.

Jesus should have been the center of Israel. God made so many preparations. Sometimes it seems that the things God allowed Israel to go through were cruel, but it was preparation. Jesus had to restore the elder son's position. The settlement of Cain is very important; without it, you cannot have the settlement of Abel.

The fact that you are in the Unification Church is quite amazing. If you really understood the Divine Principle, you would never be able to leave.

In the history of Israel, Jacob is the one who brought victory. How did he bring this victory? The problem that occurred after his victory was that they couldn't bring all people together. They became proud and happy that they were chosen; they didn't know how to embrace all people. You cannot be number one alone. If you are number one, you must be supported by the people. You must sacrifice to win the people.

(Father picked up a lily.) Look how beautiful this is. You can see that it has a clear center. The lily represents the bride. Look how symmetrical and beautiful this flower is. It is completely balanced. I developed Hwan Hwa Do based on balance and symmetry in a martial art. You can see the number 13 in he lily. There are six pedals with two parts, giving the number 12. Then the center brings the number 13. I offered the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship on January 13, 2001. This was done to completely liberate God and open the gates to liberate hell.

What gives off the fragrance in a lily? The petals give off fragrance. When a girl matures to the point where she is ready to have babies, she becomes like the lily. The bride in the Bible is many times compared to the lily. However, we must have the right direction. Women are responsible to set the right direction. Women centering on God's love should guide men. Men have the seed; women have the honey. Women should guide men. The woman is made to receive, and her womb is concave whereas man is convex. The two form a reciprocal relationship. Females want to depend on males, and men should protect women.

Even now some people think they are the center and they don't need anyone else. However, there is always room to embrace others and reconcile. We should never think we are the center and then cut off from others.

Through exchange marriage we can achieve a universal culture, breaking down the walls. Korea was invaded 900 times in its 5000-year history. Through that, Koreans were deeply disciplined to be connected with God. So many times Korea was attacked and invaded. Koreans gained the incredible strength through that to overcome difficulties.

Dr. Peter Kim: Don't you think that Father looks young? What is his secret? (Father said, "God's love.") When Dr. Walsh and I were sitting in the front row, we felt clearly that Father is radiating.

We know that you were praying and doing many things. However, I realized that Father and Mother totally risked their lives to go around the world. There were many dangers, both physical and in terms of security and internally. We felt many times that this may be the very last time Father speaks in these nations. Then Father would speak five hours. He didn't want to stop. He wanted to give everything. Many times he collapsed in exhaustion after a long speech. He wouldn't even have time to wash.

Father wanted to give his speech totally from the heart. Therefore Father would work to be inspired by reading the speech. Father probably read his speech more than 600 times. Then he could give his heart. We must understand Father's heart. The most important thing I learned on the tour was how Father invests his heart. Not just because it's the new millennium. If you don't believe, just wait until you see what it is like in the year 2013. God's dispensation will be fully realized. You won't believe what you are about to see.

Don't think, "Oh, because I'm a blessed family, we will just enter heaven." This is the cosmic spring in which we can sow incredible seed for the future. If you wait and miss the chance of this springtime, your family will suddenly find itself in winter with no harvest and you will be shocked. This is the cosmic springtime and therefore this is the time to plant and then to harvest. We must perfect ourselves: this is the most important dimension of our lives. We must truly use this time effectively. We must go through 2008 and then 2009 - 10 -11 -12.

The words that Father is speaking are unprecedented in history. This has never been done before. Father proclaimed the Word and then in 2001 he did the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Then Father was crowned as the King of Peace in the U.S. What does King of Peace mean? That he is the true owner of this world. What did he emphasize? The human Fall. In Geneva Father set the condition to go into very deep education concerning the Fall and what was lost. When I was translating I got the feeling that True Father was so serious and pouring out his heart so strongly that it was as if he were vomiting blood.

What are the problems? Free Sex, connected to blood; homosexuality, connected to blood; AIDS, connected to blood.

The second problem came because the blood lineage was lost. Cain killed Abel. Murder resulted.

The third problem was ownership. God didn't want to give up His ownership but because His children fell He was helpless and had to allow the ownership to go to Satan.

Many people have ownership of things now, such as property, cash, etc. Our responsibility is to give up everything 100 %; give it to God so God can bless it and give it back to us.

The way to really secure peace is through exchange marriage. We cannot bear the True Olive Tree seed through just one Gyocha blessing. We have to do this from generation to generation. Then we can finally bear a pure blood lineage. This is an incredibly hard process. We must then understand the value of the exchange marriage. As you know the Universal Peace Federation was inaugurated in New York. It was going to be 67 nations, but three new nations came up, rejecting past misunderstanding. Four nations that were blocked opened up, but Father could only go to three. Symbolically Father could restore the number 70. Father traveled over 130,000 km, the distance to cover the globe three times. Father spent 178 hours in the plane.

Father is one month shy of 87 years of age, by Korean counting. He risked everything. Also Father set the condition that in the spirit world no one would be able to say, "You didn't visit me." Father felt, "If I don't speak longer and give everything, you may feel a lack of love later and feel resentment in the spirit world." Now no one can feel that. Father gave everything. We are in the age that we can rapidly expand Heaven. 250 billion spirits in the spirit world are blessed.


Even if there are that many spirits and forces of heaven mobilized to help us, however if we don't make the right conditions, they can do nothing. If we make the proper conditions, then the spirit world cascades down like a waterfall to help us.

Peter Kim:

Only through our setting the proper conditions can the spirit world pour down. Many were led spiritually to Father. In Peru one school is teaching the Divine Principle officially. One religious founder, on the train, received a revelation that his prayers are of no use unless he is connected to Rev. Moon.

Now the spiritual power is so great that we must be trained properly so that we can use it without having the spiritual fire burn us up.

Right after the 99th city one member of a 36 couple passed away. That was like some kind of sacrificial offering to God. Hwang, Whan Choi was a 36 couple. Father made a calligraphy, "Congratulations. I am sending you as a special envoy to Heaven." Father wrote to Heung Jin Nim. Father signed and sent him to the spirit world. Father spread that kind of realm of resurrection to the world. Father promoted the Bering Strait project so that the whole world can join in. Unity in Israel must come for Palestinians, Jews, Christians and Muslims; North and South Korea must be one, and the Bering Strait project must be fulfilled. These are the three keys to peace.

The World Peace King Bridge Tunnel must never carry any weapons. It must be used only for peace. These things will be done. The faster we move, the sooner these will be completed.

Father emphasized the involvement of religious and political leaders in all UPF efforts. Political leaders, especially women leaders, should advise us.

There must be an Abel congress and a heavenly structure. This is the time to proclaim God's victory. On December 27th there will be a huge gathering for 50,000 people in Korea. It will include the Min Dan, Cho Chung Young, the North Korean residents and South Korean residents in Japan - 5,000 of each will come to the rally on the 27th.

Even though Satan's power is cut, there are still the remnants of evil. Fiji blocked our path. We found out that one Korean Christian minister was behind this. Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards worked with Rev. Jenkins, Dr. Yang together with Mr. Joo to strongly challenge this. The ACC (Assembly of Christian Churches), with wrong information from a Korean minister, influenced the Prime Minister. Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards won the Christians and got very positive news coverage. Oceania has a very good foundation with Christians and this will be completely turned into a victory. We thank Bishop Stallings and Rev. Jesse Edwards. (Father called him Heaven's General).


We want to help Fiji; that's why we will educate them and they will reverse this.

Peter Kim:

A most central testimony on the tour was about Shin Jun Nim. He totally believes that Father is his physical father and the Hyung Jin Nim is his elder brother. He would come looking for Father. Father's legs would be so swollen after he spoke for 5 hours; when you pushed the skin in, it wouldn't come back out for a long time. Even with that, Father always was so happy to see Shin Jun Nim. He was the true joy maker. We were so lucky to have Shin Jun Nim with us. He brought youth, energy, and joy. It was truly great. Shin Jun Nim was always caring for others and always giving us incredible love.

As an interpreter, I spoke for many hours. Father said that it wasn't so much. Alejandro translated and had to go to the bathroom but couldn't. Finally after eight hours he had an accident.

Father's actual speeches had many times the content of the core speech. This is now being translated and will be made into a special volume. Father spoke to the people, heart to heart. It was as if Father took off his tie and just shared from the heart. People could feel this, and they were transformed within 30 minutes. Also, we need the words of truth, not only spiritual phenomena or movements of the heart. So what we did in essence was Hoon Dok Hae worldwide. At the same time as I mentioned, Father was so open and honest. Father said, "You must sleep naked as husband and wife." He said, "I'm doing it and you should do it. If you don't, you won't smoothly enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

The tradition should be that we cast no shadow through what we call the High Noon Settlement. To achieve this is up to each one of us. There is an analogy that I would like to give. There was a son in a farmer's home. No matter what, he didn't study hard. The father then knew this was not good for the son. The father said, "If you go to Seoul University, the best university, I will buy you the best car. He was very serious. They agreed, and the son studied hard. He got into the school and said, "Dad, didn't you say you would buy me a car? He said, "Oh well, my gift to you is this Bible. Everything you want will come from this Bible." The son was resentful and said, "My Father didn't give me a car". Then graduation day came and he said, "You didn't get me the gift." Then the father said, "Open your Bible; there was a check for the new car." It was in his hands all the time!!

Why do I tell this? Because the gift that Father has given you is already in your hands. It doesn't come from the world but from Heaven. If you put your heart into the call of God at this time, you will receive the treasures that you have longed for, the treasures of Heaven.


Who will take responsibility? Who will take responsibility at this time? Young people must be educated at this time. I am doing all this on behalf of Jesus, who couldn't do this. Today I am making more determination and resolve to fulfill my responsibility before Heaven. I really hope and pray that you can really sacrifice to bring unity between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We should build a peace palace. Now when I leave, I don't know when I will be back.

I really hope that you can take responsibility for America. You can't just do it any way you want. When you are given responsibility, you cannot just change people's positions just because you like to. Time is passing by very quickly.

We must educate the island nations. There are 14 nations in Oceania. We cannot just abandon those people; we must reach out and help them. I am sending two of our special elders to the Solomon Islands - Rev. Won Pil Kim and Rev. Young Whi Kim. Many didn't understand the Bible; we have to educate them properly. We have to set the condition to move the spirit world. I will now make a donation to the Solomon Islands. I want to give the financial support so that young people can be educated. Now we are building 400 boats. They must be made as quickly as possible. I want to send Korean and Japanese women. Should American women go there ? Now even the pirates that did bad things must be restored there. To do that, Korean and Japanese women will become boat captains.

Unification Church members must make a foundation for them. Don't ever just try to be successful by the secular world's standard alone. You will not succeed in your life that way.

People in the religious world have so much responsibility. You white people have a very important mission; you must persevere until you are successful and get victory.

Within the second or third generation, we must complete this providence. It is a most serious task that is ahead of us. It is a deep responsibility, like the Pacific Ocean. Who will serve the task? Without carefully understanding what you are doing from your heart, you can miss the essence.

The original palace will be complete next year. When will I become 100 years old? 2020 (2019 by Korean counting). We may have to mobilize many Koreans. If we send them throughout the world, we must prepare Hoon Dok Hae books for the entire world. We should educate young people about heavenly protocol towards elders and all ways of Heaven. Shin Jun Nim is really living to make others happy. He reminds me of when I was young. I was only caring about my parents' problems.

Now is the time for Heaven. You must educate your children properly. You must make a new beginning. The most important thing is the unification of the languages. If you don't know Korean, how can you be accepted by Korea? You must be very serious about studying Korean. You must know how to survive in any place. You must understand how sorrowful it is to wander without a nation. It is so pitiful. We must restore a nation. More than 1,000 Japanese women can be mobilized. Dr. Yang, you must raise money for the Bering Strait project.

Because this is Christmas Eve, I am constantly thinking of Jesus' grief and sorrow. When you do the same, you can truly unify Christians and save America.

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