Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Father's Comments In Peru

Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 2005
Lima, Peru

True Parents arrived in Peru, land of the Andes and the home of Inkan civilization, at about 11 AM on December 14. Rev. Hong welcomed True Parents at the airport, and True Parents went to the Lima Sheraton, just across from the national House of Justice (supreme court).
During the day Trevor Jones of Tiempos del Mundo Peru, Frank Grow, the Associate Publisher, and T. Walsh paid a visit to the President and Vice President of the Peruvian Congress to introduce the Universal Peace Federation and the vision for Father's tour, and to appoint them as Ambassadors for Peace. There are 120 members in the Peruvian Congress.
The main event began at the hotel at 5:30, with the preprogram entertainment. The main program began at 6:15, and True Father was introduced at 7:30. Father spoke until midnight. About 800 people filled the main hall, with 300-400 in the overflow hall. 98% of the people stayed to the end.

Some comments by Father:

Even God needs an object to share his love... By being filial children we can alleviate God's pain.... We are all the descendants of the Fall. No one has known this or known the reason Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden... Adam and Eve were to become the owners of the universe...The division of humanity is due to the original sin. As a result we have languages, religions, nations.

When we fight, we decline... Can we say we love our country if we do not love our parents and our children? If you persecute someone whose cause is just, you and your family will not prosper... In the mistake of Adam and Eve, we lost everything... Had we not committed the original sin, we would have the same value as God... The spirit world will teach you many things.

I want to resolve all conflicts, for example, between Protestants and Catholics... I am sorry you have to endure for so long, and your bottom gets tired sitting on that chair. But I am only meeting you for the first time and I don't know when I'll get to see you again.

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