Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Father's Comments in Bolivia

Sun Myung Moon
December 13, 2005
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

True Parents arrived in the city of Santa Cruz, one of the three major cities in Bolivia, at about 10 AM, welcomed at the airport by Mr. And Mrs. Fernandez, leading public figures in the city of one and half million.
The first stop was a visit to a recently acquired wood processing plant. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place and True Parents toured the plant, watching the process of creating plywood sheets. Bolivia has significant forests with very large trees. In fact, Bolivia is quite rich in natural resources, and trade is rapidly developing, with Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico.
Nely spoke to TP about how she joined. She attended Mother's speech in Bolivia around 1996, and although she didn't understand it all, she studied it again and again. She had been reluctant to go to the event, because her home situation was so poor. She felt ashamed. Yet she went. She attended law school and graduated at the top of her class. Father said she would make a good judge.
The emcee was a woman who anchors one of the major TV news programs in Bolivia. She wore a Korean dress. The Bolivian people really display a "Mongolian" look, some even look quite Korean.
Father wanted to give a lot during his talk. One highlight was that Shin Joon Nim came out about half way through Father's talk and ran to the stage, and was helped up the steps. He went to Father; they held hands. Father moved away from the podium, and we all joined in singing some of Shin Joon Nim's favorite children's songs, while he danced. Everyone was very happy.

Among the additional comments Father made:

The mind body problem is universal everywhere. How are we going to solve this... So many people are dying of hunger in this world. People without food. The US, Russia, even the UN cannot solve our major problems. Human beings alone cannot solve them. We need God's power... We look for someone different from us, someone who can come to solve the problems. Someone who is connected to and responds to God's heart. That is why Jesus came. It is necessary to have a True Father... God is our vertical Parents, but we need the horizontal Parents on earth. We need to clean up the lineage. God needs prophets to help in this effort. We need to serve God as our parents.

At this time in history, God can be liberated from all his pain... Only someone recognized by God, anointed by God, can give the Blessing. God wants to give Blessing to everyone. That is his heart... To engraft a wild olive tree to a good olive tree we need a savior to come... It is such an enormous force required for me to keep going forward... We live at a time when we can finally change the blood lineage here on earth.

Spiritual world is now guiding me more and more every day... Children formed from marriage with the enemy make the very best children. They are the best. It is so important that intermarriage be practiced to change the world around us. In God's eyes there really are no enemies... Families should live in peace. No more fighting. The heavenly constitution will require husband and wife to respect, and all people, to respect each other... We need to develop a good plan to eliminate poverty.

Many people in religion receive messages. However, no one needs to change their religion. We just need to work together centered on what is most essential... In Korean, "Bolivia" suggests something like "have hope... True Mother came to La Paz in 1996. Bolivia has a significant role to play in the transformation of Latin America... I don't call myself Reverend. I like to relate to all people.

Most important in our lives are our parents. We must be people of filial piety... I prefer to die on this journey, than in some bed while taken care of by some nurse... My relationship with my grandson is so powerful and deep. That kind of experience is only possible in the family... I am giving you a good message, but I may not leave enough time for you to have your meal afterwards." (Laughter)

We should not call this speech a message from heaven, but the "secrets of heaven"... You must keep and cherish the Blessing. It is s big mistake to lose it... At our university we even have a special faculty department of purity studies. Today's youth have no guidance about what is most important in their lives... The Holy Wine Ceremony is such an important spiritual condition. Did you do that tonight? [Yes]... We need to help brothers' unity. That is why the mother must set conditions... Now is the time to create a heavenly constitution and a heavenly country.

There are 193 nations in the UN, but not a single one is the model nation. That is why we have to transform, modify the UN, and create an Abel UN, to liberate God's heart. There's no alternative... I bought lots of land in Brazil for the purpose of saving people... I have so little time to go all that I want to do... We must be grateful that God practices true love toward us, even though we are people of a different blood lineage... Nobody is guiding young people today according to the way of true love... We are now in a new spiritual age... Those who suffered for the sake of others have been gradually raised up in the world.

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