Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

UPF Tour - Honiara, Guadacanal, Solomon Islands

Sun Myung Moon
December 4, 2005

True Parents arrived in the Solomon Islands at 10:30 AM on Sunday, December 4, 2005. We have moved from Micronesia [Palau, Marshalls, Federated States of Micronesia] to Melanesia [Papua New Guinea, Solomon's Vanuatu...] The third region of Oceania is Polynesia [Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Tahiti...]
The Oceania Region has developed an Oceania Leadership Team (like STF) which combines both 1st and 2nd generation with Ambassadors for Peace, and other FFWPU members, who do to various islands. Solomon Islands is a witnessing paradise with so many warm hearted, open people.
Emcee for the main event was Mr. Francis Kairi. Hon. Alan Kemakeza, the Prime Minister, was the guest of honor. He delivered a wonderful address generously acknowledging Father's for peace both internationally and locally. He expressed great appreciation for the opportunities for SI leaders to attend international conferences.

Father's additional comments included:

Many religious leaders are proud of their doctrine. But the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with those doctrines. Many Christians think God will bring salvation and all we need to do is believe, but they do not understand the true nature of the Fall and God's situation... I received this message from God. It is not my message. I read this message at least four times each day. You may think I am giving harsh words, but I want you to be fully awake... Since the Fall there has been disunity of mind and body, and conflict on all levels. I heard that even here in Solomon's that there has been conflict between people of two different provinces, over land. 800 people were killed. What is so valuable about land; it is not more valuable than human life... We have to restore the original state of unity of mind and body and theism and materialism.

If you can understand the suffering heart of God, you are much better off than those who live an affluent life. Only through heart and love will leadership be determined in the future... What about you people of Solomon Islands do you have strict relations of fidelity between man and woman. What I was in Africa I learned that there is so much expansion of AIDS due to free sex. Unification movement teaches pure love. Truth is going to rule the world, by the power of true love... White people are the polar bear race. Yellow race people are the descendants of brown bear race, descendants of farmers, descendants of Mongolian race. Black people are descendants of black bears. Farmers had to rely on God's grace for rain and so they became more religious. When I went to America, I went to stop fighting between blacks and whites.

I have special ability to foresee what is coming. Even when driving in a car I will suddenly tell my driver to turn. I learn later that we avoided a terrible accident. I mean that God has been with me and guiding me because I have the mission to deliver this precious truth to humanity... Communism tried, democracy tried, Christianity tried, Buddhism tried, and other ideologies, etc. but no one could solve the Cain Abel problem and fighting, rooted in mind and body conflict. I came as the True Parent of humanity. Religion is not the king. We don't need Confucianism, Christianity, Islam etc. when we enter the Kingdom of God. We only need a life of true love... I don't gain anything by coming here. I have been called by God to take this message to every corner of the world. I didn't come here to sell anything, but to introduce the message of God. I heard you paid something to come here tonight. Even if you paid tens of thousands of dollars, it is worth every cent.

Many Christians are looking in to the clouds for the second coming. That is nonsense. Think of Jesus time, he didn't come on clouds. Now Rev. Moon comes as the True Parent... If God is your father, you have to become his true son or daughter. The Holy Blessing is essential for this. Do you Christian ministers understand? There are three stages to the blessing corresponding to Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras... Rev Moon was to be received by Christianity after WW II, and that's why I was chased out to the wilderness. Now I am back with this message... Because of the Fall, God was put at the bottom and Satan at the top. This must be exchanged. In the Last Days this is reversed. God's power will be felt more strongly, stronger and stronger.

Do you think I will sit still? The world is wide open, and the opportunity for you is wide open. The will of God is clear. Do you think I am going to sit still? [Not a chance.] The Abel UN is now being established and will transform this world. What effort we put in will bear fruit. The division between religions in the Middle East, between God and Satan all has to be restored. We have to solve all the major problems of the world. Please pay attention to this section. [added in Geneva on November 17] This nation of Solomon Islands may restore God's sovereignty one day. But I don't just look at Solomon Islands, but at all the nations of Oceania. You have to build one nation, to keep the Pacific Ocean in tact and to keep our youth in tact. If you don't do it, your future is not clear. So every region of the world should contribute to world peace. I am dealing not only with islands nation, but peninsula nations and continental nations, to create one nation under God. Please pay attention [to Geneva statement].

If you take the position as special envoy of God, you can get God's guidance directly... As a man you cannot just go around and live a life of infidelity, and create children here and there, but only according to the law of true love and faithful marriage. If you don't understand this and correct yourself, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Wake up, and take this truth seriously. You have to take a quantum leap to do your mission as the children of God... Now the Abel realm and Cain realm will become one, as UPF and the Abel UN. It was Satan who created all these national boundaries and religious divisions. We must remove these satanic remnants. That time is coming, wait and see.

In ideal world we will have checks on family. If Father and Mother make mistake, the children will correct them. If the children make mistake the parents will correct them... We have no God's sovereignty yet. To establish that sovereignty around the world, we need the Bering Strait project, and the international peace highway... Doesn't matter who you are or what country, everyone has to work together to establish a world of peace... The secular world is running out of hope. This gives new hope to the world... As a leader of your nation, you have to lead your nation according to God's will. [Looks to PM]

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