Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

UPF Inaugural Tour - Majuro, Marshall Islands

Sun Myung Moon
December 3, 2005
Majuro, Marshall Islands

True Parents arrived in Majuro, RMI at 3 PM, after a four hour flight from Palau, and time zone changes, welcomed at the airport by the Vice President Philippo, who represented President Kessai Note, who was away with the 1st lady on a state visit to Israel.
True Parents visited RMI in 2000. At that time Father discussed the establishment of a school to educate youth from the islands throughout Oceania. After more research, Father started the school in Hawaii. Quite a few Marshallese are students at the new school and they and their parents are extremely pleased with the school.

At a late lunch upon arrival, Father spoke about his vision for a commonwealth or union of all the Oceania nations, as one unified nation; unless this happens, these nations will be dominated by stronger nations. Father also indicated he would create peace embassies in each of the island nations of Oceania. He directed Dr. Yong to develop a regional base for UPI. He indicated that he would bring helicopters to the Island nations so they can more easily be transported from one island to the other.

The main event began at 6 PM at the main government building, which houses the president's offices, and the parliament. The vice president represented the government and gave the welcoming address. 300 people attended the event. Dr. Chung Sik Yong gave Rev. Kwak's Chairman's Address.

Some additional comments from Father during the course of his speech:

God's will has not been fulfilled up until this time in history... We are all the same; without our reciprocal love partner we are not happy... With the loss of his lineage, God lost the right of ownership... Lineage is more important than life and love! Surely lineage is more important than your three meals each day... Once children grown up, they start to appreciate the heart of their parents... When you are born, you immediately become an eternal being.

The entire region of Oceania, including Australia, has about 40 million people. God wants one nation, not 14 or more nations. All the island nations should unite as one nation... Today I decided to give several million dollars to establish peace embassies in island nations... God has been patient since the time of the fall, but from now on he will take charge, communicating his word and taking action. That is why the Abel UN is being established... When even a bad son is about to be executed for a crime, his mother will cry. By the same token, imagine how God feels with his children coming under the dominion of Satan.

I have heard about how you have suffered due to atomic testing in the Marshall Islands some years ago. I have heard the first lady was in tears, sharing about this situation... I have matched as many as 3,000 couple in one day... The Abel UN must work with the Abel UN, in a restored Cain and Abel relationship... One cold cruel fact is that all human beings carry on the archangel's lineage. None carry God's lineage. That's why God sent Rev. Moon.

Christians had a chance to understand this truth a long time ago, but they refused and remained ignorant. God had to look on with a heart of pain. This world is dominated by the tricks of Satan. I cannot tolerate any longer Satan's tricks. That is why I have established the Abel UN, and will establish a peace army and peace police to take care of this world. The peace police will keep the blessed families in tact.

Satan has to surrender. He knows I know all his tricks... I could use force on people, but I am in the True Parents position, and can use only the power of true love... We should not neglect teenagers, who are falling fast... Among the religions there is no owner. In the family, there is no owner. Satan continues to trick people... In the Last Days the King of Peace will come and turn the world upside down. I can declare here that I came as messiah, savior, Lord of the Second Advent, and True Parents.

I challenged President Gorbachev with he wanted to speak at the US Congress in the mid 80's, and it was stopped... I have assigned 30 Ambassadors for Peace to each member of parliament. The number 30 corresponds to the number of tribal kings in Canaan when the Israelites entered. I will have one million Ambassadors for Peace. If I have 700,000 core Ambassadors for Peace I can entirely change the world. We will change people's hearts, instead of changing people through force.

I spent 34 years in the USA, but last year I returned to Korea. This tour is like my last will to the world. I travel in a private jet, not to travel in comfort or luxury, but because I am in a great hurry to fulfill my pledge to God by 2013... I made a promise to president Kessai Note (of Marshall Islands) to build a school for the people of the Marshall Islands and other island nations. In the end I decided it was best to have the school in Hawaii. Now many young people from Marshall Islands are attending that school.

My followers call me messiah, savior, Lord of the Second Advent, etc. I don't really care what they call me. My mission is the same, namely, to save this world... I asked President Gorbachev to let me education the youth of the former USSR for three years. However, he did not take me seriously... Based on my direction, Christian leaders in America took down their crosses... Just as England has the Commonwealth of Nations, we can create a union of all the Oceania island nations, as one unit. In time, the entire 6 billion people will be one.

Once the Abel UN and Cain UN become one, we well have the foundation to develop the heavenly constitution... January 13, 2001 was an absolute victory. No more was needed from that point... Only Rev. Moon can help you establish the true olive seed. Not your religious leaders... 50-60 years ago would have been the ideal time to restore the world, but humanity lost that chance.

Today, with the Internet, however, we can reach 6 billion people instantaneously... The failure of all the saints and sages of history can be restored through the blessed couples... There is only one way to get rid of all enemies, exchange marriage. This is the starting point of the new world... We are in the Spring time of restoration and providence, but it is not absolutely obvious to everyone, .but increasingly you will see that this is true... I didn't come all this way to lie to you or trick you. I came to give you God's message... On May 5, 2004 I declared the Era After the Coming of Heaven.

Due to the Fall we lost 1. true lineage; 2. right order in the family, Cain and Abel; 3. true ownership... We now need land to fulfill God's providence. That is the purpose of the Bering Strait and International Peace Highway Project... Don't boast about your religion. We have to transcend religion... There are so many nuclear warheads around the world. Your nation [the Marshall islands] was harmed by nuclear testing. The First Lady told about this and broke down in tears... But do not worry; a new world is surely coming... War only begets more war. War never settles an issue or brings peace. Look at Korea since the Korean War.

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