Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

God's Ideal family: The Model for World Peace - Hong Kong, China

Sun Myung Moon
November 28-29, 2005
Hong Kong, China
Inaugural Convocation of the Universal Peace Federation - 100 City World Tour

True Parents arrived in Hong Kong, China on November 28 at 11:30 AM, from Cambodia. Dr. and Mrs. Seuk, Thomas and Kathy Hwang, Mrs. Kuboki (NM), Jacques Marion (NM), others welcomed them at the airport, and guided them to the Peninsula Hotel.
The main event began at 5:30, in a banquet hall near the Peninsula. Five hundred people gathered. Thomas Hwang served as emcee. Dr. Tong Yun Kai, President of the Confucian Academy, gave the congratulatory address. Father spoke for about 4 hours; dinner was served about 10:00 PM.

Additional points that Father made in his speech included:

The Garden of Eden was to have been a great storage house of the seeds of humanity... When God looks down at his children, His heart is full of agony and pain. China has 1.4 billion people, but all 6 billion people are the result of fallen history... God could not bequeath his right of ownership... As long as I live in this world, I will education people, to help prepare them for spirit world... Christians usually portray God as the God of glory and judgment. Actually being a judge is a low position for God... God could not reveal the secrets of the Fall. Satan had to surrender voluntarily, and admit that he is the criminal who started fallen history. The time has come now; the Messiah comes to reveal all the secrets.

Adam and Eve fell at the top of the growth stage. Mind and body got separated. So we must advance beyond the level of the Fall... I have trusted so many followers over the years. But so many deviated or were taken by Satan... I am a free man, because wherever I go God is with me, protecting me... Religion has not been taken seriously in the past, but now it must be... You drank holy wine here today, but do not know the value. Through the holy wine you shift from Satan's lineage to God's.

China and the USA cannot really solve the world's problems, so we have to follow God's will... The peace force during the Korean War failed to complete their job. The nation is split in two. So I must mobilize the people and complete the mission... I am the oldest person here, so even if I 'kick your butt' you should be grateful... I sometimes criticize and punish people, but eventually they come to recognize the benefit and are grateful... If you are with God, you can conquer Mount Everest.

I am going around the world to 120 nations with this message from God. Before I die I just teach the truth to all people... I could not serve my parents, but now in spirit world they recognize my position and mission and they repent and pray for me... You have to learn how to attend God... Dark clouds are departing and the day of bright sunshine is coming... The Unification Movement can digest and absorb anything, including communism, democracy, the USA, etc... After the fall of the USSR, I educated leaders in all fields, in both Russia and the USA. The KGB and CIA observed closely... I am now working behind the scenes to create harmony and cooperation among those participating in the 6 party talks... More and more, people want to study my teaching... Do you think Rev. Moon's seed should be multiplied?

Without God's anointing, you cannot claim to be messiah or savior... One famous Christian persecuted me in Korea. He is now in the spiritual world, but not in a good place. Many Christians in the 50's were in key roles, but failed their mission... Billions and billions or people have come and gone on this earth, but none had the chance, like you, to meet True Parents and breath the same air. You have this precious chance... Religious people should give everything to God... I also have to educate all those in spirit world to secure God's position on his throne.

I received a message that good people and evil people need to join in exchange marriage... I am educating all people, even business leaders, etc... The Coronation is not child's play. Both God and Satan and good ancestors observed and approved.

I declared Cheon Il Guk five years ago, meaning two become one, as the Kingdom of God and the ideal world. Through the Abel UN we will create Cheon Il Guk. The Ambassadors for Peace will be the tool to establish Cheon Il Guk... I have worked for God's providence for 86 years. I know what I am doing... God wants to be liberated. You want to be liberated too... Lineage is the key qualification to enter the Kingdom of God... Eve was to be the bride of God, but lost that position... In the West I organized conferences for poets, artists, writers, etc... I had 13 children. I have blessed them, even to people much lower that their own level, and have educated them to raise them up. I have a your grandson traveling with me, less than two years old. He is so blessed by God... By 2013 the mission of Rev. Moon must be completed, and hell eliminated... More and more people will want to marry Koreans, because Korea is God's fatherland.

I am risking my life on this tour. When I stand and speak for more than one hour, my legs swell up. But I direct my legs to endure so that I can finish my mission...

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