Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae In Ireland

Sun Myung Moon
November 5, 2005
Notes: Thomas G. Walsh
Translator: Peter Kim
Editors: Joy Pople and Michael Balcomb

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Hoon Dok Hae: [Rev. Song reads and Dr. Peter Kim translates. The reading is about the Family Pledge, but very soon after Rev. Song begins to read, Father intervenes]:

On a battlefield you have freedom, but you follow the orders from above. Also, you cannot shoot your comrade on the battlefield. In a nation you have freedom, but you obey the constitution and laws. In a family you have freedom, but you also have to obey the laws and standards, and many times you have to obey your spouse, parents, etc. If you go to school you have to obey the rules. So we have to understand what freedom means. Young people today are going crazy because they do not understand freedom.

Think about your eyes, nose and ears; they have absolute harmony in carrying out their freedom. You cannot decide to breathe through your eyes or ears. You cannot decide to walk with your arms. Are you free to live in the water, or to jump from a tall tree? If you do, you will die. The same way if you go out and do drugs, have free sex, etc. you will go down. There is heavenly order and principle that you cannot violate. For example, look at water, it always moves toward balance.

When you go to school and are close to your teacher, your teacher will share many things with you. As a young woman, you have a responsibility to find your husband and have children. As a son or daughter, you have to obey your parents. In your family, you have to help those in need. You have to go down to the zero point, humble yourself.

For what purpose did I speak for more than four hours last night? I could have finished the speech in 30 minutes. My legs became swollen from standing so long. I knew I was pushing myself too hard, but just as a soldier has to risk his life, as the True Parent I had to deliver the truth.

What would have happened to you Irish if you had been ruled by the Soviets instead of the English? Stalin was so brutal, and so many people died. For example, so many Koreans were relocated by the Soviets, and so many of them died. During the three-kingdom period in Korea, Japan invaded Korea and the Peakche kingdom and took so many things from Korea.

Last night I shared a lot of confidential information. At times, I have spoken more than 16 hours, and ten hours was not unusual. Do you think I am giving you empty words? I speak what I have put into practice. In the USA, the IRS put me in jail, but many people realized I was a righteous man. Political tricks were used to imprison me.

Women have not been able to meet their ideal husband but rather archangelic men. When Eve lost her virginity that was the fall. Her servant, the archangel, committed that act.

Jesus was to have found his ideal wife, but his own mother did not help him find his bride. What is the marriage of the Lamb? At Cana, Mary asked Jesus to change water to wine, and Jesus said to her, "Women what do you have to do with me?" Jesus also said, "Who is my father, mother, brother or sister? He who does the will of God." Jesus was supposed to get married. He was seeking a true woman and bride, but his mother did not help him.

In Matthew, Tamar is mentioned as part of Jesus' ancestry. It is only though the perspective of Divine Principle that we can understand these things. I revealed all these secrets and truths of the Old Testament and New Testament.

When I was a young boy, many families wanted me as their son-in-law. Many women tried to approach me, but I knew I had to get away from them.

[Father talks about how he wears his shoes, and his technique for putting on shoes very efficiently without a shoehorn. He shows how he puts his socks on, buttons his shirt, and tightens his belt, showing that he has thought through how to be efficient in every detail of his life. He pulls up his pant legs and shows how his leg is swollen from standing so long last night during his speech. He also shows some of the damage to his leg from the fertilizer at Hungnam prison. Father talks about how he walks.]

You have to study and make a clear plan for everything you do. When I was a boy I walked 4 kilometers each way [to school], and I knew exactly the time and way. Even on the toilet bowl I have my own way of doing it. I had study techniques that enabled me to master certain areas or complete things in two years that might take others 20 years…

Rev. Kwak, please give a testimony about your blessing.

Rev. Kwak:

In those days always we called Father "Master" or "Teacher." As early followers, we did not imagine that we would be blessed. In those times, there was so much persecution from the Christian world. Christians were totally against us and would not listen to anything or discuss anything. In Buddhist and Confucianist families, parents arranged marriages.

After True Parents' blessing, we began addressing them as True Father and True Mother and as True Parents. We understood that Father was restoring the position of Adam and Jesus.

Then suddenly, Father matched three sets of 12 couples and the blessing ceremony was announced. We sent announcements to our families. The blessing was held in a small room, and everyone was to dress in a white holy robe.

When my wife reported to her father that she was getting married, he was shocked and angry. Even at that time, Korean law required the approval of parents in order to get married. I had to greet my wife's parents. My wife's father looked at me and wondered what was going on. My in-laws still showed up, but the security people blocked them from entering the room without robes. Then I borrowed robes for them. They were there, but they were struggling inside. We could not give any attention or care to our families during the ceremony.

After the blessing, we had no place to go for starting our family life. It was difficult to find even one room to use. My wife and I borrowed a small room from a new member, but her husband was not positive toward us, so we had to be very quiet going in and out of the house.

Eventually my in-laws and my own parents came to understand and be proud of us. Up until 1992, the standards for blessing were so absolute. Since 1992, the way is more open, due to True Parents' victorious conditions and foundation.


Heung Jin Nim's message:

I want you to hear the message from Heung Jin Nim. Rev. Song, please read.

Finally the crossing point has been made, and the power and territory of goodness is now greater than the power and territory of evil. The crossing point has come and goodness is expanding and on the rise. Through the world tour we are expanding the blessed family realm. We will accompany you around the world to every nation and make many miracles. It is time to see the fruits. God's almighty power must be recognized.

True Parents' palace will be completed in 2006. All blessed couples should fulfill their responsibility for the completion of the palace.

Father's guidance:

Ireland will be famous now. I talked almost five hours last night -- more than anywhere else. I was going to speak one hour, but my mouth would not stop.

We are in a hurry this morning, because I have to go. I have a private jet only because I am representing God here on earth. I have to maintain the dignity of that position.

You also had a very miserable history, dominated by the British. When I drove in from the airport, in my heart, I felt that people here should be prospering. You can be the forerunners of the world. I came to Ireland before going to England in order to comfort your hearts. Are you going to work harder than the British? No more violence should be tolerated. This island should be unified. From now on your nation will prosper, but you have to accept the truth of God first. You have a big responsibility.

I want to make a strong base in Ireland and England. The English are not your enemy. Through exchange marriage, you can become like one family. Don't hate the British, but have your children intermarry with them.

Great Britain and Ireland are in the positions of first wife and second wife from the Old Testament. If the first wife cannot fulfill her responsibility, the second wife will. England is in the position of Eve. In the fallen world, the first wife tries to kill the second wife; in restoration, they work together to take care of the children. The children of the second wife often become leaders; in the case of Rachel and Leah, Rachel's son, Joseph, was chosen. In biblical history there are many stories of concubine s; often the husband cares for the concubine, and at times the concubine gains the position of first wife. In the secular world, the first wife tries to get rid of the second wife, just as Cain tries to get rid of Abel.

This is far from Korea, but I came here as the bridegroom, the Lord of the Second Advent. I came here for the first time, so I am recognizing the second-wife position. Even though you are in the position of the second wife, you may be the forerunner. There should be harmony and unity now. Build unity between the Irish and the British.

Island nations have a mother's role. England is in the Eve position and should love America; it should love the children. If Europe is the forerunner, then America will support England.

Ireland and the UK should unite and restore Germany. Hitler and Germany committed genocide. They apologized, but Japan never fully apologized. I blessed so many people in the spirit world, many of whom are criminals.

Think about the 20 million people who are dying of starvation each year. The Bering Strait project is for the sake of all humanity. The same for the krill business; there is enough krill to feed all humanity.

You have to educate the Ambassadors for Peace and give them this message so they can make a determination to build God's kingdom in Ireland. Develop radio and television here in Ireland. Spread this truth to every person in your nation and throughout Europe. According to Heung Jin Nim's message, each blessed family should dedicate at least three hours each day to outreach.

Even if your country does not believe in you, I believe in you. Have faith in the second-generation children. You second-generation children are in a precious position.

[Father clearly doesn't want to stop speaking or leave.] How long is the flight to England? [One hour.] I studied English late in life. During the Japanese occupation, it was so difficult to study English. It is not easy to learn another language when you are older. You should study Korean now. Read my books in Korean, and you can understand my words directly. We are preparing the universal scripture, Cheonsunggyong. You Irish must study Korean. You are in the position of second wife and you are more intelligent, so you can study well.

Korean is very scientific. It has 4.9 million sounds. That's why Koreans have an advantage in studying foreign languages. Japanese is not such a good language for learning other languages. English is a very flat and horizontal language, but Korean has a built-in vertical dimension. By 2013, those who come to Korea must have mastered the Korean language. That's the dignity and standard Korea will set. Before 2013 my mission must be completed. There are 70 million people in Korea. On November 9, the six-party talks will resume [in Beijing]. I am working behind the scenes to help this process.

If I return here once more, I want to see a great result -- a television station, a radio station, etc. You can educate the British. Although you have had a sad history in the past, now you can be the forerunners. As Unification Church members, you have reduced ten years of work to three years. Those who will do this raise your hands and clasp them together.

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