Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

World Tour - United Kingdom - After True Parent's European Victory

Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 2005
London, UK
Notes: Thomas G. Walsh
Translation: Peter Kim
Editors: Joy Pople and Michael Balcomb

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Main Event:

True Parents landed in England on November 5 at about 11:00 AM, at a small airport, Bidding Hill, in the foxhunting English countryside near Chislehurst. This was True Father's first visit to England since the summer of 1978, when he came with the UTS students to pioneer home church in England. The arrival was without any bureaucratic red tape, in fact, cars pulled up to the plane and everyone drove from the airport, on a perfect fall day, into central London, past the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Harrod's, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Lord Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace (the Queen was there, while Charles was in USA), to the Royal Garden Hotel near Kensington Gardens.

The main event with True Parents was before a packed house and overflow rooms, a total of about 1500 people. Clearly the UK movement was elated and proud to have True Parents in England. Father himself was especially radiant, lively, funny and masterful. I overheard an Ambassador for Peace lady behind me say to her companion, "He looks incredible." A true statement.

Dr. Clinton Bennett gave remarks prior to Father's talk. He spoke passionately of his pride at having Father in England, and his sadness and shame for the shortsightedness and bias that prevented Father's entry for so many years. "He is totally devoted to inter-religious harmony and global unity of all people, or all races, nationalities and religions. What can be wrong with that? He teaches and practices 'living for the sake of others.' What can be wrong with that?"

Other attendees included: Rabbi Jonathan Magonet, VP of World Union for Progressive Judaism; Lord Tarsem King, House of Lords; Mr. Om Prakash Sharma, President, National Council of Hindu Temples, UK.

Europe had prepared on letterhead a very good "Invitation Committee" consisting of the key Ambassadors for Peace.

Father spoke for about three hours, although he had really wanted to complete his speech in one hour. A couple of times he turned to Rev. Kwak, in the front row, and said "me han hap ni da" [I'm sorry]. Rev. Kwak must have encouraged Father, for the purpose of maintaining his energy and health, to keep his presentation to one hour.

Hoon Dok Hae
November 6, 2005

[Reading of Heung Jin Nim's message from September 18, 2005. Reading by Rev. Song with translation by Dr. Peter Kim.]

If you truly believe the message this morning from Heung Jin Nim, then we can change the world. We have to offer our absolute faith, love and obedience to God. Also, as messages come from the spirit world and we respond, we will receive tremendous help. This is a time like that of Sodom and Gomorrah. If the world doesn't change, there will be punishment from God. This is not a child's game. This is a life and death situation.

Adam and Eve were to have become True Parents, but they failed. The era of individual salvation is past. Now we are proclaiming "God's Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace." Because of the human fall, Adam and Eve lost this foundation. You also have to restore the United Kingdom, beginning with individual restoration and going on to family restoration and national-level restoration. Now is the era of God's almighty power. The era of God's power is dawning. Through exchange marriage the world is being transformed. We are making a new start at this time.

There is free sex, homosexuality and so many terrible things. Centering on the Lord of the Second Advent, this world should change direction 180 degrees. That is why UPF is being born. Note that the "F" stands for both Federation and Family. To secure universal peace, you have to become perfected men and women. You have to be patient to the end. Just as in a savings account, eventually your interest will be greater than your investment.

The entire world, beginning with heads of state, will need to turn around. People need to find their new heavenly ancestors. We will establish God's Kingdom, with one language, one culture and one family. Satan has been tricking humanity because we were under his dominion. God has to be our center, so everyone becomes perfect and equal.

When God created the universe, He invested His absolute faith, love and obedience. So when you look around, you have to feel the heart of God. The animals and plants of this world are at a higher level than fallen humanity. They were created for the sake of humanity. Because of the bloodshed between Cain and Abel, we remain fallen human beings.

If Jesus had survived beyond 33 years, he could have accomplished his mission before passing into the spirit world. But due to disbelief, he had to pass into the spirit world and embark on a second course. The mistake was made by the people around him.

Now, at this time, we have to restore the entire physical and spiritual worlds. The secrets of the heavenly kingdom are being revealed one by one; the satanic world is declining, and the light of glory is shining brighter. Amen to that.

The fact that you have met True Parents is a miracle of miracles. This family pledge is the teaching that guides our life. Christians still look up to the sky, waiting for the Lord of the Second Advent to come on the clouds. We are moving forward to restoring everything from the individual to the worldwide levels, creating the heavenly kingdom. This world is like a dungeon of hell.

Don't be proud of your nation, the United Kingdom. The same advice applies to Americans and Koreans. We have to focus on connecting our mind and heart to God's heart, the global family, the Kingdom of God.

We have the family pledge. We will have a national pledge, worldwide pledge and cosmic pledge. Before you pray, recite the family pledge and check your own family; if you fall short, make needed adjustments. Everything we do should be centered on the family pledge, absolute faith, love and obedience. Every morning, at lunchtime and at dinner -- even five times a day -- recite the family pledge. If we feel we are not united with God's heart, we should skip a meal or skip some sleep.

We are in the era of families, not individuals. We have to achieve unity of mind and body, between husband and wife, and among children.

To restore things, our mind and body must be united. Each part of our body has its own attributes, because God created us. When our eyes look at something, all parts of our body turn their attention and focus there, creating unity of focus. In the same way, when there is a small splinter in your finger, your entire body focuses on it.

In any group, there is a leader. If one is strong enough and powerful enough, then ancestors will help. When birds migrate, they fly far away, and then return.

The main attribute of God's true love is to seek a true love partner. True love needs a partner. Even the almighty God needs a true love partner. God needs a representative in substantial form as His object. Repeat after me: absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love.

[Father picks up a lily from a bouquet in front of him and begins teaching about the petals, pistil, etc. He then begins talking about his hand and the number of fingers and joints, and how we arrive at the significance of numbers 5, 8, 3 and 28.]

The number 13 is very good; it represents Jesus' position amidst 12 disciples.

The seed is so central. The seed has the same quality, whether it was produced 1000 years ago or today. If there is a good seed, it can be multiplied; it has equal quality and value at anytime and in any place. This is the seed of true love, the true seed.

If you are left-handed you should change to using your right hand primarily. The reason for this is that the left hand is closer to your heart, and if it is harmed it will affect the heart.

White people are descendants of polar bears. There is always bloodshed, since they are hunters. White people created guns in order to kill animals. Also, when you look at the items in the British Museum, you see that many of them were taken from other cultures, and bloodshed was involved.

Everything was created according to the pair system. Do you like seeing Mother next to me or an empty seat? Do you like seeing me with one eye? Do you like using only one nostril or one ear?

America is like an elder son to UK. Great Britain is in a position as a storage house for the entire world. But if you have wealth here, it is for the sake of the entire humanity. If there is too much greed, then it will fall. People have to know the limit. When it is time to go to the spirit world, you have to be light, not heavy. You have to pass through the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. What does OK stand for? Open the gate to the Kingdom of God.

If you try to eat too much, you will have to vomit. Japan thought it could digest Korea and the USA also thought it could digest Korea.

[Father talks about clothing. He says the British suits are good for working but not for dancing or being free. He discusses Korean clothing and the Japanese Kimono, demonstrating various ways of walking.]

Cheon Il Guk means two people with absolute unity; these are people who can form a nation.

There are historians now who hold that the human race begins with Korean race. There Chinese think they own Korea, but this is like stealing.

[Father talks about "polar bear people" and how they developed long arms, legs, etc. He is being very entertaining and joyful and funny. There are about 1000 people gathered. The entire leadership from each European nation is here, as there is to be a leaders' meeting with Dr. Song after True Parents depart. Also, the European movement is celebrating its 40th anniversary. This concludes the 15-nation European tour: Poland, Romania, Bosnia, (Bulgaria), Hungary, Czech Republic, Albania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, (Croatia), Slovenia, Ireland, (Malta) and UK. Congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. Song, Mr. Brann, Mr. Miller, and the entire European movement. With Father's visit and the launch of UPF, a new beginning had been made. It seems, without question, that the European movement is ready to make their new start. In fact, they've already clearly begun.]

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