Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Living Well In The Future

Sun Myung Moon
November 4 - 5, 2005
Hoon Dok Hae
Dublin Ireland

Rev. Moon spoke at the inaugural meeting of the Universal Peace Federation in Ireland at The Gresham Hotel in Dublin on November 4th, 2005. On the following morning at an early morning service, Rev. Moon shared more of his vision and insights. This is an unofficial record of his words paraphrased from personal notes taken at that time, Martin Moloney.

What is meant by living well in the future?

At the moment we are like refugees during the wilderness course. How are we going to settle down, avoiding compromising our traditions with the seven tribes of Canaan? It will take three generations of children to become the meritorious subjects of the spirit world, so even if parents die, they must hand on the heavenly tradition.

Spouses, do you sometimes share intimate moments with each other at the dinner table, such as a wife's whispers of love? I feel this kind of intimacy when True Mother prepares my fishing equipment for me to go out to sea.

God thinks about you before you do, your parents think about you before you do, that's why God (and parents) are great. Your father should be the best friend among friends. This is the life force connection. In our families we must have, not just faith education, but genius education programs.

Perhaps some of you have failed to offer proper devotion to your parents, then offer those things to your brother instead, and Heaven can accept it. My own daughter, Sun Jin, inspired me with her insight that the right foot is father and the left foot is mother. She was really right!! Siblings will form the sphere around the left and right of parents!

It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, so just take one bag, don't burden yourself with acquisitions! Be frugal, for instance, only bathe once every 3 days, shed blood to save even one penny! Refrain from sleep, rest and food. What are we creating by living such a sparse life? We are bequeathing a tradition! We are not saving to become rich, but to save the world!

How do you develop your freedom?

Your concept of freedom must include your taking responsibility! Do you have the freedom to attend your parents, your brothers and sisters etc.? Freedom comes as you play your role in the universe, like air, sunshine and water, which all have their roles to play.

Without fulfilling your responsibility you cannot claim freedom. While you enjoy your freedom, your family must be protected and be able to enjoy their freedom too! In all there is balance, for instance, the eyes absolute balance enables them to enjoy their own functional freedom. So, ones own role is connected with absolute freedom.

Can you decide to breathe through your eyes because you don't like your nose? But if you have a cold, your mouth can take over breathing responsibilities. Why don't you walk on your hands? Try going through fields of thorns, cutting your face! Is that freedom?

So, freedom has to cope with the actual environment, such as gravity or water. In a family you should be free to greet your grandparents before your parents! Again, if your behavior damages the environment, this is not freedom. Although there is plenty of air here, you are not free to claim it all!

We must be free to play our role in every position, grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling etc. Are you free to communicate in the parent's language? (Korean) If you are close to your teacher, and speak the same language, he/she may share a lot with you. You feel close to people who speak the same language, so by the same token, one language for the entire humanity is best!

For a year and a half I was a servant to a housewife and her family. I gave them absolute obedience. In the end they surrendered to me, but if they had accepted me as Lord of the Second Advent, that family would have been absolutely free.

In flowers, male and female, have different roles to play. As a woman, you must find your husband and give birth to children. As a child you should follow and obey your parents. You do want to see the bright sun in the morning, don't you? And then because of this inspiration, sometimes you even feel like bowing down to that sun!

Old people should resemble God more and more as they prepare to enter the spirit world. When you go, you will have to go by yourself, so prepare to find your way. Since 80% of people are bound for hell, you must exercise your freedom to rescue people who are dying and give life back to them.

Don't create walls and borders. Air comes in, wind comes in, even rats and flies come in. You may think your home is safe! Go down to the zero point and humble yourself! Like water, find your own level and balance.

Why do I do the things I do?

Last night, what purpose did I have in speaking for 4 hours? Because of standing so long, my legs were swollen. I did this for a reason, don't you think? I feel that, as a soldier, you have to be ready to give up your life. I just could not quit before I did, because I have a certain responsibility.

I shared confidential information last night, maybe it was not necessary! Not many people were left. My record is 16 hours and 48 minutes!

People receive me because they believe they can benefit. My responsibility is to make you happy in three generations. The law of lineage is very strict. I know the goal and I know the history. We cannot misuse our freedom, that is license.

Zionism is 800 years old, stronger than Communism, because they have a strict tradition of lineage. One is Jewish only through the mothers lineage, all other are considered as gentiles.

Do you know that my children are teaching Chung Seong Gyeong in the spirit world. They have inherited my spirit and heart. I know that many of you have made sacrifices for True Parents which you would not do even for your own parents!

In the Korean language, if you put the words s for 'filial piety' and 'father' together, that becomes 'church'. The place where father's teaching is available! Behave properly, respect elders, respect the blessed couple's traditions!

Rev Kwak's testimony:
Rev Kwak gave a testimony about his Blessing, in which True Father had chosen his bride and, completely against Korean custom, had invited the parents to attend, but only under certain conditions! This caused a great outcry amongst parents in Korea, however True Father went ahead and conducted the Blessings without any reference to the parent's wishes!

I can be very cruel when it concerns heavenly law, heavenly principle. If we follow the correct procedures then, roots, trunks, heavenly stem and leaves will come. That will be my legacy for thousands of years.

Jesus was supposed to be married, his mother was supposed to help him to find a true woman, but she didn't and he couldn't. From Jacob, 12 sons emerged, but there were always conflicts between wives and concubines. What about Tamar or Bathsheba? The Old Testament and the New Testament are not enough to show all the secrets of God.

You can now fill your head with new truth! When I was about 11 years old, I spent my time in the mountains round my home, studying birds, insects and fish. I invented new ways to catch birds. I have such a nature that when I played Ping Pong, I learned from a champion, and developed my own style to beat him! The same with playing Pool. I am not seeking to become a Pool champion, but whatever I do I invest myself completely.

If I lose I cannot sleep! I work hard until I win, in wrestling, soccer etc. I have that type of character that if anyone approaches me three times I know their intentions. I even developed special ways to put on my socks, or in walking, not to raise my foot too high. You can see that my shoes always wear out evenly.

I can read plans, layouts and blueprints very quickly. Because of this I could share technology with Korea and China. When I was an elementary school student I walked to school and back, eight kilometers (five miles) every day. I summarized everything into three pages and memorized it! I reduced my notes from 15 to seven to three pages and memorized it then to pass my exam.

Advice to Ireland

My legs are tired; I am tired, but still talking. But God is fully awake all the time. I am that serious. I have given three sons and one daughter to the spirit world.

Are you hungry for truth? I will give you a message now. This entire island should be unified. In 700 years so many of your people have suffered. Within 7 years I would do it. Now your nation will prosper, but first it has to accept the truth from God. If you Irish work hard, you will build Cheon Il Guk. If you women understand more than men, then the blessing will be upon the women. Noble Irish ladies and gentlemen, do you understand? Help the less fortunate!

Don't hate the British, in fact marry your children to them. Great Britain and Ireland are One Nation under God. You say you are Irish! I'm from Heaven! I am a continent and you a small island, waiting for me.

Do you know in God's Providence about the first and second wife's positions? It means that if Ireland does better than England, then the children from the second wife's position will be good leaders. Joseph, who became the Prime Minister of Egypt, was the second youngest son of Rachel.

From the airport I felt the Irish people shouldn't perish, they should prosper. Go beyond even Russia, become the forerunner. England and Ireland should have no more border skirmishes, no more violence. I came a long distance as a bridegroom. This island can become a divine base position in this continent.

Even as second wife you can be the frontrunner. No more friction. Harmony and unity and good should result from you. Please, again I emphasize, build unity. I came here for the first time, now I recognized the second wife's position.

Become a pillar in Ireland. I am laying conditions in Korea to become a pillar. This is my advice as True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. If you create a true seed, then mother will receive and germinate it. So take care to play the role of mother.

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