Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae In Vilnius

Sun Myung Moon
October 23, 2004
Vilnius, Lithuania
Unofficial notes: Thomas G. Walsh
Editor: Joy Pople

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Hoon Dok Hae

Rev. Park reads from Cheonsungyong. The room is packed with about 200 young people. No one looks older than 30. They are neatly lined up in rows, sitting attentively and respectfully on the floor. Then Father asks Rev. Kwak to give an explanation of the Abel-type UN and Cain-type UN and how to promote Abel-type UN activities.

Rev. Kwak:

As you know, the United Nations is an international peace organization. Everyone knows thereís a need for a global peace organization. After World War I, the League of Nations was formed, but it did not succeed. The United Nations was formed after World War II by an inspiration higher than the human level.


Think of the Universal Peace Federation as functioning like an Abel-type UN. The Cain-type UN is linked to fallen Adam and Eve, who went against heavenly law, seeking only their own rights and interests centering on themselves, their own family, nation, etc. As a result, there are divisions and boundaries between different nations. Even among the 15 countries of the former USSR, you may not want to see others encroaching in your area or your nation. An extreme focus on boundaries may lead to denying your parents, denying your spouse, and denying your brothers and sisters. Can we find the world of peace there?

Why do we have to deal with this situation? Because of the human fall. The fall was the wrong use of love, resulting in false life, love and lineage, centering on Satan. Satan became the king of selfish individualism.

Do you like it if anyone invades your space or limits your individualism? Freedom should be public-minded. Usually Westerners have a wrong concept of freedom. In the West, people view freedom for their own sake only. Just as there are different levels in your face, freedom has different levels. Can your face say to your eyes and ears that it has freedom independent of them?

In the former Soviet Union, what kind of freedom was taught? Communists always purge those who disagree with them or oppose them.

Without knowing the public purpose, we cannot know freedom. We need to move from individualism to universalism. We need to think of the entire environment and even the universe itself as the realm of the whole in which we can enjoy freedom. Just as fish need an ocean to enjoy their freedom, we need our environment to enjoy freedom. Did fish create water? No. Does the air belong to you? No, it is public. So is sunlight. You donít own it. Therefore, individualistic freedom should not be tolerated. We need universal or cosmic freedom.

The earth is just a small speck in the entire cosmos. This galaxy is enormous, almost infinite. The sun may think it is so big, but this galaxy is within a universe that is many times greater in size. Some galaxies are 4.7 billion light years away. Can you imagine that? There are all kinds of stars in a galaxy. One star may be a diamond. Planets may consist of precious stones. Who made those? Why?

Who was born first, man or woman? Man. Did human beings create man or woman originally? No. The question is ridiculous. Did you have a prior desire or intention to be born as a man or a woman? No, you were created the way you are because the universe needs you that way.

Which comes first, concept or matter? Concept. Communism teaches that matter comes first. Was matter the origin of communism or was the idea the origin? It is absurd and rude to claim that matter is first; that idea was brought by Satan.

Communism was based on dictatorship. Communist countries often had a "peopleís court" in which uneducated laborers played a major role. When well-educated scholars came before them, they purged them. Communism established collective farms, but only a few people enjoyed privileges. They tried to conquer the world.

There is system and order in the universe. Are only humans made male and female? No, all things are male and female or plus and minus. Do only humans eliminate their waste? No. Plants all depend on sunlight. Why do we drink water? Our blood consists of 70 percent water, and water carries nutrients throughout our body. Think of the oceans. Is there any division among the waters on earth? No, they are always mingling and flowing together. Does the water claim boundaries? We will survive better if we mingle, like the waters of the ocean.

Do you think a sparrow in one country will not want to mate with a sparrow from another country? Even a polar bear may mate with a black bear or brown bear. What kind of bear will they create? Will a polar bear insist that since it is white its baby must be white? Can a tiger and a lion mate with each other? Donít you want to see what might happen?

In our movement, we try to do everything for the public purpose. My life has been that way. I don't live centering on myself. I think and act on a cosmic level. My heart is so large that even God wants to rest there.

President Stanislav Shushkevich is here. He was president of Belarus. In the ideal world, a president should emerge based on the foundation of character and excellence and recommendation of others. It should be a thoughful process, not based on an electoral system. A president needs to be respected by all people and be able to relate well to all people.

God is God of all people. We are all are His children. When parents see someone mistreating their children, they will stop it. Taking care of people is an eternal value because God is in the position of parents to every kind of person on every level.

Do you understand freedom? If there are ten brothers and one is sick, who will take care of the sick brother? Parents have the heart to care for the sick brother even more than the others. That is why we love our parents, particularly our mother, who cares for us. When you live for others you are in a parental position.

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