Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
October 20, 2005
Riga, Latvia
Notes: Thomas G. Walsh
Editor: Joy Pople

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

The morning after the speech, Father and Mother, along with Shin Noon Nim, met with about 70 local members for Hoon Dok Hae. In addition to the reading, given in Russian, Father spoke to the members, with Rev. Peter Kim translating:

How many of you had a religious faith before joining the Unification Church? There are so many gaps between cultures, just as there are between the physical world and the spiritual world. We must know about and prepare for spiritual world. Due to the fall, people are ignorant about how to train for the spiritual world. The spirit world is not just a concept but a reality.

Is it hard to sit on the floor with your legs crossed? Sometimes I think about how I make it so difficult for young people, having them sit long hours on the floor, etc. But it is so necessary to be trained. In my life I had no choice. I had nothing to do with this mundane world but only focused on the universal realm of spirit.

Until you reach age of 16, your original mind is still pure enough to relate with God. If you continue to develop your original mind beyond the age of 16, you will develop your relationship further. You will always focus on True Parents. But it is not an easy course.

People wanting to reach the top in their career have to study and prepare, etc. If you have reached the top in your area or nation and then move to another area or country, and you have to train anew in order to rise again.

My topic on this tour is "God's Ideal Family." You have to fit into that ideal and model; but this world is fallen and has no model family. Therefore, you have to learn from True Parents' family.

The Unification movement will grow. This is the time of transition. We have to make a quantum leap at this time and in this new era. It is the era after the coming of heaven. The world of being asleep and the world of being awake are very different. The world of the educated and the world of the uneducated are very different.

I have been walking this course all by myself. Everything in this world was upside down, and I have had to turn everything right side up. At age of 24 I started the Unification movement and established the teaching that you are learning. From the age of 16, when I started to relate directly with God, until the age of 24, I had to gain all the truth. During that time, at every step Satan stopped, opposed and blocked me. Because of my own experience, I want to train you so you can go beyond your national level.

You have to have knowledge to deal with situations. Faith and knowledge are different. Knowledge is gained through real experiences. Athletes have to go through training to reach the top. I had to develop this movement and deal with hundreds of millions of spirits before I could finally establish God's Coronation and build Cheon Il Guk.

When you come to know God, you will speak the truth automatically. If your original mind is aligned properly, you will succeed. You should have magnetic power. If you Latvians become trained, even though you come from a small country you can go and educate all the Russians. Russians dominated you for many years, but if you are educated well you can go and educate them in the way of the principle.

Below every surface is the underlying or underground part. We need a life of prayer and investing sincere effort for the sake of others. That means we have to sacrifice ourselves. Because of the human fall, we are too heavy to fly, but as we sacrifice we become lighter and lighter and can learn to fly.

There are about six billion people in the world, and each one is unique and different, However, each is striving to reach some higher level. Even though it is hard, keep trying. Do not go back to your old way, because once you fall it is very difficult to climb up again. Once you reach the top level, you have to teach others. That is why I push you, even if it gives you hardship and put you below the level of a beggar. That is my way.

Do not rely on your former religious approaches. You need a brand new start and a brand new level of determination. We have to clean up the mess created by the fall, including the separating between religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.

I have no time to waste. I clearly see the distance that must be covered. If I had the foundation when I was in my 30s that I have now, imagine how the world would have been transformed. Right after World War II, the Allies returned to their original state, which had barbarian roots. Scandinavia and the Baltic States were the bases for pirates who stole and plundered. That is why you have long arms! They were looking for the best for their own benefit, but you must take the opposite direction from theirs.

If the United Kingdom, France and other nations had received me right after World War II, the world would have been transformed quickly. At that time, Christianity was at its peak. Christianity was ready at that time, but it failed. Communities and nations lost their direction. Then the West began to decline as a result of drug abuse, free sex, etc. People are not thinking about true ideology and remained confused about their values. Now this world is worse than it was right after World War II.

But the one eternal truth is that there are two distinct kinds of people: men and women. Between man and woman there must be the right kind of relationship. At this time, we need exchange marriage. This will help small nations. If Latvians marry Russians, then they will become one. You may think that if you marry that way, you or your nation will decline, but this is not true. You will prosper and become one. Within 20 years, Korea has reached the highest levels of development, catching up with Japanese and German technology. I will encourage everyone to have an exchange marriage; and children of kings and queens will one day come to Korea to find their spouse from among True Parents' descendants.

Adam and Eve were to have grown as God's children, married, and become king and queen under God. However, there is adultery, and some sophisticated people practice wife swapping. There is homosexuality. To oppose free sex, I am teaching absolute sex. I established a college of purity at Sun Moon University in Korea.

I am in the position to listen only to God and not to any other leader in this world. In the past, people thought I was brainwashing people, but now they see the truth and respect me. What about you: were you forced to learn Unificationism? Your original mind called you. Wherever you are your original mind points you and pulls you to the right direction. It calls you to overcome your body. Even sitting on the floor puts pressure on your body, but when you put pressure on your body, your mind becomes greater and bigger. We have to go beyond bodily desires for nice clothes and food.

In Korean, the phrase il pal chung chun means "twin eights." It represents the peak of a human being. Put your hands together. Your hands have five digits, representing God, husband, wife, son and daughter. God is like the thumb, and the fingers bend over it and protect it. Like the thumb, God is the root.

There are revelations in Korea about the providential meaning of Korea and its history. There was a book published some 400 years ago that predicted the division of Korea, the birth of the messiah, etc. It predicted that the messiah would match young people from diverse cultures.

Reach out to your friends and introduce them to this teaching; then you will multiply. Even if your parents oppose you, you will go forward.

Your parents will even ask you to go out and date. Adam and Eve went out dating, and committed the fall. Many women were thinking about marrying me; some wealthy and some beautiful women came to me to see if they could marry me, but I left them alone until they could come out of their shell. So many women tried to seduce me, and so many people even spread rumors about me, making false claims about all kinds of things. Even some women came as spies to destroy our movement.

All women seek an ideal husband. Women who meet me feel like they are blossoming. You have been longing for ideal spouse. You women long for a man like me to be your husband. If Korea had been restored, I would have educated young Koreans and then married them to all the great people around the world, to create a new world.

The Unification Church is where we teach everyone to become a true father, mother, husband, wife, etc. After you are blessed, those who oppose you will change as they see the quality of your children, especially the children from exchange marriages.

[Father asked Rev. Kwak to report about the underground missionaries in former communist countries during the communist era. He described how our members relied on spiritual experiences to gain members, because they could not witness directly. Rev. Kwak then sang, followed by Peter Kim, Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Rev. Chung, and several members. At the end, True Parents sang. Then they departed for the Ukraine.]

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