Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae With True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 2005
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hyun Hee Standard
Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

(True Parents entered and offered their bows before God and Heaven. Then Father prayed that on the foundation of the victory of the establishment of the Universal Peace Federation, America will receive the 12 city speaking tour and will be quickly restored, then 100 cities of the world will receive the speaking tour and will be restored. This is a victorious day. True Parents were then seated and True Family members came in. (As it happens so often Shin Jun, the grandson of True Parents ran to True Mother and Father. It always brings joy to all.)

The True Family offered Kyung Beh. Then all the congregation offered Kyung Beh. Centering on Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, the representative of all blessed families, we recited the Family Pledge. His prayer was very moving, marking the incredible path of tears and suffering that True Parents walked to unify all races and peoples. Based on the victorious establishment and proclamation of the Universal Peace Federation, True Parents have absolutely secured the internal condition that will eventually flower to bring peace on the earth. Rev. Kwak then offered a representative prayer. Flowers were offered, and then True Parents cut the victory celebration cake.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Hoon Dok Hae.


The family education at Jardim should now take place at Chung Pyung. Actually we must understand that we really have no ownership. To be qualified to have ownership we should realize that we have been using God's things without permission. Now we must give up everything and return all we own to God. We must complete three things: the total living offering, overcoming national boundaries and, through exchange marriage, go over boundaries of race, culture, religion and so forth.

About 100 years after the Korean liberation from Japan, Korea will be in a much better position than now. (About 40 years from now.) Now, as blessed couples, we can come into the time of blessing our own children because we have entered the realm of the fourth Adam. The Lord of the Second Advent (the third Adam) has advanced things so much that the suffering we must go through is greatly lightened. We also have come into the time in which we must understand God's creation. We must relate with and love all creation. By entering the age of the fourth Adam, we have come into the age in which we can be true owners, and we can become completely perfected sons and daughters of God.

When you go to the ocean, you should know what to do. Fishing in Alaska is very important. King salmon are very important to understand. I like to call them "Moon salmon". They go back to their birthplace after six years.

The Israelites ate quail. It is another creature that can remember exactly where it was born. This is a very special bird. Americans do not know about returning to their homeland. We human beings should go back to our birthplace. Parents, children and grandchildren are all very important. Establishing three generations in your lineage is so important. We must overcome temptation; we must overcome bodily desires that go in the wrong direction. We must go beyond any conditions upon which we can be accused by Satan. That is why exchange marriage is so important. To achieve this we must go beyond the self. The way Adam and Eve fell was that they became centered on themselves. The awareness of self changed their direction. Adam was centered on Adam, Eve was centered on Eve, and the archangel was self-centered.

Even though a woman may be plain, she still would like to have a most handsome spouse. Women inherited fallen Eve's lineage. Men inherited Adam's blood lineage. This all must be restored. Therefore we all want to be engrafted to the royal family. Not only good-looking people get married; also plain-looking people must marry. All want the same joy. They also in their hearts want to have grandparents, parents and brothers and sisters.

Though a man can be strong and a great fighter, wrestler or soccer player, he is not fearsome if he is loving. Women want to marry someone special. Many beautiful women long to marry soccer players. Actually when women marry, they are generally not fearful of a strong man.

Actually women can be very fearsome. Figuratively speaking, they can be like a cobra with poison that can kill you. Famous men especially are tempted by women. Especially in Korea, some women tempt men and destroy them. We must be very careful.

Many women have a desire to receive True Parents' blessing. The man can think that his wife is better than any other woman in the secular world. In the Unification Church, who is ahead? It is woman. If you feel that there is no other woman in the world besides your wife who can be as good a wife for you, raise your hand. (All men raised their hands and Mother gave a beautiful smile, laughing.)

(Father asked Rev. Shin to sing.) It is actually such a joyful day. It is a wonderful time. My heart has to be connected to Che Ju. If someone sings from Che Ju, I can connect. Actually my heart has gone to Yeosu. I wanted to build up Che Ju more, but I was not really supported there. Therefore I went to Yeosu.

Many of you are not grateful for your spouse. Many of you are not grateful. You don't realize that through your spouse you have been protected. Many serious problems would have come in your life if you didn't have the spouse I matched you with.

Rev. Kwak reported on the founding of the Universal Peace Federation:

I am so fortunate to be able to attend True Parents closely. You have heard about the Abel UN before. However, Father doesn't do anything on his own; he is doing everything to please God.

After World War I the League of Nations was established, but it fell apart. Then later the United Nations was founded. The UN just celebrated its 60th anniversary, amid calls and proposals for its reform and renewal. To survive, it must be connected to God's will.

Father has tried to spiritually protect and support the UN. The original purpose of the UN was to promote world peace. To succeed in this mission, it was important that the UN remain closely connected to America. During the Korean War, the UN forces were led by the US. Unfortunately the UN did not completely fulfill its responsibility at the time of the Korean War, and the Vietnam War came about. Father tried so many times to help.

Last night Father expressed his heart concerning the fact that the UN didn't understand the World Peace Blessing. He established IIPC in 2003 and now he has established the Universal Peace Federation. It is to be an internal complement to the United Nations and will work to bring all nations together. Father created the name "Universal Peace Federation". The Universal is based on the word Cheon Ju. (It means cosmic representing heaven). This is not just Father's idea but is an inspiration from God. Father is desperate to do whatever is necessary to make God happy. This is not only limited to the heavenly world but is also connected to the earthly world.

This name is very precious because the word or concept of peace is not connected with any one nation. When people talk about peace, they usually do so centering on their own nation. But Father is promoting peace that is beyond national boundaries. Nations are not the only entities that can be part of this Federation. The members of this organization should be supra religious, supra national and beyond all boundaries and barriers. What was interesting is that while many meetings were going on at the UN, we were doing the same thing at the same time. In his speech Father mentioned that the UN is struggling. How can he say that? It is not easy for many at the UN to accept, but Father spoke the truth because he can understand heavenly fortune and destiny.

The UN called all the nations together for the 60th anniversary but its representatives don't know what to do. Some ambassadors came from the UN to our founding ceremony and could see that we offer something unique and different.

We had an event on September 12th - not at the end of their event but in the middle, so they could compare. Some would ask, why are we constantly changing names? Father has a specific goal for each organization. Our organization has to evolve to a higher level and a new name to accomplish the goal in a different direction. Some would say, how can we challenge the UN, which is so powerful? The reason is because we are connected to God. You should understand how great the Universal Peace Federation is. At the time of the UN founding, America had power, but the Communist nations succeeded in removing the word God from the UN. If the US had firmly insisted about this point, it could have changed -- the communist nations were weak.

Without God, there is no way that the UN can fulfill its role for peace; also it can't receive Father. In my address yesterday, I wanted to also highlight the fact that Father understands the spirit world.

After World War II the world was just coming out of such a major war. The nations that were defeated after the war had nothing to say. The victorious nations controlled everything. Five countries were most powerful and developed nuclear arms. Through the UN Security Council, these five nations are controlling the entire world. There are 193 nations, yet if even one of these five nations opposes something, it will be defeated against the majority wishes.

There is so much pride in the democratic world. Yet there is no real equality and justice among nations. Father's concept of peace is unchangeable. It has to do with God and dual purposes; living for the whole fulfills the self. We are presenting something totally different than what they are presenting.

You should be so proud of the Universal Peace Federation, and you should have a strong conviction that it will change the world. Father had a cold and was coughing and his physical condition was not so good. But he feels that there is no tomorrow. He only has today, so he poured his heart out.

Father announced that he will go to one hundred countries. We must prepare well. He will not go to every country this way, but he will go to one hundred cities. He wants to give everything.

Also, the Bering Strait World Peace King Tunnel was presented. Key leaders are very interested, and one of the panelists was convinced concerning Father's plan. It was the same kind of time when Father founded the HSA UWC.

Dr. Yang reported:

The President of Burundi was very inspired. He was elected because of the work he is doing with peace, and he connected to the Ambassadors for Peace. The event was very beautiful.

Rev. Eu reported:

Father said in Alaska we may not have such a time again to be with him. Father is risking his life to go to the world. We must always bless people. We should always carry holy wine and holy salt so that we are always ready to bless people. We must understand the importance of the marriage blessing and the importance of this providential tour.


The Universal Peace Federation is the organization to connect all of our homes and families together as one. Wherever you go you, must have a clear mindset to be interested in the Universal Peace Federation. Whatever you ask for in terms of assistance from God, He will do for you. It is now the time in which God is in charge. God has total authority and power. The word persecution is gone. God is in charge. God will now go beyond the realm of indemnity. Now our daily attitude must be that God is in charge. Don't think that now you are on your own, but think that God is in charge. Think that the age of cosmic peace has come and you will settle down with God.

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