Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 2005
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translator: In Hoi Lee
Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn

Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

The Pal Cheong Shik and the proclamations of Cheon Pu Hwi (heavenly parentism) are the foundation for the third holiday. The age of division is over. Everyone must be grafted to the True Olive Tree and bear fruit. If you work harder than Kim Jong Il, then unity will be no problem. There should be no more division among nations; we must create the foundation for all nations to be united. The age of battling for external unity is over. We have entered into an age in which our focus should be the unity of our mind and body.

We can now have reciprocal relationships. Through the proclamation of the messiah, now the victorious foundation has been made. Because that victorious foundation has been made, we can have happiness. Now we are creating the Universal Peace Federation. This is what Satan has really tried to destroy.

We must be engrafted to the root, the trunk and the branches. Yesterday I mentioned that human beings have been in the position of the false olive tree. This all must change. We must establish God's will and His purpose. Going through the eight stages, we must understand the path of the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, true son, true husband or wife. Then centering on True Parents, we can demonstrate the power of God's love. Based upon fulfilling our portion of responsibility, we should then go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We must be in a position of owner and parent over history.

When I speak, the words are the words of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and all humanity. When we practice all of those words then we become one with True Parents and properly take our place in the spirit world. You must relate to my words in the public position. The number 16 is coming: four times four. We must go beyond this number. We must make sure that the cosmos will be settled. This is a very serious matter. Husband and wife, parents and children, and all relationships should be settled centering on true love. You must expand all relationships to the tribal level.

Our rally will continue for 12 days. From now on, the key leaders of America cannot continue without absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We must completely focus our responsibility for the restoration of God's kingdom.

America is now in the position of Rome, and a heavenly fire should come to cleanse this nation. We cannot take rest for even a moment. There has been so much evil; however, now with my being here, evil things must be stopped and overcome. We have to love more than anyone else; everything that we are doing must be totally conscious. Anyone who does not receive my words will be in trouble. All the barriers will be broken down and washed away.

We must now sacrifice everything that we have. The Earth's people cannot just be sent to hell; they must be saved. I will eventually win over everyone, even Satan. No one can really reject that heart of sacrificial love. Even those who oppose me for thousands of years will eventually change and support me. This is reality.

If we didn't do the right thing, then we must check ourselves. If we can achieve this, then all indemnity will be over. We are people in a lighthouse, giving light to the world, giving hope and saving those lost at sea.

We should have a Word Peace Cup Soccer Tournament for women. Women have been hurt and misused for all of history. Now is the time to change that and restore their positions as True Wife, True Mother, True Daughter and True Sister. I have been walking the thorny path. Be ready to sacrifice yourself. It's not just a matter of having your own idea.

This morning when I looked at Mother's hair, I noticed some gray hair that came because I made her go through a difficult course. I feel so sorry for Mother when I see this. She suffered so much because of me. Who can protect Mother besides me? You don't know how much suffering Mother had to go through. I changed her clothes many times and protected her. Many became so jealous of Mother when she was blessed with me. Some women tried to tempt me, even accusing me of not being a real man because I didn't respond. All kinds of suffering came. Therefore, I must protect Mother. All those people who gave Mother a hard time should support her and even give their signatures of support for her and her mission. We have worked to overcome difficulties and become one with God.

You must overcome all difficulties, and you must fight for what is right. You must resolve your difficulties with someone quickly and restore the situation. For this, you must be patient and tolerant. We must walk the path of loyalty and filial piety. Even evil people must be restored.

I am telling you the truth; once you hear it, you must respond with great love and heart. You should understand and follow with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Rev. Kwak, you have the most important responsibility to help the True Family. Since you have been giving the blessing to all people, those people must be able to follow the True Parents. The responsibility of the wives is critical. This is most serious. The wives should unite with True Mother at the risk of their lives and always make sure that their husbands are standing in the right position in history. Rev. Kwak, you are in charge of everything; it is very serious. Some of your responsibility will be passed on to Jin Man to do the things you could not complete. The parents should be in the position of breaking down all barriers. All should have the same "light" and direction as True Parents.

Rev. Kwak, you are in charge of everything, and you must do everything the right way. You are also in charge of Sun Moon University, and you must do everything right there. Anyone who ran away with church money must be found and that money must be returned because it is public money. Rev. Kwak, your name is important now; with your authority, you must correct all of those things because you are connected to True Family.

Everything should be known and properly organized. You can just forget about the past. Who is going to resolve all the problems of the family members? Even myself, before I close my eyes I must resolve all the barriers. When I see the clock ticking, I feel uncomfortable.

Dr. Peter Kim, you must be sure to take the proper responsibility. I kept you in the closest position to me. Whatever you need to do, you must fulfill. You must fight to establish the right tradition. You are married to a Japanese woman, an exchange marriage. Have you ever thought about that? Now you are grateful, but in the beginning it may not have been so. So now you are in a happy situation in your family, after having gone through such a difficult course. You are the representative of all adopted children. Rev. Kwak, you should think about giving true love to adopted children. I made an arrangement for Jesus and Heung Jin Nim to live at Belvedere. They should be living in the most beautiful palaces in the world and should have their own separate living quarters in Chung Pyung.

You must be willing to go through any suffering or difficulty without complaint. I gave the names to Hyung Jin Nim's children. "Shin Jun" means that you should follow and always think of others first before you do something. "Jun" means that we have to follow the right path. Therefore you must have absolute obedience. Centering on God, you must achieve the highest position internally.

Three days from now will be the 12th of September. This is the time in which we are going over; this is the time in which we can change; this is the time in which we can restore the numbers.

The 10th is a returning number. Tomorrow is the 10th, and we can go to a new millennium to fulfill God's will. We can now celebrate the victory of God and True Parents. If you really understand the Divine Principle, then you can understand that my words and my prayer are the expression and the reflection of it. Do you understand?

Brothers and sisters should take care of each other. You should look for what everyone needs and just figure things out. You shouldn't wait to be told what to do. From now on you must do the right thing without being told.

You should be working on the development of heavenly law, not just earthly law. Unless America is part of the Universal Peace Federation, there is no way for it to be saved. Because we are living in that kind of time, we can respond. There should be no boundaries.

God is on our side. No matter what, God is on our side. Regardless of what some famous people may say, God is on our side. We have received a brand new morning. Truly now we are living in the time. Some in America tried to destroy me, but I have worked to save America.

(We then celebrated Hyung Jin Nim's 26th birthday with his wife, Yeon Ah Nim.)

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