Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae Report

Sun Myung Moon
September 5 - 6, 2005
North Garden, Kodiak, Alaska

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is Ahn Shi Il, September 5, and we had a special pledge with True Parents. Our morning HDH centered on the family as the foundation for everything. Heaven means peaceful unification, while fighting makes a person perish. It is very clear that by fighting, we will perish because of division, while "familyism" creates unifying and developing elements. If we fight, both sides become weakened and perish. Based on the family, we will develop towards "cosmos-ism." Husband and wife, parents and children must have the same mind: The other personís heart is my heart; his difficulties are my difficulties. If we keep this kind of mind, our family is Heaven on earth; Heaven is just the extension of the family.

On September 6th, True Father continued on the same theme of family and then concluded by having Won Ju read the in-depth explanation of the Family Pledge. To return to Heaven, we have to be princes and princesses of Heaven. We must experience the love of the family to go to heaven

During the daytime on the 5th and 6th of September, the Continental Directors presented the many dynamic activities of their regions. For example, Rev. Song reported that Europe is holding monthly Ambassador for Peace symposia for national level Ambassadors for Peace, 3-day regional conferences, and 1-day national conferences for Ambassadors for Peace. The goal is to have 2,000 Peace Ambassadors by next year. Dr. Seuk of CIS reported about the powerful work going on in Mongolia on many levels. Moldova and China are also moving forward. Rev. Ji reported about the impact of the pilgrimages in the Middle East, saying that we are especially focused on working in the Gaza Strip to make a peaceful transfer from Israel to the Palestinians. RYS work is bringing success and has made impact in Morocco, Bahrain, Omar and Jordan. Rev. Lee described Fatherís heart for Africa, with its many problems of poverty, disease, and AIDS. Father wants to build big farms in Africa and solve these problems one by one.

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