Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

True Parents' Benediction at the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples, Sixth Phase

Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 2005
Cheonan, Korea

Our Heavenly Father and master of the universe, today is the first day of August, following July, in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, the day that marks the restart of the number 8.

Even after the Fall, You did not cast us away, but have embraced us and endeavored throughout the history of humanity, a history of suffering and hardships, in the position of the vanguard, the pioneer, and carried out the work of re-creation. When we think of the fact that You have single-handedly pioneered, in surmounting the high summits of the eight stages, beginning from the individual to the family, tribe, race, nation, world, universe, and finally to God, we cannot help but feel ashamed that human beings are fallen descendants, the fruits of evil without honor or dignity, the descendants of the satanic world born on earth.

Due to the Fall, the bodies and minds of Adam and Eve became engaged in an endless struggle, and in the family, unbreakable borders and boundaries were established between husband and wife, parents and children, grandparents, parents, children, and siblings centering upon the central clan. We are aware of the fact that all these walls need to be indemnified in the process of Your sorrowful and grievous work of re-creation as a part of Your course of suffering and pioneering.

On this day we are celebrating a great historic event, in which pure young men and women of the Unification Family have gathered here in front of God to receive the blessing, to take the first step in the realization of the ideal of the family centering upon true love. As we do so, we should also labor as we follow the course of indemnity with You, and walk the path of indemnity and pioneering that extends from the individual to the family, tribe, race, nation, world, and the heavens and the earth together with You, centering upon me, to remove the borders and national boundaries that exist on the battlefields of individuals, families, tribes, races, nations, the world, and the cosmos.

Humankind has been ignorant of the fact that, on the earth, for which You hold the right of ownership, the borders existing within and between families are a result of the Fall, and through these borders, Satan can intervene and take charge of us. And centering on these borders and boundaries, the history of wars and conflict has continued for days and years, and the authority of Satan now extends beyond the world and even reaches heaven and earth; in fact, this world is unified under Satan's command. Though the Parents of Heaven and Earth are gazing out at the land filled with bitter pain, reflecting their heartrending grief, humanity, immersed in confusion, does not know of their existence, and so You have embarked on the work of enlightening them to this truth.

Our Heavenly Father, You are endeavoring to rid individuals of the battleground of the mind and body that exist inside them, as well as the battlegrounds of the family, tribe, people, nation, and cosmos, the spirit world and physical world, heaven and earth, and God and Satan, and to prepare the foundation for ownership centered upon humanity. However, at the same time, on the other side, exists the power and authority of Satan, working to destroy everything and do away with the horizontal standards.

We understand that, unless You, by applying more and more of God's love -- which is true love -- to all disbelief and destructive behaviors, which are the cause of wars raging in the satanic world, standing on the side of false love and false sins, have brought them into the position where they will surrender and submit to You voluntarily, You cannot rid the individual of the battlefield inside him, and subsequently, the battlefields of the eight stages from the family to the tribe, the people, the nation, the world and the cosmos. With this knowledge, You, our Heavenly Father, standing in the position of the subject, and the only one who can undertake this task, have pioneered all this by Yourself, the suffering path of re-creation, the lengthy and historic work of indemnity in the eight stages starting from the individual; You have opened up and followed this path by establishing many religions.

The purpose for the establishment of religion differed from that of the nation. The national realm, representing the realm of Cain under the leadership of Satan, has throughout history persecuted and oppressed the religious realm, searching to regain the position of Abel, the younger brother's realm. Nations went so far as to uproot religions, repeating and inheriting the traditions of the history of Cain killing his younger brother. Humanity was living in an environment where the national realm was connected to the religious realm by a link smeared with blood, where the former went to all means and measures to oppose the latter so that the altar of blood could not be transformed into the altar of true love that would bring about liberation of humanity.

For God cannot triumph over the satanic world if humankind is not given knowledge of this truth. Our Heavenly Father, You established religion in the form of the five religious spheres and different philosophies, so that different peoples could choose the form of religion that would suit them best; that is, the various cultures, backgrounds, and traditions existing in the satanic world could be accommodated by religion. To enlighten humanity, ignorant of the truth, that our Father of true love and the Master of the Kingdom of Heaven exists, You walked the lonely, unbroken path of pioneering and persevering for the four thousand years of history from the time of the Old Testament Era, all in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

By sending Jesus as the Messiah, You had intended to purify the defiled lineage of humankind, to establish one family on the foundation of God's true love, true life and true lineage as the true olive tree in this world that is a field of nothing but wild olive trees, to make more than half of this world controlled by Satan into a field of true olive trees by engrafting the trees with the true olive tree of God. In order to make this come to pass, You have come through the First and Second World Wars, and gone beyond the Third; You have labored to become victorious in the history of struggles and divisions in Your overall course involving the earth, humanity, and ideologies. We, Your children, who have gathered here to receive the Unification family blessing, are aware of Your endless endeavors in this regard.

You had to work to trample down and clear away, centering on true love, the battlefield of the individual, the battlefield of the family, the battlefield of struggles between father and son, the battlefield of clans engaged in wars that were not connected to their leaders, the battlefield of wars between nations, the battlefield of the conflict between the world and individual nations, the battlefield of the fight between heaven and earth. Even You, the Master of the Kingdom of Heaven, had to keep true to the standards of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience when You first undertook the great work of Creation, and in accordance with this, You issued the strict commandment to Adam and Eve never to see, touch, or eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, thereby establishing the first border of the strictest absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. However, Eve herself failed to achieve the position of full maturity, in which she could become one with Adam, and instead fell midway; though she was still not fully grown up, she ushered in that lamentable day, completely naked, centering upon the body of the slave.

Adam was destined to become the master of creation who could govern everything, and so day in, day out, he went out to embrace nature, to supervise, itemize, and analyze the world. He was always out, busy with this task, and Eve, left behind, cried on the lap of the archangel and was consoled by him. Eve could not act together with Adam, nor could she follow him wherever he went, and so she was always left alone, shedding tears of sorrow in her sadness. The archangel was entrusted with the mission of taking care of, embracing, and cuddling the children on his lap -- in short, raising them. He forgot his position, however, and the responsibilities he had been given.

When Adam and Eve grew up and reached full maturity, You, God, were to reside in their hearts and be one with them in mind and body, and they would thereby have become the owner of love, the ruler over both the physical and spiritual worlds. Knowing this, Satan got the idea in his head that if he formed a relationship of love with Eve, he would move ahead of Adam and become the heir to God's lineage. Consequently, an unbelievable incident occurred in Satan's violation of Eve's precious organ of love, which is the main palace of goodness and evil.

The words recorded in the Bible are a clear instruction not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. In spite of these words, however, Satan violated Eve, an act that became the dividing point where the most evil and the most precious were separated from each other -- true love being connected to the kingdom of heaven, and evil love to hell. Though he knew that, through that act, he would plummet into the world of total darkness and destruction, Satan, overcome by his greed, violated and defiled Eve and occupied the position of the owner of false love, the owner of false life, and the owner of false lineage. This was how the miserable history of humanity began.

The main palace in which You, God, should have dwelt and exercised Your authority of true love, true life, and true lineage, and kept true to all such traditions, was instead taken over completely by Satan. He consequently brought about the ceaseless struggles between the mind and body, husband and wife, families, tribes, peoples and nations. He caused division after division, separation after separation, finally making this world into an environment of chaos and confusion, in which not even God Himself coming in search of the original ideal, the ideology of unification, could distinguish one from the other. The six billion people living in this world today as the fruits of history cannot discern the path they should follow, and cannot find their way back even if they want to go back. They do not know the direction to take, and are ignorant of the starting point, the purpose behind it, and they cannot connect the cause with the effect. In short, they have lost their bearings in the confusion and due to the Fall, with the root of their value defiled by Satan.

And finally, centering upon the True Parents and after making preparation after preparation for the Advent, You sent Jesus as the King of kings of the chosen people of Israel, four thousand years after the beginning of history, to mark the end of the Old Testament Era and the beginning of the New Testament Era. Though he came down as a king, to become one he first needed to have sovereignty, a nation and citizens to govern. It was the mission of the Israelites to unite into one heart and soul and prepare all this, so that they could serve and attend the coming Messiah as their King. In this way, Rome would then have been made to submit voluntarily through love, and all peoples in the world would have been embraced in the bosom of love. They would have been engrafted with the true olive tree as the sons and daughters of God, and become resurrected. This world would have become, not a battlefield, but the harmonious Garden of Eden as originally intended.

Everything represented by this plan, that Jesus should come to earth and hold the Feast of the Lamb through which he would establish the position of the parents of true love, true life, and true lineage -- everything that should have been established under the national power -- failed to be accomplished due to the disbelief and opposition from the Israelites and all forces of Satan on earth in conjunction with the spirit world; and Jesus ended his life on earth on the cross.

The thieves on the crosses on his left and right, and his three apostles, all betrayed the true father, and thereby lost the true parents, and consequently, a true family could not be begun on earth. As a result, a true family, a true tribe, a true race, and a true nation could be formed, and neither could the position of the ideal of oneness centered upon the owner of the realm of unity of heaven and earth and realm of the complete union of true love in the heavens and the earth, could be established. Instead, for two thousand years after Jesus' death on the cross, You continued in Your toils of indemnity, restoration and liberation, climbing over high mountains and crossing deep valleys to restore the position of the perfected, ideal Adam centered upon true love.

No one knew or understood Your heart as You strove on. Religion, and the chosen nation of Israel were ignorant of it, and subsequently they failed at the national level, and as a result, everything You had achieved so far was lost. Thus, You had to come back to earth, to the land of the lost nation, and send down the Second Coming on behalf of Yourself, the Master. From the time You created Adam with the Ideal cradled in Your heart, You labored endlessly; for twenty years since the creation of Adam, You waited for him to reach maturity. When he fell before reaching perfection, and made this world into that of Your archenemy, the battlefield extended until it covered heaven and earth, You still toiled on to give birth to and raise the third Adam on such a foundation. Your work has been one long history of bitterness and grief.

You sent the Second Coming to earth, and after the Second World War, Great Britain, the United States and France, as well as Japan, Germany and Italy settled down in the victorious hegemony of Christian culture, from where they surmounted the hill of the individual and family, the hill of the tribe, people and nation, and the hill of the unfulfilled responsibility of the Israelites. You labored to bring the entirety of Satan into complete submission and liberation, to establish on this earth the Kingdom of Heaven in a nation greater than Rome, to make this world into one where only Your ideal at the Creation of the Heavenly Kingdom, can continue forevermore. And You labored to restore and re-create Your eternal garden of faith and love, and the place for a life of love, of eternal obedience, the place for the lineage of life, the place for the lineage of the king of the liberation of heaven and earth. Heavenly Father! As of now the history of a grievous and lamentable world has come to an end.

As we bring the era before the coming of heaven to an end and usher in the time after the coming of heaven, after having fulfilled the conditions of indemnity and broken down national boundaries and borders by July 2005, the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, we finally stand in the position of having opened wide the gates in answer to the summons from God, which is represented in our gathering here for the sixth phase of the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples. Gazing down upon us, You, our Heavenly Father, are finally able to embrace humanity in Your bosom and centering on the UN, starting from the individual to the family, tribe, race, nation to the world, You can now become one with the United States. The time has finally come when we can proclaim the liberation of the spiritual and physical worlds. We are truly, truly grateful to You for allowing us to hold this final event, the Blessing Ceremony.

In Your embrace, with God as the first generation, Adam and Eve as the second, and their sons and daughters as the third, three generations can form a family untainted by the Fall, and centering upon the one original family where four generations -- grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters -- can settle down, we can bring Satan to surrender. We can bring down the barriers through the eight stages, beginning from the individual, and open wide the gates of liberation. Father, thank You for permitting us this one hour of the Blessing Ceremony taking place across the world, where the barriers between the spirit world and the physical world have been broken down and we are free to travel to and fro.

Today, in this Yoo Gwan-soon Gymnasium in Cheonan, Southern ChoongChung province in the land of Korea, I proclaim that the sixth phase of the Blessing of 400 Million Couples is being conducted here at this moment, in a place where the 186 nations of the physical and spiritual worlds have been brought together. I hope and pray that You will become the King of Kings of love on the foundation of this proclamation, free to act as You wish, and that after the proclamation of Your having become the True Great King of Peace, as which You will no longer walk the path of suffering for thousands of years to come, You will become the privileged owner and watch over us in all we do.

On this day, August 1, as the national boundaries on the planet earth are being destroyed centering upon the Bering Strait, and we are now governed by the kingship of peace centered upon love, there is no one on earth who can oppose us or block the fulfillment of Your will, for on this day Your all-embracing, all-immanent, all-powerful reign with full authority over us can begin. I proclaim in the name of True Parents that, by permitting us to hold this holy wedding ceremony, the flower and core of the culture and sports festival, You can bring down the barriers and borders between heaven and earth, and return to your original ideal, the kingdom of heaven in which You can reign over all nations freely and as You please, through absolute love, absolute life and absolute lineage. Grant this world to become one that is under Your victorious sovereignty, according to Your will.

I proclaim that, just as I have reported to You at this time, as of today, it is possible to advance into the era of the kingship of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, which is a kingship of love, with liberation and love. Please accept this proclamation with joy. I proclaim all this in the name of True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen!

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