Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

The Restoration of Our True God's Homeland

Sun Myung Moon
March 4, 2005

True Parents called members to Chung Pyung Training Center on March 4, 2005, for a rally to advance the settlement of Cheon Il Guk. Father gave the following speech.

Beloved blessed families, today, in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, we have entered a significant providential time. You are all opening the way to a new heaven and a new earth in the direct presence of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who stand on the foundation formed by the successful holding of the King of Peace Crowning Ceremony of Cosmic Unity. Today, with the cooperation of the spirit world, you have all been called here urgently as key leaders who have the important role of building the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. You have been called here to build the ideal world God intended at the time of the Creation-in other words, a world of peace.

We are here today, in the third month of the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace, the original holy ground. At this important time in history, I would like to speak about God's most earnest desire, the restoration of our true God's homeland. I convey this message from God, which you should understand and put into practice in this age. A new spring is upon us-the time after the coming of heaven. Please open your hearts and welcome this deeply meaningful spring day.

Seeking God's Kingdom and His Righteousness

Dear members, God has revealed to us His kingdom and His righteousness, yet the people living on earth have been unable to find them. God's kingdom and His righteousness remain the hope of humankind today and the hope of all those who ever lived on earth throughout history.

How did this hope-filled kingdom, and the righteousness of that hope, come to be our final goal and purpose? It is because of the Fall. God and humankind were to have become the center of God's kingdom and righteousness, but because our first ancestors fell God and humankind were instead alienated from each other, unable to form any kind of relationship. Due to the Fall, human beings lost the heavenly lineage and instead became Satan's children, who inherit the satanic lineage.

The human race fell into ignorance; ignorance of the true fathers and true families that were to be the center of God's kingdom and His righteousness, and ignorance of the true nation. For this reason, God had to labor throughout history to awaken humanity and teach us about the true father, the true family and the true nation. Finding God's kingdom and His righteousness remains our ultimate hope and goal.

Dear members, there are over two hundred nations in the world today. Yet, among these numerous nations, there is not one that God could call His own homeland and that could receive His complete love. For this reason, the purpose of God's providence, spanning more than 6,000 years, has been to completely reject this fallen world and re-create the kingdom of God.

Throughout history, the purpose of God's providence has been to find His kingdom. Until that kingdom is established, God will not be able to fulfill His will for the restoration of humankind. There must be a true nation centering on a true religion. This is why, during a certain historical epoch, God sought to establish a nation of His own. That was the providential history of the chosen people of Israel and Judaism.

The Nation of Our Hope

What kind of nation do we yearn for? It is not like the nations any of us live in today. We will part with those nations someday. We still do not have God's nation. A person without a nation does not have an original hometown. A person without a nation does not have a nationality. A person without a nation has nowhere to register his or her existence. Therefore, our task in this life is to restore that nation.

Only when we have a nation can the tradition we establish live on through our descendants for eternity. All the efforts we have made with our blood and sweat will remain too. That nation will be a monument celebrating Heaven's labors. Through it, all the evidence of God's glory will remain on earth. Yet if we fail to find that nation, all we have done will be in vain.

For this reason, you should understand clearly that today our most critical task is to seek and establish God's nation. You must always live with the conviction, "Our family protects the nation that True Parents love. Thus, I must become a filial child of True Parents and walk the path of a loyal citizen of that nation."

Let us seek the path that fulfills our true desire. Let us establish a kingdom in which we will want to live for all eternity. It should be a world in which everything we possess also belongs to the cosmos; in which whatever we have not only belongs to this age and to the past but also is guaranteed to belong to the future. We should envision this ideal hometown in our minds, establish its righteous laws in our lives, and then live for the sake of that kingdom and its righteousness.

Do you have such a kingdom? As you do not, shouldn't you be trying to establish it? What did I say this kingdom is? It is an ideal, unified and peaceful nation. It is a nation where all six billion people of the world live as one family. It is the Peace Kingdom, embodying the glory of the reign of eternal peace and prosperity. It is there that we attend the King of Peace of Cosmic Unity as our true Lord, true Teacher and true King.

All the world's families, tribes and peoples will offer their support to this nation. The entire spirit world will mobilize. The founders of the great religions and our good ancestors will observe and support every move we make. If, as individuals, we have unified our mind and body, we can unify the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.

Heaven's Will Begins on Earth

God must fulfill the purpose of His providence on earth, without fail. What will be the result? God will save all the people of the world and reign over them as parents do over their children. God's will and providence have yearned for this.

If you die without restoring a nation on earth during your lifetime, you will not attain the value of a true person belonging to the heavenly kingdom. You should go to the spirit world on the foundation of having lived under the reign of God while on earth. That is the original standard, which God has upheld since the time of the Creation.

Dear members, to this day I have lived without any interest in worldly things. My lifelong desire is summed up in the following statements: "Let me die in the kingdom that God protects. If I fail to live in that kingdom my entire life will be miserable. Therefore, I will seek that kingdom and live there, even if for just one day, before I die."

I have walked this path with the heart to sacrifice thousands of days for the sake of that one day. I am marching forward, even while you, who are ignorant, are resting. If you do not rise up, I will have to activate people from other nations to accomplish this purpose. If this nation does not move to achieve it, I will have to resort to the tactic of bringing in many members from abroad. No matter the cost, we cannot fail on the heavenly path of bringing the fruits of the age of Cheon Il Guk. There can no longer be any compromise, delay or extension due to Satan's interference. The literal completion and conclusion of God's providence has to take place in my lifetime. We are on the final leg of God's providence to fully establish the Peace Kingdom, which is the ideal God has pursued since the time of the Creation.

Think about the unfortunate situation of a people without a nation. They are always exposed to aggression. Helpless to defend themselves, they can be attacked repeatedly. Where can we find the kingdom God desires? Where can we find the kingdom that can become God's resting place? This is the question.

The reason we shed our blood and sweat for the people of this nation is ultimately to establish the eternal heavenly kingdom. In that kingdom, there will be prosperity for all. Countless generations to come will sing its praises, even unto eternity.

The children of God's direct lineage, those who uphold Heaven's laws and commands, will rule the heavenly kingdom. They will rule the nation on behalf of God, representing His kingship. Its political system will transcend both democracy and communism. Once established, it will endure forever.

Considering these things, isn't it shameful that you have not yet become citizens of that kingdom? You should lament that we do not yet have such a kingdom. You should deeply regret that you are not yet able to live there. We all should repent for not having established that unchanging sovereignty.

In order to establish such a sovereignty, nation and territory, God has established sovereign nations. We are well aware that along the way a great many people have died. Countless nations have perished. Myriads of people have been sacrificed and numerous sovereignties replaced. Among those who were sacrificed for the heavenly cause were many souls on the side of Heaven who no doubt yearned for the establishment of that kingdom and world.

We know that Satan, not God, came to dominate history after our first ancestors fell. Originally, God should have been the master of this world. The children from God's direct lineage, created through a relationship of love with God, should have formed a true family. If this family had been established, the tribes, nations and world descended from that family would have constituted a world under God's dominion, a nation under God's dominion, families under God's dominion and individuals under God's dominion.

However, you should understand that because of the Fall, everyone-as individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world-came to oppose God. This is our fallen world and fallen history.

If we leave this world as it is, we can never achieve the eternal world of true love based on the ideal of the Creation that God sought to establish. God can only restore His original authority by fulfilling the ideal He originally intended through the Creation. Therefore, God set this as the standard for putting in order this evil world and leading it to become a true world. This constitutes God's providence in dealing with the fallen world.

Today, there are more than two hundred nations throughout the world belonging to the fallen sovereignty. It is like an exhibition of nations; yet not one among them qualifies as a nation fulfilling God's hope.

Unbeknownst to man, through history God has been conducting His providence to establish one nation that could fulfill His will. He created Adam and raised him toward perfection in the hope that through that one individual He could establish heavenly sovereignty in the family, society, nation and world. Yet, due to the fall of that one man, Adam, history shattered into countless pieces. The history of the providence of salvation has been about restoring order and reconnecting the pieces.

Since Adam was the first ancestor of the human race, losing him was tantamount to losing all humanity. To restore what had been lost, God had to call and raise other individuals. Each individual whom God called had to be willing to leave his tribe, his people and his nation in the satanic world. He had to be a true person who could even give his life for God's will.

Dear members, all religions ultimately have the common goal of realizing God's will. As an example, let us look at the familiar history of Christianity.

Historical Evidence

Noah belonged to a tribe, but he was not attached to it. He belonged to a nation, but he put aside his concern for it. Instead he sought his own nation of hope. Noah went through all manner of trials and adversity in seeking and trying to establish that nation.

Although Noah had relatives and belonged to a certain race, of greater importance to him was his pursuit of God's kingdom. God desired that Noah overcome his individual circumstances and seek His kingdom and His righteousness. How great were the difficulties Noah faced in surmounting that course of 120 years, as season followed season, without a day's rest? Abandoned even by his family, and despite all the slings and arrows that beset him, Noah persevered for all those years. He clearly understood the principle that if he worried more about eating and drinking than about God's kingdom and His righteousness, he would have to pay a heavy price.

God found Abraham and Sarah and had them leave Ur of the Chaldeans. They journeyed to Haran with a heart of unconditional faith and obedience, not knowing where they were to live. When the Pharaoh took Sarah away, she did not bear resentment toward Abraham, nor did she betray him. In this way, their hearts were unchanging as they headed toward the nation of hope, even amid severe persecution.

Let us take Jacob as another example. He believed in the blessings God gave him, and he believed in God's promise of a nation and people of hope. Nobody could bend his firm conviction. Through him, God's will expanded from an individual to a family to twelve tribes. From them prophets would come forth, raising the banner of hope before the world.

God's Providence Centering on Jesus

What kind of life did Jesus lead? Facing the disbelief of the Jewish people and persecution from Israel, Jesus lived as a wanderer. In the end, he perished as a sacrifice on the cross; but even this could not fulfill God's hope to save both spirit and flesh.

The Messiah comes with the mission of breaking down all the walls in heaven and on earth and creating a unified world. God's will was to establish a nation whose ideology accorded with heavenly principle, even if nations of the fallen world had to cease to exist.

When God created Adam, His desire was not just to dwell within Adam as an individual but to establish a family, tribe, people, nation and world through Adam. As the Messiah and second Adam, Jesus tried desperately to establish such a nation in Israel, yet could not due to the people's disbelief. The consequences for Israel were tragic.

Hence, at the Second Advent, the Lord comes with the responsibility of becoming a perfect Adam and completing the mission of the Messiah. Once he becomes the perfect Adam, he is responsible to complete a family, tribe, people, nation and world in keeping with the role of the true Adam.

Time and again in history, God sent central figures to earth and worked through them to establish one absolute nation; yet each time those people failed. The history of restoration is continuing as God once again endeavors to find such righteous people. He seeks people through whom He can administer, advance and fulfill this task.

We should therefore be grateful to God even if He has to sacrifice each of us, and even if He has to sacrifice our families, tribes, peoples and nations. Only when such individuals and nations emerge can a new world come into being. On the other hand, no matter how many individuals are sacrificed, if such a nation is not established, such sacrifices of individuals and even of families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world will continue.

Our Mission

Dear members, what is your purpose for being alive on earth today? It is to love the nation and the world. God's purpose also has been to love the nation and world. Yet if we remain citizens of a nation without sovereignty, we are pitiful indeed. That is why Jesus said, "Therefore do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek all these things; and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these things shall be yours as well." (Matthew 6:31-33)

God sent Jesus to earth as His incarnation and as the representative of the heavenly lineage to fallen humankind. In other words, Jesus was the first person to come to earth who could fulfill the hope God had nurtured throughout history. Four thousand years after Adam, God raised Jesus on earth as His Son, the true seed emerging from Joseph's family within Judaism.

Yet Satan had already established nations and was attacking the heavenly side. Therefore, the heavenly side also needed a firm foothold on the national level. For this reason, God toiled for four thousand years to establish one nation within this evil world. Israel was prepared for that purpose, through Heaven's toil.

Dear members, Jesus came to earth in search of God's nation. He came in search of one nation, but, due to the disbelief of Israel and Judaism, he could not establish that nation. He came to establish a nation on the physical as well as the spiritual level, but he could only establish a spiritual kingdom. Therefore, Christianity today still does not have a substantial nation of its own on earth.

This means that God does not have a nation on earth that He can call His beloved homeland. He does not have a people that He can call His beloved people. The foundation for God's kingdom has not yet been established on earth.

Consequently, Christians even now are a people without a nation or sovereignty. As Christians witnessed for their faith, they were subject to death wherever they went. Christianity developed through the blood shed by its martyrs. That was how Christianity began and that was how it grew.

The days of persecution requiring bloodshed may have ended, but they did not easily die away. The Christian belief in the Second Advent of Christ arises from the deep yearning for a true nation. It anticipates that-based on Christianity's worldwide spiritual foundation-the Lord will restore and establish the substantial nation that was lost.

Dearest blessed families! Humanity has entered the time after the coming of heaven, when we are receiving heavenly fortune anew. The vortex of disbelief and betrayal that troubled earth is giving way to a new heaven and new earth. Spring in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk is approaching full bloom. The time has come for all blessed families to arise with firm resolution.

Let us fulfill our providential responsibility to join all six billion people of the world into one family. We shall do this by lifting up the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, which stands in the vertical position of Abel. Through the marriage blessing, we shall bind together, as one clan, the Mongolian peoples, the root of some 70ив80 percent of the world's population, to stand in the horizontal position of Cain. This will completely break down the walls between races, the barriers between religions and the boundaries between nations. In this way, we will build Cheon Il Guk.

God has given His full authority to me as the Savior, Messiah, returning Lord and King of Kings. These titles are summed up by the terms "King of Peace" and "True Parent." Cross-cultural, international blessed marriage is the only way to bring humankind together as one global family that transcends races, nations and religions. What other way is there to make one's enemy of yesterday into one's blood relative of today and to make people of different traditions and cultures into one great family?

Dear members, first and foremost I ask you to give the blessing to your family and tribe, and to establish a tribal hoondok church. The success or failure of the Family Federation movement, the reunification of Korea and the creation of one global family depend upon this initiative.

We must quickly break free from the customs and mindset belonging to the era before the coming of heaven. By practicing a life of alignment with noon (in vertical alignment with God, casting no shadow of sin), offer yourself in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God and True Parents. You will then enjoy eternal peace and freedom as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Your descendants will pay tribute to you and take pride in your achievements for eternity. You will live eternally in attendance to True Parents, even in the spiritual world.

Please engrave in your bones the message I have given you today. As you depart, resolve to be the elite soldiers of Cheon Il Guk who will open a new heaven and new earth. The fire of true love ablaze in your hearts will guide you. Have heavenly courage, and push forward on the path of a true master, true teacher and true parent.

I pray that God's blessings will be with your family. Thank you very much.

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