Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

God's Palace of Peace is the Home that We Long for in the Hometown and Homeland with True Parents at the Center

Sun Myung Moon
January 19, 2005
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center, Korea

Father gave this speech on January 19, 2005, at the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. This date marked ten years since the beginning of the special providence that Heung-Jin Nim and Dae-Mo Nim have been guiding from the spirit world. Father spoke at a special service commemorating the anniversary.

So many people in the world still do not know that they were born as the unsatisfactory result of the Fall. I am aware that on earth, which is home to more than 6 billion people at present, there are still many places where people have not set foot. Such places are filled with many animals and plants in their natural environment; even the oceans dividing the continents are crowded with all kinds of underwater plants and living organisms. Who is the owner of all these organisms living either on land or underwater? People do not know that the owner is God, and at the same time, True Parents.

Throughout history people have prospered and established many nations on earth. At the moment, there are 191 member nations in the UN; when it becomes the new UN of God and of the kingdom of peace, these member nations will not still be separate countries. They will mark the beginning and the end of one united nation!

Apart from being one nation connected through one culture, one clan and one bloodline, no traces of the nations established after the Fall will exist in the kingdom of peace, the homeland and hometown, where all people will dwell in happiness, governed by God. That nation and hometown are not two separate places; they are one and the same. Considering that the nation and the homeland must be one united entity, that Japanese people-looking from a viewpoint that resulted from the Fall-call Japan their native land and have their hometowns in one of the innumerable prefectures in the nation of Japan should not be a source of pride for them. Rather, it will be a source of problems from now on.

The same is true of Korea. Though there are thirteen provinces in the nation, made up of districts with small towns and villages, if you were to think from the perspective of whether this nation could take the place of the eternal homeland of the original kingdom of God centered on the central family in the hometown of the eternal homeland, you would find that the place you are standing on is a different kind of nation, with no connection whatsoever to that homeland.

So what is that other kind of nation? The lineage completely changed. Through the love of God, that nation should have become the one nation, homeland and hometown where everyone is connected through absolute love, absolute life and an absolute lineage. Nevertheless, that originally intended nation was divided into pieces, and we plunged into confusion, chaos and oblivion, not knowing the central point in our bodies through which we can reestablish the homeland of God, the hometown of God. You must realize that-because this is the state you are in-you are in such a state of devastation that not one person among you can muster up the courage to seek the land and the nation of the homeland.

Today, the kingdom of God, the infinite and eternal homeland and the eternal hometown can be found here at Chung Pyung. The love and the kith and kin of heaven and earth are being connected, and this is expanding to the rest of the world centering on this place; yet most people on earth do not even know of it.

What should we do about that? Wouldn't it be wonderful if this world became a place where I could teach everyone in it, all at the same time, a place where everyone could learn everything within a day?...

Since all of you gathered here today are aware of this fact, as representatives of history, you should become the one standard guiding others to the homeland, peaceful kingdom and hometown of God, and the token of the longing of the earth, illuminating the world in total darkness with the light of the bright sun.

Such is the way you should be, such is the way your families should be, and such is the way Cheon Il Guk-which you are searching for-should be. You should be able to shout out to others in pride, "This is truly it. This is it. This is it!" knowing that such a hometown and homeland starts from you. Contrarily, what you should understand is that when you look around yourselves you find that you are standing as a faint and faded standard, and that you are very far removed from the connection to the realm of the royal family in the palace that is centered on and can serve the kingship of God after regaining the hometown and the homeland.

Then the question arises: where does the homeland and the hometown, the kingdom of peace desired by God, centered on God's palace of peace, really begin? Everything crumbled because of the Fall, but from where did the disintegration actually begin? A wall arose between God and humankind. You should understand that Satan built that wall. The borderline resulting from the existence of different bloodlines has divided your bodies from your minds and left high barriers and innumerable walls between peoples through the great wars and conflicts of history. The likes of these cannot be broken down by the efforts of a single nation or individual. Who can solve these problems and establish the original garden of mountains and lakes on this desolate earth? Who can be the master and the center of the original garden of mountains and lakes, its fields and oceans and the animals and other living things dwelling there? A family that can become the master can protect the hometown of the homeland and give glory to God centering on the homeland. Such a central family, comprising the grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, husband, wife and grandchildren, who can assume such a position, has not appeared on earth yet.

That is why we need to find the palace of God, the eternally unchanging homeland, the hometown for which we have searched until now. How can that land be reclaimed? You must realize that we have reached the point in time where the blessed families of the Unification Church must reorganize their environment.

For the kingdom of God to be established, we must first create an environment in which such a kingdom can be established, and in such an environment decide on a historic day on which to hold the coronation and the enthronement of the sovereign lord, the king, to represent the kingship of God in His kingdom. If such a day is not decided on, there would be no reclaiming of the homeland or of the hometown of God.

The problem becomes more serious when pain from events in the past is involved. We must make sure not to contribute to future pain and sadness. Even if we have to sacrifice everything we have, even if we have to get rid of the oceans and of the garden of mountains and lakes so that we are stranded in a desert, such a history must never be repeated. So now we know that this is the task we all have been given to do! No-men, or A-men? [Amen.] Louder! [Amen!] ...

We have gathered here at Chung Pyung on this day to commemorate the tenth anniversary. What comes after ten? Would you go from ten to twenty, then to a hundred? Who has taken possession of the position of the number twenty, God or Satan? [God has.]

There should be a place in your hearts for such a homeland, and also in your hearts should be the homes that would form the basis of this hometown. You should realize that such a home, in which we would find God and all of our ancestors, a home that all our ancestors could call their hometown and dwelling place, has not been discovered. This is a source of grief and lamentation to us as well as to God. Do you understand? [Yes.]

What kind of place is Chung Pyung? "Cheong" is written with two Chinese characters, one meaning "water" and the other "the color blue." Together they mean "vividly blue waters," or "living surrounded by water." "Pyeong" means "to be flat or level, wherever you go." Bearing this in mind, the word "Chung Pyung" implies a level land surrounded on all sides by blue water. How many central points can this land have in it? It is illogical to suggest that there can be a Japan central point, a US central point, a Korea central point, or indeed a central point for each of the 191 member nations of the UN. There can be only one central point....

The person who appears at that point as the one lord, to take the place of the perpendicular in the horizontal world, should be designated by God: "You are the savior! You are the Messiah!"

Isn't that true for you, even at this moment? Though you have a fallen origin, and though the history of the fallen race has continued for thousands of years, you cannot deny that whenever you try to contravene your conscience and commit a sin, night or day, your conscience commands you to stop. You cannot deny that your conscience is still alive within you.

That is why your minds and bodies are in constant struggle. Do you acknowledge this fact, are you conscious of it, or do you deny it? Which is it? What is the difference between being conscious of something, acknowledging something and denying it? When you are conscious of something, you are in a direct relationship with it....

I am conscious of it! Say it. [I am conscious of it!] What are you conscious of? Only a family in the hometown of God can become the focal point, the starting point and the central point of the kingdom of God. In the minds of a father and mother who are centered on their family, in that area of their minds that is free of struggle and conflict, the seeds of the father and the mother, that is, the sperm and the ovum, can come together. In other words, centering on love the life of the mother and the life of the father can come together, spiral down to earth and delve the ground there, and start to go down perpendicularly. Unless the original sperm of God finds its way into the womb of the mother to meet the ovum, the owner who can restore the homeland of God cannot be born.

What is the title of my sermon today? What is it that I am trying to tell you? I am talking about the family in the homeland and the hometown desired by God and True Parents, with regard to the kingship of God and the kingdom of God. Where can sperm, hidden in the bones of the united body of God and Adam, and the ovum, hidden in the bones of the mother, come together and meet, according to the true standard as originally intended by God before the Fall? The desired homeland and the desired hometown can only appear from that place where the true love and true life of the husband and wife unite and intermix on the first night after receiving the blessing. Otherwise, the hoped-for homeland and hometown can never appear on earth.

In light of that, do you, as true men of the kingdom of God, have the true sperm in your bones, the pure sperm that would not pass on any fallen nature? Do the women have such ova, or not?

Is there even one person whose mind and body are not in conflict and who has a unified nucleus within him? Is there anyone who, with an unchanging form, can convey bright sunlight or moonlight through the darkness of night? Where can there be found someone who can bring together the sun and the moon and thereby drive the darkness out of the world and make it a world of brightness? Is there even one person who can explode with blossoming happiness, giving forth a wonderful fragrance, at a place vibrant and throbbing with life, and who has found the place where the fruit of the seed has been sown? Is there even one person like that? There is not.

Everything in the religious sphere was lost. History has developed through the efforts of trying to reclaim what was lost. Since the reclaiming must take place within the religious sphere, we are saying, "The savior must come." But what is the savior saying? "What an evil world this is! What evil nations!" They are not nations that need a savior. They are his enemies.

Amidst all this, the many religions existing on earth, as agencies of establishing the kingship of God for the restoration of the hometown and the homeland, must build a nation starting from the family. However, instead of doing so, they have been trampling on the ideals of God, the desires of God, His homeland, and so on and so forth, centering on the dictatorial systems of their own nations. Do you think the ideal path to the kingdom of heaven could be paved by such groups of villains? The answer is no, they could not....

Whether you are from Japan, Korea, or the U.S., we are of the same race, so we can conclude that unless we engraft all these people, who are the wild olive trees, to the true olive tree, so that we would be of one bloodline, we will never be able to restore the eternal kingdom of God, the kingdom of peace, the place the families centered on True Parents can call their own homeland and hometown.

That is why the families of grief, regret and despair come to the Unification Church to receive the blessing, with the hope of fulfilling their wish. What is the blessing? It is the process of overturning the bloodline inherited from the enemy and engrafting it. That is why everything can be achieved in the name of the coming True Parents, and through them you should be able to pass on true love, true life and a true bloodline.

What is this about the savior and True Parents? Even those who do not believe in Jesus or the Lord stand in absolute need of True Parents! Why? They must realize that they were not born in the lineage that is connected to the true love and true life of God. Since the True Parents who can become the lord and savior, what should you do once you meet them? What is the work of True Parents, who are the savior of this world that lost its True Parents? What is the work of the lord whose job it is to save the nation? The True Parents must purify the lineage, connect it to the lineage of God, become one with the possessions of God, and become the base of God's family.

However, a world whose ideological values are such that the Messiah could reign over it based on the family has not emerged in the fallen world until now. It is logical to conclude that unless such a realm of ideological values appears on earth, the kingdom of peace of God, the homeland and hometown and the home territory of God cannot come into existence.

You are in constant struggle. Aren't your body and mind in constant struggle? Unless that struggle within you ends forever, you will be nothing but a group of people without a homeland and hometown that you can restore as the lords of the eternal kingdom of peace. You will drift around amidst a cloud due to the fact that you came into the world without a homeland or hometown. You should realize that no matter how certain you were that you would be able to settle down, you will end up a drifting cloud, a wandering star! I can see so many people who are like that, even among the blessed couples here! You must understand that this is a source of great grief to True Parents and to God. It was the Unification Church I established to ease this grief, and it is the place where the grounds for the kingdom will be prepared from now on.

God has said that the True Parents are the saviors who can save the religious realm and the world.... How complicated religion is! Religions have caused great wars to break out. Even today, there are conflicts based on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Who can bring this struggle to an end? Only True Parents can do this. That is the work of the Messiah.

Not only nations but also the religious realm stands in need of the love, life and lineage of God. Be it Jews, Christians or Muslims, the entire religious realm is yearning for the true life, true love and true lineage of the True Parents, the Second Coming of the Lord.

It all comes down to the same thing. Through True Parents, all nations, everyone in the world itself, must be liberated and returned to the original state of sons and daughters whose minds and bodies are eternally united-never in conflict-just as the mind and body of God are never in conflict. That is the historic task given us; its accomplishment is the solution to all problems in life, philosophy, religion, and so on.

There is only one starting point for that, which is nothing other than acknowledging True Parents. Why do we need to talk about the Savior, the Messiah, the Second Coming of the Lord and True Parents? Why is it so complicated?

If there had been no Fall, we would have formed a single clan, a single people, a single culture and a single nation centered on True Parents through the love, life and blood lineage of True Parents. However, because of the enemy we were all divided up, and are continuing to divide even further, so that we have separate nations, separate religions, separated chosen peoples and a divided nation of True Parents. They must all be connected, and a model needs to be created in which all can be united as one, centering on the crowning ceremony of peace, so that this confusion and division that has carried on throughout history can be disentangled and unified at the starting point of the hometown and the sovereignty of the homeland. For this to be achieved, everything needs to be fitted together in the reverse order.

You must go about this task with a firm determination to accomplish it, no matter how many enemies you have to face, and no matter how many times you have to die and be resurrected. Resolve in your hearts that the billions of miles you have to tread will feel like nothing more than a few necessary steps. You must be full of spirit, which will help you last till the end, and you must be vibrant with life, which will enable you to surmount and embrace everything in the world. You must be like a locomotive train, chugging along. Though it train has many wheels, it is the locomotive that makes the wheels move; it can never be the other way round.

When we think about where the enemy has his roots, we see that it is not in the sky, or in midair. You must know this clearly; the place where the mind and body are in constant conflict is the very place loathed most by God, the base from which the homeland and the hometown was destroyed! [Amen!] Those of you who understand what I mean raise both your hands and clap in the air. (Applause) Anyone who cannot control the battle going on inside you between your mind and body cannot become a citizen of the homeland of God, and cannot form his own family in the territory of the hometown and homeland.

What I have said today involves the family of the hometown and homeland of the kingdom of peace! What is the center? Your families must be focused on the central point, where the mind and the body are completely united. Man and woman were created in God's image divided into male and female characteristics; they should form a base where they cannot be accused by Satan and where there is no conflict, and they should receive the blessing from God and form a family where the love of the man and the love of the woman can unite into one centering on the true love of God, and prepare the origin for the unified clan, where the parents and the children can never be separated ever again because they were born of the one and the same lineage.

Those who listen to this and practice it can bear the fruit of doing so and rise to the level of princes in the kingdom of God, the level of privileged grace where they can inherit even the kingship of God. ...

Now you understand all this, that the space in your heart is the space for the homeland and the kingdom of God, and the hometown for any citizen of that homeland. You also understand that since you lost the original places that should have automatically become your nations, you have wandered around; you have climbed up and down. This has been recorded as the rise and fall of history and is how history has developed until now.

However, it is quite obvious that the Unification Church has the providential view of God. The Unification Church has clear views as to where the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world should go, and what the kingdom of God should look like. If a family in the garden were to enter the palace of the kingdom of heaven, the path that family follows would be perpendicular to heaven. From the beginning point to the final destination of the highway, the most direct route is the restoration of God's homeland that the Unification Church is carrying out. Therefore you should be grateful and welcome with a big round of applause the amazing fact that families have begun that can connect with the land of their hometown! (Applause)

What is the basis for the breakdown of the ideal family of God and the destruction of the ideal nation? It was not just the body or the mind. It was the sexual organs! There can be no such thing as divorce. That is because the fundamental point for the original family, the kingdom of God, the point meeting the perpendicular, the cardinal point where God would come, and the point on the horizontal line are all one and the same.

The starting point of God's vertical love and horizontal love cannot be separate, but must be one. Since the mind and the body were born from one source, they should not be in conflict with each other. The fact that they are in conflict signifies that they are now two separate entities. They are in constant struggle and must be united, no matter what it takes. Anyone whose mind and body are not united cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, can he? [He cannot!] Can he, or can't he? [He cannot!] Do you think you can? [No!] If you want to enter the kingdom, you must bring the conflict between your mind and body to an end.

The fact that today marks the tenth anniversary of the Chung Pyung providence means that we have crossed ten original hills that had been lost, and from tomorrow we are entering a new universe based on the number ten as the new number of unity, where all saints that have passed on to the spiritual world and even God Himself can come down, become one with True Parents and attend them, together with you, for four years.

In this manner, by serving True Parents for three or four years on earth without going astray, you will be endowed with the rights of victorious princes and princesses, because such a thing is possible with my permission. Then you can set out from the earth, fly over Satan's walls and enter the palace of the kingdom of God without anyone opposing you; in fact, the angels will welcome you and guide you to the place themselves. There you will become citizens of the liberated homeland and royal, good descendants who can guide your ancestors on the path to the homeland. Amen! [Amen!]

Therefore, you need to make a firm resolution in your heart and be conscious of the fact that no matter what anyone says, you are a citizen of the homeland of heaven, and you were born as the son or daughter of God, born in the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, the homeland. Bearing this in mind, you should set this day as the intersection and starting point from which you will start putting this into practice. In working for the restoration of the homeland and the hometown, in the eleventh year of Chung Pyung, the ancestors will come down to earth and over the course of four years they will register themselves in the kingdom of heaven and seek their homeland in the kingdom of heaven where they can register their marriages. Do you understand?

Since they have to register their marriages as well as their births, the ancestors must come to earth, and for them to go through with the registration, the positions of the people living on earth needs to be inverted, so that the positions of the grandchildren are changed to that of the grandparents. In the father-son relationship, the father would become the son and the son the father, the elder brother would become the younger brother, and they would all be engrafted to the flesh of the True Parent, based on the victories he has achieved since the age of sixteen. The branches of the wild olive trees will be cut off and the body of the tree that is True Parents, the body that has victorious dominion, is engrafted to you. Therefore, you would be second in becoming true olive trees, after serving the True Parents who are like a second Adam, for over four years on earth. Since, based on the standard of the same conditions, you received the blessing from True Parents on earth first, you stand in the position of the elder brother, and establish a unified realm with the position of the younger brother through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience by serving their ancestors together. In this manner, with the Mongolian people as one family connected by blood, the 180 nations, the sphere of religions and the sphere of nations are in the positions of Cain and Abel, and those the position of Abel will absorb and take care of those in the Cain realm-absorb Satan and Cain, thereby achieving equalization.

This is how we would cross over the hills of all forms of sadness and grief, and establish the garden of God's kingdom, in a garden with mountains and lakes surrounded on all sides by grassy plains, where we can serve God as originally intended and sing in joy and praise. The fulfillment of our hopes will begin on this day.

From now on, the future that will unfold will be 180 degrees opposite of the past. You are not the citizens of Japan but of Cheon Il Guk. Japan will not be your homeland; Cheon Il Guk will be. And from now on, wherever you go in the world, the place where you register yourself will be designated as your hometown. A great movement of people will take place from now on.

There is the "Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony." Wasn't there a time when you were instructed to attend registration workshops in order to liberate and bless Adam's family? [Yes.] At that time, you drew lots and were given mission places. You should not just forget about them. The Japanese members should come back to Korea. Sell everything you own back home, come to Korea and quickly settle on the outskirts of Chung Pyung and Seoul.

At present the people of the world, and in the case of Japan - its citizens and even its prime minister - oppose us. However, it will take only a week for the whole world to be blessed, to be registered in the kingdom of God and for all nations to welcome us. So, would it be acceptable if Japan, the mother nation, were the last nation in the world to be restored?

That is why so many tears and so much blood have been shed in history. So much blood, tears, and sweat have been shed for a homeland. Now that we are at the point of restoring a homeland, if you were to drop out of the process of establishing the relationship between that land and yourself, and if you were to deny it at all, there would be no way to revive you.

You must understand that, at this extremely dangerous time of great transition, you should prepare yourselves with dignity, reestablish the authority of the family, unite your mind and body, unite your entire clan through eight generations and relatives up to 16 times removed, become a tribal messiah, and render great service in resurrecting your people and nation. For instance, if you happen to be Japanese, living in one prefecture, you should have an influence on the four prefectures surrounding your own so that your whole nation can be united and resurrected. You should realize that, unless you can proudly claim that you have done your part for your nation, the path leading you to register in God's nation, in Korea, will be blocked forever!

You know that if you do not achieve this, you will end up as one of the group of people drifting away without having restored a nation with God as king, the homeland and hometown where everyone would live in peace and prosperity forevermore. Therefore, you should make a firm resolution in your hearts that, no matter what it takes you must put this into practice and complete the responsibility of a tribal messiah and national messiah centering on one generation of your whole family. You should be determined to carry out this work with one heart, one body and one mindset, even if you have to die and be resurrected a hundred times....

That is why it is written in the Bible that those you are prepared to die will...? [Live!] And those who want to live will...? [Die!] Even if the path you are following requires you to die and be reborn thousands or tens of thousands of times, you need to follow it. In order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you need to cross the hills in eight stages, and even if you die ten times, you have to be resurrected each time and usher in the new heaven and earth on the eleventh try.

The era before the coming of heaven has passed, and we are living in the time after the coming of heaven; we have ushered in a new heaven and earth, and we need to become brave warriors in establishing the homeland; we need to be able to claim God's homeland as our own homeland and make this earth the hometown of the liberated nation, as the hometown of God, connected to and centered on Adam. Only then can we become restored families. Then we can logically conclude that, in this manner, we can become the royal family of the spirit world, the liberated race that can open and liberate the hell that is this world on earth.

Since we are celebrating the tenth anniversary today, with the number 10 as the number of unity, you should renew your resolution to take part in this work, to be good vassals who work to establish the homeland and the hometown, to find the new heaven and earth, and to emerge in that world as completely transformed families. Only then can we say that the purpose of commemorating the tenth anniversary has been fulfilled, and only then can you establish families who will take part in restoring the position of the owners of the liberated homeland and hometown of joy. [Amen!]

That home in the hometown and the homeland of the kingdom of peace, should be your home, and the basic standard through which you can restore sovereignty in your own nation. This home is like an elevator, leading straight up to heaven, so that if you were to stay in it, it could fly you directly to right in front of the throne of God. Then you would be standing in the position nearest to God; so it would be reasonable to conclude that you would be the first to be in the positions of the princes and princesses who would inherit the kingship of God! Those of you who welcome my message today, stand up, raise both hands and receive this message with open arms! [Amen!] (Applause)

On this tenth anniversary-which is based on the number of unity-you will become the owners who will take over the homeland and the hometown of the liberated heaven forever! [Amen!]

I'll conclude with these words: May God's blessing be with you all! Amen! [Amen!]

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