Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Father Speaks At Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 2005

From Father's speech on the fourth anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God and the birthday of Jesus Christ

Since the era is changing now, it is time for people's faces, minds, bodies, greeting styles and lifestyles to change. You should not live for the sake of yourselves but for what is around you, for the nation and the world. That is more valuable than your own family. When we speak of a nation, it comprises many families, tens of millions of families. Also, there are many nations in the world.

A person who can exert himself for the greater good can become a great person. Why? It is because he is sowing many seeds. The one who sows the seeds of a nation will reap the nation, the one who sows the seeds of a world will reap the world, and the one who sows the seeds of heaven and earth will reap heaven and earth. This is a rule and law that is as reliable as the law of natural world in a practical manner.

The lifestyles of Unification members are changing from now. I have to go into the realm of conflict and reconcile them; if they follow me where I would settle the disputes peacefully as an example, knowing the separate existence of the mind of reconciling nature and the world behind it, then they will meet with the individual environments.

Such a person stands in the center of a family, and he is the one who sowed the most seeds among the family members. Such person is a good one. If he becomes a better person and makes such a family then there will be a family that will become the seed among numerous families in the external world, a tribe that can be a seed of tribes, a seed for a people, a seed for a nation, a family for a person who can become a seed for the world and for heaven and earth. If such a family comes into being, then tribes, nations and a world will appear.

So it is a time for us to transfer to another world now. Until now it was all right for you to focus on following, but now you should not just follow me but also attend your parents at the same time. Things are changing.

The name Unification Church is meant to disappear. God does not need the names of religions. He does not need the names of nations. Would there have been the need for Christianity when God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the hope of realizing the world of dreams? Would Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, or Sun Myung Moon have come? They would not. There would neither be religions nor nations.

Why has this world become like this? For what do we need religions or nations? Do you need a religion? I removed the signboard of the Unification Church.

Cheon Il Guk means a nation where two people become one. Cheon, meaning Heaven, represents two people. Cheon Il Guk, the nation where two people have become one! More than two people-whether a hundred or a thousand in this cosmos based on the pair system-if they do not become one then the world will be gone....

Today the scientists say that the cosmos developed through energy. Then how does motion occur? How does energy appear? Energy cannot develop just by energy itself. For energy to be produced there should first be action. An electric charge results from the attraction between plus and minus. When actions unite, bind together, and move in an orbit, then energy is produced.

Then the question is whether action can take place by itself. When we say that action is taking place, then we are dealing with at least two things. The minimum number of units is two. In this manner, everything in the world is in the pair system. I am the one who first spoke of the pair system. Then why are things in a pair system? This is the question.

Do your body and mind fight? Why would they fight? They are supposed to be interacting, but why is that action one of fighting? This is a contradiction.

Then how does action take place? Action never happens by itself. Action always takes place in a relationship between subject and object partners. If there are no subject and object partners then action does not take place. This is a fact that cannot be denied.... Why were people born in the first place? They are only alive if they know the purpose of their birth and act according to that purpose. If they follow a different purpose then it will all stop there.

Then for what did God allow them to come into being? It was for them to become His son and daughter, the best thing. What is the best thing for God? God would like His wife best if He had one, and He would like His children best if He had any! But He has nothing like a wife in this world. What should be done so that a wife can appear? She should start from being a baby and go through babyhood then childhood. And it does not apply to one person only. In a relationship of subject and object partner people go through babyhood, childhood, youth, and adolescence together. It happens this way. There is a certainly an important gate, and this is the gate of adolescence!

What is the gate of adolescence? It is the time when a man realizes that he cannot live as a man, and a woman realizes that she cannot live as a woman! What will they do once they realize that? I live for you-the man lives for a woman, and the woman lives for a man. This is not bad, but good. Centering on what? [True love!] That is at once the conclusion and the beginning....

What is the beginning of true love? True love is the original root of your beloved object partner, what your partner likes, what you eternally and unchangingly like, and what we can enjoy by living for the sake of others. If they have true love then the man is always joyful, the woman is joyful too, and everyone is joyful. Every human being has the same heart of love.

Today is the foundation day of Cheon Il Guk and I am about to say something to the people gathered here about how the world has changed. What is that? Until now we have lived as we pleased. While living as we pleased, some people lived as the body pleased and others lived as the mind pleased, so there were two ways. Yet no one has ever lived with a unified mind and body.

We should know where the human Fall began from and through which route the virus entered us. The Fall was the loss of chastity to Satan at a time of immaturity. Because that relationship took place before maturity, it was not on God's side. They were adulterers; that means enemies of love....

In their last days all people who are about to die should offer a report. They have to announce their sinful deeds to the cosmos before they pass on. Everybody suffers when they die. Do they overcome it? There are many who don't. At that time you should report your worst deeds first rather than the best ones. In the spirit world you have to report beginning from the worst deeds.

Members of the Unification Church won't all be able to go to straight to heaven. One in three will go to hell and then there will be a way to rise back up through a special process. I am saying that not everyone will just go to heaven. At whatever level you are, there will be Cain and Abel. There will be the enemy. There will be those who oppose you. That is the conclusion....

There is nobody on God's side who can be the object partner. The satanic world had taken them away. Therefore, God raised those outcasts anew, brought them to the traditional position of the original parent that represents the world of the heart, and patched them into that position. In between He added strings called Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. The question is how this will turn out in the future. We have to find out way back. If we want to return no one should live a single life, whether he or she be Buddhist, Confucian or Christian....

Do not be resentful that both good things and bad things happen in your life. Bad things are the preliminary conditions for bringing good things. You always experience misfortune before receiving blessings.

Is there an owner of Korea? There is no owner of your mind, no owner of the husband or wife in a family, no owner among siblings, or no owner of the father. This is a world of chaos in which everyone believes that he is the best.

If the teacher and pupil are completely one, even when one of the pupils earns a doctorate degree and becomes greater than his teacher who wants to learn from him, he will say no. The doctor will not want to be a teacher to his own teacher. A teacher is a teacher. This is the reasonable way. Can the pupil say "Hey, you!" to his teacher just because he earned a doctorate? His teacher is still his teacher, isn't he?

If you want to go to Heaven then two people must become one. Cheon Il Guk! This is our signboard. If a signboard should stick to the forehead of Rev. Moon of Unification Church, it is the King of Cheon Il Guk.......

Now become True Parents!... Since you have reached here winning over the sons, students and servants now you have to become True Parents.......

Well, everybody gathered here, do you want to become True Parents or not? Do you envy or want the position of True Parents like Rev. Moon who was chosen by God and can live traveling all over the world and be wild and free in his activities? Which one is it? [We want to become true parents.] Do you envy me and want that? [We want that.] You should want it. Anything you envy has no relation to me even if you are envious for thousands of years. But once you want something, it becomes possible.

Then do you want to become true parents? If you follow my instructions then you will surely become one. When I say that if you follow my instructions then you will surely become one, I mean if you want to do it. [Yes, we want to do. We will try.] Not only trying; isn't it possible to fail even when you try? Those who seek to die will live, and those who seek to live will die. You have to do it with such sincerity as if your life were at stake...

In our Unification Church four children of mine have passed away and have become messiahs of the second advent in the spirit world. Just as Christianity sent the returning Messiah to earth, they are sent by Rev. Moon to do the same work as messiahs of the second advent in the spirit world.

Those who live to an old age cannot do such works. Our second son Heung Jin also died away from home. So those who do not offer their lives cannot become central figures in the spirit world. Those who shed their blood sit in a high position in the next world. You should know that it is those who were sacrificed as an offering, dying for God's side, who are standing in the front line-rather than those who lived their lives in full.

It is Greek philosophy that guides humanism, and Hebraism, the ideal of familyism, that guides theism. This confrontation has been at the forefront of history. It has reached Korea, and they are colliding with and fighting against each other there. The theory of evolution and the theory of creation is the issue. We have to resolve this on the Korean Peninsula, on the 38th parallel.

When I was riding in a car and we were to turn left I said "Turn right" without knowing it myself, even though I was dozing. Who was it who spoke? It is like broadcasting what the original mind is communicating from God. If God says "Turn right!" then it comes out through my mouth, and so we go the right way. in the right direction. In that way I am a man who defended himself alone, and who has survived for fifty years without dying in the battle grounds, and now I am giving commands. So I must be a credible person. Regarding my personal history, if I were to reveal it, no one else's story would match that. That is, if I talk about the suffering.

That is why everyone is saying the word True Parents and calling me "Parent." I did not teach them that I am their parent. I did not tell them to bow. Everything was taught by Heaven.

So what is my request? Up to now 299 congressmen, plus 61 more this time, makes 360 people who have been given Cheon Seong Gyeong. And if just 80 percent of these 360 become one in heart with me in doing Hoon Dok Hae, Korea will never perish. You will not need to worry about this nation. Do you understand?

Then the nation will revive and from now on your wishes will come true. Things like those one dreams of are happening on earth. The era of liberation is coming in which we can keep the rhythm, sing and dance together with God within the realm transcending religion.

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