Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Midnight Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2005
The 38th True God's Day
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center, Korea

In this year's motto, you may not clearly understand the meaning of the words "internal and external." By them, I mean the internal kingdom of God and the external kingdom of God. Cheon Il Guk refers to a nation (guk) in which two people have become one (il). (A combination of the Chinese characters for "two" and "person" forms the character for "Heaven" (cheon).) The unity of two people as one signifies the unity of mind and body, of man and woman, of parents and children and of heaven and earth with God. When I say internal and external, "internal" refers to God, and "external" refers to True Parents.

That is why the full version of the two abbreviated words would be the internal era of the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity. Do you understand? That is what it mean. The internal nation, Cheon Il Guk, is the kingdom of peace, but this internal world cannot be perfected on its own. It can only be perfected through Cheon Il Guk in the external world. Since the body is the external part, and because heaven and the earth were destroyed because of this body, we now have to speak of it separately, by referring to it as the internal and the external. It is the internal and external Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand?

So when you speak of Cheon Il Guk, you are actually speaking of the cosmos, heaven and earth. Heaven and earth have not been united in peace. All that was created exists in pairs, but have not been united as one. That is why there is lamentation among the all created beings. They were not united as one. Did I say something about peace and unity? The time of the kingdom is here!

How is this going to happen? During the past four years of the kingship of Cheon Il Guk, you were unable to practice filial piety toward True Parents, even after calling upon your ancestors in the spiritual world. Not only that; you did not become families of filial piety. Only when you represent families of sons and daughters of filial piety, then families of patriots of nations, then families of saints and sages within the world, and finally families of holy sons and daughters in heaven and on earth, and make a clean sweep on earth of the history of grief and resentment called indemnity, can you establish the internal kingdom of cosmic peace and unity and unite the two as one, turning the world around as a result.

The spirit world is made up of ancestors. These ancestors could never receive the blessing because they had inherited the bloodline of the archangel. However, through True Parents on earth, they were able to receive the blessing. The descendants who inherited the blood of the archangel in the time before the coming of heaven passed into the spirit world and became the ancestors. Originally, the blessing of ancestors in the spirit world would never have been possible.

True Parents then came to earth. They have transcended nations and the world. And they lost four of their children through the law of indemnity. Because it was still the time of the history of restoration through indemnity, through which the lost children of God were to be restored-the lost Eve, the lost Adam, the lost Jesus, and even the lost family of the Lord of the Second Coming-Father was supposed to complete this work within his generation, while he was still in his forties. He was to turn heaven and earth completely upside down and establish the unified world of the kingship of peace. However, Father was unsuccessful in accomplishing this, so he had to accomplish all this forty years after the conclusion of the World War II, after the sixtieth birthday of Mother and before she turned sixty-two.

Centering on the number 60, at this time when we are surmounting the sixty years and the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, can we finally welcome the heavenly world? The number 4 is the number of Satan. The numbers 3 and the number 4; 3 is the number of man, and 4 is the number of the woman. Only when these two come together and form a family can they achieve the number 7.

Taking Adam's family as an example, there would be the grandfather and grandmother couple, the father and mother couple, my spouse and I, and the families of my sons and daughters. Therefore there would be eight members in Adam's family and eight members in Noah's family. Yet, since neither of them could stand before God by themselves, the number must be indemnified. Unless we pass from number 6 to number 7 and on to number 8, centering on the number 8, and from number 9 to number 12 centering on number 8, there can be no beginning of liberation.

That is why in the history of humanity, there have been many cases of people undergoing all kinds of hardships, and being on the verge of death-billions of times. However, even in those times the central figures died and were resurrected; they were resurrected and then passed away again and were saved right on the brink of death. You must know this clearly. This was why there have been many such incidences in history, including the time Abraham was ready to kill his son Isaac with a knife in order to offer him as a sacrifice, before God ordered him not to kill his son.

All of you here today must complete, in your generation, the duties of the children. Until now you have not fulfilled your moral obligations as children to your parents, as patriots to the nation, as saints and sages of the world and as holy sons and daughters before Heaven. Though all of you have received the blessing, you are acting individually. We are now on the world stage. This is no longer in the era of the family. Being on the world stage, we must be unified beyond anything else, so that we need not be ashamed in front of anyone.

Each of you, during your lifetime, must work hard with God to restore what was lost in the Garden of Eden. In so doing, as representatives connected through one bloodline, as one family, you must form families of sons and daughters of filial piety, patriots, saints and sages, and holy sons and daughters, centering on the duties of sons and daughters on my behalf, on behalf of True Parents. Then, on the foundation of liberation and freedom, True Parents would be able to claim as their own, heaven and earth, in which there would be no barriers, boundaries or borderlines between families, nations, races or valleys-in fact, between any earthly places. The liberated heaven and earth must then be connected through the bloodline of love, in which your families, nations and heaven and earth can be united as one, and can take an active part, on the foundation of liberation and freedom.

You must remember that only then can the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven be liberated, and from the position of not being able to serve God, we will be able to establish the restored and perfected reign of peace and prosperity that will continue for ever and ever, and the time will come when we can shout "eog mansei" and praise God in this era of peace and tranquility. Do you understand? [Yes.]

That is why you must keep in mind that it is each individual that has to perfect the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity, and it is each individual who has to perfect the kingship of Cheon Il Guk. It is your family. You must know this. Your families! You and your families must all fulfill this responsibility. That is why you must live based on the Family Pledge. Our Family Pledge is not something that should be recited by Rev. Moon alone. It is not God who to say the Family Pledge. It is for you to recite, you must understand. Since I have removed any burdens that might hinder you from fulfilling the Family Pledge, and bequeathed it to you, you must thoroughly reorganize yourselves on earth through the Family Pledge so that you are free from burden.

From East to West, if Father were to visit twelve nations in one day, regardless of the skin color-be it black or white-of the citizens, he would be unable to find one place that is like the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam's family. He would not be able to find a place where God would be able to rest peacefully and which God could claim as His own and then sleep freely. He wouldn't find a place where the people would be ready to serve Him for as long as He would stay, even if it were longer than three years. The question is, will you establish such a tradition to prepare to attend God, transcending all nations-beyond Japan, beyond Korea and beyond the United States? True Parents are asking you, from the bottom of our hearts, to cherish this in your mind forever and ever; only by doing so will you be able to fulfill this year's motto, "Let Us Complete the Ideal of the Internal and External Cheon Il Guk."

Let's stand up and say good night.

[Everyone offers a bow to True Parents]

We'll use the word "Transcendent" for the first three days. You can leave it out after that. What this signifies is that we have reached a new level. After passing through the three eras of the cosmos, heaven and earth, and heaven, earth and humankind, we were finally able to unite in harmony, and prepare the origin of love through which we can love our beloved sons and daughters, and our lineage. So we will use the word for three days, representing formation, growth and perfection, and then leave it out. It would be the same whether we leave it out, use it forever or add the word a hundred times over. So keep in mind that the word is there, it has just been left out. All we have to do is prepare the foundation of life upon which we can live with God, who transcends the natural world and transcends the universe, as soon as possible, so that we can leave out the word "transcendent" forever! Let us say Amen! "Amen!" (Applause)

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