Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2005
The 38th True God's Day
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center

Beloved Heavenly Father, we have passed the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, and have entered the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk. I know how difficult, arduous and full of pain and tears Your path has been in seeking out the holy ground of Chung Pyung in Korea as the history of restoration through indemnity moves toward its final destination.

As all this has passed, I proclaim the era of the cosmic peace kingdom centering on the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. We deeply engrave in our hearts a new beginning that enables us to attend God as the parent on this earth, and True Parents as the parents on this earth, and unite the internal parents with the external parents; and we engrave the numerous hopes from the course of history that You had for the purpose of stepping on and going beyond this platform.

This child knows well of Your lonely life course as You, the Father, pioneered through the environment and longed for the garden of love based on the ideal of re-creation.

We are overwhelmed with awe knowing how You went through this difficult path of history of tribulations that created the cosmos. This was to initiate another beginning for You-the incorporeal subject and the owner-to let me, this unworthy child, attain a form in the land of Korea, from Your invisible position in our relationship, an invisible position of not having form. In the midst of this, no one knew about these destined connections, the conditions for interaction, behind thousands of years of history.

Although there were many peoples, many nations and many families on this earth, and many men and women have existed, this child knows well of Your bitter anguish of not having even one person as Your partner who can relate with the deep heart of a son or daughter showing respect and affection for You, and who can relate with that lofty and precious heart in the deepest part of Your heart. Your son did not know of Your sorrowful heart in which You had to seek a man and woman. Nobody on this earth knew of the heavenly aspects of Your heart from this endless path of bitter pain, and this path of bitter anguish from the infinite history and eternity in which You sought Your son in order to go beyond this confusing line of limitation that only You knew of and which even Satan was ignorant of. Behind the history of the land of Korea that has lasted beyond 5,000 or even 7,000 years, this child knows well the path of tribulations that You walked until You found the path that enabled You to take rest in this land of Korea while You went about throughout the continent in the central field of heaven and earth.

The child that stands before You today may look shabby in appearance but knows all too well the path of sorrow of the defeated who lost their kingship as they lived in the shadow of the history of bitter anguish. I know too well how great Your bitter anguish was in being unable to pass on Your kingship to Your child, and in losing the kingship itself.

You looked upon the vast population of mankind, countless nations and individuals and families. All these should have become a lamp that blossoms like the flower of Your hope of love. That nation and world should have shone like the sun and moon and become a subject partner with driving power, which can move all life forms of the creation. Yet, losing these things, You were alone, imprisoned amidst the shadow of a dark heart as You searched for Your son. You crossed long distances alone, longing for the son whom You will find in the last days that lay in the distance. That history of yearning has lasted not one or two days but continued for tens of thousands of years, and beyond. As You raised the realm of religion encapsulated in four thousand years and, on Your path, groping to find the way and surmounting this hill, You had to pioneer along all the difficult paths in front of Satan. People on earth pioneered as they hovered between life and death, a situation no man on earth would want. Going beyond one side of the boundary of freedom, You found Your own image, and going beyond the shameful sight that stood before the original creation, Your heart yearned for a son that could become the single light for the future, and moonlight, while You looked back to the history You went through to become the Lord of humankind.

Now as we see off the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk and receive the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, our mind and body cannot relate to You separately. After achieving the coronation ceremony of the kingship of the peace kingdom centering on the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace on this earth, we must unite the realms of the lineages of the Mongolian people by going beyond the sphere of the Mongolian race. Without doing so, heaven would be silenced by the dark shadow of those defeated by their bonds to the satanic lineage that began with the murder in Adam's family. As we welcome the new, bright and clear morning light, together with the owner of heaven and earth and with a heart of love of a patriot on behalf of the ancestors of mankind from millions and billions of generations, this child once again must ask for forgiveness at this time before Your heart that has longed for the liberated realm of Your Sabbath where heaven and earth-from the mineral world to the human world, and all the creation belonging to the pair system-can be harmonized in unity, to suffer, rejoice, and live together.

Standing before the Father who raised this child in a position responsible for heaven and earth, I can never forget the past ages where I struggled to take on the burden of Your cross that grew heavier. This memory is stronger than that of the struggles on the path of indescribable hardships, and of each moment where heavy burdens of bearing the failures of the responsibilities of religion and the nations on this earth were added. Passing through the ages of adolescence and youth, I cannot forget the course of training You gave me to make me understand Your sadness as You had to go to and fro numerous times in order to expand the local roads, highways and freeways of the nation and world that enabled me to go directly to the world of heart from a position of ignorance located at the bottom of hell, day and night amidst the darkness of a thousand years. This was in order to fulfill my duty as a child that should attend the Father who has form and who sits on the throne, with the realm of Your words and the gates of the palace of Your heavenly nation inside America.

The entire history of resentment and lamentation...Due to holding the coronation ceremony for the king of peace of the victorious heavenly nation on December 13 in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk through the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, a declaration should have been declared today on this earth. But it is delayed until February 14, to True Parents' birthday. During this time, let all the things that were liberated and indemnified during the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk become a seed and sprout that harbors a clean and flawless life force that solely focuses on Your desire. Let it grow to have form, become a tree and bear fruit that can bring joy to the master in the garden, blooming with flowers and abundant with fragrance. I know the world of Your heart that longs to pluck this fruit and prepare a feast again for Your sons and daughters.

Father, at this time I am aware that Your deep heart that I know has a background more deep, high and broad in extent. I now understand that it is impious to try to understand that world and that it is a sin to know this world. Thus, I could not stand in a position of running to You in silence, grasping You, embracing Your body and calling Your name! Reaching that position, I cannot forget the days of Your cooperation when I suffered on the path of perseverance, patience, hardship and a situation of life and death stemming from persecution, until that day of dispersing the deep shadow in Your heart.

I cannot forget the joy of that day of the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God on January 13 in the first year of Cheon Il Guk, which took place prior to the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk. This child, who failed to gain the nation for that day and raise it before heaven, came to this land, the fatherland, and knows how great is the responsibility I was called to take on and which needs to be fulfilled within the next four years with these young and immature children. I stand in a position where, even though I might not be able to believe in them, I cannot help doing so. They could not become such sons and daughters who can stand with both hands raised before the Father and pledge to take responsibility in completing and fulfilling their given responsibility during the next four years. This child establishes a foundation, and these children must raise a nation, attend the parents, reveal the great way of the heavenly principles [natural laws], so that the sun and moon unite, and heaven and earth come together in the bright heaven and earth.

My heart is wrenched as I experience how vexing and bitter a history of ordeals it has been due to the failure to attain a position of an ideal couple in love that can carry on true love, true life, and true lineage in a deep position centered on the origin of the family that is the nest of love. Experiencing these things, I know how heart-wrenching it was for Heaven. As we pass out of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, the nations and religions on this earth have come to their current situation by setting up the foundation for conditions that barely meet the standard of Your heart.

Since we were born through an inevitable special connection with heaven, we must make the impossible possible, things without hope into things with hope, and resurrect the child that was originally in the position of death. In such an indivisible position that must be armed with Your omnipotent authority, You came to us as we sorrowfully struggled and proved that You existed. Unable to command in a loud voice, You whispered to us the command to have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, concerned that we may bring shame upon You before Satan. You sought the number five at the risk of the number four that enables You to liberate the bright heaven and earth for the purpose of bringing the ancestors of mankind who were disobedient to You throughout history to this place.

Going beyond 4,000 years in the age representing the Old Testament Age and in which Your sons and daughters could receive the Messiah, which was Your desire in sending the Messiah to this earth, Jesus could not usher in the age of the fifth millennium. Coming upon this earth, he left behind the task of putting heaven and earth in order and Christianity had to shed blood for 2,000 years. I know very well that, crying and suffering, You pushed the heart of this son again and again for him to go this way as You endured the sorrowful sight of him being compelled to stand aside from Your path of righteousness along with the individual sacrifices and tears of defeat shed by the family, tribal and national levels.

There has never been a son of filial piety on this earth who could fulfill the path of loyalty and filial piety. There has never been a patriot or a family of divine sons and daughters. These things that even You could not do, I had to fulfill. I had to follow this path, with this responsibility, into the sea of tears from indescribable suffering, all the while regarding it to be a wading pool where I would swim everyday. I had to walk these paths forgetting my struggles and strove on to this point while gazing only at Your targeted desires and the sunlight You revealed.

Now at this moment as we surmount a hill, in this fifth year, we have to call for all the spirit people who had the misfortune of going to the spirit world, based on the foundations of the blessed families on this earth whom they can have pride in as their direct lineage. They should have been the families of sons of filial piety, families of patriots, families of saints, and divine sons and daughters who should have called all the ancestors in the spirit world, even God, to this earth and attended them. Yet they stand in a position unable to do so, despite the education I have given them throughout my life.

With this old body yet young at heart I still stand before the course of fulfilling my given responsibility in opening the new gates to the heavenly world along with the task of arranging all things in the earthly world even at the moment I collapse, in order to reproduce what they should have done. Thus, I sent my sons and daughters of four age groups to the spirit world, and with the responsibility of the parent on earth, I shoulder the responsibility of the parent before these children and carry the realm of relationships in the heavenly world in order to liberate even those groaning in the abyss of hell. Gazing upon the rising sunlight of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, I cannot forget the facts that I alone know as I stand in this difficult position where I feel inadequate despite the pain of this body.

Even as I passed through this position I know that Your heart for the nation was tens, hundreds and even thousands of times greater. Unable to comfort Your heart, even as my mind floundered when You needed me, even when You resisted to rest when You could have, and how You endured alone, braving the wind and frost at the front in pioneering the way to help this unworthy child, before You I truly pray with all my heart and body that my wife who stands before me can unite with You. I know very well that the very being that brought about the seemingly impossible conflict within Your mind and within Your body, was the same being who stained the name of True Parents. Therefore, let our two bodies be transformed into one, let us become the bright parents of the new morning that rises explosively before Your deep heart, as the sun and moon that shine beyond the darkness to bring the tide of the bright heaven and earth from this year.

I proclaim the tremendously important levels of responsibility so that all the good and bad things in the spirit world can come to this earth and bear fruit as good things. Let us make a new determination to offer this before You. Let the people gathered here today attain one heart, one body and one core with the True Parents' heart. On the foundation of the liberated freedom, the tranquil place of rest, let the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be attended by from one to millions of families. Let these become families of sons of filial piety, families of patriots that go beyond the nation, families of the saints that go beyond the world, and families of divine sons and daughters that go beyond the cosmos.

During this four-year period, bless us so that, with all our hearts, we can leap beyond this meridian that is inclined towards the world that can freely guide and digest all things, and bring liberty and liberation to the realm of the Sabbath centered on Ahn Shi Il, which heaven can embrace according to the path of loyalty and filial piety. And in the ninth year of Cheon Il Guk after the year 2008, please become the owner, parent and teacher for eternity who can restore the boundaries between the heavenly world and the earthly world so that You may freely commute to heaven from the earthly world along with those who came to the earthly world, and reign over these worlds while firmly grasping the throne of the world of the original palace of the free, liberated heaven and earth.

We pray that You will enjoy Your reign of peace for all eternity. In laying the foundation, let me invest my sincerity without fear for those days to come. Please have pity on the heart of this child who can only depend on Your cooperation until the time I can embrace the passing moon and sun and go beyond the ideal of the Shinmi year. I pray that You will be with me and guide me as I walk this path.

Father please bestow Your love on Mother standing here, who goes by the name of Hak Ja Han. She has truly gone through many hardships to this day. I know too well how great the intensity of Mother's fate is in preparing her standard as a filial daughter before You, and the preparations for attendance in [True Parents'] family on earth. Still I have an obligation that prevents me from giving guidance to her. Hence, let me be able to help Mother in going beyond her 5 percent responsibility during the four years that remain. With my heart of gratitude before Heaven, and with Mother offering her thanks to Heaven, let this become like two incense fires, like two candles burning in the darkness, and protect us and guide us so that we can perfect the way of the True Parents.

On the first day, as we designate the motto for this year, please unite the body of our couple which must go forth with hope and joy on this path even though our two bodies may be ripped apart and damaged as we go between the internal world of heaven and the external world of heaven. Bless us and guide us so that we may reach the position of Your victory without collapsing on the way.

On behalf of two people, this I sincerely, sincerely, report and proclaim in the name of the True Parents.


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