Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

True Parents Return To East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
June 11, 2005
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard
Editing: Joy Pople and Jim Flynn

Note: These are notes of a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message In some instances editing was done to enhance the meaning without adding to the essential message.

We welcomed True Parents to East Garden around 12:45 pm on Saturday, June 11. The atmosphere was totally joyous as True Parents received greetings from True Family members as well as 100 leaders and key members. The anticipation was great as we welcomed our victorious True Parents back to America. The excitement is great because the providence in America and throughout the world is moving so rapidly forward.

First, we received the report of Dr. Peter Kim:

True Parents just completed a victorious course in Korea. We had a huge conference in late April and early May in which 30,000 leaders gathered from many nations at Yeosu. The development of Yeosu is moving forward rapidly with cooperation from local and national authorities. The city of Yeosu has a population of 340,000; in two other cities there are about 500,000 people. The islands off of Yeosu have been strategically important for centuries. Once there was a conflict between Great Britain and Russia in this area, and there is a cemetery for the British who gave their lives to protect the area. Paek Tu Island is there; it is considered one of the most popular and beautiful islands of all of Korea.

Father asked Rev. Hwang to invite all the major leaders of the city of Yeosu to come for a major event. Rev. Hwang had only a couple days notice to prepare. Of course, this is not a simple task. These leaders are very tied up with tight schedules set in advance. The mayor of Yeosu had eight events conflicting with our request, and yet he cancelled all the appointments to join us. He is a very devout Christian leader in the Yeosu area. He is a deacon and elder in the church in that area. He is so sincere and respectful to True Parents that many of our elder members feel that we could learn from his humble attitude. The mayor received Father's inspiration without hesitation and began to work on it, yet we as elder members many times judge Father's direction based on our own views or experiences and many times hesitate.

A general who is from the area and the chief of police also participated. These are well-respected people who do so much to help our work for peace. When we had the Peace King Cup fishing tournament, they did much to support and promote this highly successful world fishing tournament. Once they have the attitude of attending True Parents, it is not easy for them to just drop by. Usually it ends up being quite a significant visit, and because of Father's world-level position they don't feel that they can just come and go. Many important people came and stayed all day.

A number of marine biologists came to Cheong Hwa Gardens. They are deeply concerned with the ecosystems there and the environmental conditions. Everyone was very concerned that we were hosting 34,000 people in a camping type situation. Knowing the importance of our work, the scientists gave full support so that environmental concerns could be addressed properly. The head of the fire department totally supported our campground with water and facilities.

This kind of meeting was held again on June 1st with the full support of the top leaders.

One day in May, the winds and rain were so severe that all the 34,000 people who were invited were sure that the event would be canceled. Yet somehow, the next morning the weather cleared and it was beautiful. Through many experiences like this we came to have total confidence in Father's prediction concerning events and weather.

The same thing happens when Father travels by helicopter. Father would order the helicopter crew to prepare for a trip during severe weather. During heavy rains and storms, pilots generally don't fly because they fly at low altitudes, and it is easy to crash with fog and rain. They absolutely resist going in these conditions. Several times I explained to them that we had to go, and they said it was impossible. Father was so determined that he got in the helicopter and said, "Let's go!! We can fly out over the ocean and escape the danger." As soon as we got out, suddenly the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow formed near Ka Man Do.

The [people invited to go fishing] were told to wear something very casual. Thinking it would be an indoor occasion, many wore suits. They couldn't imagine fishing that day. From the beginning, Father said that without question they would be going fishing, although the leaders said there would be no way to do it. However, once Father sets his mind to do something there is no question that we will never stop until it is done. None of the 1400 leaders could believe that fishing would be possible. However, Father prepared fishing clothes for all the leaders and a new fishing pole for each one. All these things had their own names on it. They were amazed that the bad weather broke, and our fishing plans were fulfilled. By the time we got out, only two or three hours of fishing remained. However, everyone caught fish. What is interesting is that Father caught the largest and most sought-after fish. This had an amazing impact on all those top leaders. I was in the boat with Kook Jin Nim and key leaders, and they had the mysterious feeling that Father Moon has enormous fortune and ability. Father couldn't give himself the first prize so he awarded first, second and third prizes to the top fishermen.

(Col. Han passed me a note at this time saying that there is a long-standing tradition in Korea that Buddhist holy men have the ability to bring rain or stop rain. Korean have great respect and reverence for these holy men. These key leaders expressed this kind of feeling for Father on this day.)

After this Father said he wants to build a 43-story building right in front of city hall! (There are many challenges to be faced in doing this.) Father asked the mayor, "Will you support this?" The population of Yeosu is declining, and Father envisions increasing the population of the city, which will lead to an economic renaissance. The mayor was respectful of this request, and although there are complications and challenges to be faced, he said he would do everything possible to do it. Nineteen other leaders had to return to their offices that day, but the mayor remained there. His jurisdiction is over Ko Man Do, and he went to the myun office there to ask for their support, based on the respect Father has gained for his work in America and the world.

What is the key lesson learned from this? We are living in the era after the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. If we now go forward with courage and absolute faith, we can open the way for our mission. We are living in a time when we have the full support of the spirit world. Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and others are in complete support of this dispensation. When we go forward with absolute faith we can accomplish anything. Our vision is supra-national, supra-cosmic and supra-religious, transcending the boundaries of religion and nationality in a way that benefits the whole world.

Father gave each leader a gift as they left: Korean cake, Il Hwa ginseng tea extract, and special ginseng honey root. He really cared for them from the bottom of his heart. Now people are paying serious attention to everything that Father is doing in the Yeosu area and throughout Korea. The journalists who attended our conferences wrote many very good articles about True Parents' influence. These leaders spread throughout Korea the story of True Father's incredible victorious power and spirit.

One key leader was seasick and became so ill that he threatened to jump overboard if they didn't take him back to shore. On the way back, he resurrected somehow and completely overcame the seasickness. The recovery was so miraculous that he felt bad that he had wanted to go back. He was so inspired by the recovery and his realization of what Father was doing that he pledged that he would join the peace family movement.

After this, some Christians organized a challenge against the mayor, accusing him of following Rev. Moon's direction and not the interests of Yeosu. However, the mayor and the minister of his church challenged them strongly and said, "Show us a plan that is better than Rev. Moon's." They described how the cities around Yeosu tried to get out of economic trouble with the help of foreign investors, but they have not prospered and people even lost their property. However, Rev. Moon is looking to attract money and development based on a national renaissance. The mayor said, "I have not seen a more faithful man or someone who loves God more than Father Moon. He is truly a holy man and a man from God." With his strong spirit, the opposition lost its power and collapsed.

Father is reaching out to the top ministers and leaders of Korea. University presidents, cabinet ministers and other key leaders will go to Japan and meet key leaders from many nations to educate them with the Divine Principle.

About 3000 leaders participated in seminars. They commonly express regret that they didn't know this amazing truth before. They report that they had heard so many things about Rev. Moon and the Unification movement that were wrong, and now they are sorry. Just yesterday, many seminar participants reported that on their own they are forming coalitions to develop plans to help this historic movement. One four-star general has become the leader of this effort. Many came to New York last year and were transformed when they experienced Father's vision and achievement. The connections that are being made are influencing national leadership. There is a widespread understanding that without Father, the nation lacks a clear direction.

Two years ago, the Peace King Cup tournament for professional soccer teams was held. This is an amazing work of God. Rev. Kwak is now the president of the Korean National Soccer League, the organization that is hosting the major soccer events for Korea. Because of this, the heads of the sports associations in key nations are dealing directly with Rev. Kwak concerning future tournaments. During the tournaments, leaders will be invited to briefings about how the Peace King Cup promotes peace. The first Peace King Cup got a lot of attention, but it was not fully understood. Now it has become mainstream.


We need to lay this foundation throughout the world. Our situation is now totally different from before, and we can move forward with incredible speed. The Peace King Cup activity should be totally self sufficient. We need to reach out to professors and educators at this time. We must have this kind of foundation here. Mike, do you understand? Neil at Bridgeport, do you understand? This is going to be equivalent to the World Cup eventually.

I called Japanese wives living in Korea to attend a 40-day training workshop in Yeosu. All wives eventually must attend this 40-day workshop. When you take your annual vacations, you should come to Yeosu for training and recreation and help develop that area; there are 4,300 islands in the area. Korea is the most beautiful place. The sixth 40-day workshop for Japanese wives will have 120 participants.

Dr. Peter Kim:

We should understand how readily the hearts and minds of people unite with us. Father's vision is so clear that they cannot challenge him. The light is so bright that the people can see the way. Now many of our businesses are restructuring, and the leaders of our organizations are changing. Rev. Kwak is deeply excited about this work and sees how much advancement is taking place. He has become like a young man with more and more energy.

On May 1st and May 4th there were major events. Shin Rye was the name given to Kook Jin Nim's baby.

Our Il Hwa soccer team in Korea is considered number one. We are reorganizing and will become a major force in world soccer. The Peace King Cup will be broadcast on major TV stations in Korea.

In Japan, Father educated the Min Dan and Cheong Yang groups (these are organizations of Korean residents in Japan; one group supports North Korea and the other supports South Korea). Father is bringing them together. Two thousand of them have been invited to Korea to attend the Peace King Cup competition on July 13. This will bring great unity to the Min Dan and Cheong Yang groups.

Now that we are living in the age after the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We should be totally united in faith, love and obedience.


We need to unify these three conditions in our life. The archangel turned everything upside down. Now all must be restored through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God was the first to practice this kind of faith.

A major event will take place on August 18th. Several thousand women leaders from China and 120 nations will gather in Beijing.

A former university president met me through different activities and is now totally dedicating himself to follow me. He confessed: 1) I have lived almost as long as Rev. Moon. In Korea everyone knows me, but when I go to America or London or anywhere in the world no one knows me. However, Rev. Moon is known throughout the whole world. 2) I wrote so many things, but little attention is paid to my writing. Yet Rev. Moon's 300 volumes of books are translated throughout the world and are being read by millions of people daily. 3) I led many young people, including men and women of genius, but not one of them would offer his life for me. Yet many people from all races and nationalities would give their lives for Rev. Moon and his work.

I gave a new direction during the flight to America: to initiate building a bridge between Alaska and Russia across the narrowest part of the Bering Straits. The day this was proclaimed, June 11, 2005, will be historic. This is part of the effort to break down the barriers and eliminate the boundaries that hinder free exchange. This is the age after the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. All mass media will eventually understand and promote this. Support should be sought in America and the United Nations.

Religions coming together can unite the world. Why should there be divisions among Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity? If there is one God, why should there be divisions? God created Christianity, but God is not limited by it. We need to go beyond the boundaries of Christianity to embrace all people. The question is how to unite people of the major religions.

Americans are very proud of their nation, but they should not just live for themselves. America's role is to bring prosperity and peace to the whole world. Many people in the world are suffering from pollution and ecological problems. There are incredible resources in the tundra areas. Many things can be done to change the world if all races unite. White, black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans should exemplify this unity.

I have maybe 15 more years on earth. Do you think I can accomplish such things? (Yes, Abonim. You have already done it.) America needs to bring all races together. There are plenty of resources that can be developed. There are still vast oil resources under the sea.

Today is a great day. It is called Tan O in Korea. Spiritually, my hands embrace heaven and earth.

[To Nora Spurgin, head of Bridgeport International Academy] Nora, you are the principal of the junior and senior high school. You must lead it, and your husband should follow.

Dr. Yang prayed:

Truly we are honored and privileged to live with our True Parents at this historic time, to hear them and be with them. All the saints and sages and heavenly spirit world centering on Heung Jin Nim are here. We must offer everything at this time in order to realize heaven on earth. Now the proclamation is being made to build a bridge between Russia and America across the Bering Straits.

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