Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
April 8, 2005
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Simultaneous summary translation: In Hoi Lee and Hee Hun Standard

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Once we unify the scholarly world, everything will come together. We must make an excellent educational system. It will not take even 40 years for the world to be united. We have to promote the Blessing and then Divine Principle education.

Eventually this must be broadcast through the mainstream media. What you should know is that the contribution of Father and Mother must be pulled together to liberate the Mother Land and Father Land. We must understand that now is the time to let go of all things that we inherited from the fallen world. Whatever they have, they cannot boast. When we think of the history of man, there are so many museums of the history that went before us. When we look at England, it stole many treasures in history. They should not keep those possessions and they must give them back to the original owners. All things must be restored. In one sense people are afraid of the truth. All things must be held in the deepest place of the home, and the rightful ownership that belongs to each tribe should be given by God.

The role of Cain and Abel will now be finished. It is the time that I can proclaim the direction we must go. If I ask Japan to focus on witnessing, they will bring incredible results. All the creation was made for the sake of others. Not just for Adam and Eve, not just for the parents, but everything was created for children. The man's and woman's bodies were made ultimately for their children.

I was born and had to survive and establish the True Olive Tree. All the pillars were established so that all could be grafted into the True Olive Tree. We must engraft into it in every way. Now Muhammad, Jesus and all the saints are united in heaven. I have proclaimed that all the doctrines are fading away. The idea that Jesus would come on the clouds is fading away. The old will fade away.

This is all coming due to the victorious foundation of True Parents. The crowning ceremony in February was transcendent of all things. It was a time of safe settlement. It was the time of total completion of the vertical and horizontal affirmation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace. This can now be proclaimed boldly and strongly to the world.

We pray, not in the name of Jesus, but in our own names. Everything has been completed now. The more we are confident, the more we can change this nation and the world.

We all must go back to our hometowns. We sent out all the Headquarters staff in Korea. We must make this standard everywhere. We must become king-makers and create kings and queens first by becoming kings and queens of our tribes and to establish kings and queens throughout our tribes. You must go to your mission hometown in Korea. This is critical for the establishment of your tribe.

All my life has been a living offering. There is no fighting. You must understand that in the name of True Parents, there must be absolute faith first. Then absolute love comes. Then from that absolute obedience. Then we can go back to the origin of the creation. Victory will be held under the banner of all things. All the representatives at this table must know very clearly. Though I didn't recognize you, you should be overjoyed that you are even here.

After the Crowning Ceremony for Cosmic Unity, on March 4th at Chung Pyung we had the rally for Cheon Il Guk. Then we completed the reading of the Holy Scripture on March 21st, the anniversary of the surrender of Satan. On March 22nd we began a completely new era. Now is the time in which we must read Cheong Seong Gyeong. Soon we will start the eighth reading of the Holy Scripture, but before that we are reading all the spiritual world messages. We must fully understand the revolution of indemnity and the revolution of heart.

Do you understand? It is the proclamation of God's Kingdom. You must understand that you are in the position to take responsibility for America. America cannot turn away from the security of Korea. This is a most important dispensational issue.

We need to promote the role of the United Nations and its councils. The Old Testament Age is the age of sacrifice of things; New Testament Age is the age of the sacrifice of the Son and the children; the Completed Testament Age is the age of the sacrifice of the parents.

If we are not in the center of God's dispensation, we must set the condition to indemnify and come to the center. Therefore I asked you to hang the banner of Victory Over Communism. In order to fulfill, you must have faith. How much did you really believe in me? I had to send out the missionaries and all the national messiahs. This had a providential meaning. This was truly important for the dispensation. On this foundation I supported 16 people to become peace kings of 16 key providential nations.

God has been keeping a homogenous history through the Fatherland and has been keeping the tradition of the Elder son, who is to inherit the position of the Savior, Messiah and King. Originally True Parents were to come from this kind of foundation.

Everything must be guided through an interreligious spirit. Marx and Lenin are the ones who really tried to change the world, but they denied God. Now we must establish a way to change the world through faith. It cannot be done by secular people; it must be done by God and True Parents. All leaders are different. Everything should be interreligious and international. We want to enter the realm of the ideal. Should I be the king of the ocean and the land? No. I need to bequeath everything to you. England and Spain dominated the seas. We must be able to conquer the ocean to guide the world. That's why I go to the ocean. We were created in the water of our mother's womb. All things began in the water. This is why loving the ocean is crucial to win the support of all the creation. We all need object partners; widows and widowers are people whom we should sympathize with. Nuclear weapons should all be destroyed. We should bury them at least 180 meters below the surface. They must be destroyed and disassembled.

Japan and America must understand the will of God. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang do you understand? Centering on the parent/child relationship and the families in America, we must educate people here. In Korea, there are some people who are deeply anti American. If they take over in Korea, it could be a serious problem for the providence.

I brought the Koreans and Japanese together through exchange marriage so that I could protect them. Otherwise both nations could be destroyed. No one should be struggling in our church because of different nationalities or because of my lineage.

We must have new leadership. We must establish new leadership for each nation. What if India and China unite as one? This could be a serious problem. If America does not respect me, it could lose its fortune. We now have the foundation to receive the springtime of heaven.

Kim Yang Lan, Mary Pak and one other - these three Korean women blocked God's dispensation. Dr. Young Oon Kim was to be the next president of Eu Hwa University. They didn't want to risk losing financial support so they choose another and blocked Dr. Kim. All this happened because of the failure of Sun Jin Nim's mother. I don't even want to talk about it. Just thinking about it makes me grind my teeth. I cannot express anything because I must love them completely. You don't know my agony and suffering. You have no idea of my agony and suffering .

Hyung Jin Nim wrote a book called the "Bald Head and a Strawberry". What is the conclusion of that book? - I am beyond any other teacher in history. W hen I heard that, I was so moved.

We should focus from now on three areas: education, mass media, and financial development. Japan should be leading the way to take care of financial matters. When we fulfill this, then finally Jesus can be a substantial king. Finally, Jesus was crowned, but that is not enough. He must be a substantial king.

We must financially support Bridgeport High School. It has been a small school. I will give support now and it should become a top school. We have to establish a Board of Directors. The Chairman of the high school should be Dr. Yang. There should be a strong connection between the university and the high school.

I'm supporting you to be kings. True Parent, True Teacher and True King are essential at this time.

If there is something wrong, you must repent and come back to the right standard. The first and most important thing is that you must repent and go on and then be elevated. We should really attend our parents; during the next eight years we should be very serious about it. If we ourselves cannot repent, then we can never reach a higher level. If we can truly reach this level and the realm of divine sons and daughters with filial piety, we can completely reach every level of humanity above and below.

We have to create a completely new family, the providential path to true liberation and complete freedom. We must live up to this teaching. Everything that has come up to this moment must be turned upside down.

It will blossom and it will bear fruit. There will be new buds, new shoots and new fruit. That is the time when we completely make a new beginning, for all of history.


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