Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae, East Garden April 7

Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 2005
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes Michael Jenkins
Simultaneous summary translation In Hoi Lee
Editeors L. Strait J. Flynn

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Now is the time for the spirit world to come down and be blessed. From April 5 to May 5 is an important period before the first anniversary of the May 5th declaration of Ahn Shi Il and the realization of the era after the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. During this time you must return to your hometown and bless your relatives and establish and engraft your tribe into the True Olive Tree. You must now fulfill 3% responsibility; God is responsible for 97%. Based on that, the Heavenly Family will start. We must achieve the third generation of blessing, without boundaries or borders. Centering on the heart of God we must achieve oneness of all people. We must bless all the 126 tribes of Korea. We need to bring the Elder Son Nation in the same way.

Each blessed central family must achieve a minimum of 180 blessed couples. Based on this, the four great realms of heart can be established in your family. On March 21, 1999 Satan surrendered. Based on this, the springtime came. From that point the door was open to bring the blessing to the entire spirit world, including all saints and philosophers. This opens the way for the younger brother position to reconcile Cain and Abel. At the time of the completion of the palace in Chung Pyung, all of the spirit world and the Kingdom of Heaven will begin to appear before our eyes.

At the age of 16 I inherited my mission from Jesus. I went through every historical relationship and course that Jesus went through. You must be completely rooted in this historic relationship with Jesus and understand the historic foundation from thousands of years ago.

Seventy years have passed since the time of my receiving my mission from Jesus. From this time in 2005 a new dispensation will unfold. I didn't say even one word that was incorrect in terms of the providence. You must be engrafted to the True Olive tree.

Jesus could not complete everything, but we as blessed central families must now complete everything. Central to the lineage is the Mongolian tribe, which directly connects to True Parents' spirit. At this time the Kingdom of Heaven is substantiated on earth.

On August 20, 2003, I established the coming of the fourth Israel; on August 20, 2004, I gave total blessing and release to all humanity through the Crown of Peace ceremony in Korea and the Blessing.

We must get rid of the entire satanic foundation. All the seven key nations after World War II must attend True Parents correctly. Then they will inherit True Parents' blessing and must completely establish the blessing for three generations.

After 16 I was able to connect with the spirit world and understand the heart of God. Based on this connection, centering on the heart of God, we can take a central role and overcome all the tragedies of history in which the younger brother was killed by the elder brother. It is time to make the era of total liberation and freedom. There is no question about it.

True Parents' substantial completion began in 1960, at the Holy Wedding of True Parents. The 46th True Parents Day (45th Anniversary) and the 45th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding of our True Parents is a very significant holiday at this time. You must go back to your hometown. All the spirit world will come down and we will inherit all the authority of the blessed tribe and Central Blessed Family. From this point Adam and Eve will make a new relationship and a substantial heavenly lineage by blessing their tribe. The next step is the establishment of the substantial Kingdom of Heaven, done by engrafting all the tribes on the earth to the True Olive Tree. To do this you must go back to your hometown and bless all your relatives and establish your tribe as a tribe of the Cheon Il Guk. Michael Jenkins, do you understand? (Yes, Abonim, it is clear).

The seed on earth will be unified with the seed in the spirit world. I have created a deep foundation for this seed and established it in you. Each one of you are this seed; the seed must be scattered and established at this time.

You should know that it is very amazing that you are here. It is not easy to go to Israel and do what we are doing with the Jewish and Muslim people. It is not easy to do what we are doing at Al Aqsa Mosque. Now we must proclaim clearly that we will protect the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. We must settle down and unite all people together. All must bow down before the one true God.

You should understand that you really had no merit that made you worthy to be in the Unification movement and be with True Parents. The other day one American mentioned that he couldn't understand my broken English, but you should think how I never abandoned English. Even to this day, I am still struggling to learn English with Peter Kim. Why? Only because there is no limit to what I will try to do to win the hearts of the American people. I don't have to learn English. This is not required by God for my mission.

Jesus came here to change the blood lineage. At the age of 16 I inherited his mission. To restore all the relationships that Jesus went through, I had to go through every step of the course of Jesus and overcome. The foundation that we stand upon is on the foundation of Jesus and his lineage. We must understand very clearly the value of Jesus' lineage.

At the age of 16, I discovered all the key secrets from Jesus and God. God and Jesus confirmed this before heaven and earth. It is the time of the family, not of the individual at all. All must receive the blessing through you at this time. This is the reestablishment and the restoration of the family that Jesus wanted to establish. It must be achieved in three generations. Jesus' mission was only for three years. Can you imagine the content of my mission, which has now run for 70 years?

We must understand all the content of my course. The clergy that came yesterday may think they are equal to me or that they opened the way to Al Aqsa Mosque, but this was done by God. Also our responsibility was to be fulfilled by discovering our course from the Western Wall to Al Aqsa Mosque. A key secret to the resolution of the conflict is centering on these two holy sites.

Dr. Yang, you are the center of America but you must not be influenced by the American way. We must establish absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience - the lifestyle of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The new wine must be placed in new wineskins. Today we must liberate all the 120 disciples of Jesus and unify all their denominations. Now we must unify all the denominations of these 120 - they are like branches of the same tree.

We must understand that you have no authority other than what is given to you by God, and what is centered on His ownership. If you go to hell or the lower realms of the spirit world, you will see that there are no families there, there are no partners.

The Archangel or the position of the elder son can now be blessed due to True Parents' victory. Because of this, we can now bless all of the spirit world. Before the Second Coming is fully realized all the things of the Satanic world must be dissolved. Then the spirit world must come and receive the blessing of God. We must now come into the position of the restored Adam and Eve and True Parents of our tribe. We are now restoring the Garden of Eden on every level to establish the new Peace Kingdom. The Peace Kingdom cannot have the baggage of the sin of the world carried over into it.

Mrs. Chung, do not hesitate to bless your whole tribe. One of the most central Korean Christian ministers comes from the Chung tribe. You should understand that you should not hide or hesitate from this responsibility. Mrs. Chung's sister is one of the key elders of our movement. If you had witnessed to all your tribe, certain difficulties that you went through would not have happened

We must understand and fulfill our responsibility by this time or severe punishment will occur by the spirit world. I had a ceremony to return land, the ocean, and all to restore the heart of True Adam based on the returning ceremony.

Don't just follow with blind faith. You must really understand what you are doing. I am the person that delivered all of Christianity and Judaism. Judaism's concept of being the "chosen" is no longer the correct concept from God's perspective.

On Mt. Nebo, God told Moses that he could not go in to the Promised Land. "Jericho" means that nobody knows. Only certain chosen people approved by God could go in. Thousands and thousands of people died during the 40 year wilderness course. Everything must be principled centered.

Who are you - Yang Chang Shik? I am clear that the accomplishment of the establishment of True Parents is the most important foundation. As you know in December of 2002 I gave up all my possessions.

Unless you make the proper conditions, you will not be able to inherit. You must fulfill your portion of responsibility. I know things very clearly. I will provide special support for peace in the Middle East. I want to support our volunteers in Gaza in a greater way than you expected. (Father referred to the pictures of the sisters in Gaza who were volunteers for the IIFWP office).

You cannot do things alone. If you do not solve the problem of the Middle East, America will go down. I asked representatives from Korea and Japan to come to America before Parents Day. We should have some showdown meeting.

All of you must make notes concerning Father's words and Dr. Peter Kim should know exactly what Father is saying and keep it carefully. Every day the notes of what I say should be reviewed and understood. Col. Han must know all the key things that I am instructing. Dr. Peter Kim must keep a record of all that Father says. There are many leaders, however all these leaders, presidents of our church and so forth, don't think of how to keep my words for the future.

You must carefully keep all my recorded words. You must have this kind of consciousness. Today I talked of very important things concerning my period at 16 years old and the responsibility to walk Jesus' path and change the blood lineage.

You must really understand the meaning of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. If you really fulfilled your responsibility would God and True Parents have suffered that much? You should not take advantage of things that belong to God and True Parents.

Am I standing in a better position than Jesus or not? Certainly what I accomplished is not what ordinary people can do. Jesus is now in the position of a most special "priest". Because of that he is truly greater than all of you. Because people didn't fulfill their responsibility, this world is a mess.

Dr. Yang and Michael Jenkins, do you understand your responsibility? You must guide America. Michael Jenkins, you are listening to interpretation, however, this word that you hear through the interpreter, no matter how good, can never be perfect. Only the original language can convey the deeper meaning and understanding.

We must now bring equalization to all things. From January 13, 2001 True Parents made the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. In the last four years so many critical things could occur and be fulfilled. Based upon that foundation, from now on we made a clear foundation for the world to end all physical conflicts and wars. We must bring the Mongolian lineage together and engraft it to the True Olive Tree of True Parents. IIFWP must fulfill this. Centering on IIPC we should be elevated. In reality no one has the foundation to defeat us now.

The Coronation that just occurred in Chung Pyung is the Coronation on the Cosmic Level. Now on March 4th was the rally for Cheon Il Guk and the Cosmic King. We now have finished reading Cheong Seong Gyeong 7 times. Soon I will read the Cheong Seong Gyeong for the 8th time. When did we proclaim Ahn Shi Il ? We proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on May 5th. (April 19th was the declaration of the 8th day Sabbath). On May 1st we proclaimed a most important realization of human responsibility. God's value is fulfilled not by standing alone but only when his object partners come into the real fulfillment of the relationship. It is the same with husband and wife. Your value is only completed in relation to your spouse. The younger brother, elder brother are also part of this. The relationship can determine the value.

There are many things I have yet to say but the foundation of the world is not ready for it. Therefore I cannot say many things.

After the establishment of Ahn Shi Il then 15,500 people gathered and Absolute Value was proclaimed. Because you couldn't fulfill your responsibility, things have been delayed and delayed. We established IIPC. If we can find three righteous people who can meet God's expectation, then we can fulfill.

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