Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2005

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 2005
East Garden
Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins
Translation by Rev. In Hoi Lee
Edited by Mr. Jim Flynn and Ms. Joy Pople

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. These notes are only for the recipients on our list and cannot be published without permission)

Mrs. McDevitt read the Cheong Seung Gyoeng

God's concept is vertical. Everything starts from a seed. The seed must be pure. The principle of the universe is clear. God, as subject and object, makes man and woman in His image. From that seed comes the lineage of God. You can see this principle in your facial features: your two eyes represent God, your nose with two nostrils are like the parents, and the mouth is like the position of the children. Thus there are three stages.

There is no selfishness or individualism in the concept of sainthood. To come to that level, you must go through the three revolutions of indemnity, conscience, and heart. We must become interdependent, not independent. When we look at the tree, we can find the root. The root of everything is true love. The core, the format, the foundation will never change regardless of the environment.

Seventy percent of the world's people are connected by lineage to the Mongolian people. As we bless them and unify them, we are connecting and unifying the whole world. The Native Americans are looking for their roots and origins. White people are not the original settlers. The Native peoples are linked to the Mongolian line. There is no difference between white and black in God's eyes. There is no concept of separation or denial in God. All races are universally connected to the one True God.

The blood lineage of heaven coming through the blessing is not a concept but an eternal root. We are becoming the family of the saints and sages. Problems happened in history because there was no establishment of a blessed family. We must understand the sacrificial life of Jesus and live as he did. We must live as the saintly families God needs to build a new world.

Parents must never divorce. However, due to the fall, this was the path the enemy used to destroy humankind. Because there has been no perfect seed, there have been so many divisions in the world. There has been no universal central point in the world through which God could reside. The root will go through the dirt and smelly things in the ground to find the nourishing elements. Therefore, all the dirty things of this world will become fertilizer.

To become the filial sons you must go through several levels of development. The historical words of True Parents and the Principle are the key to your growth and perfection of heart and character. You are the first to receive these words. Through these words you can become saints and achieve "seok bang" (total release). This is the way to become divine sons and daughters of God. If Jesus had divine sons and daughters, the world would have been restored.

Once you receive the blessing, your lineage is very different than that of your brothers and sisters. The starting point then becomes very different. Through the blessing all people can be engrafted and go up. If they are not blessed they will not prosper or go up. Therefore we are to bring the blessing to all our relatives and family.

Mind and body need to be unified centering on the conscience based on God. There is a Korean word for a person who is always chasing rainbows, but the concept may be different in English. That's why we need one universal language.

There is a clear order in the world. A natural heavenly order is coming. Because we have True Parents, we can unify the world through True Love and bring the heavenly order. We can move away from the history and tradition of the false parents and develop the correct tradition. How can you pay off all your debt and sins and attend True Parents in front of the saints and sages -- and especially in front of Jesus? All of spirit world needs to attend True Parents in this era. The spirit world and the earth must be unified centering on the lineage of heaven.

The second coming was necessary because Jesus, the first divine Son of God, died. This is why True Parents were sent. You must become engrafted to True Parents, and then you too can become divine sons and daughters.

We must move rapidly with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Preparation for the future should be done as we move forward. This way should be changed. Those in my immediate as well as extended family should all follow this principle of moving with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. I want to do all kinds of things right now. Shin Jun, my grandson, is just a baby but there is something amazing about his attachment to True Parents. He almost has us running after him!! He generates all kinds of love.

We need to go beyond the family level to God's ideal of the family. People need education in tradition so they can respond and act quickly. All key Ambassadors for Peace should attend a seminar in order to understand the Divine Principle.

From Korea and Japan, people need to come by April 8th and attend True Parents Day on April 9th. Those coming from a long distance can come earlier. Then we can also join the fishing tournament. We should really develop the hobby industry. During the summer you can go to Yeosu. They have all kinds of beautiful things there.

When I came to America, I gave these eternal teachings. I gave everything here. I came to America, although I knew that I could be accused falsely. I came here to help America fulfill her role. America must be leading the world in the right way. If America doesn't do this correctly, other nations will take over. You Americans must clean up everything in this world by bringing peace. If you don't clean up these things then you cannot be a central person for this country.

Although many Americans went their own way based on individualism, free sex, homosexuality, denial of God, do you think these ways will last? Anything that is not rooted in God is only temporary, not lasting. If America is not fulfilling its responsibility, the world will be in trouble. After April I may not be able to come back to America much because of other responsibilities I have for the world.

The American movement should be self-sufficient in all aspects. The American movement owes so much to the world, if you really think about it. You are in debt from this perspective. How much has been invested to save this nation? Many nations of the world contributed to the American movement's development. It should be given back to the world through the American movement serving the world.

The word Washington sounds like "washing the stone." Washington should wash the world. How many nations are willing to follow America now?

There can be no fighting between religions in the ideal world. People need to be educated that all religions stem from one God. There are struggles between Christianity and Islam at this time. In Israel there are holy grounds for each religion. We made a holy ground with an olive tree that is thousands of years old.

Israel is such a small country. God's son was sent and he died there. The historical rejection of Jesus was resolved through the crowning ceremony for Jesus. On December 13 there was an interreligious ceremony in Washington.

We need a monument for May 5, 2004, the first day of the New Era after the Coming of Heaven. All the property we have in Yoido will be used to make a special historical monument that will last for 10,000 years. That monument must be established to celebrate my presence there. We went to the North Pole, along with Dr. Yang, Dr. Peter Kim, and Rev. Otsuka, and established a monument. How about the fishing nets that I made in the 70's. at UTS? (Dr. Hendricks - Some of the nets are deteriorating due to salt water.) Please wash them in clean water to preserve them. All these historical items should be preserved.

I have been opposed and much misunderstood. I have been persecuted everywhere but I still embrace and love all people. Who discovered America? Not Columbus. The Native Americans were already here. Asians and American Indians have not been treated properly by the western world. Now the time has come for a complete change in this misunderstanding in America and the world. The mistreatment of the Indian people must be corrected.

People who know me, understand, trust and support me. We should help people understand, and misinformation should be exposed and corrected.

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