Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Blessing is the Last Road

You cannot belong to two sovereignties. You are couples for the sake of a nation, so you can marry only once. In the same way, there cannot be two worlds. Since you are husband and wife for the sake of the world, you can only marry once. Moreover, there can, not be two Gods. Since you are husband and wife for the sake of God, you can marry only once. You should attend this ceremony thinking from this viewpoint.

Once you are married, you cannot be separated. The day you separate, you will be in a situation worse than Satan. At that time Satan will accuse you. Satan will think of you as Satan. Satan will accuse you by saying, "You bastard, I fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, but you trip intentionally over Father who is in the perfection stage. You moron, do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven? No way." The person who separates will become more evil than Satan. Do you understand? It is a fearful thing. Fearful. That kind of thing should not happen. When such a person goes to the spirit world, he will be caught in hell for sure.

If the Blessing had no such content, why would Father have suffered hardships until now? Do you think Father suffers these things because Father is worse than you are? I am doing this work because it is absolutely necessary. In order to restore the fall, you must go the Principle course with absolute conviction.

If you fail after receiving the Blessing, there will inevitably be an indemnity condition. It will be there for sure. For this, there is no forgiveness. Thus, the Unification Church is a fearful place. This is not a threat; it is heavenly law.

In the sphere of the Blessing established by the Principle, there is no room for forgiveness. Without conquering the love of the world, God's ideal cannot be fulfilled. You can be free of Satan's accusations and criticism only if you make your indemnity condition thoroughly and restore your position in the universe.

Father has enabled you to establish the indemnity condition to receive the Blessing and create a new family, and I tried to take responsibility for your heavy burden. But if you transgress heavenly law even after Father has carried out his responsibility, that sin is the most fearful sin that will be transmitted down to dozens of generations of descendants.

If a person who has been insisting on living in the Unification Church's realm of heart has sexual intercourse freely with others as he likes and begets children, who will take responsibility for that person? Even God will not take responsibility for the one who has transgressed the bounds of the Principle. In the Old Testament, for the sin of adultery and sexual misconduct, the sinners were stoned to death. What do you then do about something more serious? Therefore, even in Japan, you must become stricter about that kind of thing.

If you blessed families transgress the law of heaven, you will beget crippled children. You should go to the spirit world to see what happens to those who have aborted babies in the womb that God has blessed.

What is the difference in value between a person who has passed through the course of the Blessing and the many people who have already gone to the spirit world? In terms of the standard of faith there can be no comparison. If you abandon this heavenly grace, Satan will accuse you. The archangel became Satan at the standard of the growth stage, but since you fell at the perfection stage, Satan will judge you.

The Blessing is the ultimate road. It is a great effort to think that it is a marriage which can be swept away mindlessly by an irresponsible storm of life. This is a precious time, which is centered on the heart of the universe. When man and woman perfect their personalities centering on God's love, and they have a clear view of their purpose, all difficulties and agony disappear. If you maintain that standard, there can be no such thing as another fall on this earth.

From now on, you should be filled with the heartistic honor of the unfallen ideal of creation and you should live with a grateful heart, committing your whole life. If you face difficulties, they are not for inflicting pain upon you. God is making you go the way of suffering in order to dispense more of the infinite blessings that heaven has gathered up until now. We can be truly thankful for this.

The husband and wife who have been brought together by the love of God's heart should form a sphere of family life through affection and love. In order to enter the eternal Kingdom of God, you must become a husband and wife who will fulfill the purpose of creation with clear purpose and conviction.

What we have teamed about through the Unification Principle is the realm of the heart. This standard of heart is above the standard which the human progenitors possessed before the fall. Therefore, if we fall, that sin is heavier than the sin of Satan, who corrupted Adam and Eve, who were at the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage. Even Satan would curse that person. There is no road of salvation for him. You must know that there exists such a very fearful, last road. The fall of the human ancestors happened in the process of growth before the realm of parents could be established. But today you have met the True Parents. Therefore, if you fall, that will result in going beyond the boundary of historical evil, and you will stand in a position worse than Satan. You probably realize by now how precious your position is.

The Blessing is the most precious and at the same time the most fearful gift. That for which humankind has been hoping, in the course of a history full of resentment, is the Blessing. But after receiving the Blessing, on the day that you go against the standard for which God has been yearning and for which the person who gave you the Blessing hopes, it is proper that you receive the accusation of God and the accusation of the person who blessed you. If that happens, it would mean the same as receiving the accusation of both the spirit world and the physical world, and there will be no place for you to stand. Since you will have violated the servant's victorious right of dominion, the adopted son's victorious right of dominion, and the child's victorious right of dominion, you become a criminal on three levels. If there is any judgment, you shall receive the judgment first. For that reason, the Unification Church is creating the movement to restore the victorious right of dominion.

Among Unification Church members, there are some people who are saying things such as: "Since one's spirit can go up and down, you can hate someone and then love someone, but what is a man to do when a woman's face is always ugly to him?" Do you understand? He is saying, "The Blessing is good, but shouldn't my wife's face be pretty, too r' But Father does not think like that. How frightful and preposterous it is to drag in these traditions from fallen history. If a man understands the enormity of God's Will, then no matter how ugly his wife is, he will love her despite her appearance. His only worry about her will be that she might run away. Man, no matter what, will face disaster if his wife disappears.

If that is the case, would that person do whatever he likes? When I bring judgment, let's see what happens. God's Will will remain, and Satan's will will disappear. If a blessed person marries someone else and begets children, they will disappear from this earth. Do you understand what I am saying? Thus, a person who has received the Blessing cannot have a different mind when working. How do we handle this kind of problem? Because of this, Father has headaches. If I could, I would do anything to prevent this from happening, but each person has free will.

Since I know that the abandonment of love is not a light thing, I cannot deal with it as I like. The betrayer should experience shame for having done such a thing. Then where is the one standard which can justify that. Do you understand? You must know that Father has long thought about that and has agonized over it.

In this world, the standard is just to take vengeance on the person who has betrayed you. God Himself has developed the providence of taking vengeance on the person who has betrayed Him and in that way subjugated Satan. So can Father decide by himself to set up the standard of forgiveness? This is truly a pity. It might not matter to you if you don't know these problems, but Father has to take responsibility for them directly. If you make a mistake, in the future the entire blessed realm could be accused. There could remain a ground of resentment which could bring an unexpected result. Then what should be done about that? What should be done about those people who betray love? By sending them to the road of death and making them suffer through many times more hardships, I must enable them to establish a condition of ultimate indemnity. Father is trying to open up a way to go over even that kind of problem.

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