Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) Three-Year Mobilization After the Blessing

The day that man and woman were set up in front of God's will, the day that you received the Blessing and became husband and wife, is not the day that conjugal life starts. You must still go the three-year course of public life.

Why do you have to go through the three-year course? There still remains the historical result of the human fall, which built up over the centuries before the appearance of blessed families. And in this world, there are many families who are related by false love, that is, families of the satanic world. In other words, preceding us were many individuals, families and nations. If our connection with these families and nations of the world is cut, we cannot save the world. That is why we have to go the three-year course. We have dual responsibilities. It is important to fulfill our responsibilities for our families, but the responsibility to save the other families in the world is more important.

Then what kind of relationship does your family have to the families of the world? Your family is an internal family, and the family of the world is an external family. In the terminology of the Unification Church, a blessed family is an Abel-type family and the families of the world are Cain-type families. Before the Blessing you are individual Abets and Cains, but after the Blessing, you are Abel and Cain families.

Since a person who has never even loved his son or daughter must be able to do so after receiving the Blessing, he is to team about love for three years by witnessing. By learning how to love others before having children, he can then love his children when they are born.

A person who has learned how to love others will love his or her spouse more than anyone else. Since that person has received much hardship and persecution while trying to learn how to love the people of the world, that person will know the value of love and will love his or her spouse more than anyone else. In this way, we are saying that a woman should have the mind to love her husband more than anyone and also love the children that she gives birth to even more. How beautiful is this true love!

If you can win after having received opposition and persecution, it will not become a misfortune but a good fortune. In order for a seed to sprout, it has to win over the cold winter. just as without a cold winter to break its thick shell, a bud cannot sprout, you cannot taste true love without first enduring persecution and opposition.

The reason why the Unification Church requires people to have three years of public life after receiving the Blessing is to enable them to taste true love. The reason why, in spite of persecution and opposition, Father toured the world and gave speeches, was to train us to make a beautiful family of true love greater than any other family. We are going the way of God's will despite the world's harsh persecution and oppression because of our heart of love for our children and our desire to enable them to live in a beautiful nation of God. We must live for and love our children more than the people of the world love their own children.

In the fight of our lifetime which we must go through, when a husband or wife is being persecuted and opposed, you must pledge that your love for your children will be greater than your feeling of distress and disappointment. You must be trained in that way in the midst of persecution and opposition.

A wife who has received this love training will not fight with her husband, standing against him as if she were firing a machine gun just because he said a word to her. The husband also will not ignore her or oppress her with his power. It is because through love training the person has felt how valuable his or her spouse is.

In the way of restoration, when you receive the Blessing, the wife stands in the position of Abel in front of her husband. Thus in the three years of public life, he has to stand in the position to obey her. Instead of obeying by staying close to the woman, it is easier to stay away and work. The man should perform various rituals such as bowing at morning and at night to the woman. I have not spoken about it until now, but Father himself also has gone through that course. Therefore, it is rather better to live separately and appear in front of your wife after three years of preparing a victorious foundation. The three-year course after receiving the Blessing has this purpose.

Right now, all women do not belong to you, but to Father. Thus I am sacrificing those people who are closest to me. Heaven's way is to sacrifice the closest people. More than your sons and daughters, your wives are closer to Father. These closest people are being sacrificed.

Your spouse does not belong to you but to God and the universe. Love is not your own possession. It belongs to God and humankind. Therefore, you should run for God for three years. You must run by raising up the heart of love.

To love the wife who belongs to God is the same as honoring God. When there is a lack of love, God does not move for you. If you do not hear from others that you are a model family, it means that you still lack love. Likewise, the woman should love her husband with the same heart as she honors God. If a give and take action of love that seems to touch God is fulfilled, that family will establish the four position foundation automatically. Everything will turn around automatically.

If you spin a top that's balanced on its point, it will turn well, but if you spin it without balancing it, it will shake. Therefore, you must make a family that is balanced and interacts well. Then everything will be solved. You must make a family four position foundation centering on that balance of love.

The husband should think of God, all people, and his wife, and centering on God, who is a trinity, he must endeavor to make himself and his wife one body. Since Adam and Eve fell without establishing that standard, we first must give effort to accomplish this. We are living by sacrificing ourselves in order to love God and all people. You should think that you received the Blessing for this. If you do so, the realm of fall that was brought about at the time of Adam and Eve's period of engagement will be restored through indemnity without any condition for accusation. This is the Principle. The fallen world is a world that centers around the self. It does not first think of God's love, humankind, descendants, all things, the universe or anything else. We must always be aware of that.

This time I ordered all the blessed wives, without exception, to go out to where they have been witnessing before. I did not tell the men to go out. Do you understand?

But the wife should be one in heart with her husband. She should be a wife who can inspire her husband's mind. In other words, she has to be able to make the husband become an offering. You must know that. In order to do that, you must report to your husband by giving him effort and devotion. In that way, you must become united in mind with your husband. By doing that, even though only the mother is going out witnessing alone, back in the household, the husband and children should become one and greet with joy the mother when she returns with victory. If that does not happen, the condition to restore fallen Eve's children on this earth cannot be established. We are doing this work in order to indemnify that.

What is the significance of this three-year period? It signifies a period of giving birth to Jesus again. Jesus died after three years of public life, right? Because of whom did he die? He died because of Eve. He died because of woman. That is why Jesus has to be given birth again. Through the mother, Jesus can be reborn, inherit her foundation, and pass it to the children. That way, the children can finally become children who are better than Jesus. This is the natural principle.

Since Jesus died without marrying, he is in a position of an unmarried bachelor. In this course, the being who is raised up in the place of Jesus is the spiritual child. It is the same as the angelic world; that is, Jesus is in the position of an archangel. Do you understand? Thus, you give redemption to spiritual children as substitutes. They should become one with your children, then your children should receive the inheritance, and the father and mother can be saved. Then, the spiritual children who are in the position of Cain can also receive salvation. This is the natural law.

Do you know how Jesus was born? You must give birth to children who are better than Jesus. In order to do that, you must raise up three disciples, like Peter, John and James. You must raise up spiritual children who can offer their lives for you even in the valley of death. If you do not do that, you will be struck to death by your enemies. Your spiritual children are your protection.

Do you have spiritual children? Who should give birth to these spiritual children? The woman has to give birth to them. You must know that this period is an important period to fulfill all the conditions required by the Principle.

In this three-year course, you must raise up three disciples like the lost Peter, John and James. Centering on them you must raise up 12 disciples. Moreover, centering on them, you must raise up 70 followers and up to 120 followers. You must do this centering on your tribe.

Why did I tell you to witness to 10 people in a bunch? Ten people represent 10 tribes. In Principle terms, 10 tribes correspond to 12 tribes. Isn't it right? You are like the wives of the apostles centering on Jesus. In that position, by setting up spiritual children, I am trying to make you stand in the same situation as making Jesus' clan. The period to do that is this three years.

Centering on family restoration through the three-year course, you must restore completely the eight family members lost in Adam's family and eight family members lost in Noah's family. If you do not restore these within the three years, it will be a disaster. Thus, Father, centering on the three-year course, has done the work to give the Blessing to 36 couples, 72 couples and 124 couples.

If the blessed families had fought by committing their whole life for three or more years after the Blessing, even to the point of becoming beggars, this country would already have been restored. God does not let rest someone who opposes a person who has given loyalty to God for three or more years.

You must, without fail, be active for three years. And in that time period, you should witness to and restore 12 or more people. Jesus had 12 disciples, representing Jacob's family, the sphere of Israel.

Following that, the Israelite people centered on Jacob had 70 elders. They represented the nation of Israel. Originally, they are to be 72 persons, which is six times 12 people. If you add that to the first 12, you get seven stages--seven times 12. Therefore, without restoring 72 people you cannot do tribal restoration.

In order to establish an eternal foundation of rest for one's family that cannot be invaded by the surrounding circumstances, one has to restore 12 families. A trinity signifies the right to pass through the three eastern gates that lead into the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven from any direction, you must earn the victory of subjugating 12 people by serving them. Jesus had three years to gather 12 disciples and win their heartistic unity with him, but he failed. Without respecting God's child more than one's life, there cannot be restoration. In the Unification Church we are making that condition and are restoring it right now. Therefore, you must witness to at least 12 people.

What does it mean to have three people as a center? If three is the center, you still have the four directions of east, west, South and north, but among those four directions there can be entrance and exit only in one direction, the east. The sun rises from the east. Therefore, in the spirit world, east means the fall season. For fall to come again, one has to pass through winter, spring and summer. This is the natural law. Thus in order to stand in a position not to receive Satan's accusation, you need the perfection-level standard of the number 12.

Jesus could not become a tribal messiah in his three-year course of public mission. But in this age, all humankind can inherit the position of tribal messiah. No nation can be exempted. Now the Unification Church people have to return to their hometown. The three years prior to the time of engagement is the stage during which you must restore the position of Cain. Next, by going back to hometown and raising up Cain in your hometown centering on your wife, you are to advance to the level of true parents. The period to accomplish this is also three years. Everyone has to go through this seven-year course. That is why, in the Unification Church, after the engagement and Blessing, there remains a three-year course. This is the formula.

The reason I have sent blessed members to the regions is because they have to fulfill the responsibility of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Now is the time for wives to suffer hardships with the Holy Spirit. Even if the region that you are given is small, that place is a microcosm of the universe, and if you can be patient and endure in that place, the restoration of that region will not take over seven years.

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