Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Indemnity Stick Ceremony and the Three-Day Ceremony

In order to raise up the Israelite people, an angel came and struck Jacob's hip bone and then blessed him. Whenever the Israelites made an important pledge, they did it with their hands on their hip bone.

All men and women in human history have misused the hip bone, and thus man has resentment against woman and woman against man. Without dissolving this resentment, you cannot stand as an original couple is free of this resentment. Since this resentment came about through woman, the man hits the woman first. The three strikes represent three stages and three ages.

Forty days after receiving the Blessing, there is a substantial three-day restoration ceremony. The forty days is the period to pay all historical indemnity.

Man acquires the authority of restoration centering on love only in the perfection stage, not the formation or growth stages. That is because the age of Adam and the next period were periods of failure. As a result, in the Old Testament Age, people did not inherit God's formation-stage right of love. And centering on Christianity, people did not inherit God's growth-stage love. Only after inheriting that formation- and growth-stage love privilege can we stand in the Completed Testament Age realm. The three-day indemnity ceremony establishes that condition.

The first day represents the restoration of fallen Adam and the Old Testament Age. The second day is restoring through indemnity the situation of Jesus and the New Testament Age. The third day is recreating the bride and the bridegroom in the place of Jesus. From there, for the first time, you can start on the proper track. Establishing the indemnity condition in this substantial way is complicated.

The holy wine ceremony establishes the condition of being born from a new mother. In the holy wine there is the blood of indemnity. By drinking the holy wine, you are being purified internally, and by wiping your body with the holy cloth you are being purified externally.

From now on, you must multiply your substantial children. You must pray that you give birth to children who can form a heartistic connection with God. You must pray to bear children who are able to become heartistic, high priests.

Father wants to bear children on the heartistic standard which can represent heaven and earth. Father bears responsibility once he gives the Blessing. In the future, you must be blessed again as representatives of the whole world. Therefore, this is a conditional marriage. The 40 days until the three-day ceremony corresponds to a period to indemnify 4,000 years. Actually married life starts from the day the indemnity period is completed.

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