Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The 40-Day Indemnity Period

After you are married, you must go through a 40-day indemnity period. It does not represent the spiritual resurrection of Jesus, but rather is indemnity to enter the Blessing's realm of resurrection without dying. It is a period that you must pass through. In order for a couple to reach the position to love each other, they must obey certain regulations. In order to be victorious on this difficult road of indemnity, you should absolutely refrain from a man-woman relationship and from talking or thinking about it until you complete the indemnity period.

When husband and wife associate with each other, they might not feel comfortable at first. But if you raise your faith above that discomfort and look at the future, your ideal will grow. That exactly is the Blessing. If your relationship does not work, it means that you are not grateful. In order to break down the foundation of the Blessing, Satan has been challenging Father throughout his life. When you confront the world centering on heaven's law, disregarding everything else, what is firm and strong remains. But if someone who does not even trust his wife wants to meet Father, that in itself is a shame.

Man and woman should not love each other in a position which brings suffering to God's heart. Father knows that the result of that kind of love will be miserable, according to the Principle. Thus, there is no room for discussion here.

The worst of the problems in this world is the problem of man and woman relationships. The persons responsible for family breakdowns cannot be forgiven. They will go to the most fearful hell among hells. We Unification Church members know in theory that this is how it is, so we will not do such a thing even if someone orders us to.

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