Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Meaning of the Blessing Ceremony

The engagement ceremony and the holy wine ceremony are ceremonies to establish the condition that people who were born in the satanic world are being reborn through the True Parents. Since woman fell first, the woman has to be restored first and then give birth to the man. The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony by which the couple passes through this process internally. And forty days after marriage, there is a ceremony to pass through this course externally. These are all ceremonies to lay the required indemnity conditions.

In this way, you must pass through the perfection level of the growth stage, at which Adam and Eve were before the fall, and reach the perfection stage. After securing the position of absolute "I" centering on God, marriage is realized by forming a standard of love.

You must establish the condition that you have entered the womb of a mother who is restored from the fall, a mother who is in a position of not having fallen. How is that fulfilled? It is done centering on love. Since the fall happened centering on love, restoration also has to center on love. In order for us to be restored, we must go into the womb again, but that is not possible in actuality. Therefore, we are establishing the condition that we are restored by becoming one body centering on love. In this way, by spiritually uniting with the restored Adam, we become one body with him and receive the heavenly blood lineage.

Eve first fell spiritually centering on Satan. Then, by becoming one with Adam, she fell physically. Thus, the holy wine ceremony is the ceremony to meet and unite with the Adam who is completely restored. It is the ceremony to restore the relation of love. It is necessary that you establish that condition. The marriage ceremony is the ceremony to become a woman who returns to God by becoming one spiritually first, and then restoring her husband through becoming one substantially.

The marriage ceremony is the ceremony to inherit God's love that says that just as parents live with God's love, you should also live in this way. The parents have received God's love and they in turn hand it down to you.

God's love is handed down through the parents. It is not received from some famous person. Marriage to a famous person without God's love is a marriage given by Satan.

The marriage ceremony means the manifestation of love as well as the endowment of the authority to create and to dominate.

The marriage ceremony we are holding today is the hope and ideal of God. It is the marriage ceremony that He wanted to hold for Adam and Eve when they matured. It is the historical event that was at the heart of the ideal of creation. You must really feel that this ceremony is happening for the first time ever since the beginning of creation. The three disciples at Jesus' time should have shared life and death together with their teacher. From now on you must go forward realizing that your body is not your body. You must move forward with the heart that you are in the position of an offering.

Walking towards the officiator of the ceremony symbolizes walking the providential course of 6,000 years. To represent the formation, growth, and perfection stages of that course, we are making 21 people and 12 people stand as groomsmen and bridesmaids. After seven steps you must bow three times as a condition of going over the formation stage. This course is the course of history from Adam until now. Especially it is the course of the three dispensations of Adam, Jesus, and the Second Advent. This is the meaning of walking between these groomsmen and bridesmaids on the way to meet the True Parents. These groomsmen and bridesmaids symbolize establishing the spiritual standard of 12 tribes and 24 elders. By bowing, you are establishing an indemnity condition.

True Parents sprinkle the holy wine. This establishes the condition that the bride and groom have fulfilled the restoration by indemnity. It also establishes the condition to go beyond the foundation of the ancestors in the spirit world. Without going the way of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, you can be blessed but cannot become a blessed family. An actual example: at the time of the 433 Couple Blessing, one couple was omitted.

True Parents' sprinkling the holy wine is for establishing the condition that you have gone through the course of restoration by indemnity. Also, it is for establishing the condition to go beyond the foundations laid by the ancestors in the spirit world.

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