Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Position of Man and Woman in Restoration

You are man and woman representing the whole world. In this ceremony the woman is on the side of God, who is the owner, and the man is on the side of Satan. Since this is so, actually, man should not stand on the right side but woman should. However, Father is in a different position.

The original sin came about by the archangel and Eve's marrying, right? Therefore, it must be restored through marriage. Since it came about by Eve's marrying the archangel, it should be restored through marriage with Adam. For Adam to marry, who has to be there? Eve has to be there.

Should the archangel or Eve marry first? [Eve.] Why? Because Eve is meant to be Adam's wife, she has to marry first.

The archangel was supposed to take care of everything until Eve married, to pray for her good fortune, perform all the duties of a servant, and then marry. If a servant does all the duties of a servant, the child can go up to the parent and plead, "Father! It's not good for the servant to be alone and lonely, so please give him a spouse," and then the servant can marry. But before that he cannot. Do you understand?

Then for Eve to marry, her husband has to be on this earth; so who is that husband? [The coming Christ.] If that Christ comes and marries Eve, what should the people around them do? Should the archangel cry and be unhappy? [He should be happy!]

Before Christ came, woman was laboring as the archangel's wife. But when the Christ comes, the archangel will lose his bride to him. Right? Even if that happens, should the archangel cry and complain? The women of the Unification Church are walking this restoration path. Then on whose side are the women of the Unification Church?

How much do you have to long for Father? You must long for Father more than for your wife or your husband. Shouldn't you love your father and mother more than your husband or your wife? After first giving your parents all your love, you should then love your wife, husband and children. Shouldn't that be the case? That is why you must love your heavenly parents more than you love anybody else.

For you men, any other love is not allowed. If you are not even born, how can you talk about love? You are in a position of not even being born. If you do not know the parents, it is the same situation as not being born.

The fallen woman has attended two husbands. Isn't that right? Eve received the archangel as her husband spiritually and Adam as her husband physically. So how many husbands are there? [Two.] That is why in order for women to restore the fall, they have to meet two husbands. Without doing that, they cannot accomplish restoration. Thus you have two men, Father and your husband. You are in the same situation as one woman having to attend two husbands. That is your course of restoration.

Today, all women who believe in the Unification Church and want to be saved are brides who have come to took for a bridegroom. Therefore, with whom are they supposed to be one? They have to become one with the coming Christ. They have to become one with Adam and one with God. Understand that I am speaking of a spiritual oneness centering on God.

God is invisible, so He created Adam as His hyung sang. Do you understand? In the same way now Father is appearing as God's hyung sang. Since there was a spiritual fall, Father is doing the work of resurrection spiritually. Accordingly, if the women of Unification Church give effort and pray hard, they will relate to Father as their older brother. And again, if they make even more effort, spiritually they will have engagement rings fitted on their fingers, receive bouquets of flowers, and there will be wedding matches. There must be many people who have had this kind of spiritual experience. Those who have not had this spiritual experience are fake believers.

Because of this experience, one can prepare a starting point to restore the fact that the progenitor of humanity fell with spiritual love. Through spiritual unity with Father, that love can be restored. This love also can reconcile the alienation between Adam and the archangel. Therefore, you men and women have been united centering on Father. In this way, a restored family is established.

In this ceremony you women are in the mother position spiritually. At this point, you must give birth to Adam again through spiritual love. Through the sin of the fallen Eve's spiritual love, Adam also fell spiritually. Therefore, by establishing a standard of restoring Adam spiritually, centering on God's love, and by connecting physically to Adam whom you have made effort to restore, Adam becomes restored. Do you understand? Only by passing through this root can one begin to grow according to the original way of Principle.

In order to restore, you must become a person who does things in the reverse way. At the time of the fall, the archangel gave to Eve, right? Next, Eve gave to Adam. Originally, Adam was supposed to dominate Eve with the authority of God's son. And Eve in the position of parent was supposed to have given birth to humankind. We must restore that fundamental and original heart.

Therefore, what is woman? She is mother. Looking from the Principle viewpoint, the husband has to attend his wife as his mother for three years. Without attending her for three years as his mother, he cannot properly love her as his wife. This is a very strict principle.

Only after going through the process of relating to his wife as a substitute for his mother, older sister, and younger sister, can a husband think of her as his wife. Do you understand? In the same way, only after the wife relates to her husband as representing her father, older brother, and younger brother, can she think of him as her husband. Without establishing a standard of having received all those kinds of love, one cannot become a true father or true mother.

Then, whose love has to start first? Man's or woman's? It starts from man's love. Restoration has to start from the love of the coming Christ. Therefore, we must receive the vertical love of the coming Christ and expand it to the horizontal love between husband and wife. That is why we need the vertical love first.

I gave out that kind of vertical love before, and many people followed me. Do you like Father, too? Persons who can see the spiritual world understand that Father helps them as their older brother, husband, and father. That is the formula. Therefore, you must center on Father more than on any other man in this world. You would see the reality of this if you could look through the spirit world. Unification Church women who are not like that are far away from being true members.

God has never had a son He could love fully. He could not love His first son and also could not love His second son as a bridegroom. Moreover, God, as Father, has not received His son's love fully. Therefore, you must restore children's love, conjugal love and parental love. In order to restore that, you must restore parent's love, conjugal love, and children's love, in order. By loving in this opposite order, you are doing restoration.

Therefore, the woman first has to take the position of mother to her husband, and care for him. Thus, should woman receive love or give love? [Give love.] If you do that, you will receive more love than you gave. In spite of this, women say, "Do you love me? And if you do, how much do you love me?" just as they marry, only trying to receive love. That is the basic instinct of women. The grandmothers here, did you ask questions like that a long time ago?

Therefore, Unification Church women have to love their husbands. You must love him as your father and older brother. I am in the position of father, older brother and, in a spiritual sense, bridegroom to you. Father has that heartistic standard. I must restore, centering on this body, the fact that the archangel fell spiritually. In this you must absolutely obey Father's words. Will you or will you not? You must listen to Father in order to receive the Blessing.

You Unification Church women must not say that you want to receive love after marrying. That kind of woman absolutely cannot establish the dignity of woman. You must be dignified. Then no husband can come into his wife's room without permission, like a thief.

He must have approval first. He cannot go in at his whim. When the time comes I will explain more in detail. But you understand in general now, right?

Therefore, when husband and wife meet, they must certainly pray first. By praying, "Father, today the universe is moving with my mind, so move my wife's mind, also," you can have sons and daughters and live well. That household will not turn out bad. A man has to do at least that much.

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